Yurtdışı Yatırım

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Now, I don’t want to give you the impression that I’m just some kind of slut. Don’t get me wrong, I love sex. I lost my virginity to a boy at seventeen on prom night. He turned around and had sex with my best friend a week later. So, I turned around and had sex with all his friends. I’ve never looked back. It didn’t hurt that I found out that same year that I was infertile thanks to an infection I had when I was six, and thus I would never be able to have children.

I’d gone from stumbling around with the zipper in the back of a guy’s truck to dorm rooms to frat parties and more. I’ve had sex every way I knew. Yes, even in there, and yes, it hurt, and no I’m not jumping to do it again. In the last two years since my virginity went bye-bye, I’ve had a dozen sexual partners. That’s only one every two months, hardly the acts of a nymphomaniac.

It’s just that a lot of my relationships didn’t work. The first 3-4 I tried to make work, but the guys would always either cheat or dump me for another girl. Then I started getting a reputation for being easy. I supposed it was my fault for putting out on the first date. I always figured if they knew they’d be getting sex, they’d be more comfortable in the relationship.

After those failures, I started to get a little jaded. I decided that if guys were just going to be selfish, then I’d just be selfish too. So, I had sex with whom I wanted when I wanted. I liked being the gatekeeper. To be in control of a guy’s sexual lust. I was only in college, after all, the only age where it was appropriate to be an idiot with your sexual behavior. How did I know it’d get me killed?

Although, “death” isn’t exactly the right word. I woke up in a field, surrounded by a forest. I remembered that bitch pushing me down the stairs, the world going white, and then… I was in this field. I stood up, surprised that my head wasn’t throbbing. I looked down to see that I was still wearing what I had been wearing before. A pair of slacks, a nice button-up satin shirt without sleeves, and two sneakers with only a slight heel.

There seemed to be a sound coming in the distance. I turned towards the side of the clearing I judged as the source of that noise. It sounded like drums. Furthermore, those drums seemed to be coming in my direction. Since I didn’t know what was going on, I figured I had no choice but to wait. I casually leaned over and picked up a stone and tossed it.

Throwing Skill has increased to level 1.

“What?” I stepped back.

The words just appeared in front of my eyes. What the heck is going on here? Levels? Levels like in a video game? I was not unfamiliar with role-playing games. I certainly had my hand in more than a few. However, I didn’t have much more time to dwell on it, because a moment later, several bodies burst from the clearing, the muffled drumming coming into full volume.

When my eyes focused on what I was seeing, my body froze. They were people. Well, they were sort of people. They were abnormally short. At least, no one was taller than a short-statured woman. They had long pointy ears and their lips… well… they had no lips. Their skin was gray, their eyes were big, and they were all staring right at me.

I turned and ran. It seemed like the smart thing to do.

Fleeing Skill has increased to level 1.

I ignored the obnoxious words trying to float in front of me and kept running onward. The drums picked up a beat. They were beating faster than before, I could tell that whatever was chasing me intended to catch me.

I slipped, the sneakers I wore were not exactly the sporty kind, after all. As I tried to orientate myself, a second later a large form slammed into me, knocking me back to the ground. My head hit the ground with a bit of force. It wasn’t the worst fall I’d ever taken, but it wasn’t pleasant either.

Concussion Resistance has increased to level 1.

Pain Resistance has increased to level 1.

The creature was on top of me as I struggled to get out from under him. A moment later I heard clothing tearing, and it took me a second to realize it was my own. He had ripped my shirt open and was now aggressively fondling my breast. I gave the creature a kick and then began scooting away. He managed to grab onto my pants, and as I forced my way to freedom, my pants were lost and my underwear made it to my ankles.

The way the creature’s eyes lit up when he saw my naked body caused my skin to crawl. Free from his grip, I stood up and began running again, this time bare-assed. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it two steps before another body slammed into me. I was pinned down, and this time there were three of them holding me.

One was holding down my right arm, one was holding down my left. The third got between my legs and spread them roughly. I had never been raped before, after all, it’s pretty hard to rape the willing. Even a few guys who went at me when I wasn’t in the mood, I usually got into the mood quickly and was satisfied enough with the encounter that I could avoid the technicalities on how much consent I had actually provided.

However, this was rape, any way you saw it. I let out a shout as he pulled out his dick. It was a bulbous little knob, the tip rounded to the point where you couldn’t even see the head. Tears were flowing out of my eyes. I was screaming. No one heard me as he slid it into me and began thrusting away.

A sharp pain shot through my mind. The reality of the situation cut into my brain. If there was an edge to what someone could take, I reached it. At that point, it felt like my mind would break. That I’d lose my sanity, my will to live, and my soul. It was at that point, sitting at the edge, that something snapped inside of me. It wasn’t necessarily the right thoughts. It wasn’t a form of enlightenment, a great new trick, or a conclusion I’d expect anyone else to reach.

It was a declaration. It started in my shattered brain, shot through my head, and exploded within my soul. I wouldn’t be raped. This wasn’t rape because I decided it wasn’t rape. My sex was my own. When I fucked, I’d fuck because I’d enjoy it, or because I wanted to try it, or because I wanted the experience.

That’s right, sex was an experience. Even sex with this creature. He wasn’t fucking me. I was fucking him. He just didn’t realize it yet. He’s a creature with a penis I’d never seen before. He looks human enough, and I wanted to see what it was like to fuck him. Was it crazy? Yes. Was I crazy? Probably… but at that moment, and that second, and at that time, I decided all on my own. Sex is mine to command.

Seductress Class Unlocked: You have leveled to Seductress level 1!

All Skills Unlocked On Class Up!

Sexual Experience: You can gain experience through sexual intercourse. New partners provide an experience bonus.

Mental Fortitude: Large Increase in mental resistance to sexually embarrassing, debasing, and degrading events.

Pheromone: Releases a pheromone that can attract monsters and the opposite sex. Sexual stimulation increases during this period. Duration and strength dependent on level.

Mental Resistance has increased to level 10.

Charisma has increased to level 10.

Position Unlocked: Missionary

The words flew across my vision, but I ignored them. As vitality and energy flowed into me, I began to move my hips. I was timing it perfectly to coincide with the thrusts of the creature in front of me. Suddenly, his strange and monstrous appearance no longer bothered me. I don’t know if it was the effect of my own declaration, or perhaps this “Mental Fortitude”, whatever that was. All that mattered to me was that he had a cock, and I wanted it.

The words that had been flashing in my eyes had an effect. They were definitely words from a video game. I was certain of it now. I dated plenty of guys in high school. I had my fair share of experiences with guys obsessed with MMOs. I’ve done a few overnighters myself with custom characters. Thus, I knew what I was seeing. This all sounded fantastical, but if this was a video game, then the monster inside me could only be described with one word, a goblin.

Rather than repulsing me, it only made me more excited. I mean, how many people could say they’ve fucked an actual goblin? On top of that, whatever just happened seemed to crank up my libido to eleven. His dick was small, but it felt wonderful. It was like my body was that much more sensitive. My nipples that were being fondled by the two goblins to either side of me became hard in an instant. I started to make pleasurable moaning sounds, and my body started to squirm and twist in pleasure.

My newfound enthusiasm seemed to catch my new goblin fuck buddy off guard. He wore a surprised and mildly confused look on his face. It actually made him look kind of cute. The goblins at either side also seemed to be confused, and for a moment. they let up their guard. At that moment, I broke free of their grasp. The goblin inside of me panicked, trying to reach for the sword he had tossed to his side during his moment of lust.

However, he didn’t have to worry. I wasn’t going anywhere. I wasn’t done yet. I shoved him to the ground, not letting his dick go anywhere. A moment later, I was riding him, my body jumping up and down on his cock. It felt wonderful. He was the size of a twelve-year-old boy, giving a kind of taboo feeling to it. Not that I’d be interested in that kind of thing, but at the moment, every sight and every smell added to the feelings of lust growing inside of me.

Position Unlocked: Cowgirl

Pheromone Skill activated.

I didn’t really know what that meant, but a moment later the two goblins that had been holding me now had their little knob penises out and were stroking them with a fever. Meanwhile, the monster under me had his eyes rolled up as I rode him for all he was worth. He was haggardly panting like it was the hardest workout he had ever received.

Stamina Depleted!

I kept bouncing on him. I wanted more. I wanted it harder. I wanted to fuck. He came and I could feel hot spooge filling me up. That wasn’t enough, I wanted more. I wanted more!

I was about to grab one of the other goblins, then my body started feeling woozy.

Stamina Depleted!

No! I’m not done yet. I pushed my hand up against his knob, trying to keep him hard, trying to keep him in me. My vision started to go. I’m not… I could not remember. I finally fell off, his knob popping out of me and immediately making me feel like I was missing something. However, my mind drifted into a fitful sleep as the words “Stamina Depleted!” flashed in my head.

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