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What I saw when I entered Nova’s room caused me to stop. Jenai was standing on his bed. Well, more specifically, she was hanging from the canopy posts of the bed. One arm was strapped to the right post, the other was strapped to the left. Her height was short enough that her feet could barely touch the bed itself. Her mouth was gagged with a cloth, and there were tears dripping down her eyes.

There was a smack, and her body fell forward. Her feet fell from the foot of the bed and for a second, she hung by the restraints, two chains digging into either wrist. After a second of kicking and struggling from her, she managed to get her feet back onto the bed. The source of the smack was her butt being impacted by a large wide paddle held by Nova.

I swallowed another gulp and decided right there and then to let Nova win this round. I would do what he wanted. I could take any abuse he delivered. I kicked myself for taking so long to clean myself in the tub. For some reason, I had convinced myself that he wouldn’t take it out on Jenai… that it was just between him and me. However, it seems liked Jenai’s fears had been correct. He would use Jenai as a way to control me. This entire scene was a statement, even if I could resist him, Jenai couldn’t.

“Alright, I’m here now, you can let her down and do whatever you want with me.”

It was the closest I could muster to an admission of defeat. Even though I wanted to punish him, Nova could do anything he wanted to my body tonight. My Conceal and Deception abilities were at least enough for that. However, when Nova put on a dark smile, I realized that he wasn’t going to let it go with that.

“Oh! Aria? I didn’t see you there. Well, I did check out your guild card and it seems like you’ve made it all the way to level 11. However, level 11 isn’t quite good enough. I need you to at least be 12 before we send you off tomorrow…”


“Yeah, you’ve made so much progress so quickly, way more than this dumb bitch.” He grabbed Jenai by the face, his fingers digging into her cheeks.

Roughly turning her mouth, he gave her a violent and sloppy kiss. It looked like my little childish display had affected him more than I thought. His eyes had taken on a crazed look. It bordered on madness. No… but… they were the same eyes he always had. Had the madness always been there? Why had I never noticed before? Perhaps it was because my Conceal and Deception wasn’t high enough… but now that I saw it, I couldn’t un-see it.

He was a man on the edge, a blade just about to strike. The fact I had wagged my ass in front of him and taunted him could be considered insane. I could see the reality in his eyes. He wanted to possess me so bad. I was like a shiny gem to a jewel thief or a glass of water to a man in the desert. He had to possess me, all of me.

“O-okay… I’ll do everything I can to fulfill the mission.”

Nova gave an annoyed look as he pulled his tongue out of Jenai’s mouth. “You’re not listening, dear, you need one more level. And that got me thinking, you haven’t gotten a taste of Jenai yet. Therefore, Jenai will be your experience partner.”

My eyes flashed, but I didn’t make any other reaction. Instead, I moved up to the foot of the bed and without another word, I put my hands on her hips and started kissing just above her hairless clit, my tongue flicking over her olive skin. At the same time, I switched my title to Lesbian Lover. With the experience gains from the same sex, the first-time bonus, and making sure to take her in three different positions, it might not take very long at all to level up to twelve. Nova may think he’s trying to get one over on me, but this only worked to my advantage.

As my tongue worked its way to her clitoris, Nova grabbed a fist full of my hair from the base and pulled back. My head was forced away, a trail of saliva streaming from my tongue to her hairless parts.

“Wait, wait, wait, doll… we don’t know everything about how your leveling works. For example, is the quality of sex important?” Nova asks.

I looked up at him, my face hidden in Conceal as well as Jenai ever could. “I gain experience each time I have sex, although I get a bonus if there are three different positions.”

“Uh, huh, uh, huh… but do you get experience if there is no penetration?”

I frowned, not sure what he was getting at. “I’ve… 69’d before and leveled… with a woman.”

Something flicked across Nova’s face, but his smile quickly returned. “Still… you can’t say for certain that the experience you gain from licking is as much as you gain from penetration.”

“I… I suppose.”

“And you gain experience from using toys as well?”

I flinched at that. So, he knew about the dildo I had taken too. His smile grew into something like a grinning cat. There was some kind of trap, but I didn’t know what it was. I had the growing feeling like I was walking right into something that I wouldn’t like. I didn’t explain to him that the extra experience relates to setting titles. I still didn’t even really know if people from this world had titles or knew about their function.

“I don’t know, I guess I do.”

“Great!” He slapped his hands.

It was sudden enough and close enough that Jenai jumped. She might have fallen off the bed if I wasn’t holding her hips.

“So, it’s settled then. We’ll use THAT! Don’t you feel lucky, Jenai?” He grinned and slapped Jenai’s ass before jumping off the bed and walking over to a hidden drawer.

Jenai’s eyes opened in realization. For a second, I thought I could see fear. Then a moment later, they fell into a form of acceptance. She gave me a look, a tear forming in her eyes, and then she nodded towards me. It was a nod of acceptance. It said. “do what you have to.”

Whatever it was, Nova had to move a dresser to access it. A moment later he pulled something out. It was a large strap which was attached to a massively large cylinder-like rod. The rod resembled the one I had taken from the hot tub, but whereas that one was about 3 inches long and an inch wide, this one was two feet long and almost twelve inches wide.

“I had these tools specially made on a whim. You and me, Aria, we’re so much alike. We think alike. Anyone else who looked at this would have no clue what it is, but you’re different, aren’t you?”

I turned away, not wanting to answer his question. Of course, I knew what that thing was. However, that size was ridiculous. It was as big as Nova’s muscular arms. It was a strap-on, a massive strap-on. However, this dildo wasn’t made out of elastic skin or plastic, but a polished stone. That meant it provided no give. It’d be like jamming two fists into her at once. Jenai was already a small person herself.


“Huh, excuse me?” Nova asked, turning his ear to me mockingly.

“Can I get something a little smaller?”

“Of course not! The more penetration, the more experience. You’re going to use Jenai until you reach level 12, and I’m not going to waste time.”

I didn’t even know if experience worked that way. I didn’t think the length of time affected experience at all. It needed to be different sexual encounters. I didn’t even know if I gained experience from the same person twice a day. If I fucked Jenai… let her rest a few minutes, and did it again, maybe that would work. Or, if I fucked Jenai, then switched to Nova, then back to Jenai again… maybe that could create some kind of experience farming, but I’ve never done anything like that consistently enough for it to prove it worked. But with that, I’m not sure she could take a second time, let alone a first. Therefore, all I had was this first time.

I couldn’t remember how many guys I’d been with since I reach level 11. Maybe twenty? How many of them were first-timers? A couple of repeaters came in there near the end. I also got Nova plus some anal bonus. Lesbian Lover gave twice the normal experience, three positions will get a 3X experience. So, one time with her is like six first-timers. I tried doing the math in my head, but I had no clue if I would level with this alone.

Nova was waiting with a cruel look in his eyes. After a pause, I grabbed the straps with a flat look and started putting them on like I was dressing for a funeral. They wrapped around me, numerous leather straps and buckles. They were all necessary and even once I had them all on I had to use a hand to hold up the dildo. If I could do this lying down, it’d be okay, but Jenai was strapped up and Nova had no plans to let her down.

I got up onto the bed, although I was very precariously at the edge of the bed. I looked into Jenai’s eyes and touched her face.

“I’m so sorry…” I whispered.

I knew this wouldn’t kill her. I mean, you can push a baby out of that thing if you needed to. However, it would hurt like hell, and I doubted Jenai’s pain resistance was as high as mine. I wasn’t a sadist or anything, so the thought of hurting my best friend was unsettling. However, I just needed to get this over with.

Jenai shook her head and just kept looking at me. After a moment, I picked up her legs. With the help of the chains tying her up, I managed to get her legs up in my arms so that I was holding her, the bicep of each of my arms sitting in the bend of her knees. It was surprisingly easy to do. Every level I gained, a point in every stat. I never really had the privilege of paying attention to it before now, but if my normal strength was five, then I was just over three times as strong as I was back in the old world. As a result, Jenai’s light frame wasn’t difficult for me to hold up.

Still, positioning the pair of us was difficult. After a bit of finagling, I finally got the tip for the cylinder pressed against her. It just didn’t look like it fit, any way you see it.

“Here, here, let me help,” Nova suddenly barked.

He jumped up onto the bed and got behind Jenai. Without a second of concern, he reached down and stuck four fingers from each hand up against each lip of her pussy. He then pulled it open roughly. Jenai let out a muffled scream. I cringed as I thrust my dildo forward, it dug into her pussy, splitting her open. She continued to make noises that were broken by the gagging sound. As soon as the dildo struggled to enter her, Nova started pulling down on her lips, like he was trying to tug on a shirt that was too tight.

I pressed my forehead against Jenai, and under my lips, I kept whispering. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

“It’s in!” Nova happily announced.

Tears were running down Jenai’s eyes, and mine as well. Conceal, I needed to Conceal. The hate was surging to the surface. Damn you, Nova, I fucking hate you so much right now. I looked down and saw that Nova was right. Nearly half the length had been inserted into Jenai. It was so large, I could hear her hips creaking. On top of that, the stone tip pushed out from the skin of her stomach, so deep this was jammed into her.

I steadily and carefully brought the dildo up, I could see a streak of blood as I pulled. Yeah, there was definitely tearing, no doubt about it. Then, as careful as I could, I slid it back into her. She made shouts and screams, all muffled by the gag over her mouth.

Suddenly, she started convulsing, her eyes rolled up into her head as her body shook in my arms. What the hell was going on? Was I causing her to have a stroke?

“Oh, I forgot to tell you the best part!” Nova laughed. “It’s the punishment game. You should have a look at my toy, it has some interesting side effects.”

I quickly used Examine on his toy as I tried to keep her from injuring herself as she shook.

Cursed Giant Phallus – Grade B –

Effect 1: Increase Damage when used on the recipient.

Effect 2: Inflicts pain, random status effects, and magic attacks on recipient inversely proportional to thrust speed.

 “So, you see!” He grabbed onto Jenai’s hips, from which I had no control, and then lifted and dropped it, moving her ass up and down on the dildo as fast as his hands could move.

Like that, the massive dildo was bouncing in and out of her. Each motion made creaking sounds, her entire body looking like it was about to break. However, the convulsions seemed to stop, even though her eyes started to roll up into her head, and I couldn’t even tell if she was in pain. This was horrible. A situation of complete helplessness. But after reading the item’s description, I got the idea.

The harder I fucked her, the less the dildo would hurt her. However, fucking her with the dildo itself also hurt her. So, I had no real choice but to keep going forward.  I grabbed onto the base of the dildo and took a deep breath. I have to get this over with, I have to level or this was never going to stop. The dildo was starting to heat up to an uncomfortable level as my hips started to slow their thrust.

I did a position switch. A second later, we were on the bed. Her restraint fell to the sides, jingling against the bedposts. The dildo was still in her about the same length as before, but now we were both on our knees and it was pushed in from behind. I let out a breath in relief. I had no clue if it’d work. First, I didn’t know if restraints would prevent it. Second, the positions I knew were usually me as the receiving end. I didn’t know if it’d move me down behind, but it seemed like the positioning ability came through.

The dildo was to the point where it was starting to burn my hand. I couldn’t imagine how uncomfortable it felt for Jenai. Without anything else I could do, I started thrusting my hips as hard as I could, shoving the massive dildo into her. The dildo started to cool down, while Jenai continued to whimper.

“How did you do that?” A voice came from above.

I looked up to see Nova standing there, in the same position he had been in before I did the position shift. It looked like my position shift didn’t include him in the procedure… and more, he was aware of it.

“It’s part of my abilities as a seductress. But how do you know? No one else is aware when I do it.”

Nova smiled. “You’re full of so many surprises. Just like me. We’re two of a kind. I’m in love. I never thought I’d see the day, but I think after this heist, I’ll settle down and marry you.”

“We’re nothing alike,” I snapped back. “You’re cruel and hateful… and…”

Nova’s cruel smile turned into a laugh. “Is that so, yet you’re the one tearing your friend in half.”

“You’ve given me no choice!” I growled while thrusting into her from behind, trying to ignore the pained squeals as I went.

“Perhaps…” Nova shrugged. “Or perhaps you’re just as cruel as me. Perhaps you wanted to feel, just a little bit, what it was like to tear a woman up like this. You were curious, and it made you excited, and you didn’t waste a heartbeat sticking it in. No, you’re a monster to your instincts, just like me.”

I wanted to shout that he was the crazy monster, but fortunately, my body had the good sense not to. Instead, I gave him a flat look, a concealed look that told him nothing.

I thrust my hips steadily. It was exhausting. Not only had I been up the entire night having sex, only to then have to pleasure Nova anally, but now I had a twenty-pound dildo I had to force into a girl that was tiny in comparison. No matter how much it pained her, I had to push it past her tight pussy’s resistance, forcing it in. This exhausted my hips, but the second I let myself slow down, something else would happen.

The device seemed to respond in four different ways. It would either heat up until it was blistering hot, cool down until it almost stuck to her skin, send out an electrical current, or another option that gave no physical effect that I could see, but caused Jenai to start bucking with muffled screams from the pain. Yet, I continued to work, inflicting pain on my close friend with this sadist’s monster cock. I had to finish this, quickly.

“Switch.” I didn’t need to say the word, but it helped me focus.

A second later, she was turned around. Jenai’s face was a mess, it looked like she had been biting on the rag in her mouth for all it was worth. I continued to thrust into her using the strap-on in missionary, but I brought my hand out and rubbed her clit too.

“Come on girl, we can do it,” I said out loud as I worked.

As if my words had a calming effect, she started to quiet down. I summoned up the rest of the strength in my hips to keep going. The feeling of my machinations starting to turn the tide. And then, quite suddenly, she exploded. I could feel it under my finger. She had cum, perhaps harder than I ever did. Juices, slightly reddened with blood, squirted out from every side of the dildo.

You have increase Seductress class to level 12.

All stats have increased by one.

You have one Skill point.

Special Skills Available:

Hershey Highway (Passive): Ass releases a lubrication during anal sex.

Sadist (Passive): Give mild bursts of pain to partner during sexual intercourse.

Cat’s Meow (Active): Repairs damage to any area you can lick.

“There, I leveled!” I breathed in relief and pulled out.

The giant dildo made a sickening pop as it came out, and a load of juice and blood spurted from Jenai’s pussy. It remained gaping open, even now, bruised and wrecked through my own machinations.

Nova frowned, picking up the guild card with my information and glancing at it. After a second, he put it back down.

“Fine…” He said. “I have work to do. Clean this… mess… up.”

He pulled on his pants and a shirt and left without saying another word. I stared daggers at his back as he left, although I knew if he had turned back, I would have put on a completely innocent face. I was scared of him. Scared… and so angry. How can someone like him exist? I ripped the straps off of me and threw that hateful dildo to the side.

I moved up to Jenai, pulling away from the mouth gag and putting Jenai in my arms. “Oh Jenai, I’m so sorry, are you okay?”

Jenai gave me a weak smile. “It is okay, I am… glad you leveled… with me.”

“No, Jenai… you might be really hurt.”

Jenai nodded weakly. “I… am not angry. I feel like I deserved this.”

“How could anyone?”

Jenai raised a finger and put it over my mouth to stop me.

“Nova… he has broken many women in the past. It was usually me wearing that item. I’ve been in your exact situation, thrusting into nameless women, cracking their bodies open. Given your… proclivities, he probably realized you would adapt to it and…” Jenai laughed. “You’d probably enjoy it. So, he… switched things around. Not… every woman who has had it comes away from the experience healthy… bleeding out is common. At least one died. It is suiting that I receive the payment I delivered on so many others.”

“No Jenai… it’s Nova… he’s responsible for all of this. He’s a bastard.”

“Perhaps… but I went along with it. I never resisted. Not once. What you did… I’ve never seen Nova like that. I feel… peaceful… knowing that one day, you will overpower that man. I think he realizes it too. It’s only a matter of time. He’s… afraid of you now. I saw it in his eyes. He is obsessed with his power… and you can strip him from it at your own whim. I… admire you the most.”

I put a blanket down, trying to stifle her wounds… although I admit the chance of infection was high. However, I had the Princess Kiss now, so if she got an infection, I’m betting that would be a status ailment I could cure. The problem was bleeding out. If I could just stop the bleeding, she’d be fine… but she just did the equivalent of giving birth, except her body wasn’t gunning for it, and there is no ob-gyn doctor to sew her back up.

“Could you… tell me what your new skills are? It is so interesting, choosing.”

When I finally realized what she was asking, my eyes refocused on the leveling screen. I hadn’t really paid it much attention, instead choosing to ignore it in lieu of aiding Jenai.

“Well… the first one is the stupidly named Hershey Highway,” I said, hoping to keep her mind distracted from the pain and discomfort.

“What is that? Those names are not familiar to me.”

“Well… I think the name comes from things in my hometown. Hershey is a type of chocolate and highways are a road.”

It was the first time I really thought of it, but the names did seem to be geared towards individuals. Skills and special skills were likely infinite, arbitrarily given by some higher god with an atrocious naming sense.

“So, a chocolate highway?” Jenai gave a confused look.

“Oh… err… it’s actually slang for… um… butt sex…”

Jenai barked a laugh, followed by a grimace of pain.

“What does a special butt sex skill do?” She asked with a wry grin.

“Uh, creates lubricant in the butt during… err butt sex.”

It was strange having this kind of conversation with anyone. I never really talked about my skills and the fact I was desperately trying to comfort the woman I just fucked half to death, well… my mood was complicated at best.

“I would likely pick this skill.” Jenai’s eyes were bright.

“Well sure, from a girl who likes butt play!” I retorted.

Jenai’s eyes twinkled. “This I do. I could bypass much discomfort with this skill.”

“Eh… You might want the Rough Rider title then.” I scratched my neck as she looked at me questioningly. “Never mind that, the skill… I already get so wet in the first hole, I really don’t want things to get any messier. Especially if it’s, I don’t know… butt juice.”

“What about the next skill?” She asked.

“Sadist, it gives mild bursts of pain to my partner during sexual intercourse.”

“Well… that would certainly be a deterrent towards sexual intercourse from all but a certain special type of man.”

“Yeah, I could kiss my leveling up goodbye with that one. I don’t think any guy would want to get sudden headaches or the feeling of being electrocuted or something every time he stuck it in me.”

“I suppose not, I certainly did not enjoy it, and there is a third?”

“Yes, the third…” My eyes suddenly lit up, stupid, stupid me, there was, of course, the third.

I instantly picked it. “It’s okay, Jenai, you’re going to be fine… it’s just going to be a bit, unorthodox… but I’ll have you cleaned up in a jiffy.”

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