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“I should have saved my points.” I looked at the screen in front of me.

I killed the sleeping orc too. It wasn’t nearly as violent as the first. Just three hard swings before his head was no longer attached to his body. Now, I was standing in the middle of barn, naked, covered in blood, holding a sword, and staring vacantly at the level up screen in front of me.

Sword has increased to level 1.

Congratulations!!! You have leveled up to Seductress level 14!

All stats have increased by one.

You have one Skill point.

Available special skills:

Marked Man (Passive): Anyone you have intercourse with becomes “marked” and you know their physical location.

Cursed Kiss (Active): When kissing a subject, have a 50% chance of poisoning them. Uses SP.

Black Widow (Active): Can only activate while engaging in intercourse. The person will acquire a counter. Death will occur in 14 days.

I wasted a point because I thought I could sell orc semen. These are the kind of things that happen when you push a girl to her breaking point. I’m not saying I was not keeping the vials of male enhancement I made, but if I had just saved that point… My goals now would be simple. Kill Nova. These are three skills that could help achieve that goal.

It was clear to me my baptism in blood is what led to the more violent options. It was a tough call though. I didn’t know how poisonous poison was. After all, I had been poisoned by that spider, and all it took was a level up to get rid of it. Admittedly, I would have died without the level up, but I was sure antidotes existed, especially if health potions did.

Meanwhile, Black Widow seemed too good to be true. Most RPGs that had a death spell usually made the death spell have some really bad setbacks… like it’s impossible to cast, or it only works in a very particular time. I suppose if you’re close enough to be having sex with someone, to a normal person Black Widow would seem unattractive. I sort of wished Marked Man was an active skill. As a passive, I’d be knowing where every man I ever fucked was. I imagined I could quickly go crazy with that much awareness.

So, if I poison him, he’ll almost certainly be aware of it, and kill me. But if I black widow him, there is a chance. It’s a sure kill ability, even if it is delayed. I supposed it was too much be some OP’d ability like you read about in the web novels that let me absorb all their abilities or something.  Ah well, Black Widow it is.

“Alright…” I said out loud. “Now the status.”

Name: Cornelia Bartrum (Aria)

Class: Princess (Seductress)

Titles: Gang Banger, Lesbian Lover, Rough Rider, Solo Player (selected), Town Bicycle

Level: 14

Statistics: Strength 19, Intelligence 20, Wisdom 24, Endurance 21, Agility 19, Charisma 33

Resistance: Carnal 3, Concussion 1, Damage 4, Disease 3, Fear 2, Mental 26, Pain 6, Panic 1, Poison 2

Standard Skills: Anal Sex 1, Blowjob 7, Conceal 7, Cunnilingus 3, Dagger 1, Deception 7, Deepthroat 3, Etiquette 1, Examine 5, Flee 1, Hand Job 3, Magic 3, Masturbation 4, Potion Making 1, Seduce 2, Sneak 1, Sword 1, Throwing 1, Vaginal Intercourse 9

Special Skills: All Nighter, Beautification, Black Widow, Cat’s Meow, Enhanced Positions, Eye of the Beholder, Lover’s Breath, Mental Fortitude, Pheromone, Princess Kiss, Rejuvenation, Rock A Bye, Seduction, Sexual Experience, Sexual Saint, STD Immunity

Positions: Asian Cowgirl, Ben Dover, Cowgirl, Cunnilingus, Deep Stick, Doggie Style, Double Dip, Double Oral, Downward Dog, Eating Out, Fingering, Kneeling Blowjob, Lap Dance, Leg Up, Missionary, Ol’ Fashioned, Rockin’ Rockette, Rodeo, Scissoring, Sidewinder, 69, Spooning, Sultry Spooning, The Doggy Deluxe, The Fan, Valedictorian, Woman On Top

Status Effects: Infertile, 25% more experience when masturbating with toys, Cursed Ring – Identity Changed, Tracking, Death Curse, No-Remove

Except for my special skills, I was now about average for my age and position in this world according to Nova. I moved away from the corpses. I thought about throwing them in the corpse pile, but I didn’t plan to be there long enough. Instead, I pulled water from the well, restarted the fire, and boiled it. I cleaned myself, slowly and carefully, removing all the blood and sex from my body. I then wrapped the blanket around myself, although it was also covered in the dried juices from hours of fun.

I picked the sword up one more time, let out a deep breath, and turned to leave. “Ah…”

“Oh, my apologies, I…”

There was a guy standing at the entrance to the barn. He was wearing rather nice clothing, at least compared to the adventurers and bandits I have met so far. He had a cloak on and a sword strapped to his side. When his eyes met mine, they turned away in embarrassment, but they quickly turned to shock when he noticed the naked, dead orc lying near the weapon rack.

He let out a gasp and looked back at me. I hadn’t bothered to wipe the blood from the sword yet, and a look of realization quickly formed on his face. He gave a concerned look and took three steps towards me. He undid his cloak and swung it around my shoulders. Part of me wanted to swoon at how chivalrous he appeared, but he did have his hands on my shoulders without permission, so I gave him a lukewarm glare.

Oh, well, the old Aria would have jumped his bones, but I’m Aria the Seductress. I won’t be swayed by a pretty boy with manners. But he did smell nice, and I wondered how big his dick was. I used the Examine skill on him.

Name: Devon Hyburn, Sex: M, Age: 20, Title: 4th Prince of Nidia Total Level: 70, Class: Swordsman, Class Level: 10, Sexual Partners: 2, Sexual Preference: Large Breasts Sexual Kink: Analingus Erect Dick Length: 7.3‘’ Erect Dick Girth 2’’

Ah… it was that big. Wait, the prince? I-is this the guy I’m supposed to marry? No, that’s right, Nova said I had to marry the 3rd prince. So, this guy’s older brother? On a side note, level 5 Examine is nice. Definitely important information. So, he likes big boobs and licking ass? Nope… don’t know what I can do with that information. Although he’s still quite vanilla. I’m about his age and I’m too scared to see how many sexual partners I’ve accumulated by now. The night I Examine myself will require copious amounts of booze.

“I’ve been trying to track these Pigman for the last two days. Three days ago, a caravan was heading towards Hyburn castle and was attacked by monsters. The Pigman… their trail led me here. I was thinking this was just a farmhouse… but these…” He nodded to the orc. “These must be the Pigman.”

“Uh… yes,” I answered nervously. “Um… aren’t they orcs?”

“What, orcs? No… orcs don’t look like that, they’re bigger, although stupid adventures and less knowledgeable people might call them orcs. I guess because it rhymes with pork or something. Wait, there was a girl!” He suddenly spoke intensely. “There should have been a girl! Farmgirl, did you see any other women?”

I mentally berated myself for trusting my web novel lore. Tolkien orcs it was. I set Beautification back to human, realizing the last few days it had been set to something that wasn’t here. So apparently, I had just been fucking Pigman… somehow the downgrade in status hit my pride slightly. As I berated my misdemeanor, the prince took a step past, looking around the farm as if a princess would pop out if he stared hard enough. His eyes narrowed on the second headless body, the pile including the third or-err Pigman, and then back to me.

I gave him a wry smile. “Um… yes?”

Although I knew I had to play the part of this Princess Bartrum, I was immediately dismissed by the first prince I met, so my confidence further fell to an all-time low.

“Then, where is she?” He asked, his voice panicked.

I attempted to rebuild the mask, the Conceal and Deception that had driven my life with Nova. “Th-this one will have you know sh-she will not be talked to like this!”

Ignoring the stuttering, this was exactly textbook how Nova told me to talk.

The prince’s eyes widened and a stupid look formed on his face. “Yo-you’re the princess?”

“I’ll have you know, this one is none other than Princess Cornelia Bartrum, so please don’t act so familiar.”

I stared my eyes down at the prince as haughtily as I could.

“Pfft…” The sound burst from his lips as he started laughing. “I-I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it’s just the way you’re talking. It reminds me exactly of this play they show commoners where the nobles all act like snooty miscreants. You talk exactly how commoners think nobles talk.”

“Eh… but he told me that the Hyburn nobles are supposed to talk like this.” I let out before I could stop myself, my disguise immediately breaking.

He chuckled. “Who said that?”

“My steward, he said, when you’re in Nidia meeting your betrothed, you must talk like this or they’ll all think you’re disrespectful.”

I made that up on the fly.

“Eh?” He made a noise.

“Eh?” I responded back.

“Yo-you’re really Cornelia Bartrum!”

“Of course, I am!” I said indignantly, straightening my back and incidentally causing the sword to swing up.

“Ah! Okay, princess… let’s just…” He reached out and pinched the tip of my sword. “Let’s just put that somewhere safe… er…”

He pulled, and I let him take the sword from my grasp. He then tossed it away like he was tossing away a dirty diaper, letting it clang to the floor a few feet away. Well, it was covered in blood after all.

“Well, it’s not like I have the Analysis skill.”

“Analysis? Is that like Examine?”

“Eh? Examine?”

I shrugged, deflecting his question. I sort of answered the question myself with a quick thought. My special skills are sometimes named based off of things that someone from this world wouldn’t understand. So, it’s likely that some of my skills might have similar names. What they call analyze, I might have just thought of as Examine. I was growing convinced that this world possessed no hard and fast rules about skills, and that there were many potentially overlapping skills that did the same thing with different names.

After a moment of silence, he looked at me uncomfortably and scratched the back of his neck. “Um… err… I don’t know how to ask this. The Pigman, they didn’t… um… well… your clothes are off, so it’s kind of obvious. But you’re not looking too shaken, which is why…”

“I killed them,” I stated.

He flinched at that. “No… yeah… I mean, I suppose you did kill them, but before that, it must have been horrible.”

“Nothing happened,” I stated.

“I… yeah… that kind of thing can destroy your reputation, right? So, I didn’t see anything. However, I do think we need to get you in some clothing.”

I nodded, confirming nothing of his assumptions. “Fine, then, let’s get me dressed. Those Pigman tore my dress to shreds, then I killed them with a sword, and then you came. I wish I knew why monsters kept doing that. Maybe it’s something about me?”

The prince was nodding, his face showing he didn’t believe me, but his eyes suggesting he was going to help propagate any story I made up, no matter how unlikely. However, he stopped at the last sentence.

“Eh? You don’t know?”

“Know what?” I asked.

“Oh… err… I guess princesses don’t get out much. How do I put it? I guess when an animal acquires magic, it becomes a monster, right? Well, monsters have some strange urge to, um… copulate with human beings. Particularly females. No one knows why. It’s at least one of the reasons female adventurers are so rare because men would just be killed, women always get kidnapped and then… yeah.”

“So, all monsters are like goblins?”

“Oh, well, you know goblins.” Devon widened his eyes a second. “Well, no, goblins are considered half-breeds. But since all goblins are male, they spread their seed in human females. They can also use other demi-humans like elves, beastmen, and dwarves.”

I stared blankly at him. “Demi-humans?”

He raised an eyebrow. “What education did you get? That’s, like, world history right there.”

“Sorry, just focus on monsters then.”

He gave me a strange look, but I hid my feelings behind the Conceal ability. Inside, I was kicking myself. I never told Nova where I came from and he never asked, but he probably assumed I at least had the common sense of this world. I learned the names of every noble in the surrounding ten nations, but I don’t know simple things like “what is a monster.”

“Right… well… I mean, monsters… errr… do what they do… to women, in order to create demons, obviously. It’s rare, like a 1 in a 1000 chance… but if a monster copulates with a human, their spawn creates a half-breed. All the demons on the demon continent, every stabilized line, the dracons, the vampires, the devils… they were all once the children of rape. That’s why most humans hate them so much.” Suddenly he put up his hands. “Not that I want to make a statement about it here. I mean, I don’t care if you’re pro-peace or war with demons, there are people who hate them as monsters pretending to be human and those that think their humanity makes them like us… can we not have this conversation anymore with you naked here?”

I shrugged. “Fair enough.”

However, on the inside, I was fangirling like crazy. I had heard one or two offhand remarks about a demon continent, but now I knew what it was. Demons! Or at least, devils, dracons, vampires, and the like. Basically, anything half monster with a human side. That would be a lamia with a snake monster, perhaps a half-spider arachne? But a one in a thousand chance… that means there was a lot of raped women on the monster’s hands. I can kind of see the point of view of the humans, except that these weren’t the rapers, these were basically the victims, the byproducts of an unholy union.

I walked out past him, finally leaving the barn I had fornicated in like a pig, with apparent Pigman. I gave a wry smile as I finally left the place. It wasn’t particularly chilly out, but I was in nothing but a towel, so I shivered even with his cloak over me.

“So, how did you know about the attack?” I asked. “You said you had been tracking them for two days or so.”

“Right, about four days ago a horse from your carriage came running into the city riderless. There was a note left on it. One of the guards must have written down a warning. Perhaps he fell off the horse, or perhaps he sent the horse off while he guarded the rear. Either way, I came out with a contingent to check. The third prince sends his regards… he, uh… was not able to come.”

That sounded a little strange, I was wondering why it was the fourth prince after all. It seemed like there was probably more to it than that, but I wasn’t going to turn it into a deal. However, the truly strange part was that the horse entered the city before we were even attacked. I remembered the guards’ talk before I became distracted, and Nova’s assurance he handled it. I didn’t think it was too far a stretch to believe that Nova always planned to have orcs attack and murder everyone in the caravan except me. In other words, I could owe my breakdown in the barn to more of Nova’s actions. One more reason to murder him.

“You’re here alone?” I asked.

“Ah… well… most of the Pigman were dead, I only tracked a few. I sent the rest of the guards to fix the carriage and bring your things to the castle. I’d expected to find the princess dead… or… in a shape I didn’t want the knights to see. If that got out… it could damage… well… you’re here and you look well enough?”

That last part came out as more of a question. There was no doubt he expected me to be half-starved, perhaps raped bloody, and maybe a Pigman demon growing in my stomach… or were Pigman demi-humans too? I didn’t know.

“Well, are you going to offer a girl clothing, or should I stand here naked all day.”

The second I brought that up, he turned red with embarrassment and gave an awkward cough. “That’s right, I didn’t bring any of your dresses…”

“Well, then, do you have any change of clothes for yourself?”

“Mine? I mean, they’re a shirt and pants…” He fumbled with his words kind of awkwardly, it might have been cute in certain circumstances.

“Women can wear pants, you know?”

He seemed to blush harder. “Yeah, that’s right… of course.”

He apparently seemed flustered as I tried to maintain my princess aura. I had dropped the haughty speech and had supplemented it for something a tad demanding, like an overbearing girlfriend. Since Nova’s “teaching” had been completely misleading, I had to wonder if he did it just to attempt to embarrass me, I had to cobble together an appropriate noble personality. However, I just went through a “traumatic” experience, so it wouldn’t be strange if I acted strangely initially. Perhaps, that was Nova’s intention all along. Yeah, Nova had planned this whole thing from the start, that bastard.

While I was thinking this, Prince Devon lead me to his horse, working through a saddlebag before finally pulling out clothing. It was very fine clothing, the shirt was silk, while the pants seemed to be something double-layered and reinforced like a noble’s form of riding pants in the pre-jeans era. I graciously took the clothing, and a moment later, my soiled blanket fell to the ground.

“Are you going to keep staring?” I asked him mischievously.

I was on the other side of the horse, so my bits and pieces were hidden behind his view unless he peered over like a lecher, however, the sudden dropping of my towel had flabbergasted him into staring at my barely concealed form with widened eyes.

“Oh, sorry…” He turned around like a gentleman, and I couldn’t help but make a soft chuckle.

I picked up the clothing he had put over the saddle of the horse and I smelled it. It had his manly scent on it, sending a few shivers to the right places. I sighed, preparing myself to show restraint. The way I acted in the carriage and prior was not the way I could act anymore. I had to reign in my urges and take control of my body. An out-of-control seductress was dangerous to herself and everyone around her.

“You’re… not what I expected.”

I bent over and slowly brought up my pants. He was clearly facing away from me, yet my hands softly glided up my thighs, bringing my pants up slowly, like I was doing a performance. I wasn’t even aware of the actions myself at the time. My body simply moved more sensually, as if by habit. If anyone came upon this scene of me dressing, they likely would have thought I was reverse strip teasing a boy I had spent the previous night fucking. This is one of many small changes I was not aware of. As I leveled, my body adapted to the class of seductress, and my eyes, voice, and body changed accordingly outside my control.

“And what didn’t you expect?” I asked, although even I was unaware of the sultriness that ended up in my voice.

“Well… I mean, you’re so…” He shook his head and changed what he was going to say. “You killed two orcs with their own blade after being held captive for nearly a week. You… take off your clothes in the wilderness without any concern of anyone seeing your innocence. You have no problems dressing in boy’s clothing…”

“Why? Do I look like a boy?” I smirked as I put the shirt over my head, finally covering up any indecent exposure.

He hesitantly turned around, but when he did, our eyes met and I gave a sweet smile. “N-no… not at all.”

“So!” I moved out from behind the horse and spun around like I was showing off. “What do you think, do I look princely?”

The surprise in his eyes gave way to a genuine laugh. “I wouldn’t say a prince, maybe a lucky woman who has recently bedded a pr- uh… I mean, I’m sorry, no… you look fine.”

He became flustered, but I responded with a giggle of my own. “It’s okay… don’t be afraid of being honest. I’m not so innocent as you assume.”

“I… see,” he said after a moment, considering me as he went, finally he let out a sigh. “The sooner we get back, the sooner we can alleviate my brother’s concerns. I do not have a spare pair of boots, it seems, so you can ride my horse and we can head back to the castle. It’s about a two days ride, but a five-day walk.”

“Then it’d be faster if we road together, right?” I offered.


“You in front, me behind. Don’t worry, I won’t fall off.”

His eyes seemed unsure, but after a moment he nodded. “I suppose that would be best.”

He jumped up onto the horse with finesse and I followed closely, sitting firmly behind him. This was one thing in this world I was actually familiar with. My uncle owned a ranch and when I was younger, we’d head out during the summers. I got to do quite a bit of horseback riding. I wouldn’t say I could handle a horse at a gallop or do jumps, but I could do horse cares, mount, and turn enough that I didn’t look completely ridiculous.

As he kicked the sides of the horse and we started leaving the abandoned barn that had been my playhouse, I tucked the jewelry box and a few vials of “potion” into my pockets. I’ll leave it to your imagination where I had hidden it while I wore nothing but a towel and a cloak.

I wrapped my arms around the prince and rested my head against his back. He stiffened, but since he didn’t resist, I got comfortable. He smelled really good, even compared to the Bandit King. Nova was a bit heavy on the perfumes, but Devon had it worked to a science. He was clean-smelling, with just a hint of sweat and musk from a two day’s ride.

As I pressed myself against his strong and warm back, and the horse started bouncing my crouch up and down on the back edge of the saddle, I realized this was going to be a long trip indeed. I immediately started training my carnal resistance.

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