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After Dox had fallen to sleep, I waited another minute before I pulled away from his embrace. Compared to all of the other men I’ve been with; this encounter had been one of the sweetest. I studied his face and naked body for a while, putting this moment into my memory. After a few minutes of quiet, I let out a sigh. It was time to start grinding levels, I couldn’t waste any more time pretending to be in a dream world with this sexy man I barely knew.

“Oi!” A sound came from the other side of the tent. “You’ve been quiet for a while? You’re taking forever! Let the rest of us have a turn!”

It was one of the other men. I shook my head, rustling up my hair. I reactivated my Deception skills and thought about the saddest things I could to generate tears. I debated how I could let the men know he was passed out without making it look suspicious. A proper princess, after all, wouldn’t be jumping the next man in line for sex. Fortunately, a head peeked into the tent before I had to come up with a better plan.

As soon as his head barged in, I let out a desperate cry, my feet pushed on the ground and I scuttled away on my back, pushing myself into a corner while I desperately tried to cover my body. A cruel look formed on the man’s face at the sight. So, he liked the me that was desperate and scared? I made note of that. I’d have to give him a good show.

When he noticed Dox, he made an annoyed look, then dragged two other guys with him. They pulled Dox out of the tent, and I silently bid my temporary lover goodbye. Now that my experience with Dox was finished, I had work to do. The next man advanced on me as he released his belt. I let out a scream as he roughly grabbed me and dragged me forcefully back onto the blankets. Before long, I had his cock being forced into my mouth.

It was actually a bit of a challenge. With my blowjob techniques, I could make him explode in a minute, but what respectful princess would be a master of blowjobs. I had to make sure that he got a bit of tooth with each thrust. It wasn’t the worst head I had ever given, but it was sloppy enough that he pulled it out of my mouth a short time later, and now he had my ankles up on his shoulders.

Position Unlocked: Leg Up

Of course, sticking it in my mouth wasn’t for the pleasure anyway. He wanted to humiliate me. He was the kind of man who wanted to see me cry. With my Deception skill getting better every moment, I think I put on a pretty convincing show. Tears ran down my cheeks, with each thrust I struggled just a little, forcing him to have to hold me tight.

Before long, he had my legs pushed up and out in a V with a hand on each of my ankles, effectively making it very difficult for me to fight him. I slowly struggled less. Of course, it felt amazing. His penis wasn’t as big as Nova’s, but he was about Dox’s size and he knew how to thrust. Too bad I already had that position, the Valedictorian. Sorry, lover, Nova beat you to it.

After a bit, my legs were feeling a bit stretched. I really wanted to fuck him in doggie style. I found my mind wondering and I imagined the feeling of his dick coming in from behind in a classic Doggy Style. I don’t know if I thought the word, or said the word out loud, but suddenly I was bent over on my knees and he was thrusting even deeper into me from behind. The suddenness caused me to let out a gasp. The guy thought it was caused by his machinations, and thus he began to thrust more aggressively.

It wasn’t like I moved. He didn’t suddenly pull out, put me in another position, and then start fucking me. There was no gap where we shifted or moved. Simply put, one second, I was on my back, my legs spread open in a V, him slamming his balls against my snatch, the next second, I was on my knees, those same balls slamming between my butt cheeks into the same snatch at a different angle.

I decided to try again. This time I thought of cowgirl. As soon as the thought formed in my head, I was on top of him. He was thrusting up into me without losing a single ounce of momentum. His dick never even left my pussy. Meanwhile, I almost got tossed off of him because of the sudden change of direction. I looked down at his face in surprise. He was looking at me with a dark smirk, laughing at my flustered appearance, but the look held no awareness that our positions had changed.

It was as if for him, we had always been fucking with me on top. It made no sense if you spent a second thinking about it, why would I be on top if he was trying to dominate me? Yet the dumb look on his face seemed to suggest that no matter how I manipulated the situation, he was left completely unaware.

Is that what positions mean? I can just change to whatever position I want, whenever I want it? I reaffixed myself on top of him and started to ride his cock graciously, but after a few moments, his eyes started to hold a little bit of confusion. That’s right, in the surprise, I had let the Deception leave. He was starting to realize I was on top, riding his cock with vigor, unlike a princess. I switched position to missionary, and a second later I was on my back with him over me. I put back on a crying, scared face, and he started to grab at my chest with a nasty look that made me so hot I nearly came again.

I didn’t get to because a moment later, he exploded inside of me. After cumming, he collapsed on top of me. He tried to kiss me, but I turned my head, forcing him to grab my mouth and force his tongue in. I loved every moment of it, but of course, he’d never know that. I let out a sob as soon as he released my face.  As he pulled away, a trail of saliva pulled from our mouths. This was rough the way I liked it. Too bad he blew it a minute too soon. He stood up, his dick already going flaccid.

You have increase Seductress class to level 9.

All stats have increased by one.

You have one Skill point.

Special Skills Available:

Size Matters (Passive): Gain no experience when the penis is below the average, gain double experience when the penis is above average.

Lover’s Endurance (Passive): Automatically converts your spell points into your stamina.

Princess Kiss (Active): Kissing a target on the lips removes all status misalignments from the target.

Already! I nearly jumped in excitement. I had learned so much from this man! I could control positions at will. That meant that basically, I had control during sex. I could have sex the way I wanted, whenever I wanted, and the man not only would follow through, he would never even question it. Imagine that… as soon as I unlocked a position, I could put any lover into it at will, and he’d think it was normal. As soon as I unlocked a cunnilingus position, I wonder how long I could get a guy to eat me out!

Of course, I didn’t know all the facts. Do they remember? Is there any awareness of the fact that the positions changed? What else could I use this for? I felt like there had to be more to these positions than just instantaneous rearrangement. Then again, could I use it outside of sex? Let’s say instant standing position? Instant ducking? Not that I’ve gotten any combat experience thus far, but I assumed it was an inevitability.

That aside, I now had abilities to look at. Size Matters almost made me lose my poor Deception face with a laugh. I was still waiting for the man to tie up his pants and leave, and he was still giving me looks, enjoying the show of me crying while groping my breasts a tad painfully. As I stabilized my Deception and let it run, I ignored him and weighed the advantages of Size Matters. I couldn’t necessarily always choose who my partners were. Plus, what’s average in this world anyway? I was getting an idea, but I wasn’t exactly going into sex with a ruler here.

Lover’s endurance sounded good, but with my already existing stamina boosts, I felt I was fine. I wanted to use spell points, so I was excited about seeing some spell-orientated skills coming up, but this one seemed to be counter-intuitive. If I turned all my spell points into stamina, then I wouldn’t have spell points! I wanted to learn magic, and this seemed to be a skill that would make magic a dead end.

Thus, I had the last ability, and I took it. That sounded useful. I was going to pretend to be a princess, and a princess’s kiss was magic. It fit. As I selected the new ability, a new man was walking in. He was pretty fat, and when he took off his clothing I found he wasn’t that particularly big either. However, he put out a good effort, so I gave him credit where credit was due. Unlike my previous man, he was concerned about my crying. It seemed to bother him, and so I didn’t do it.

He also seemed oddly concerned about the cleanliness. The last guy had shoved it in while I was still dripping out cum from Dox. This guy made sure I was wiped clean before he stuck it in. He didn’t touch my mouth, or me, at all. He slipped his dick in and started thrusting away. After a minute, he looked hard up for breath. I wanted to help finish him off, but I was in a bit of a pickle, needing to keep up the abused princess act. Fortunately, my pity didn’t go far, as he was also a quick cummer. He even thanked me before he left. What a sweetie.

And like that, I continued as man after man entered my tent to have their way with me. A few men were tough customers. I had developed an act, directly coming off as resistive and crying, then steadily becoming more and more sexually enthralled, until soon I was practically hyperventilating. I’ll admit, I faked a lot of orgasms, and it wasn’t usually the ones I expected that made me cum. One guy just tossed me down the second he came in, turned me over, and plowed me like a machine. It was mechanical and impersonal, and in only a minute we both ended up cumming together. What? It was kind of hot.

Deception Skill has increased to level 6.

Another guy came in and finally unlocked the cunnilingus sex position. Dude, you’re tasting like half the bandit camp’s cum in there. Oh, well, for me it was kind of hot. I wonder if he swung that way. With him, I tested out the positions limits by keeping him down there. Whenever he went to change positions, I would just reset to cunnilingus and his tongue went right back into me for another minute or two until he tried again. As a result, he continued to eat me out nonstop and after an hour and cumming three times, the other guys got annoyed, barged in, and dragged him out without his dick ever once entering me. I wasn’t sure if I got experience with just that, so I decided to no longer use the position for the moment. On the upside, my snatch was thoroughly cleaned.

Disease Resistance has increased to level 2.

That one kind of annoyed me. It popped up after I got fucked by the second guy after my cunnilingus buddy. It looked like another guy with an STD, although I don’t know which one. He had just popped his dick out from the top of his pants and stuck it in, so I didn’t get a good look at his dick. Naturally, I couldn’t get an STD thanks to my Immunity, but apparently having sex with men who had them still affected my disease resistance. At least, I could level disease resistance now, which probably resisted other diseases too. I continued on, man after man… I had lost count of how many men I had fucked when my next level finally came.

You have increase Seductress class to level 10.

All stats have increased by one.

You have one Skill point.

Special Skills Available:

Obsession (Passive): Ensures partner focuses completely on you during sex.

Enhanced Positions (Passive): Add a multiple to experience gained based on the number of positions. Limit 3X

Mood Killer (Active): Remove sexual desire in the target.

I was practically foaming at the mouth after this level up. Obsession didn’t seem all that good to me. I could already increase my desirability and attractiveness in a cumulative way. Plus, with my position ability, I didn’t need to worry about keeping my partner focused on me. No, what got me excited were the other two abilities. I couldn’t even tell you how many crappy situations mood killer could have gotten me out of. With that final ability, I could truly control sex.

However, I had my worries. Remove sexual desire… is that permanent? I don’t want to be neutering guys I like. Plus, how do I restore sexual desire? Just because I want him to be a dead fish now, doesn’t mean in three or four hours I don’t want him revving to go. So that left me with enhanced positions, and it was a doozy. So basically, not only can I switch positions, I’ll be able to get more experience by keeping things varied. So if I have sex with someone in three different positions before we are done, then I’d gain three times the amount of experience. That’s incredible!

I selected it, and as soon as the next guy came in, I made sure that our positions varied using the position switcher. After a while, I got sick of being on my back or knees and moved to my side using the previously unlocked sidewinder. Of course, I also managed to add a few new positions as well. Later on, I used a pillow to prop up my ass while the guy wasn’t looking, apparently, that’s a downward dog. Later on, I was with a really rough guy who thought he could bend me like a pretzel. I didn’t even know I was that flexible, but he had my legs up almost to my head, and he was getting in real deep. I came with that one just as the Deep Stick unlock popped up.

Position Unlocked: Downward Dog

Position Unlocked: Deep Stick

Vaginal Intercourse has increased to level 6.

Blow Job has increased to level 5.

Deepthroat has increased to level 3.

Disease Resistance has increased to level 3.

Also, after a night of fucking, my sex and blowjobs had increased. A lot of sadistic guys liked to try to choke me with their dicks, although my Lover’s Breath kept me from ever feeling my life was threatened, and as it went up, my gag reflex was suppressed even more. My disease resistance increased another level too, so I was guessing STDs were pretty rampant in this camp. I couldn’t exactly be surprised, seeing as I was the very product of their sexual ethics. I probably wouldn’t have made another level with the remaining guys, but with my 3X boost by making sure every guy did three different positions, I was able to hit yet another level.

You have increase Seductress class to level 11.

All stats have increased by one.

You have one Skill point.

Special Skills Available:

Nymphomania (Passive): People who taste your pussy become addicted to the substance.

Virgin Killer (Passive): Gain a massive experience bonus when deflowering a virgin.

All Nighter (Active): Restores some stamina to yourself or sexual partner using spell points. Only works during intercourse.

Nymphomania seemed like an ability that was too dangerous. Seduction already had several kickbacks that scared me. I couldn’t imagine what would happen if people became addicted to my body like a drug. The fact that it was passive simply made it too deadly. Maybe if I could control who got addicted, but Nova never ate my pussy anyway so it probably wouldn’t work on him. Virgin Killer seemed like a strange ability to suddenly spawn. How much is massive? Either way, I decided it wasn’t worth it. Instead, the greedy girl in me chose All Nighter. Throughout the night, there were plenty of men that couldn’t last more than a few minutes. The goal was quantity over quality, and even though Nova had no limitations in stamina, I didn’t plan to depend on him for my sexual needs in the future. At some point, I’d have a hot guy, and I’d want him to last.

And at this point, even my enhanced stamina was giving out, so I used All Nighter right away to give me a boost. I didn’t know how many more men there were, however, there were fewer people shoving their way in, and most of the men now had probably been waiting for hours. I also noticed a trend. The men were getting younger and lower level. I made sure to Examine every man that walked in, and while the first five or ten were bandits, the levels and age seemed to drop in tandem. A couple of the most recent fucks were barely stable boys. The boy who just finished up on top of me right now couldn’t be much older than 18. He still had a baby face without any stubble. Based on how stumble-y and nervous he was, I bet he was why I got the virgin killer! I went on and gave him an Examine.

Examine Skill has increased to level 4.

Name: Jeffry

Sex: M

Age: 17

Total Level: 15

Class: Thief

Class Level: 15

Sexual Partners: 1

Sexual Preference: Older Women

Sexual Kink: Being insulted

I congratulated myself on leveling Examine, then raised an eyebrow at what it told me. So now I could tell how people like their sex? I supposed it was about time. That seems like it’d be a number 1 ability for a seductress. Wait, sexual partners was 1, wasn’t it? Does that mean I really was his first time? So that did explain the Virgin Killer ability upon level up. I wasn’t anticipating deflowering too many virgins, even if I felt a little bit flattered that this boy had his first time with me. I’m sorry you only got me in this state, naked, red, puffy, tired, sore, loose from a night of nonstop sex, and even a seductress like me was fairly dried out after that much friction. Without damage resistance and the frequent leveling, I’d certainly be rubbed bloody by now.

After the young boy left, another man entered. I was tired of the Deception at this point and really didn’t put up an act. Apparently, not putting up an act also looked like an act at this point. Even a princess, after a night of man after man, would look like they just didn’t give a crap about anything anymore. They’d lie there, virtually immobile, a dead look in their eyes. I didn’t have a dead look, just an exhausted one, but it was good enough.

The guy didn’t mind how messed up I looked. He pulled out a hard dick and slid it in any way, a glob of semen plopping out as he went in. Guys, that’s how you get STDs. Even with my STD immunity, it ain’t going save you when you stick it into that mess. Oh well, more experience for me.

You have gained the title, Town Bicycle

+5 Endurance, +10 disease resistance, Gain an additional 10% experience per sexual partner beyond 2 in one day.

I felt a little angry at seeing that. The insulting name aside, I could have really used those abilities 8 hours ago. Although I supposed I had to experience it before I needed it. It sounded like every sexual partner beyond 2 in a day increases experience by 10% each. So, If I have sex with 2 guys, I get the normal experience, the third guy would have plus 10%, the fourth guy will be plus 20% experience. With that mixed with Enhanced Positions, I could have probably made another 3 levels tonight. Oh well, it’s in the past now. I still leveled and learned a lot, so I had no room to complain.

A few more men drifted into my tent. It was nothing remarkable, and at this point, I was starting to feel like the very definition of a cum dumpster. I dared the title giver to try to give me that name… but nothing popped up. I started seeing some repeat customers who had had me earlier and decided to come back for seconds. As it started to look not so dark outside, I found a guy who looked relatively comfy.

Name: Carber

Sex: M

Age: 36

Total Level: 25

Class: Thief

Class Level: 25

Sexual Partners: 15

Sexual Preference: Blondes

Sexual Kink: Cuddling

Cuddling didn’t sound like a kink to me, but I took it. Just as he came, I used my Rock A Bye until he went to sleep, then passed out, cuddled in his arms, his dick still inside, just how I liked it. I only slept an hour or two, he was right on top of me and I felt a little bit smothered. I did a position switch to cowgirl, and I found myself on top of him. He was snoring now, so I gave him a kiss on the head and stood up as the last dick of the night slid out of me.

The sheets were absolutely stained with the fluids of innumerable men. The fur rug that once looked soft and fluffy was now wet, matted, and nearly covered head to toe in one various fluid or another. I had been using an edge of a blanket to wipe after each man, but after the fifty or more men, I had slept with in the last eight hours it had been absolutely drenched in white stuff. I shrugged at the scene of a naked man sleeping on a semen-soaked sheet of all the men before him. It kind of started to turn me on again in a kinky way, so I turned away.

I checked my status, to see where I was at after my night of debauchery.

Name: Aria

Class: Seductress

Titles: Gang Banger (selected), Lesbian Lover, Solo Player, Town Bicycle

Level: 11

Statistics: Strength 16, Intelligence 17, Wisdom 16, Endurance 26, Agility 15, Charisma 28

Resistance: Carnal 1, Concussion 1, Damage 13, Disease 3, Fear 2, Mental 14, Pain 6, Panic 1, Poison 2

Standard Skills: Blowjob 5, Conceal 6, Cunnilingus 1, Dagger 1, Deception 6, Deepthroat 3, Examine 4, Flee 1, Hand Job 3, Magic 1, Masturbation 3, Seduce 1, Sneak 1, Throwing 1, Vaginal Intercourse 6

Special Skills: All Nighter, Beautification, Enhanced Positions, Eye of the Beholder, Lover’s Breath, Mental Fortitude, Pheromone, Princess Kiss, Rock A Bye, Seduction, Sexual Experience, Sexual Saint, STD Immunity

Positions: Ben Dover, Cowgirl, Cunnilingus, Deep Stick, Doggie Style, Downward Dog, Fingering (self), Kneeling Blowjob, Lap Dance, Leg Up, Missionary, Ol’ Fashioned, Rodeo, Sidewinder, 69, Spooning, Valedictorian, Woman On Top

Status Effects: Infertile, 50% Experience when Using More Than One Hole During Sex

Not bad, not bad at all. Three levels in one night, that had to be pretty impressive, right? Now I had one thing left to do. That would be the walk of shame, of course. I had no clothing, it seemed like at some point during the night one of the thieves had taken my dress as a trophy. So now that it was daylight, I had to walk back to Nova’s tent butt naked, battered, and covered in dried sex. I picked up Carber’s shirt and used it to clean myself the best a dry rag could. Then, I put on the concealment, giving a false face of abject shame, horror, and emptiness.

The second I took a step outside the tent, my concealment shattered. Standing in front of me was a bloody severed head shoved into a spike in the ground. The worst part was that it was ahead I recognized. It was Dox’s head on that spike.

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