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Position Unlocked: Eating Out

Cunnilingus Skill has increased to level 2.

 “Uh huh,” My voice came out muffled from below, my face was about nose deep into her snatch. I was vigorously using the Cat’s Meow, trying to get every part of her body.

“Ah… you just made me cum.”

As if on cue, some womanly juices just suddenly flowed up into my nose. I sputtered and coughed, pulling out.

“Hey there, this is serious,” I remonstrated her.

Jenai was now boosted up on her elbows, curiously looking down at me. At first, I had just licked the outside which only had a small amount of tearing. Then I steadily had worked my way in a circle, slowly getting deeper and deeper. It was hard to see down there, so I mostly just licked everything I could get my tongue on, and gradually as I worked, I lifted her legs up more and worked on getting deeper and deeper.

Position Unlocked: Rockin’ Rockette

Of course, Jenai tasted like blood, giving me a vampire vibe, and the fear my next level would include a vampire deal of some sort. However, surprisingly enough, I didn’t hate it as much as I thought I would. That is, eating pussy. I had done it the one time with Min, who even now I wondered what happened to. However, that was during a pretty stressful situation.

You could call this one pretty stressful too since her healing depended on my licking. However, we were in a comfortable bed, and ever since I started, she was acting more and more lively. I had started with a Princess Kiss, our lips meeting in a surprisingly soft kiss. Girls’ lips were pretty soft, I think I started to understand why lesbians liked it. In truth, if Jenai got any livelier, I might have put her in 69 to give her mouth something more useful to do.

“Ah… once again.”

I sighed as more juice dropped into my tongue. Most of the blood was gone at this point, so I swallowed and got my first real taste of a woman. I didn’t mind it. I wouldn’t go so far as to say she tasted sweet, but it was sweet when compared to semen’s salty taste. It was like drinking juice versus drinking a smoothie if that made any sense.

“You sure cum a lot…”  I said although I wasn’t really one to talk.

“It is your fault for being so good with your tongue. Seductress is a skill that is not lost on you.”

“How so?”

“Can I tell a secret?” She asked coyly.


“I came six times while you were using the dildo.”

“What? Six? How… You were being hurt!”

“Well… it was quite large, and you handled it so well. Perhaps I am a bit of a masochist now. Even now, as you work down below, I just want you to bite me…”

Curiously, I cautiously bite down on her clitoris, just a nibble.

“Ah… harder…”

I pressed down more.


I bit as hard as I could without breaking skin, and a second later a squirt hit my chin.

“Yes… definitely a masochist… I came again.”

“I could tell,” I said flatly, wiping my chin.

“It also seems like the damage and repair have made that are more sensitive, perhaps. Either that or you Aria, are exceptional.”

I gave her a wry smile and then went back to work. The strange thing was because her concealing was so high and she was so used to using it, every time she came she just said it. There was no real inflection on her face. A slight popping of the eyes, but she didn’t moan, she didn’t squirm, she didn’t make any noises or facial expressions. Her cumming was completely silent. If my face wasn’t at ground zero receiving the brunt of her attacks, I’d only have her word to go by.

I continued my machinations in earnest. By the time I was convinced I had licked, I mean healed, every part of her I could reach, both inside and out, she had received three more cums. Out of curiosity, I position switched to 69. My body was now over hers and she immediately starting eating me out without a word.

Even though I had finished, we kept going at it for quite a while afterward. So, I have to accept the harsh truth of it. I was officially bisexual now. I wouldn’t have considered myself bisexual before, even with Min, but being with a girl… was fun. I could even get behind tits. I played with her breasts and let her play with mine for a while, and then we ended up cuddling. She smelled so nice and she was so soft, it seemed to activate the more aggressive part of me.

When we were cuddling naked in Nova’s bed, I asked her about the position shifts. She had no clue what I was talking about. When I asked her why, or when, did she decide to start eating me out, she didn’t have a clear answer. Thus, I tried a few lesbian positions with her and then practiced switching positions.

Position Unlocked: Scissoring

Position Unlocked: Sultry Spooning

As the name suggested, sultry spooning was when I held her from behind, reaching around to play with her clitoris and breasts with my hands. Meanwhile, scissoring was classic. Although rubbing our parts together was stimulating, without a double-sided dildo or something between us, I just couldn’t cum. Eventually, we settled back into a 69, which seemed to be my favorite position so far.

“Ah… I saw it at that time. I was on top, but now I am on the bottom.”

That was a new trick I just learned. When I did something like a 69, I could swap between top and bottom. It wasn’t a different position, and it didn’t come up as anything like a reverse 69 or a 96 or whatever they’d call it. It’s just the way I call for the position puts me in either place. I can choose which person I am in the position at will. However, for her to realize the switch, it took getting her to acknowledge our position, tell her as I’m changing it, and then reminding her of the position just to get her to realize it happened. Even then, she sounded unsure. Whatever Nova had as a skill was such a cheat, then again, so were most of my abilities.

I did try to move in heterosexual sex positions, but if they weren’t positions that “worked” because of the lack of a penis, then they wouldn’t trigger. This could be rectified with the attachment of a strapon. Not the monster, but Jenai also had a more reasonable one in Nova’s stock. I was shocked when Jenai confirmed that sex toys were NOT normal in this world. Nova had created these as part of his sexual torture, and until I started using one for my own sexual pleasure, Jenai hadn’t even considered they could be used that way.

Cunnilingus Skill has increased to level 3.

“Ah… you’ve suddenly improved,” Jenai said.

So, it appeared that she noticed. Well, if she was bad before, improving only made Jenai cum more often. I was a little disappointed that fingering also did not show up under my skills, but when I checked my status, I noticed that the position “Fingering” had lost the (self), so I guess that meant I can change to a fingering position on anyone I wanted now. Maybe the act of fingering others was covered by the masturbation skill, but it hadn’t leveled up so I wasn’t sure. Eventually, we finished experimenting as it was getting late, and Jenai got up to start cleaning the sheets and repairing the room.

“Are you sure you’re okay to do this?” I asked worriedly.

“It hurts a little deep down.” Jenai touched her stomach. “But I believe it is just soreness that your tongue could not reach. Perhaps a kiss will make it all better?”

I smiled and sat on the edge of the bed, reaching out my arm and grabbing the naked Jenai. I pulled her towards me and I kissed her stomach. Although Princess Kiss only worked on the lips, I activated it anyway. I then looked up and brought her lips to mine, giving her another Princess Kiss.

As our lips slowly parted, my eyes looking up at hers, I asked, “Better?”

She closed her eyes for a second. “Mmm, better.”

I still watched her closely as she moved around the room and picked things up, but I wasn’t able to detect any issues, at least through her level of concealment.

After she finished changing the bedding that was now drenched in our lust, as much of it more recent as from earlier, she finally let out a sigh.

“You’ll be leaving tomorrow. From then on, I will be contending with Nova alone.”

I winced at those words. In many ways, it felt like abandonment.

“I-I don’t want to leave you. You’re my close friend. I love you.”

To be clear, I did love her as a friend. We were friends who were comfortable exploring each other’s bodies. It wasn’t like I wanted her or something. We’re just friends.

Jenai nodded. “Love… yes… I think it is love too. I love you, Aria, as well. I do not wish for you to go… but in some ways I am relieved.”

I cocked my head questioningly. “How so?”

“You will be out from under Nova’s clutches. He may still have your guild card and know your skills, but he doesn’t know what your skills mean. He can only guess, and if these skills use this slang like Hershey Upway… he won’t even be able to do that. I meant what I said, I believe you will become stronger than that man.”

I move up to her. “Just wait for me, I will come back. I will save you from him.”

“What… do you plan to do?”

“One day… I’m going to kill Nova.”

Jenai nodded. “I hope… I am alive to see that day. You… sound just like a hero. Be careful, or you may steal my heart and soul.”

“Let’s… go to bed, it’s getting late now and I don’t want to be awake when Nova gets back.” I shook off her words ineloquently.

Hero? I didn’t see myself as a good person. I was just trying to survive. As to the other thing, I didn’t see myself marrying a woman anytime soon. Fortunately, Jenai agreed with me and dropped it. The pair of us lied down and went to sleep, holding each other. Regrettably, Nova did not leave us alone sleeping. He was a little surprised to see Jenai back in tip-top shape. He did manage to get the contents of the skill of Cat’s Meow out of me. He found it hilarious that I had spent half the day licking Jenai’s girl parts in order to fix her up.

He then took turns fucking the both of us, not sparing Jenai any leniency from previously being hurt. I didn’t use any position changes on him, and Jenai and I held and kissed each other as he switched back and forth between us. He didn’t seem to care that we spared him no intimacy. I also unlocked my first two threesome positions, so that was something to get excited about.

Position Unlocked: Double Dip

At one point, while he was pounding me from behind doggy style, I started eating Jenai’s pussy, and that got me the second position.

Position Unlocked: The Doggy Deluxe

Vaginal Intercourse Skill has increased to level 7.

We both went down on him and he finally came on both of our faces. We then licked the semen off of each other, which was an event that Nova seemed to have no complaints about. Nova laid down in the middle of the bed and went to sleep. He didn’t mind that neither of us girls cuddled with him either, the pair of us holding each other on the other side of the bed.

Blowjob Skill has increased to level 6.

When the morning came, I awoke to my ass being slapped by Nova’s calloused hands. Jenai was no longer there. She was an early bird, already up cleaning, sewing, making food… basically, everything Nova demanded before Nova demanded it. When I got up, I saw that she was back in gaudy wear that barely left anything to the imagination. Although I didn’t have room to talk, it had been nearly three days since I had last worn an article of clothing, unless a strap-on counted.

Today, I had to return to being a princess. That put me back into the hot tub, with bubbly water produced by Jenai. She was back in servant mode, and I was regretful that I couldn’t get her in the bath with me. I did give her another princess kiss, which ended in some pretty heavy petting before she pulled away and huffed.

“You’re incorrigible.” She pouted with a blush in an incredibly cute way completely unlike the first time I had seen her.

After she left, I bathed myself properly, including some experience with Solo Player. When I was out and dried, Jenai properly dressed me as a princess, redoing the hair I had destroyed. I applied my own makeup as Jenai grudgingly admitted I was better at it than she. Afterward, I tried to enjoy Jenai a little more, and she ended up slapping my bottom before I’d stop.

Perhaps my behavior was getting a little out of control. I was acting like a teenager on prom night, except I was the one in the prom dress! I closed my legs and carefully thought of not sex. Restraint, restraint… I needed restraint.

Carnal Resistance has increased to level 2.

That’s right, that’s the skill I needed. I continued to think sage thoughts, but as I waited for Nova to finalize whatever the hell he was doing before I got in the carriage, I had to use my toy again. Look, I’m not that bad. I just need it when I get up. And about 2-3… 5 times tops a day. That’s it, and then I’m cool as a cucumber. You know… maybe I should just… you know, leave the toy inside me, channel magic whenever I’m having trouble.

That ended up working really well. I needed underwear to hold it up in there. I hadn’t worn underwear since I met Nova, so it felt somehow constricting… but walking around with a 1-inch thick tube up in there took some finesse.

Conceal Skill has increased to level 7.

And there you go! Level 7 Conceal and all I had to do was satisfy my lust. I regret nothing. Well… I did get carried away with turning it on, and my panties were so soaked that they started dripping down my dress. But I’m a fighter, I will persevere!

By the third time I asked Jenai for new panties, she found out what I was doing and literally reached up my dress and yanked my toy out.

Masturbation Skill has increased to level 4.

Magic Skill has increased to level 2.

“Hey! I need that!” I whined.

I was on a roll today. I was eager to test out if masturbation truly improved and if another level of magic would allow me to increase the vibrations’ strength and complexity. I wanted to see if I could just vibrate a part of the dildo, or possibly send it running through the vibrator itself like an undulating wave. Oh, that sounded awesome. I was wet just thinking about it.

“You can have it once you reach the castle. Until then, you must go without. I will not let my friend become a sexual deviant.”

My experiments would, unfortunately, have to wait. She ended up putting it into one of the bags of luggage being loaded on the carriage. The bags were full of Nova’s finest. Dresses, fine jewelry… most of it had been owned by the previous princess and fitted to my measurements. I vaguely wondered if there was a bandit seamstress running around camp doing this kind of stuff.

Without my toy, I was left to awkwardly cross my legs and bear with it. After what felt like ages, it became time to go. It was Jenai who had come to fetch me. She simply gave me a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Come, we must go now.”

I nodded, and we left through a hidden flap in the back and continued out to the carriage which sat a mile or so outside of the bandit camp. It was a carriage fitted much like the one the bandits had attacked when they captured me in what felt like a lifetime ago. I lifted my head, the concealing, and Deception in full gear.

“So, the time has come that I set you free,” Nova said to me.

I sniffed. “This one does not think she is truly free.”

Nova smiled. “And don’t forget it. Everyone in this carriage is my closest allies. I have inserted over a dozen eyes and ears within the castle. You will be watched, and remember, I know and see everything. Put on a convincing show, and when you come back, I’ll make you my wife. Betray me, and there are more blades in the dark than you can count.”

“I got it,” I said wryly, dropping the princess act.

“And remember.” He smiled, grabbing Jenai. “You’re not the only one who can be punished.”

I simply nodded at that, then moved into the carriage.

“Any questions?” He asked, moving up to the door as I sat down inside.

“Who is my contact?” I asked.

“They’ll contact you,” he responded. “Just integrate yourself into the noble society. When we need you to do something, you’ll be contacted. Oh, on that note, here is a little engagement present.”

He held out a ring to me. I looked down at it like a viper, not reaching my hand to take it. Instead, I used Examine on it.

Cursed Ruby Ring – Grade A –

Effect 1: The wearer gains the identity of a target. Target is selected by blood ritual. Current target: Cornelia Bartrum.

Effect 2: The wearer will die instantly if the appropriate key phrase is used. Current Keyphrase: Hidden

Effect 3: Ring cannot be removed from the wearer without an appropriate key phrase or after death. Current Keyphrase: Hidden

Effect 4: Tracking: The location of the target is always known.

Effect 5: Once worn, the ring will hide all status effects.

 “Oh, come now, don’t be rude. This cost me a very large sum of money to procure. Put it on.”

I grimaced and then slowly reached out and grabbed the ring. As I grabbed the ring, Nova put his hands on mine, stopping me from withdrawing.

“Also, I can use the key phrase from anywhere, all I need to do is utter the words and you’re dead. With this, you’re officially mine.”

“Yes, I am completely yours,” I said with a helpless look on my face.

Deception Skill has increased to level 7.

He grinned. Maybe he was so full of himself right now that he wasn’t using his lie-detecting ability. Maybe he knew damn well I was lying and just didn’t care. Either way, I thought about every way I wished he’d die as I put the ring on my finger. It flashed a moment later.

I used the Examine skill on the ring again.

Ruby Ring – Grade A – Effects Hidden

Slightly suspicious, but nobles likely kept all kinds of hidden tricks up their sleeves, so I didn’t think anyone would be surprised a princess had a ring with some kind of protection charm she didn’t want to reveal. Like it said, I was unable to pull it off again. It just felt stuck on my right hand’s ring finger.

“What about your men… are their stats hidden too? I wouldn’t want the nobles to see me in a party of bandits.”

Nova chuckled. “You don’t need to worry about that. I have that figured out.”

As the carriage started moving away, I looked back. I saw Jenai in the distance, her face completely unreadable. I felt both relieved and sad. I was leaving my best friend, but I was also leaving the hateful Nova. One day I would kill him and save her. That was my promise. I had never killed anyone before, but this was already a violent world and I had already done many things I would never have done in my previous life. I would summon the capacity to kill him, I swear it.

As I left, my identity as the princess every bandit got a taste of remained secured. It was spread throughout camp that Nova eventually got a ransom from a noble and most of the thieves just accepted it. I had actually been snuck out of the back of the camp and taken some distance away from where the carriage had been collected in secret. Except for the six thieves escorting me, no one but Jenai and Nova was aware of my involvement. However, I was soon reminded once again that Nova never does anything without a reason.

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