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This became the cycle of things. As I used Seduction on the guys three to four times, they started getting territorial and bickered in a grunting language I didn’t understand. Had they not been sexed out, they might have come to blows. However, I kept using the Seduction skill, over and over again. I’d feed one orc at a time stamina potion, fuck him until he collapsed, then picked the next one. When my stamina got low, I used the All Nighter to keep me going. We had been going at it in an endless cycle of fucking.

As I used Seduction on them about ten times, their eyes started to gloss over. I didn’t know if it was the constant cycle of sex or my Seduction ability, but their brains seemed to shut down. They didn’t seem to understand English, but they did everything I told them to do. There seemed to be nothing there anymore. They had become brainless sex dolls.

I told two of them to sit, and they just sat there, I brought the other one over and fucked him, then put him back and he waited for his turn again. I had to say it one more time, Seduction is scary. However, in this way, I had achieved what I wanted to achieve… experience banks. At this rate, I could keep them going in a cycle, farming experience points endlessly to my own desires.

At least, that’s the hope. This was really the test to prove if this works. My masturbation skill only worked once a day. The fact that this was noted in my solo title either meant that sexual intercourse was different and should work more than once a day, or it was an echo of the rule that you can only gain experience from sex once per person per day. Since I’m one person, naturally, I could only gain experience from myself once.

I hoped it was the former so that this sex farm I set up worked. Otherwise, I was working my pussy sore for no reason. I remembered to do 3 positions for the experience boost in my future tangles. I was a little annoyed at myself that in the novelty of orcs unique features; I had tossed away the potential 3X experience stacked with a first-time bonus. I also lost my toy in one of the bags left behind, so there went my masturbation bonus. Well, even if farming didn’t work, I could level skills.

Vaginal Intercourse Skill has increased to level 8.

Blowjob Skill has increased to level 7.

Still, even with magic, I couldn’t keep them going forever, and by the third cum, they were starting to lose it. I could still bring them to orgasm, but there was nothing coming out.  I had dried up the orc’s libidos until there was practically nothing left. I still cycled through them a half dozen times before I finally gave the orcs a break, massaging my sore muscles. I switched up the positions a bit… doggie, cowgirl, sidewinder, and even Asian cowgirl whenever I needed to stretch, but without a level up yet, even I couldn’t go six hours without a break. Although my vagina seemed like a never-ending fountain, still dripping wet even hours later. I wondered if I’d get dehydration from too much sex?

I began walking around the barn, looking at the environment they had kidnapped me to. The orcs were panting on a nearby haystack. Whenever I looked in their direction, they raised their head, appearing like an expectant dog. I gave one orc a smile. And then he grinned dumbly back. He had an ugly smile with broken, dirty teeth. My smile turned wry for a bit. Whipped or not, they’re still orcs, although I did wonder how far they would go for me. Could I create a devoted army of monsters? It probably was harder than it looked. Fucking an orc is one thing… fucking a literal army of orcs? No matter how tempting the experience sounds, I’m not looking to die here.

It looked like the barn had not been used for some time. Although I had gotten used to the smell of the rotting corpses in the corner, believe it or not, the rank smell of sex can overpower anything with enough of it, I still stayed some distance away. The orcs seemed to have collected other things too. They actually had weapons, armor, and treasure. They appeared to be smarter than goblins at least and understood the value of things.

Other than a couple of weapons and armor, only a few large enough that they looked like they’d fit the broad shoulder orcs, there was a small box with coins and gems in it. Next to the box were a couple vials, most of them were empty. These would be potions, wouldn’t they be? Most of them looked like single-use vials. I used Examine on a red-looking substance in a vial.

Vial of Minor Health, Grade D

It worked, it worked! I used it on the other vials. There were four vials with green stuff in them and a vial with purple stuff.

Vial of Minor Stamina, Grade D X4

Vial of Minor Stamina, Grade D

I grinned, looking at the stamina vials before turning towards the orcs. “Well, well boys… it looks like break time’s over.”

My toys got right to work satisfying me again. I used the empty vials and collected the orcs’ ejaculate as well. That’s right. Natural lubricant. Even after the stamina potions, they were back to dry orgasms by the second round, so I collected it into vials as my own personal lube. It works really well, is all I’m saying, and with the orcs shooting dry a few drops of it before every fuck really made things just perfect. It wasn’t the sloshy, drippy sex from before, but I still managed to cum a few times.

The sun was setting, and I had already used up three of the stamina vials before the level up text popped up in my vision once again. When I looked at I had to let out a laugh. I was so happy that my experience farming worked that I barely noticed it when the orc inside me finished, pulled out, and went back to his waiting space.

You have increase Seductress class to level 13.

All stats have increased by one.

You have one Skill point.

Special Skills Available:

Group Therapy (Passive): It becomes easier to engage multiple people in intercourse at the same time.

Cock hold (Active): Target cannot achieve orgasm for ten minutes.

Rejuvenation (Active): Increase the targets seed quantity.

The first thing that popped out was that there were two active skills. Was this because I was a more active participant in the sex? In the previous cases, I was more or less being held down and fucked. This is really the first situation where I called the shots. I had no clue, it could still just be random, but I left it as a possibility. If I wanted more active skills, I’d need to aggressively be in control during sex.

However, nothing else really popped out at me. What does easier mean? Does it mean they won’t fight over sharing me? Or that I can sweet talk a threesome with less effort? With my other seductress powers, it just didn’t seem necessary. I mean, I was not going to turn every guy I meet into a sex slave, but I’m sure if I wanted a threesome, even with two guys, I could probably make it happen. Even before I came to this world, I was convinced most guys would be up for a two-guy threesome, although they’d never admit it.

Anyway, cock hold seemed tempting, but wouldn’t that just blueball the guy? I’m sure the sadist in me could make up a fun little punishment game, but since finishing sex is what brings in the experience presumably, and I can bypass some of my sexual disappointments with All Nighter. All in all, it sounded dangerous… a little too tempting. The old me might have jumped at the chance to know my boyfriend could go ten minutes before he blew his load, that’s almost a guaranteed orgasm for me, but alas, I’ll reject it.

And rejuvenation is just a commodity. Although… if I wanted to market semen… I mean… that spider semen was basically a glue. These orcs were the opposite, they’re lube donors. Maybe there is a market for that kind of thing. A little spider semen to close up a wound, some lube for sex. It could work… although I might just end up making a bunch of monster babies, that lube wouldn’t work on anyone but me. Unless…

My hand slipped out and selected rejuvenation. Damn it… why can’t I just save up a point? My next level choices could be awesome. Oh well… done is done. I had to think about the future, after all… and if anyone was going to market and sell monster spooge, a seductress would be it. I’m not crazy, I’m not.

And thus, I’m back on my knees, milking orcs for orc spooge. After using the skill on each of them, I jack them off. Can’t be getting my juices mixed with their juices here, I’m running a professional business. There were about eight empty potion bottles, and I filled each of them up, including the four stamina potions from before. My arm was pretty sore after yanking on them for about an hour. I eventually got them to do it themselves. After filling up the last vial I let out a sigh.

“Alright,” I said, forming a fist. “Let’s make a fire.”

It took a while before the orcs understood what I meant, but eventually, they ran around gathering wood. They luckily had some flint and steel, and I was able to get the fire going after twenty minutes of fiddling around. First, I tried to hold a vial near the fire, but I couldn’t get close enough without burning my fingers. I could ask the orcs to do it, they would, but that seemed like a cruel abuse of my power. Instead, I placed the vial on a battered-up sickle and then held that over the fire. The result… was burnt spooge.

Instead, I had the orcs go fetch me water. Thankfully, there was a well nearby. It was an abandoned farm after all. I boiled the water and then stuck a vial in the boiled water. The result from that was far more interesting.

“Oo… it coagulated,” I said out loud.

In probably the first ever experiment on orc spud, I found that boiling it turned it into a jelly. I opened the vial and sniffed. The jelly no longer had a fishy smell. In fact, it smelled like nothing, which could be said to be a major improvement.

“But… most of these vials are made with magic… what if I…”

I recapped the vial and using my limited magic, I poured magic into the vial. Suddenly, there was a flash… and the brownish color turned sheet white.

Potion Making Skill has increased to level 1.

Magic Skill has increased to level 3.

I let out a cry of excitement. The orcs looked my way, giving happy grins, but I ignored them. Well, just 7 levels to go and I can finally cast some spells! That… decreased my excitement a little.  But now I know potion making… sort of. I mean, it’s a skill I have now. I’d still need recipes. I need someone to teach me. I was a chemist before all this crap went down. You could say that my knowledge from the previous world would make me a perfect… what did Nova call it? An Alchemist? Still, this new vial, I wanted to Examine it. What did I make?

Examine Skill has increased to level 5.

Vial of Minor Male Enhancement Lubrication, Grade D – When applied during sexual intercourse, male erectness can be more easily maintained, even after orgasm.

Shit! I just invented magical Viagra! Did it turn out this way because my magic is seductress magic, or because orc seed is potent? I had no clue, but I decided to make more. I re-Examined the monsters with my new Examine ability and was disappointed to learn that no new information was given. Maybe humans would give more, I hoped.

Using the remainder of the vials, I boiled the orc semen and then used magic on it. At level 3, the magic flowed easier, and it took half the time to create the potions. After finally finishing the last potion, I picked up a glass of boiled water that cooled down and drank it. It was at this point I realized two things.

First off, I was completely naked. It was the middle of the night, and I was standing next to a fire, making potions out of spooge while wearing absolutely nothing. Even the orcs had thrown on loincloths as the night set in. The second realization was that I hadn’t eaten anything but orc spooge in almost two days. As soon as the water hit my empty stomach, I realized how hungry I was. Up until then, sex and leveling up had kept me full, but a girl had to eat!

I looked over at the orcs and slapped my hand down. I pointed to my mouth and slowly talked.

“Feed me, I want something to eat.”

Given our prior relationship, I hoped that by pointing in my mouth, they figured out food and didn’t think I was inviting their cocks for another visit. Not that this wasn’t a likely inevitability in the near future, but food first, fuck later.

The orcs looking around dumbfounded, but after a second they started arguing with each other. One pushed another, and then their oinks and grunting became even louder. I tried to mediate, but since we didn’t speak the same tongue, my waving hands were ignored in the orc’s anger. The highest-level orc made a loud grunt and then walked over to the weapons stand and grabbed a weapon. I guess they’ll need to go hunting, well, I’ll make them leave one behind for me while the other two bring us dinner.

That’s what I thought, but before I could react, he took two steps back to the other orcs and swung down. The lowest level orc took the hit. He let out a pained shriek as blood splattered across the room, even splashing against my naked body.

The other one was yelling too, but he took a few steps back, dancing on his legs like he was deciding between bolting and defending himself. The orc struck again and the dying orc let out his final sound. Without missing a beat, the high-level orc bent over and started hacking away. Two chops and he freed up an arm. He walked over to me who was standing in complete stunned silence and held out the severed arm, smiling like a pet waiting for praise.

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