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That is how three orcs became two orcs. I had been so wrapped up in turning them into my toys; I had forgotten the truth… these were monsters. He waited patiently until I took the… arm from him. Then he turned around and bent over, he bit into one of the legs of the fallen orc without any reservation. The other orc wasted no time, falling next to him and taking another bite, like zombies in a zombie film. I gagged, and fell over, immediately vomiting next to the fire as the arm fell to my side.

Every time. Every time I felt like I was getting a handle on things like I could do this… something reminded me of how violent and horrid this world could be. While I’m playing at sex and the city, death is literally all around me. The pile filled with animal carcasses in the corner that I had been ignoring; it didn’t just contain animals. I just didn’t look hard. I didn’t want to see it.

I started hyperventilating. I could hear the chewing and crunching sound behind me. Orc or not, he was my sex partner an hour ago, giving me stupid grins and wanting to please. Now, the other two were tearing him limb from limb. They were covered in the gore of their comrade. It was too much. I can’t… I can’t do it… I can’t…

My body was shaking, I was too close to the fire, and the heat felt like it was burning, but I couldn’t do anything else. I was frozen, unable to breathe, unable to move. The fire burned, but I was frozen solid. I have to… I have to do…

I switched titles from Gang Banger to Solo Player. The heat increased to near pain, and I pulled away from the fire. However, my body instantly calmed.

Mental Resistance has increased to level 16.

By changing titles, I lost my damage resistance. However, in exchange, it increased my mental resistance by ten. That’s a trick found shortly after Dox died. That night, I wasn’t in the mood to gather my masturbation bonus, but I found out that after selecting Solo Player my body calmed down. It was not like a drug where I would stop caring, but it took the edge off and allowed me to think rationally. More specifically, it forcefully cut the mental damage in half. At 26 levels with solo, the mental stress I experienced would be cut down to 1/5 what someone else would experience.

Make no mistake, I knew I would have broken ten times over already if not for this miraculous mental protection. The fact that I kept finding enjoyment from this shattered life was a testament to that. In a way, perhaps my high mental state was a part of being broke. This world, even to this point, just didn’t seem terribly real. It was like my mind and body became numb, unable to truly feel anything. The only time I experienced any happiness was with the surge of sexual pleasure induced during orgasm.

I looked over at the two orcs, munching away on the third like the monsters they were. They were not my playthings. They were just monsters. And me… I was using them to level, just like any adventurer. Maybe not exactly like every adventurer, but it was the same thing. I was done playing. I was going to use them up and then send them to join their friend.

I grabbed the arm and put it over the fire. After roasting it until it was sizzling. I took a bite, and then another. The taste… was obvious. It tasted like pork. When I had my fill, and they had tossed the orcs remains into the pile of decaying corpses, I made them get some more water from the well. I washed myself up, and then I made them wash themselves up. I made a clean area with hay and an old blanket that had been lying around, lied down, and then opened my legs, beckoning one of them over.

The orcs did as I gestured and were only too happy to fuck me. I let them, but I didn’t cum. In fact, I felt nothing as they thrust away. I didn’t even let them cum in me. Instead, I forced them to pull out and do it in a bucket. I didn’t have any more vials, but maybe I could take the bucket back and make more potion later. I made them take turns. The entire time I left Solo Player on. Even with the potential for extra experience, I just couldn’t cope without that extra mental boost.

It became a grind, down to the very meaning. Five minutes of thrusting, cum into the bucket, switch. Lover’s Endurance when they got tired, Rejuvenation when they stopped filling the bucket. I kept going and going, like a machine… an orc was still thrusting into me when I finally passed out.

I woke up feeling very sticky down below. I may have made the orcs release in a bucket, but even without cumming, six hours of sex generated a lot of juice… especially from a seductress like myself. I rinsed up using some boiled water. Then I looked over to the orcs. They had collapsed and were still snoring on nearby haystacks. I shivered from the morning cold but refused to allow it to affect my naked body.

Nova had yet to come to save me. We were coming in on the third day. I wasn’t going to wait for him any longer. My leveling farm was going to have to come to an end. There was no food here, and the sight of the place… and the company was making me sick. I picked up a bowl of cold water and tossed it at the orcs’ faces. The orcs awoke with a snort. Looking around in confusion.

“Get up, you stupid monsters… You have work to do,” I said flatly.

I walked over to a nearby wall, bent over, and spread my legs slightly. I was tired of being on my back. I didn’t feel like being on my knees today. The orcs didn’t waste any time. They stumbled over, the first one who reached me immediately stuck it in. His curly corkscrew dick slid right in with ease. Not even an ounce of resistance. Why did this body have to be so damn wet all the time, even for someone I hated?

Flashes of that last night with Nova came into my head, and I only felt anger. To hell with monsters, and to hell with Nova. The orc thrust into me from behind enthusiastically. I reached my hand down and touched my clit, lightly rubbing it from the front as he thrust into my cunny from behind. He blew his load without taking his dick out and using the bucket. I didn’t care. I ignored him.

The other orc took his place and once again started enthusiastically ramming it into me. His oddly shaped member was doing nothing for me today. I continued to rub my clit more aggressively… perhaps too aggressively. Without damage resistance, it hurt a little, but that was fine. The second orc came after only five minutes. I shot them an annoyed look.

“Again!” I demanded.

The orcs looked at each other with confusion, but I grabbed the first one, forcing him back behind me and recovering his stamina and seed with my skills. The sounds of thrusting became incredibly wet, each thrust causing its seed to drip out between my legs. The liquid was continuously dripping down my legs, each time the orc came only producing more and more. It was dropping out of me almost in a steady stream.

And still, I rubbed my clit, hard, rubbing it harder and harder until my fingers were sore and I felt rubbed raw. Furthermore, their dicks were starting to chaff, my entire cunt was starting to feel sore and overused.

Damage Resistance Increased to level 4

Vaginal intercourse Skill increased to level 9.

I couldn’t tell you why I was hurting myself. I suppose it was because I couldn’t cum. I just wanted another orgasm. I couldn’t feel anything else. These fucking orcs were too small. That’s the problem, they’re too small. If only I had my toy… or maybe a man… but not Nova… never him.

I was moaning as the orcs thrust into me, but tears were falling down from my eyes as well. The tears kept falling, and I couldn’t stop them. My mental resistance was as high as I could get it. Why… why am I crying? I lost my grip and fell forward. I landed on the ground, my face immediately was shoved into a pile of straw and manure. The stupid orc behind me didn’t even stop, he just bent down, taking his dick where my pussy was and continuing to plow into me. And I lied there, in the shit, crying…

“I’m not an adventurer…” I muttered into the hay.

The orc came again, stood up, and left. The other one stuck his back into me. Even crying on the floor, I continued to cast the endurance to keep him going. Each thrust just grounded my face in the dirt. Even this didn’t make me feel any shame or guilt… I couldn’t even feel shame. I cried even harder, meanwhile, my fingers work frantically over my sore clit.

“I’m not a princess…”

I let out another sob.

“So… what am I?” I barely whispered.

I remove the Solo Player title. Like a flood, the pain got even worst, but in my heart. My body was breaking. My mind was already gone.

I didn’t know how long I lied there, endlessly swapping the orcs one from the other, face first in barn refuse, while they continued to thrust into my dripping cunt, each thrust also ground my face into the dirt. However, eventually, the thoughts started to rise into me once again. It was feeling… emotion. It was anger and hate. I just wanted to die.

Let it happen.


Give up.


You have nothing.

I have me.

Then you are alone.

I can take what I want.

What are you?

I will take what I want.

Who are you?

I am Aria, and the world is mine.

Then, what are you?

My eyes opened up. “I’m a seductress.”

Then what will you do?

I changed positions to cowgirl. A moment later, I was on top, the orc that was behind me is now under me.

Rock A Bye,” I commanded out loud.

He fell asleep immediately. I slid his member up out of me and then moved to the other orc. He seemed a little confused, backing up until he pushed against the counter where they had stored their weapons and goods.

“You don’t know me orc, even though we’ve spent so much intimate time together. Perhaps that is partially my fault. However, I am Aria. I am not Aria the Gang Banger, Aria the Town Bicycle, or Aria the Solo Player. I am none of this. I am only Aria… the seductress. I take what I want, and what I want right now is your experience…”

I grabbed the orc, throwing him to the ground. A second later I was on top, riding him for all his life. The orc was frightened and confused, but despite the tenseness of the situation, his small brain quickly got over it after getting sex.

“Yeah… you like that orc….” I moaned. “You killed the thieves escorting me. Yeah… you kidnaped me? Wanted to rape me… didn’t you?”

I spoke in a voice that was soothing and sexual, like dirty talk. Not knowing the words I was saying, the orc only became more turned on, grinning stupidly and thrusting up into me.

“So, then you murder your own orc buddy, right? Because why have honor, even amongst your own kind? It’s simple, right? The strong eat the weak? That’s how it works, right? And look at you now, enjoying my pussy, it’s all wet and tight and your cock gets all wrapped up in there, you get all that free sex, you can just cum literal buckets, but aren’t you a little conceited?”

He nodded dumbly at my question, having no thoughts but the pleasure of my pussy.

“But let me tell you a secret, orc…” I lean over, so my lips are right next to his. “There is always a cost, and I’m about to take mine from you.”

I reached over, my hand landing on the nearby table. Using the table, I raised up, extending his cock out and then plunging down, letting the full length of his cock slam into me. He was making ecstatic oinking noises, and a second later he came, literal waves of stuff pushing up through his cock and shooting into me.

“So, just do one more thing for me orc…” I said, smiling down at him as he grinned wildly up at me. “Die!”

My hand pulled a sword from the counter, and in a single, somewhat sloppy motion, I slammed it down on his chest. As he was in the middle of cumming, I stabbed, and stabbed again, and kept stabbing. His face didn’t even have time to turn to horror, he died with a smile on his face. I rode his still cumming cock, shoving the sword down to push myself up and down his shaft.

“Die, die, die, die, uh, ah…. Oooo…” I dropped the sword as it rang off to the side and then I collapse naked on his bloody abdomen, the pooling, warm blood dripping everywhere.

I moved my lips up to his ear, although the orc couldn’t hear, I whispered anyway, “Ah, I just came.”

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