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As I entered the tent with Dox, I controlled a surge of excitement in me. The tent wasn’t filled with furniture like Nova’s. It was just a floor covered in rough animal furs. In many ways, it felt even more erotic than using a bed. He lied me down on the floor, while tears continued to fall down my face. He looked at me, and the pity in his eyes didn’t diminish.

“Please…” I begged.

He probably took it as me begging him to not touch me, although outside of my deception, I was really begging him to ravish me right there on that animal fur. Dox was not particularly unattractive. He had a bigger build than Nova, but he wasn’t as muscular. If Nova had the muscular, clean shaved, model-like physique, then Dox had the rugged, scoundrel good looks. Whereas Nova gave me a noble-like impression, Dox really came off like the king of thieves. There was a mischievous twinkle in his eyes, a hard, rugged body with thick hair and a deep, manly scent that could drive a woman wild.

“Nova…” He spoke up. “He was supposed to send the ransom by now. I don’t know why he didn’t. He’s become too sadistic. The way he treats you…”

I looked up at him, my eyes still pleading with him to come down and fuck me, but he probably interpreted them another way. I felt an ounce of guilt for deceiving him.


Dox gave a decisive nod. “I might be able to help you escape. If we cut a hole in the back of the tent, we can sneak out. With a cloak, I might be able to get you through the towers before anyone knows what happened. Then we can run. If we’re fast and lucky, we can reach nobles before Nova catches up!”

I was startled by Dox’s words. Was he really willing to betray the thieves to save me?

“You can’t…” I begged, feeling even worse now.

“Don’t worry about me! I’ve been a thief a long time. I’m good at disappearing. If I want to, even Nova won’t be able to find me.”

I slowly stood up, looking at him hesitantly. “He’s skinned people. He’ll kill you even for saying this.”

There was a flash of fear on Dox’s face, but he recovered immediately after. “I couldn’t call myself a man if I continued to let him do this to a woman. I only regret that I waited so long to try. I can’t imagine the things you’ve been through.”

That last part was pretty true, but I really believed he couldn’t imagine how I didn’t mind most of the things I’ve been through. For a bit, he had me feeling guilty for being content. I mean, yeah, I was stressed and scared, and everything, since I’ve been to this world, has permanently changed me, but at the moment, the me right now was a person who could laugh in the face of challenges that would break another girl.

Is that strength? Or just insanity?

I shook the thoughts away, “Dox…”

I leaned forward, and a moment later, kissed Dox on the lips.

“Princess?” He asked confused.

I started to touch his body in earnest. This wasn’t about the experience. This was purely about desire. Dox was the first man in this world who had seemed to give a damn about me. Even if it was only because he thought I was a princess, he was willing to put his life on the line for a woman he barely knew. For that, I was willing to give him all of me.

I kissed him more aggressively, and after a few moments, his hands cautiously moved forward and began touching my body as well. I didn’t drop to my knees and put his dick in my mouth. I didn’t drop to all fours and hike up my dress. The pair of us simply kissed, our hands roaming over each other’s bodies, getting a feel for each other.

His hand pushed my skirt up to my knees. He grabbed the edge of the leggings, and one corner at a time he folded them down my leg, slowly offering one kiss after another on my knee and thigh. After he pulled the sock off, he moved to the other, raining gentle kisses down my other knee.

Goosebumps formed across my thighs at the feeling of his tongue dancing across the skin. As he pushed my skirt up, the lace undergarment pushing as well, he quickly exposed my womanhood, wet and waiting for him. He grimaced for a second, and I gave him a questioning look with just a little bit of hurt in my eyes.

“Err… Nova has forced you to be indecent, I didn’t realize he forced you to go without underwear… you don’t have to do what that man says…”

I put my finger over his lips and gave him a reassuring look buried in deception and conceal. Although my mental fortitude prevented me from feeling ashamed toward any sexual exploits I committed, I did feel a little bad that he felt bad. This was our night together, and I wanted him to be satisfied.

“If it’s with Dox, it will be okay.”

The words sounded hollow in my ears. It wasn’t technically a lie, but if I had been with anyone, it would have been okay. However, at this moment, it was Dox I wanted to be with the most. Dox gave me a sigh that turned the whole mood somber. He sat down next to me while I laid on the furs, my dress hiked up to my waist, my legs open, and my knees bent. He was slowly stroking my inner thigh with the tips of his fingers, but he seemed to be lost in thought and thus unaware of what his hand was doing. After a moment, he broke the silence.

“You know girl… being with a princess…” Dox gave a small reflective sigh. “I used to be a Knight… before all this. The Queen of Restonia knighted me herself.”

I kept silent, listening to him as he talked. After a moment, he continued.

“I didn’t start out that way, though. I grew up on a farm, with my mom, dad, and little sis. After mom died, dad started drinking more than he farmed. I tried to pick up the slack the best I could, but I was only twelve at the time, so the hell if I knew what I was doing.”

He leaned forward. “And then one night, he came home particularly drunk. He decided my little sister resembled his former wife close enough. Started to rape her. I was out getting wood. I came home to the sounds…”

He stopped to shiver for a moment, and I put my hand on his shoulder as he continued on. “I grabbed his sword… and kept stabbing. When I got his corpse off of her, my little sister saw me, covered in blood, and ran away…. and then, I ran the other way. You see… I abandoned her there. I fled the village that night even, joined the military, and didn’t look back.

“Seven years later, I rose to the rank of captain, and eventually was knighted. It was your classic fairytale story… a soldier rising the ranks and gaining land. I didn’t forget about my sister though. I had sent money home once or twice… but I never knew if it made it, and I was too scared to check.

“And, of course… I was a typical soldier. Drinking, bedding women, that’s how I spent my nights. Well, not exactly… there was only one girl. One day, while I was still new to the knighthood, I found myself in a high-class brothel exclusive to nobles and the like. Well… nobles are rumored to have peculiar tastes, so this brothel catered to their depravity. As a knight, I was able to get in after a noble took a particular liking to me. Wanted to do a threesome with another man, I guess, and decided a young strapping knight would perform well and keep his mouth shut…”

“And then I saw her, the girl he picked, I fell in love at first sight. Started going back there after, spending all my money on her company. I did every depraved act I could with that girl, and she’d always just smile and thank me when it was all said and done. One night, after months of this, I asked her for her story.”

As he continued, I started to get a sinking feeling this was not going to go well. I didn’t understand why he was telling me this story, except that maybe this was something he needed to get out. Since his sexual partners say one, this is the only girl he ever slept with. Perhaps a threesome didn’t count as two partners? Or maybe there was no male on male penetration? Either way, if I was about to be the second, this was his reasoning as to why there was only one previously.

“As she told her story… “He continued, “I was horrified to find that it was quite similar to mine. Too similar… in fact.”

“Oh… no…” the words popped out of my mouth before I could help myself.

Dox chuckled lightly. “She dyed her hair, you know. And she developed so much. I didn’t realize… I don’t know if she did or not. I didn’t tell her that she was my sister. Instead, my only thought was rescuing her from the brothel. It happens from time to time. A noble takes a liking and buys a girl from the brothel. I didn’t have the resources of a noble, but I started saving up. I was… going to be her knight. I couldn’t even tell you if it was because she was my sister, or because I loved her so damn much.”

“Of course, you nobles probably don’t think so much of it. I hear you guys keep it in the family quite a lot. I mean, you’re engaged to what, a third cousin?”

“So… what happened?” I asked, ignoring the odd question, I personally wasn’t related to anyone from this world, so Princess Batrum’s genealogy really didn’t affect my actions.

“Nobles happened…” Dox grimaced. “One, in particular, fell for her. And while I was saving for her, bought her out from under me. It took nearly a year to find out which noble it was, and get myself into his manor. You… you’re a princess. You’re probably sheltered from it… but nobles… they’re not content with just this.”

He squeezed my leg, and then let out a sigh. “I killed him. Defiled the oath, lost my knighthood, and fled. And now I’m here.”

“And her?”

He gave a wry smile. “There was nothing left to rescue.”

So, stories like that happened in this world as well. For some reason, I had thought that the people of this world were simple, at least in a fashion. Part of this world having so many game elements, I tended to think of this world as a game. NPCs didn’t have particularly enlightening backstories. Certainly, not lives from before.

But this explained why Dox acted the way he did. He likely saw the ways Nova was using me as similar to the ways his sister was used by a noble. Being humiliated, embarrassed, abused, and eventually wrecked. I didn’t know the nobles of this society, and I can’t say I’d experienced the darker S&M parts of society back home, but I was at least aware of it. I’d heard stories, and my imagination was enough to cause me to gulp.

Eventually, tentatively… I reached out and touched his knee. “Then show me kindness… please.”

Dox’s eyes snapped to mine, and after a moment he let out another sigh. “I don’t know how…”

I reached out for Dox once again, putting his face into my hands. “I trust you.”

He didn’t stop me as I unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it to the side. Then I grabbed him, my hands wrapping around his hard muscles, and I pulled him down on top of me. He moved forward and our lips met once again. Our tongues intertwined, exploring each other’s mouths. Meanwhile, Dox hands finally started to move on their own again. He carefully removed my clothing. It wasn’t done in haste. He wasn’t just trying to get into my pants. He was cherishing each inch of exposed skin. He lifted up the dress and dropped it away.

My entire nude body was exposed. Without the fine clothing Nova put me in, I was no longer a princess. I was merely a naked woman. As if by nature, the deceit kicked in and I started to cover myself in mock shame. No… I stopped my hands before they covered my breasts and femininity. I didn’t want to pretend with Dox, I wanted all of Dox.

Dox had a hairy chest with coarse, brown hair that trailed down his stomach and started to thicken at the outline of his pelvic region. As he sat over me, my naked body completely at his whim, I boldly looked back, wanting him to enjoy every inch of my body. I reach down and pulled at his pants, playing with them as I felt for the hard rod within. After a moment, it finally popped out from the top of his pants.

He was a decent size, although perhaps not the size of Nova. I quickly lined him up with myself, and a quick tug later he pushed it inside of me. I let out a moan that wasn’t an act at all. It felt great. We kissed again and slowly, gently, he started to thrust into me. I let out a moan of pleasure as his warm dick filled me up.

His hands started to more aggressively caress my body, and my hands worked their way to his hips, grabbing at his ass. I felt the tension in his ass as he rhythmically moved his hips, providing pleasure with each thrust. Although I let him take charge, I ground and shook my hips just a little at the bottom of each thrust. I was a seductress, after all, you couldn’t possibly expect me to just lie there. My LVL 5 Vaginal Intercourse upped the level of pleasure and intimacy without any conscious effort.

I rested my head on his shoulder, and his body continued to thrust into me over and over again, I listened to the quickening of his breath near my ear. Meanwhile, I let out little, satisfied moans as I grew closer and closer to climax. He nibbled at my ear just a bit, and I squirmed under him, the fur rug shifting under my body. His masculine muscles pressed up against my soft body, and I could feel his skin against my skin in a way more intimate than anything I ever experienced with Nova.

I was so wet now that each thrust made an incredibly wet and sloppy noise as his balls collided with the outside of my cunt. His panting increased, his warm breath caressed my skin while his day-old growth rubbed against my cheeks causing just a little bit of irritation.

“Oh, god, fuck me harder,” I cried out.

My façade as a princess had completely broken. I wasn’t using deception anymore. I wasn’t hiding anything behind conceal. He gave me a surprised look, but I grabbed the back of his head and started aggressively kissing him before he could think about it. Already in the middle of the throws of passion, he didn’t hesitate to reciprocate. I then bit the side of his neck, sucking hard as a wave of pleasure overtook me. Meanwhile, his dick pumped away, his stamina showing no sign of slowing down, digging deeper and faster into my wet cunt with each thrust.

As I reach climax, my nails dig into his back and I let out a satisfied cry, my eyes shut closed. He didn’t stop as juices gush out me, splashing his dick and the rug underneath and immediately soiling it with my lust. His calloused fingers continue to tease my soft skin, running up and down gently, occasionally stopping to fondle.

“Oh god, fuck yeah, keep going!” I moaned, no longer caring what I looked like, only caring about this moment right now.

The wet sounds, his hot breath, the feeling of his skin on mine, I was going crazy. Nova would not be happy if he saw me now. Right now, I wasn’t practicing conceal or deception, I wasn’t leveling up, I was fucking a man because I wanted him to feel good, and I wanted to feel good too. At that moment, I needed him more than anyone since I had been to this new world.

“Please, cum in me baby.”

The dirty words that spilled out of my mouth were purely Aria. I didn’t know if people in this world used dirty words, or if my talk was appropriately dirty by this world’s standards, but I liked to think that they had the appropriate effect. A moment later, he gave one final thrust inside me, pushing his weight and pulling my legs apart to thrust in deep.

His dick convulsed deep inside me, throbbing. I could feel it, the warmth exploding inside me as his sticky seed erupted. The feeling of his dick throbbing far inside me was enough to push me to the edge. My pussy started to clamp down as well, as he swelled with each throb, releasing another hot gob of sticky fluid, my pussy clamped down, convulsing in time with his dick, our body parts working in tandem to milk all of his seed deep inside my body.

When he was finally done, collapsing on top of me, his dick started to soften. I let out a sigh of pure pleasure as I tried to regain my breath, my chest rising and falling alongside his. After about a minute of rest, my senses started to come back into me. Reality came crashing home, and I realized that this moment I wanted to last simply couldn’t.

That’s right, this wasn’t playtime! I had to level. There was a line of men outside waiting for me. I picked up Dox’s face and looked into his eyes. He looked back at me and started to smile sheepishly. I wrapped my legs around him, forcing his softening dick deep inside my pussy drenched in both of our fluids. I brought his lips to mine and kissed him, and he wrapped his arms around me in a loving embrace. And then I activated Rock A Bye. His eyes rolled up into the back of his head, and he collapsed to the side while still holding on to me.

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