Yurtdışı Yatırım

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The carriage was perhaps not the most comfortable ride around. At first, I had tried to treat the bumpiness like an unbalanced washing machine, using the bumps to satisfy the sexual lust I’ve been deprived of since my dildo was jammed into one of the bags. However, an hour later I hadn’t been able to get even my overactive libido to climax and my butt was becoming numb. There were cushions, of course, but they were not enough to truly protect my butt, or get me off, I’d have taken either.

I eventually switched to Rough Rider to relieve some of the discomforts. My butt hurt less, but the numb feeling wouldn’t go away. I just wanted to move my butt a bit, maybe stand up and stretch. However, the carriage did not give enough room to stand. I shouted twice for the thieves to stop the carriage for me.

The first time, the guy on the horse riding alongside just looked at me with a disgusted glare and barked. “Shut up!”

A second later, I realized I recognized him. “Oh, that’s right, you did me doggy style two nights ago. I came with you. That was a good one.”

The guy turned completely red, and his horse fell back. Why was he suddenly being all shy now? He wasn’t at all shy when he was slapping my butt and saying I was his, what was the word? Oh yeah, ‘Dirty Little Fuck Princess’.

Of course, that got me the idea of fucking these thieves. I mean, Nova depended on what they’d tell him, but they’re likely not going to tell him they fucked the princess before she got there. Plus, even if he found out, he’d be more likely to take it out on them than me. Six guys at a time. With my newfound love of anal, the Gang Banger experience will be much easier to earn. I kind of wanted to try anal again, especially with someone a size smaller than Nova. Especially double penetration. I think I could handle it now.

The second time I asked them to stop, intending to try to seduce them, they didn’t say a word to me. Ignoring me is painful. If they kept treating me so poorly, then I’ll just release the Pheromones. Let’s see them keep their reason with that. A flash of Jenai’s face kept me from doing that. If my obsession with fucking somehow prevented us from getting into the castle and thus risked Jenai’s life, I couldn’t live with myself.

On the other hand, she said no dildo until we got to the castle. She said nothing about no dick… and the faster I leveled, the more powerful and more likely I could overwhelm Nova. In a way, fucking these guards was in Jenai’s best interest.

As I danced back and forth over the release of my Pheromones, the guards started talking. I pressed my ear up against the carriage door listening to the conversation outside. I guess even the guards would get bored on a long journey like this.

“I don’t like this,” one of the guy’s said.

“Like what?”

“Well, we got this whore in the back who’s been stuck more than a pin cushion and now we’re walking right into a castle?”

“What of it? Nova says he’s already made the appropriate bribes and it’ll be no problem. Plus, he offered us a cut.”

“Yeah, well, it seems risky to me, can that girl even be useful? The only thing she seems useful for is putting up her legs.”

I frowned at the rude guy’s comments. I know I’ve done a lot of sexual deeds, but I don’t really see myself as a slut. This is just how I level. It’s how my class was built. Do you call an adventurer who goes out and kills a bunch of goblins to level up a mass murderer? No, he’s just doing what adventurers do to level. Same difference.

“You’re just pissy because you thought you were nail’n a princess, and it turns out she was just some common girl like the rest.”

I gave the other guy a thumbs up. Totally, he’s just jealous.

“No… I’m just saying… why us? We get a cut of the biggest heist of the century.”

“Like he said, we’re his most trusted!”

“Yeah… but we’re all thieves. Only one bandit in the bunch and I’m sorry Bree, but I find it hard to believe you’re his most trusted after you got drunk and talked shit about him for half a night.”

“Hey… that was months ago, we’ve long since buried the hatchet on that kind of stuff.

I was already starting to get bored with their talk. They were supposed to be talking about that smoking hot princess sitting in the carriage and how they wished they’d fuck her.

“Oh man, you see that sexy bitch in the carriage? Man, I’d like to fuck her.”

“Yeah man, you and me both, we should totally pull over this carriage and take her on the side of the road.”

“Oh, but we can’t, Nova would totally kill us.”

“Naw man, what Nova doesn’t know, won’t hurt him.”

“You’re right, man, let’s do this.”

“Alright, I feel like filling up that princess ass.”

“Alright, I’ll take the pussy.”

“Yeah, we’ll fuck her till she’s full of cum.”

I was not listening to their actual conversation, but the pretend conversation in my head. Meanwhile, my dress was hiked up, and I was fingering myself. Dammit, why do these have to be the only cautious and honorable thieves in the entire fucking forest? I was ready to reach a climax when the carriage suddenly slammed to a stop. Being as I was not exactly sitting correctly in my seat, this caused me to sprawl forward and hit my head on the adjacent wall.

“Ah, damn it!” I swore.

Although it’d be hard to guess whether I cussed at the strike to my head or the cockblocked orgasm. Maybe I really did need to work on my carnal resistance. As I leveled up my abilities, I think it was sending my libido overboard. I vowed to work on resisting my sexual urges… right after I just squirt this one out.

Regrettably, or perhaps thankfully, the side of the carriage swung open before I had my hand back under my dress. As is, it just looked like I was readjusting my dress after the sudden fall.

“Shit…” The guy growled. “You got a cut on your head.”

I lifted up my hand to my head and noticed it for the first time as well. It wasn’t a big deal, except for the fact I was pretending to be a princess.

“What’s going on?”

Distantly, I hoped my dream was about to become a reality, but fortunately, my delusions were not so advanced that I didn’t know something else was going on.

“It’s a monster up ahead. We’re going to go take care of it. You stay here with the driver and one ‘guard’ and we’ll start moving once it’s been dealt with.”

I nodded to the guy and tried to follow him out the carriage door. The guy blocked me and pushed me back down onto the seat.

“Hey, where are you going?”

“My butt is sore from riding in this carriage, I want to stand and stretch my legs for a bit.”

“No, the boss says you stay in the carriage until we get there. So, you need to stay.”

“But my butt is sore!” I whined a tad petulantly.

“Shut up or I’ll give your ass a reason to be sore!” He cursed.

My eyes brightened at that. “Is that a promise?”

He coughed, suddenly not quite sure what to say. Not wanting to waste the chance, I slowly rose up my dress. A moment later, I revealed my underwear, which I pulled to the side, effectively giving him a clear look at the glistening pink lips of my pussy. I couldn’t have made a come-on more obvious if I yanked down his pants and sucked him off right there.

He stared at my pussy, the desire very clearly on his face. He reached out and then seemed to catch himself. He shook his hand, pointing at me.

“Y-you… damn, they said the whole camp, but…”

“I don’t want the whole camp, I just want your cock inside me.”

He unconsciously reached down and grabbed his own nuts, which were already springing to life at the appearance of me spread wide and open for him.

“I-I can’t… the guys, they won’t wait…”

“It’ll be really quick, just two minutes.” I gave him a pouty face as I spoke. “You can just tell the guys I was panicky, and you had to tie me up. You… can tie me up, if you want.”

Seduce Skill has increased to level 2.

“Uh, uh… uh… g-g-guys!” He turns outside. “The princess is being a little panicky, just give me a minute to calm her down.”

He got the rest of the way into the cart and a surge of happiness shot through me. Not just because I leveled up in seduce, which is a lot safer than the Seduction special skill, but also because I’d finally get some sex. And the best part was that I didn’t recognize him from my night of debauchery. That’s an experience bonus right there!

He quickly fiddled with the string of his pants as he closed the carriage door behind him. Meanwhile, I scooted back, sitting in the middle aisle between the two carriage seats. I put up my feet on either seat, ready to accept his hard member into me.

He got down his knees in front of me, stroking his cock a few times as he lined it up for entry. There was a thump on the door and he nearly jumped out of his skin. He looked around nervously.

“Just a minute, we’re almost done.”

“Yeah, yeah, stick it in me, baby.”

He listened for a second and then nodded. He put it back down, the tip of his head touching against the entry into my womanhood. Yes, dick, I need your dick inside me. There was a sudden shout, like a yell from outside. Once again, he jumped, and his perfect head pressed against my vagina was once again denied entry.

“I-I have to go see what that is.”

“No… it’s fine, they’re just, whatever, come on.”

“Just a minute…” He put his hand out as if he was settling a horse.

He went to the door, then turned back and blew me a kiss with a grin before turning and jumping outside. I rolled my eyes. Jeeze, I wanted some sloppy sex in the carriage, not a boyfriend. I dropped my head back, sighing at the inconvenience of it all. Of course, I was still lying with my legs spread open like a whore. Oh god, the guard was right.

I pulled my dress down and sat back in my seat. Damn it, I’ve just been nuts lately. I can’t believe I’ve grown this desperate. That has to be full-blown nymphomania, right? I mean, what did Jenai even think of me. I was feeling her up every chance I got. It was almost the same way Nova would do it.

We’re a lot alike.

I shivered at those words. No, Nova and I were not alike. He was insane, a sociopathic psychopath who murders people and doesn’t give a shit about anyone. I cared about Jenai. I cared about Min. The fact I only care about women didn’t make me a lesbian. I just hadn’t found any good, reliable men yet.

Okay… I will resist my urges.

Carnal Resistance has increased to level 3.

That’s right. I am calm. I am in control. When that bodyguard comes back in here, I’ll just say it was a lapse in judgment or something. I’m betting his buddies wouldn’t even believe him. It’s called plausible deniability.

However, the guys were taking a while. Other than the shout, there wasn’t much going on. There were some sounds like metal clanging on metal, but that was already gone. So, what the heck was going on. A shadow showed in front of the door and I gave a sigh as I moved to open it.

“Look, I’m sorry, that was…” I opened the door and my mind seemed to freeze. “… A mistake…”

The thing standing in front of me was not one of the thieves at all. It was large, it had a build larger than Nova, and stood at almost seven feet tall. It also had a face that was unmistakably that of a pig. A body of a man, but the face of a pig. That only meant one thing.

“An… orc?”

The orc grunted and reached out, grabbing me. A second later, I was tossed over its shoulder like a rag. As I was pulled out of the carriage, I realized there were two other orcs rummaging around. There were bodies on the floor, including the guy I fucked two nights prior and the one I almost fucked two minutes ago.

In an instant, I was back alone and in the capture of orcs. The orcs started running off into the forest, abandoning the carriage and taking me with them.

Well… shit.

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