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As I stared at his head, I couldn’t help but let out a scream. The other people around camp ignored it. A few chuckled at my reaction, but the majority refused to look at the head with the spike jutting through it. My knees felt weak, and I collapsed to the floor. The head had been placed there, right in front of the tent I had ended up in that night. That was no accident.

Time and time again, I was reminded of how cruel this world genuinely was. Nova was sending me a warning. However, I didn’t understand what the warning was. Was he asking me to never escape? That didn’t seem right. Maybe he was a little angry that I spent so much time enjoying myself. Was I supposed to hate a night filled with passion? That didn’t seem right either.

These thoughts were going through my mind because I didn’t want to face the reality that I was seeing. My breathing had quickened, and I was starting to feel like I was hyperventilating. This blow… it was too much. Even I couldn’t…

Mental Resistance has increased to level 15.

As soon as I gathered my wits enough that I was sure I wouldn’t vomit, I turned away from the deadly scene. The high mental resistance was the only reason I wasn’t in a ball crying at the moment, although part of me still wanted to weep. As Jenai had explained to me, every ten levels of resistance cut the effects in half. That meant that when I came to this world, the 10 mental resistance meant I felt half the mental stress a normal person would feel in that situation. At 20, it’d be 25%, at 30 it’d be 12.5% and so on. Right now, the mental blow of finding Dox dead was cut down by around 2/5, but it didn’t feel like enough. It just didn’t make sense to me. Dox was one of Nova’s most loyal minions. He didn’t hear what Dox told me the previous night in confidence, did he? In the end, Dox hadn’t done anything. We didn’t escape nor try to escape. The man slept the night away.

Then an even more painful thought struck me. Perhaps he was killed in his sleep? I had incapacitated the man, just so another could kill him? In a way, I was directly responsible for his death. I think that hurt me more than anything. However, the mental resistance still worked, and by the time I reached Nova’s tent, my emotions were under control and my features were hidden behind the Conceal ability.

When I entered, Nova was sitting on the throne. He was completely naked, his legs spread open, and Jenai was sitting on his lap facing away from him. Well, sitting wasn’t the right word. His cock was inside her and she was bent over his lap, moving her buttocks up and down, riding his cock. As soon as her eyes met mine, she looked away but didn’t stop rotating her hips.

Before my Conceal and Deception abilities had increased, her face would have looked bored and uncaring, but now I could see a slight hint of shame in her eyes. Although even my skills wouldn’t have been enough to see it if I hadn’t come to know her so well. Meanwhile, Nova had a slight grin on his face, and when his eyes met mine, they didn’t look away.

I moved toward the pair with quick steps, my face using every attempt to hide my intent. As soon as I reached the pair, I grabbed Jenai’s arm and pulled her off. She hadn’t been expecting it and made a little noise as she stumbled a few steps away. A second later, I threw out my hand in a full-blown slap with all my strength, intending to remove that damn smirk from his face.

Like lightning, his hand caught my wrist an inch from his cheek. Without a pause, he pulled and I stumbled forward. He pulled me down and without wasting a motion, his dick, still wet from Jenai, pierced right into me. I found myself on his lap now, both arms held in his grip and the entire length of his shaft deep inside me. Why was he the thickest guy in camp? It felt good, even after a night of fucking, to finally be stretched to the point that he had made me accustomed. It only made me angrier.

“Careful, girl, you may be useful to me right now, but that doesn’t mean I can’t change my plans.”

“Why?” I demanded.

“Why what?” Nova looked at me like a toy he was particularly enjoying. “And if you’re going to pull away from my other toy, you better take responsibility, start riding.”

“Dox, you bastard, Why?”

His eyes started to turn dark as he stared at me in silence, his hands tightening until my arms started to hurt. I gave him an expressionless look and then lifted my butt, gyrating my hips and rocking his cock up and down into my pussy. After a moment, his look calmed and his grip relaxed slightly, but he still didn’t let me go.

“Insubordination, of course, I know everything that happens in this camp. Did you not think I wouldn’t know if he tried to take something that was owned by me.”

He let go of my wrists and put them down onto the armrests of his chair, then sat back and closed his eyes. He never did anything by accident. It was no accident that when I came into the tent, he was fucking Jenai. He did that to make a statement to me. It was also no accident that he put his hands down. He was showing me how hopeless it was. Even here, this close, there wasn’t a thing I could do. I couldn’t slap him. I couldn’t leave him. The only thing I could do was gyrate my hips, and feel his cock going in and out of me.

“What did he try to take?” I asked after a brief moment of silence.

Nova opened one eye in surprise. “Why… you of course. Don’t act like he didn’t have a plan to sneak you out of camp, to take you from me.”

“I’m not your thing,” I spat back.

Nova opened his other eye, and both narrowed. “Is that what you think?”

He grabbed me by the hips and pulled me off his cock. Standing up, he turned around, bringing my body in front of the chair before shoving me back down. Although I wasn’t resisting, even if I had, the force he was using was not something I could fight against. My hands fell on the armrests of his throne-like chair, and a second later he slammed into me. However, he stuck it higher up than I expected, and his wet dick slid into my asshole.

I let out a cry of surprise, a spike of pain shooting out as pressure suddenly exploded from inside. Even with pain resistance at six, anal sex without any warning or for that matter, lubricant, wasn’t pleasant. Although my seductress class left me capable of being quite wet, and his dick didn’t lack in the drenching of my sex which eased the entry a bit, it was larger than average size and mixed with the roughness it at least caught me off guard.

He began to thrust into my ass with reckless abandon and all the stamina a Bandit King could muster. I let out cries, desperately trying to gain control of the situation, but I was completely at his whim. It hurt, and it hurt in an unexpected spot. My thoughts were lost as he thrust so hard that each thrust caused my head to fall forward. I could barely keep myself properly in his chair. If he wasn’t being so rough, maybe, just maybe I could get back into control. However, he never did anything by accident, and this was all about his dominance too.

“So, tell me, if I don’t own you, why can I do whatever I want to you, huh?”

He slapped my ass painfully, his dick thrusting in and out of my ass with a pop. Each time he thrust in, I felt like my ass was split in two, a deep and thick pressure inside. It might have felt good if done with some tact, but right now I didn’t have any of that. He was taking my ass as his own, and for the first time since my first encounter with that first goblin, I started reaching a breaking point. However, just as the tears started to form in my eyes, a boon appeared before me.

Position Unlocked: The Fan

Title Obtained: Rough Rider

+5 Strength, +10 Pain Resistance, +50% experience when you climax with anal sex.

I let out a sudden laugh. It was so unexpected that Nova’s thrusts stopped. I quickly equipped Rough Rider. The pain and discomfort went away almost immediately. I gained a sudden surge of power as my strength was boosted by nearly 50%. I grabbed onto his throne, my concealment once again hiding my face. The Deception twisted my face into a condescending look and I glanced back at him.

“What you want?” I sneered. “I get what I want. And right now, I want your cock in my ass. Faster.”

Nova narrowed his eyes at me. He lifted his hand and slapped my ass as hard as his brick arms could. I let out a cry, but it was a cry that ended in the sounds of moaning. It’s not that it didn’t hurt, even with my current 16 Pain resistance he had an arm on him. However, it was a pain that only served to turn me on.

“Harder, do it harder. Come on, you know you want that tight asshole, it’s all yours.”

I shook my ass, giggling it just enough that his cock still resting in me was stimulated. He gave a wry smile, but after a second he started thrusting into me again. This time, the pressure building up inside me had none of the pain. My added strength helped me stand my ground. Instead of his thrusts causing me to lose balance and fall forward, I pushed my ass back with my enhanced strength, taking each thrust deep and hard.

The pressure deep inside my behind pushed against other parts of me, and I reached down and fingered myself to add to the pleasure. Each time he thrust in, I could feel his dick moving inside me through the fingers inside my pussy. The feeling of my pussy being pushed around by his dick from behind quickly started to drive me crazy. The pain wasn’t completely gone, there was a dull soreness to all of it, but it was a soreness from sex, which only served to bring me to new heights.

As my fingers touched me in the ways I did best, he thrust into my butt, filling me up in ways I was not used to. It felt so invigorating. I was sexually satisfying a man, and he was inside me, filling my body with his hot, hard dick. However, at the same time, I had the satisfaction of having full access to my own pussy, which my fingers danced and swirled around with the extreme precision of my masturbation skill.

I came, letting out a very satisfied cry. Of the orgasms I’ve ever had, it probably ranked the top five easily. Coming from a literal night of nonstop sex, where my pussy was already exhausted from hours of continuous use, and as the result of a man I currently hated, you could imagine how good it would have been if I had been in a dry spell or abnormally horny. Although perhaps if that was the case I would have cum before I was driven to this point. I decided at that point that I rather liked anal sex, and I’d be sure to have more of it in the future.

For the moment, I did something I’ve only done twice before. I squirted. The first time I ever squirted involved a vibrator and a synthetically molded dildo used in tandem while watching some hot porn. The second time had involved a guy with a rather big dick and a love of cunnilingus. This time, I exploded all over Nova’s throne-like chair, gushy female spunk shooting out with enough force that it hit the back of his chair. As wave after wave assaulted me, and Nova continued his assault on my asshole, more shot out like a faucet until it finally settled out to a couple of drops. Either way, the result was undeniable, I had dirtied the Bandit King’s throne, smothering it in myself. The Bandit King, who attempted to satisfy himself with my ass over his throne, had instead satisfied me until I came all over his legacy.

I turned around and gave a look back at Nova. He wore a slightly opened mouth as if he wasn’t even understanding what was happening. I rotated my hips backward, causing his dick to slide in and out of my butt with a pop. I made a pleasurable moaning sound as it did.

Anal Sex Skill has increased to level 1.

“Oh, Nova… You haven’t finished, here, I’ll help you out.”

I did a position switch… and his dick disappeared from my ass and instantly appeared in my mouth. I was on my knees, performing the kneeling blowjob without any separation of time. Nova’s eyes had popped open for a second. Does that mean he was aware of the switch? No matter, it was better if he realized it, realized how much control I had.

If Nova had been in control, the kneeling blowjob might have been a demoralizing and humiliating act, but before he could even gain the advantage, I had changed the situation myself and sucked his dick under my own volition. His control was nonexistent, and from my knees, I pleasured him because I wanted to, sucking on the dick that was in my ass.

I’m not going to make up stupid little lies like his dick tasted great. Ass tastes like ass… but my Mental Fortitude meant that something like this wouldn’t make me hesitate. It was dirty and degrading, but it was truly Nova in this situation that was being degraded. Part of me worried about how far I could actually go. Before I came to this world, the idea of participating in a gang bang was unreasonable. Maybe a threesome, but even that would take fairly unique circumstances and copious amounts of alcohol.

I went from a girl with a dozen some sexual partners in only three primary positions, to someone who had sex with hundreds of men, and even a woman, in dozens of positions. I liked having more than one guy at a time. I liked it in my ass. I liked being watched. I didn’t mind sucking his dick. Bukkake, a hundred men in a single night, strangers, friends, family…Where would it stop? Golden showers? Reenacting two girls and a cup? No, I’d never do that kind of stuff, but I feared Mental Fortitude would make it so that if the occasion occurred, I would display no limits.

These kinds of thoughts went through my mind. However, even though I was distracted, at level 5 Blowjob and level 3 Hand Job, with a little deepthroat thrown in for good matter, I quickly found myself swallowing his load. Taking the hot spunk globs hitting the back of my throat and guzzling them down.

“Mmm… you liked my ass too, that’s more cum than usual.” I smirked up at him from my knees.

As Nova’s member went soft, perhaps the first time I’d ever seen his stamina give out when he had me naked in front of him, he wore an indescribable look on his face. After a moment, he pulled his dick from my hand and turned away, walking toward the hall. Before he reached it, he stopped.

He spoke without turning back. “These games of ours are fun. You are the best I’ve ever played. However, I always win in the end, remember that. Clean yourself up for me, and then meet me in my room. Jenai, come, you will get me warmed up.”

I stood back up and looked over at Jenai realizing she had stayed in the room the entire time. She gave me a look that I interpreted as worry before she followed behind Nova back towards his bedroom. The look she gave seemed to say that although I had won, there would be consequences.

I swallowed a gulp, for the first time realizing that I might have gone too far here. I was still furious at Nova, and even though it was just the three of us, in anger I had embarrassed him by taking control during sex. It was the only weapon I could use to attack Nova, and so I used it.

I left the throne room and moved to the bathroom. There had been a tub full of water Jenai must have made earlier, but it was already cold. I entered the cold bath anyway and began to wash, cleaning off the sex from half the bandit camp, topped off by Nova himself.

No luck that I would have given Nova a disease, I suppose, his disease resistance was probably high. Either way, I cleaned myself thoroughly, removing the smeared paint that had decorated my face like a princess, and the numerous bits and pieces of flair in my hair. Now that I wasn’t having sex, I no longer had a stamina boost and thus the exhaustion hit me a lot harder.

Part of me feared what Nova would have planned for me. Yes… it wasn’t excitement this time. I only felt dread for the man. As I took a piece of cloth and ran the cold water down my breasts, forming goosebumps along the path of the droplets, I began to feel less comfortable, and more like I was preparing for war.

I stood up and dried off my body. The face of the abused princess was gone. I didn’t bother to put on any clothing. Without any dresses or deceptive masks, I approached Nova’s as myself, naked and alone. This was round 2 of my battle with Nova.

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