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You have increase Seductress class to level 8.

All stats increase by one.

You have one skill point.

Special Skills Available:

Liar’s Caress (Passive): People become more susceptible to deception regarding sex-related topics.

Truth Love (Passive): The more affection a person has for you, the harder it becomes to lie.

Eye of the Beholder (Active): You become more attractive to the target.

I whistled as I read through those skills. They were all good skills, although none of them sounded great. Liar’s caress would help my deception, but only related to sex? Is that like lying about how many people I slept with? Trying to pretend to be a princess, this might be a really good skill. Of course, the spurned woman in me was really attracted to Truth Love. If that combined with seduction, then I could weed out liars real quick. However, that wouldn’t work on Nova, who was the big problem I was facing right now.

Then there was Eye of the Beholder. I had several active skills already. The main one I used was, of course, seduction. However, seduction’s effect could be said to be a little too scary. I already had Beautification, which made me attractive to all humans in general. Since attractiveness was superficial, if I could target and make certain people find me just a bit hotter, that could have effects similar to seduction, particularly on men.

In the end, I picked Eye of the Beholder. I wanted a few more skills in my repertoire. Nova could resist seduction as a charm, but I was really curious if simply finding me hotter was something he could resist. I didn’t think he could. I was also starting to better understand how these special abilities worked. It seemed to me like they weren’t as random as Jenai thought. They were directly related to what you did at your last level.

I suspected that is why I haven’t gotten any spells. Every skill so far used stamina, because I haven’t used a spell yet. If I wanted special skills that involved combat, I’d need to fight. If I wanted skills that used spell points, I’d need to use spell points. Since I spent a lot of time working on conceal and deception, my special skills this round were all supplementing conceal and deception. I caught a disease last time and thus got a disease-stopping skill. It all seemed to fit.

Another week flashed by in a wink. I used Eye of the Beholder on Nova cautiously a few times. He didn’t show any signs of having caught me using the skill. However, by the second or third time I used it I started to notice his eyes would linger on me a lot more. He also didn’t get bored of my body, still going after me as aggressively as the prior week. I had heard some complaints from some of the bandits walking by the tent that Nova had been held up in the tent a lot lately and was neglecting work. In the meantime, we’d be fucking five to six times a day. A level 72 really did have unbeatable stamina.

Of course, I hadn’t forgotten what Jenai had told me. Underneath this bandit king’s lustful exterior was the sharp mind of a murderer, bandit, and criminal who likely had no real affection for anything but himself. Not that I’d ever feel shame for taking pleasure from him. Mental Fortitude did pop up at the strangest of times.

Throughout that week, I also got closer to Jenai, despite the fact that I was likely falling into Nova’s plan. She started to teach me how to feel for magic. It wasn’t easy, and it involved feeling for energy outside myself and then trying to treat it like an extension of my body. I was motivated, however, and three days later I had the dildo vibrating with magic. The first time I had used it, just as I was climaxing I lost control of my magic and the dildo shook so hard that it fired out like a rocket, shooting through the flap and landing in the hallway. Jenai was passing by at the time and had to duck from a shooting vibrator. She had burst into laughter after she found out what happened. It was the first time I had seen her genuinely laugh without the influence of alcohol. Even with Mental Fortitude, that situation was almost enough to make me blush. Almost.

Masturbation Skill has increased to level 3.

Magic Skill has increased to level 1.

“How does magic work, anyway? Like how do the skills match up with what kind of spells you can cast?”

Jenai nodded carefully. “Magicians are typically considered very learned. While Magic is a tier 1 skill, if you want to do anything with it, that is, erm… beyond controlling your dildo… you need to gain a tier 2 skill.”

That made me pretty depressed. It turned out that magic only allowed you to control magic. This meant you could use magical items. As magic increased, your control of magic increased. However, being able to control magic, and being able to cast spells, were two entirely different things. Once you had magic up to level 10, you’d be able to learn any of eight different spellcasting skills. Those were divided into three groups. You had the elemental skills, fire, water, earth, and air magic. Then you had the light and dark skills, otherwise known as white magic and shadow magic. The final two types are enchantment and brewing magic. Enchantment magic allowed you to create magic weapons and armor, which really top blacksmiths would learn. Brewing magic allowed you to create magical potions, which was a magic to improve alchemy.

Most people only learned one or two types of magic. The comprehension level was considered incredibly high to gain the spells. I wondered, given my knowledge of the elements, energy, and science, maybe I’d be able to pick them up real quick. With that, I excitedly practiced magic whenever I wasn’t in lessons with Jenai or Nova. Although the only tangible thing I could use magic on with visible evidence was my vibrator, so I practiced adjusting its strength and even managed pulses and waves just like personal massagers at home. No, it wasn’t in me when I practiced! Well… at least half the time.

That was likely because, with the Eye of the Beholder ability, every lesson with Nova involved me bent over on his bed, but he still did lecture me on everything he could about how to be a princess. I didn’t know how he knew how to act like a princess, but I took his word for it. Furthermore, my increases in sexual skills were clearly having an effect. Where Nova used to have a seemingly endless supply of stamina and only came after I was already sore, now I could get him to cum in just fifteen minutes or so. I’m not even really sure how I moved my body differently, but the sex was amazing, and even with Nova in charge, he was already panting with streams of sweat running down his chest as he thrust into my naked body, my butt raised in the air. Suffice it to say, many skills were gaining practice.

Etiquette Skill has increased to level 1.

Vaginal Intercourse Skill has increased to level 5.

Blow Job Skill has increased to level 4.

Handjob Skill has increased to level 3.

One of these skills is not like the others…

“This one enjoys the cock of Nova,” I moaned.

Nova barked a noise of contentment. Immediately after, he let out a moan, collapsing on top of me as his dick throbbed, releasing hot seed inside my body. I was talking the way nobles talked in this world. A princess would always refer to herself as “this one” as opposed to I or me. They also referred to everyone else in the third person. It was a haughty way to talk, but it was kind of fun, especially during sex play.

Along with that, I was wearing a dress now, which was hiked up over my butt. The dress was white and frilly. I wore two long, thin, white leggings. It was the kind of thing some of my exes would have killed to see me in while tearing it off of me. Nova insisted I needed to get used to this kind of thing, so now I always wore dresses, even when fucking. Of course, after tearing through my underwear three or four times, I didn’t bother to wear it anymore. After hitting him with the Eye of the Beholder so many times, his lust would just suddenly take over at the strangest of times, and he’d toss me to the ground.

He started to take me out in front of his men too. During meetings, he’d suddenly toss me over the table and start fucking me in front of Dox or the other men. They were quite surprised the first time they saw it, but they got used to it real quick when he gave them a dark look and demanded they continue giving reports.

This was part of the training too. The thieves all thought I was the princess. When I was brought in front of the men, I had to act the part. I had to act snobbish, spoiled, but most importantly, abused. I was a poor princess who had her innocence ripped away by this bandit, and despite my noble heritage, was being mortified and embarrassed.

Concealing was to a stage that I could hide my perversion and predatory nature, preventing it from showing in my eyes. On top of that, I needed to learn to cry on command. I’d cry in front of his men as he smacked my ass. I also had to blush and fidget in mock embarrassment, a feeling I was starting to forget even existed. I’d pretend to be flustered and terrified whenever he looked at me while shooting him hateful looks when he wasn’t. The role-playing was intense, and it made the pleasure even more unbearable. I came harder during those moments than any other time. I’ve likely become a bit of an exhibitionist now. And the worst part was that I couldn’t let any of it show on my face!

Conceal has increased to level 6.

Deception Skill has increased to level 5.

It had the effect, and by the end of the week, one of the bandits stood up to the bandit king, insisting that he stop treating a lady like me in that manner.

He was taken out and beaten. He wasn’t killed, thankfully, but I felt really bad about it. He was defending me, the princess, not me, the seductress. If he knew I was having this much fun, he’d have probably worn a look of disgust on his face. That night, Nova was quite happy with the outcome. His men were absolutely convinced I was a noble princess at his whim. He sat me down with a pleased smile on his face. While he talked, I had his enormous cock in my hands and was kneeling in front of him, stroking it with my developing Handjob skill.

“You’ve developed splendidly. I expected it’d take months to get you to this point. I had planned to fake letters and a kidnapping in order to give us enough time. However, with the you now, I think it’s almost time to begin our plan. The only issue is your level. The princess was a sheltered woman, this is true; however, no one would believe someone who is a mere level 8 would be the princess. Nobles have special privileges, and you’d be hard-pressed to find one below a level 10. Therefore, I’ll need to take you out to power level.”

“Power level… that is… monsters?”

The bandit king nodded. “That’ll take about a week. I wish I could take more time and get you up to 13 or 14, but if you don’t make it to the castle by the end of this month, people will grow suspicious of you. I wouldn’t even take another week if I could avoid it. However, this is the fastest way to level.”

I coughed, holding my throat for a second and considering. “Um… I might have a faster way to level.”

Nova raised an eyebrow. I decided I should tell him. I really didn’t know how he’d act. With the Eye of the beholder, he may not let any other men touch me.

He let out a surprised noise when I informed him that sex gave me experience, but after a moment he muttered, “So that’s how you made it to level 8, then.”

He still had my status plate, so he knew my stats as much as I did. But that didn’t necessarily mean he knew that they were. Particularly, he knew how many skills and special skills I had, but the status plate did not reveal their names or functions. People kept the function of their special skills very close to them in this world, and it seemed almost taboo to reveal your special skills. It was so ingrained in their culture that even the usually cautious Nova wouldn’t demand it by force. However, I had revealed a few of them to him, and I could tell he made a special note of them. Now, I was revealing one more. Once I told him about the first-time bonus, it took him only a few seconds to realize what I was suggesting. His eyes darkened for a moment, and I could see the stubbornness on his face.

“It really is the quickest way to level!” I explained quickly, “And it’d be practice as well, for my deception and conceal. I’d use it on every guy in your camp once.”

“Every guy… in the camp?” The casual way I suggested sleeping with over 200 men was enough to even make him raise an eyebrow. “You really are one of a kind, aren’t you?”

“In one night, two, maybe three levels,” I added, still trying to convince him, using conceal to hide my excitement, my hand still sliding up and down on his member.

He scratched his chin for a few more minutes and finally sighed. “Fine, let’s get this over with.”

I finished him off, swallowing his seed as it erupted, and then I ended up spending the next hour and a half cleaning myself up, applying makeup, and putting on my best princess dress. As I prepared, I examined myself in the mirror. I looked considerably different than the girl I remembered from before. The continuous destruction and restoration of my body through leveling had changed me. A month of eating scraps had caused me to lose weight, several weeks walking through a forest had built a little muscle, frequent bouts of sex bordering on hardcore exercise with first Ricardo and then Nova had shaped my body into something more sensual, and the time I had spent with the bandit king gave me all of the daily necessities of a princess: daily baths, soaps, and oils to treat my skin.

As a result, my body had reformed itself. I had achieved the ideal hourglass figure. My hair was groomed, braided, and decorated in a way I hadn’t seen since my senior prom. My breasts were perfectly rounded and smooth and were just as perky as when I was sixteen. It almost seemed like my body had been purged of imperfections. That one faded scar I had on my wrist wasn’t there anymore. My nipples that I might have once thought were a little colorless were now vibrant and erect. My perfectly flat tummy spread out into well-rounded hips, and my once substandard legs were now shapely, long, and perfectly smooth.

My skin was soft to the touch in a way only a girl can be. Even my womanhood, for all the abuse it’s taken in recent months, had tightened, brightened, and more closely resembled the unbloomed rosebud romance authors were always going on about. I finally understood how a vagina could look appealing. I left a small perfect little patch of light brown hair just above, although I had considered once or twice going bare. I didn’t really know what guys in this world found attractive, but if I looked like this back on earth, I’m sure I might have been offered modeling positions.

As I admired my own body, I hummed as I worked, quite excited at the prospect of tonight’s feast. Jenai watched me, helping when I needed it, her expression concealed as always. I wondered if she was jealous, concerned, or just creeped out.

“Are you alright, Jenai?” I asked.

Jenai stayed silent for a moment before she spoke. “If… you do this thing. If you keep leveling… do you think there will be a point when you can even wrap Nova around your finger?”

I thought about it briefly before I nodded. “Every level gives me special skills. Eventually, I’ll get one that even Nova can’t resist!”

Jenai gave a nod. “Then do what you want. However, protect your body. If you cause harm to the body of my best friend, I will not forgive.”

I didn’t mention to her that I already possessed the Eye of the Beholder that he wasn’t aware of because it didn’t seem to work in the way I expected. I did figure out why Nova wasn’t able to detect the skill. I carefully observed casting it and came to the realization that rather than a charm, it was more akin to an illusion spell. Nova refused to be manipulated, but a girl he spent time with gradually becoming more attractive after he pampered her seemed to fall under his radar, and I gradually became a girl that hit his perfect strike zone.

Focusing back on the now, I gave Jenai a hug, holding her for a minute before taking a breath, and heading outside the flap. I was back in Nova’s throne room. We had fucked countless times in this room, and every other room of this tent. After being trapped in here for 2 weeks, this was the first time I’d be outside of that tent. The place was starting to feel a bit cramped.

Nova looked at me woodenly. His eyes didn’t hold concern, but there was something heavy about them. My guess was that Nova didn’t want to share, as simple as that.

“Ready.” He frowned.

I activated my deception, starting to cry. He reached over and ripped open a sleeve. His face turned violently angry, and a snarl came from his lips. I jumped back in fear. Even though I knew it was his own part of the deception, it was convincing, and ultimately resulted in me playing my part even better. He grabbed my arm and immediately started dragging me outside the tent. I started fighting back, tears running down my cheeks.

“No, please, Nova, don’t!” I shouted.

A moment later we were outside the tent, and with a roar, Nova threw me. I took several steps forward before landing on the ground, my nice dress ripping a little bit more, and becoming covered with dirt. I immediately turned back to Nova and started crawling back.

“No! No… I didn’t mean it!” I begged him.

Nova snorted, and when I got close enough, he slapped me across the face. It was hard enough that my eyes lost focus. My deception almost broke and I almost gave him an angry glare, but with the strike causing my eyes to water even more, and my hand covering up my face, I was able to keep it going. I began to bawl loudly, and only some of that was acting. He hit very hard.

“You despicable whore!” He shouted.

The scene was enough that tents were spilling out and all the bandits and thieves in the area, women or men, were gathering around to watch. I didn’t approach Nova again, not wanting him to hit me, but I still gave him begging eyes in between indiscernible sobs.

“Since you’re going to take my goodwill and throw it in my face, you need to be taught a lesson,” Nova snarled. “Listen men! New orders! Ruin her. This precious little princess, turn her into nothing but the little whore she is. Have your fill men. I want every one of you to dump your load on her. Teach her how little power she truly has!”

The men were surprised by this. Some of them looked excited, with eager expressions on their faces. Others looked confused. One or two looked at me with pity in their eyes. If I had a choice, it’d be the men with pity that I’d fuck first. There seemed to be a silence in the air after Nova’s declaration. The only sound was my sobbing and pleading, all deception of course.

Everyone seemed afraid to move forward, not quite sure what would happen. Nova had previously made it clear that the Princess was his girl. Taking me in front of them was nothing if not a sign of his ownership. Admittedly, some of the men who had watched him give it to me had looks of envy, wishing for just a taste of my body, but they never actually thought they’d get their way.

As the silence drifted on, Nova turned his gaze to Dox, one of the few men who had some pity in his eyes. “Since you brought her in Dox, you break her in.”

Dox was startled, but after a moment of looking into Nova’s vicious eyes, he gave a panicked nod. “Err… I’m not an animal. I like my privacy.”

Nova barked a laugh. “Then toss her in a tent. Men, make a line, first come, first served. She’ll be open all night!”

With that, there was a cheer. A tent was prepared and a line started forming. Dox moved over to me, picking me up in his big, strong arms. I finally would get to be Dox’s second. I was absolutely elated that Dox would be the next man I’ve had after weeks of monogamy. I had to focus once again to keep my deception mask on. This was going to be a very long night.

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