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As the pig-faced orcs dragged me off into the forest, I cursed my mind-bogglingly awful luck. Although luck didn’t appear to be a stat with a tangible number, if it existed, mine had to be low. Why the hell would the orcs attack the carriage now? The sight of the thieves cut up on the ground was certainly disturbing. At least one of them I remembered sleeping with before, and except Nova, there was no other former lover I really wanted to see die. This world was simply too brutal and savage for me.

One of the orcs had tossed me over his shoulder, and the three of them were now sprinting through the forest. They were remarkably fast, able to run at a speed close to a horse at full gallop, even though the densely-packed foliage all around us. I wanted to put up a fight, but right now, the only thing I could do was Pheromone. That would turn them feral, and with me in one of their hands, I didn’t see myself getting out of it without being hurt.

Of course, that left Seduction and Eye of the Beholder… I could make them attracted to me, then possibly knock them out with Rock A ByeSeduction still scared me, the effect on people had backfired a lot recently. And Eye of the Beholder… likely contributed to Dox being killed. Seductress powers were too dangerous when I tossed them around willy-nilly. As these thoughts ran through my mind, I decided to check on the orcs with my Examine.

Name: Grg

Sex: M

Age: 8

Total Level: 55

Species: Pigman warrior

Sexually Compatible: Yes

Kills: 22

Rapes: 2

Intelligence Level: Low

Name: Ga

Sex: M

Age: 6

Total Level: 40

Species: Pigman warrior

Sexually Compatible: Yes

Kills: 10

Rapes: 1

Intelligence Level: Low

Name: Grkaa

Sex: M

Age: 9

Total Level: 56

Species: Pigman warrior

Sexually Compatible: Yes

Kills: 28

Rapes: 4

Intelligence Level: Low

I blinked when I read through the information. Are those even names? This is completely different from when I Examined humans. That means monsters are different from humans. No class, just a species… which appears to be Pigman, or more specifically Pigman warrior. I guess that means race and class were not distinguished in monsters? Is Pigman like a second-tier orc, or are they not orcs at all? I mean, the LOTR orcs are still something that might exist in this world. I’m still going to call them orcs for now.

They’re also really young… but they’ve killed and raped before. At over six feet tall, they were not child orcs despite their age. I don’t know if those kill stats mean humans or just things in general. If they’re killing another Pigman, I couldn’t care less. Same with rapes. Given how this world has been so far, I feared those rapes were humans, and those kills probably included those rapes. Their surprisingly high levels also explained how they were able to destroy my escort of thieves. I only had one bandit defending me.

If this went like every other encounter I’ve had so far, then rape and murder were the only future these orcs or Pigman or whatever had planned for me. Which meant, as a seductress, I had only one choice; I had to go on the offensive. The orcs ran on with me bumping along one of their shoulders, Grg as it turned out, until the point that my hips were rather sore. This wasn’t exactly princess carry, so the run wasn’t without its discomfort.

I worked on a plan in my head. The first thing I did was change Beautification to orc. Then I started targeting them with Eye of the Beholder. I spaced myself out, using it only once every five minutes. All the levels I recently gained had not only brought increases to my stamina, but also my stamina regen, so at this rate, I didn’t find myself getting tired. I held off striking them with Seduction. It used a bit more stamina, and I was afraid that using it might cause one of them to try to take me now, thus inducing a scurry. They ran for quite some time, and the sun was already starting to set when they finally stopped. I had the time to put Eye of the Beholder on each Pigman at least 5 times. By now, I should be looking very fuckable… if that was something they didn’t see me as before.

As night fell, they ended up bringing me into an abandoned-looking barn. I didn’t know if they had murdered the previous humans who had lived here. There was a pile of bloodied animal carcasses in the corner rotting. It was not a pleasant smell, so I tried not to look at it. No, I couldn’t think of how disgusting this was. With Mental Fortitude, I could fuck on top of that pile of corpses and not be too bothered by it, but my body at least had the good sense to feel disgusted even if my mind was broken.

As one of the orcs threw me on a haystack nearby, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Okay. I needed to get started. I had to take control of the situation from the start and keep them in my flow. The one thing I needed right now, more than anything, was more levels. If I was ever going to free Jenai and kill Nova, I needed to be stronger. I wanted him dead, and the only way to do it was to get the right special skill. There was only one way I knew how to level and now is the only time I had.

Even if I used Rock A Bye and knocked all of these orcs out, then ran away, all that would happen is I’d be captured by Nova. He knew where I was thanks to the ring after all. However, there was a window of time right now. A few days where I could increase my strength free from his clutches. I looked at the orcs in front of me… and the predatory look that I had spent the last few weeks suppressing had taken over my face. It was enough that the orcs were hesitating, taking a few steps back, looking like they were about to run.

I began the offensive. I released the Pheromones while simultaneously using Seduction on the highest level one. As expected, three hungry looks appeared in the pig-like eyes, and they began to reach for me. They immediately grabbed at my fine pink princess dress, and with snorting noises, tore it to shreds. I’d never had clothing literally torn from me before while coarse hands grabbed at my body. With my overactive seductress libido, it was already enough to bring me ready for action.

I grabbed the first orcs pants and whipped them down, throwing away any formality, concealment, or Deception. I was leveling now. However, what I saw when the pants hit the ground immediately caused me to give a wry smile, and my face to twist uncomfortably. That’s…

“They are Pigman, I guess…”

The Pigman had a long furry penis, but the strange thing is that it was twisted into loops. The shaft itself was pink and very thin, but the length was easily nearly two feet long… that is if you pulled the dick out. The problem was when engorged, the dick didn’t stick out straight. Instead, it was twisted around and around in three loops, ultimately pointing randomly in one direction.

I tentatively put my mouth on it, thinking maybe I could straighten it with a little work. Just as I got the tip in, the orc grabbed the back of my head and thrust forward. The dick went in like a corkscrew…

So soft!

Upon entering my mouth, his dick immediately tried to twirl back into a circle, and the second his incredible length struck the back of my throat, it just folded in on itself, not even triggering my gag reflex at all. In fact, it didn’t really feel much like sucking on a dick. It felt more like sucking a tail in the shape of a slinky. However, the orc thing let out a growl followed by numerous oinks while looking up in ecstasy… so I guess he liked it. The other orcs had taken their clothes off and were playing with their dicks as well.

Basically, they pulled on them until the dick spread out a foot from the body, then let it go. The dick would spring back into a round shape, only for them to do it again. This is the method the orc seemed to use to masturbate, springing their dicks. They had no balls to speak of, those seemed to be farther up in their bodies.

Despite all that, if you put a bag over their obvious piglike faces, their bodies were finely tuned. Rather than giant potbellies, they looked like muscular warriors. Is this because they’re Pigman warriors and not just Pigman? Well, I didn’t hate their bodies. They were a little hairy, but not hairier than some of the men I’ve been with. The pinker than normal color and the black splotches were a little odd… but that was something I could ignore.

As I sucked the highest-level orc off, each of my hands worked one of the other orcs, well, I guess I should call it their penis, even if it looks like it should be called a whatchamadoodle. I wish I had some way to delay their orgasms. I wasn’t even half done when suddenly something shot from the penis tip into my mouth. I swallowed it on instinct and ended up coughing.

I can’t say the taste was gross, but it tasted really oily. It had a really fishy taste. A second later, the two other guys erupted too, spraying their seed on me. As the orcs orgasmed, they made a sound in between a bark and an oink while bobbing their head in a way that might have been cute in something that wasn’t a monstrous abomination of nature. The semen itself felt oily on my skin. I felt like I had just taken a bath in fish-flavored bacon grease. It was shiny, brown, and considerably more viscous than I was used to.

After the orcs finished, they looked at each other in confusion, like they didn’t quite know what had happened or how they had gotten there. Meanwhile, I was genuinely frustrated. I’m not even sure if BJs and hand jobs gave experience, or if that experience had a first-time bonus. I probably didn’t get the Gang Banger bonus either. Fortunately, throughout the entire exchange which probably lasted less than five minutes, I had cast Seduction two more times, once on each of the other orcs. I wanted to take advantage of Sexual Saint while it was active.

The orcs started to turn away, and I put on an annoyed look behind their backs. I was not going to level just with this. Therefore, I activated Pheromones again, the predatory look returning to my face.

“Did I say we were done?” I growled.

The orcs turned back, seemingly dazed. I grabbed the one closest to me, the one I had sucked off, and played with his corkscrew dick until I managed to get it up against me. I was already long past wet enough, even for something as odd as this. He thrust in as soon as he was lined up.

“Ah… inside me.”

I let out a little giggle. It felt as strange in my pussy as it did my mouth. It certainly took some getting used to. In a way, it was very thin, so it wasn’t exactly the most stimulating experience, except that it curled up too. As its length hit the back of my vagina, it folded and started coming back up the front. In the end, it felt like I had two dicks inside me. The way it twisted also caused the dick to move in strange places, touching me in areas a normal dick usually missed. I rocked my hips, fucking the orc. After a few moments of encouragement, he was back to thrusting inside me.

With the Sexual Saint stamina boost back on, I did Seduction some more. Another orc cock went into my mouth since I really wanted that two-hole bonus. I kept Gang Banger equipped. In this particular situation, I could benefit from Rough RiderGang Banger, or Town Bicycle. However, Town Bicycle would only give me 10% experience on the third orc, and I didn’t think it would compound with the same lovers multiple times. The orcs were so soft I didn’t think I could get it in my ass, but even if I did, that would just be 50% experience on 1 orc. Whereas Gang Banger gave 50% experience on two people filling two holes, so it was the ideal experience. I wasn’t sure it worked that way, but that’s why I stuck with my first title, which even now was one of the most useful.

The third cock was in my hand again. However, this time I didn’t move my hand at all. I didn’t want to inadvertently initiate my Hand Job skill and waste a cum… so I kept my hand there like a dead weight as he thrust himself against it. He didn’t seem to mind at all, not even seeming to notice.

The orc came inside me and I let out a cute little gasp. A normal dick kind of just throbbed when it came. The orc dick was different. It was like… a tiny bulge, that shot out, moving through the loop like a glob moving through a drain until it suddenly burst out the tip. It felt like his dick was crawling inside me, I can’t really explain it another way. There were three more bursts moving, causing the dick to twist and readjust inside me until he was spent.

I kicked the orc off me, my hand tightening around the shaft of the orc to my side. I pulled him by his dick, and he let out a loud snorting whine. However, the orc went where I guided him, and a moment later, he was happily thrusting into me as well. Meanwhile, I continued to attack with the Seduction skill. The orc in my mouth finally erupted, and I swallowed down his greasy seed while continuing to suck him. The orc started making a whining grunt sound as I sucked him way past the point of release. He was stomping his feet, but I wouldn’t let him pull out, having complete control of his dick. Suddenly, a glob of seed shot through his dick that was large enough to see with the visible eye. My eyes widened, but before I could spit his dick out of my mouth, it reached the tip and erupted inside.

“Ack, gah, cough… Ah… it went up my nose!”

I coughed as the oily liquid went up the wrong hole, and I ended up having to wipe some from my nose. The other orc exploded inside me while I was still trying to clean myself up. They really did not last very long. I only did the one position, which means no enhanced position bonus either. I grimaced… I needed more experience. As the orcs went to rest, I didn’t let up. I kept firing off Seduction.

Seduction was scary and had some pretty unexpected side effects. It usually backfired stupendously, but that was when I used Seduction conservatively. I’d use it once, maybe twice, and I would let it slowly build up. This led to the feverish looks and the obsession. However, was there a point beyond that? I didn’t know… but I planned to test it on these orcs.

And so, I launched Pheromones again. A wave of exhaustion overtook me, letting me realize I had reached the limit of my stamina. I used All Nighter on myself. I have no clue how much I used. HP bars, SP bars, and stamina were not numbers I was given in this fantasy world. However, I no longer felt tired. Unfortunately, my orc companions didn’t make it. They were under the effects of Pheromones certainly, but their penis wasn’t protruded. That’s right, it seemed to shrink back up in there. There was only a little tip which would spring out into the whole shaft when they were ready.

One tried to stick it in me, but there was nothing to stick. They were horny, but the equipment no longer worked. Wait… the All Nighter skill said it converted sp to stamina on either of us, so… I grabbed one of the orcs and attempted to use All Nighter, this time imagining giving it to him. A second later, his corkscrew popped out, alive and ready. Thankful, his attempt to touch himself was considered close enough to intercourse to work. He slipped it inside of me.

Tired of lying on my back, I switched to cowgirl. As I did so, I watched the other orcs to see if the sudden change would affect spectators. They didn’t react at all. Instead, they continued to watch us with a bit of drool running out of their mouths while they rubbed the nub hoping to get an erection. ED must be awful, I’m sorry guys, grin and bear it until you get your turns!

Meanwhile, I put my hands on the orcs hardened muscular chest, about the only part of him that resembled a human. I blocked out everything else and focused purely on the feel of his leathery skin, and the corkscrew dick twisting around inside of me with each thrust. Deciding to have a little fun, I put my feet up on the haystack and pushed up. With his nearly two-foot dick, I was able to get halfway to standing before dropping down and having it slide right up in me. The feeling was incredibly good and unlike anything else, I’ve tried.

Position Unlocked: Asian Cowgirl

Each time I dropped down onto his hips, there would be a sloppy slosh sound. It was a combination of the oily semen they had already deposited into me as well as my own juices. Their semen actually worked as a lubricant although I’m not sure if it’s condom safe. However, my lubed-up pussy was so soaking wet that his cock just slid everywhere inside. I was literally dripping on him, and a puddle of our juices was falling down his thighs in thick droplets.

He started to cum, another lump of fishy lube climbed up his two-foot shaft just as I plummeted down. The result was a pressure differential. Just as I struck bottom. It popped out. It felt like a bubble popped inside me. My body chose that moment to cum as well, and my pussy, despite better judgment, swelled and tightened in the throes of an orgasm. The combined momentum resulted in an inevitability. The dick shot out of my pussy, oily spooge combined with my juices literally exploding out of my vagina and erupting across his stomach.

I broke into laughter at the sight, snorting. The orc made snorting noises too, letting out a satisfied oink sound, although I don’t think he appreciated the humor. I straddled the orc, and his cork dick wrapped between the lips of my slit, the head of his cock lying haphazardly on his own stomach. I felt more globs of semen run up between my slit before gushing out onto him. He didn’t seem to mind at all as he finished coming.

I considered licking his stomach clean. What can I say, the oily discharge was starting to grow on me. However, there were two other orcs present, and I was just getting started.

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