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This came a few hours into the trip when I realized that one of my hands had dropped down to his thigh.

Carnal Resistance has increased to level 4.

My fingers may have been unconsciously feeling him up a little. When I came to the realization that I had been touching him for the last five minutes while his muscles continued to stiffen uncomfortably, I activated Deception and let out a soft, princess-like snore. His muscles seemed to relax a bit, and he grabbed my hand in his and pulled it away from his crotch. Well, how did it get down there? Either way, you can’t blame a sleeping girl if her hand slips, right?

Now, I wasn’t going to throw myself at him like I might have done in the past. I had to keep my eyes on the bigger picture. If Nova had planned everything, including this meeting, then I needed to consider that I was being watched, even now. I couldn’t afford to betray him. My life was on the line, and so was Jenai’s. That meant I needed to act like the perfect princess and wife-to-be for the third prince. That meant no sex with the 4th prince… at least until I knew he’d keep it on the down-low.

He reached down and grabbed my other hand, pulling it away from his crotch. What? I was sleeping, accidents like that happen when you’re sleeping. Plus, he was acting like such a gentleman, I couldn’t help myself. Instead, he held both of my hands in his own, using just two fingers to control the reigns. Since I’ve been to this world, I’ve had sex uncountable times. I’ve had every hole violated and have been touched everywhere. However, riding with him through the forest was the first time I truly felt comfortable.

In some ways, I wanted to hold onto that feeling. However, he twisted his back, trying to wake me up. He had taken my hands and put them carefully back behind him before doing so. I resisted chuckling as he desperately tried to maintain the appropriate decorum.

“Princess Bartrum…”

“Mmm… oh… you can call me Cornelia. We will be family soon.”

The man coughed a second. “That’s right, family. Umm… Princess Cornelia… I’m going to rest the horse for a bit. I don’t want to push him hard after I pushed him to find you. Let us eat some lunch.”

“That’s good!”

I was genuinely hungry, and the last thing I had to eat was some scraps of Pigman. Although, he apologetically handed me just a little bread, meat, and cheese… I didn’t complain. Once again, he looked surprised that I lacked the delicate stomach he believed all princesses must have had. I’ll admit, I’d eaten fairly well under Nova’s care… but I had also spent a lot of time eating monster scraps. Besides those times, the normal human dishes weren’t much different from what I was used to back home. It was a meat, a vegetable, and some kind of bread. Fruits were exclusively considered desert here, and I had not had chocolate or sugary cakes since I had transferred to this world.

I had gotten the impression sugar wasn’t common, although if I ever did get some, it would likely be now that I was going to be in a king’s castle. While I didn’t know if this world had some form of chocolate or cocoa, sugar is a fundamental part of the human diet, so glucose had to exist in one form or another. Fortunately, I was the kind of girl more into vanilla as opposed to chocolate, so I guess it’d be the vanilla bean I’d need to find. I realized I’d need to learn more about the food of this world… among many other things. Now that I was going to be interacting with this world normally, I truly lacked common sense.

As I nibbled on the cheese, which tasted enough like cheddar that I was going to just call it that, I started to feel a sore pain in my lower region. The prince was tending to the horse, putting hay in a basket in front of it and giving a once-over with a comb, surprising actions I thought, coming from a prince… isn’t that what servants were for? Or what did they call them, squires, I guess? Knights in training? It was just hard to believe that a prince could be so… self-sufficient.

Either way, while he was tending to the horse, I untied my pants and felt down there quickly. When I checked on my finger, there was a bit of blood on the tip and I cursed.

“Shit… now? Really?”

Of course, I was infertile, which meant that the eggs coming out never fertilized, but that, unfortunately, did not spare me from the very female time of the month. I still bled and had soreness. I had been taking the pill to regulate them, and they had actually stopped… that is until I was taken to another world two months ago. Perhaps the stress had delayed it, but even my body didn’t stop biology. I eagerly would await a special skill that turned my period into a thing of the past.

Perhaps that explains why I’ve been so aggressive the last week. Apparently, I could look forward to that once a month as well. I haven’t had a period in a year or so, but when I used to, I’d be horny for about the week prior, and then light pain. After that, the situation would quickly grow from mild spotting to the river Styx in less than a day. That meant I’d be wrecking his pants soon too. I needed to do something about it pronto.

I turned to ask the prince to rectify this situation, the Mental Fortitude preventing even this from making me uncomfortable. I suppose it was closely associated enough with intercourse to count. However, without warning, a goblin burst into the area we made our stop. It was so sudden that I didn’t even react. Meanwhile, it looked around wild-eyed, and when its eyes dropped on me, they suddenly widened with fever.

The goblin leaped at me, and I barely had room to scream before it barreled me to the ground. Perhaps even more insane, it was wildly thrusting at me, seemingly dry humping my body. Unlike the previous goblins I’d met, this one seemed to lack the sense to remove clothing, or even pull out its dick. It simply humped at me like an overexcited dog. It got ripped off of me and tossed to the side. A moment later, its head left its body.

The prince had yanked it off of me and tossed it to its side. Then finished the deed with a swipe of his sword. The two of us stared at each other, equal confusion in both of our eyes.

“Well, I’m sorry you had to see that princess, but you’re sa-”

An animal burst from the nearby brush and struck the prince. He barely managed to get his arm up to block the strike. It was a rat. Well, this wasn’t simply a rat. It was nearly the size of a tiger. I did let out a scream when I saw that. I absolutely hated rats. The strange thing was that upon taking the prince, the rat immediately disengaged as the prince took a defensive stance. Instead, its eyes zoomed to me without reserve, and a moment later, it leaped at me.

“You’ve got to be kidding!” Both of us said that at the same time.

The rat was on me trying to hump his little heart out, but he didn’t get far before his head left his body too. The prince hadn’t pulled him away first this time, and some blood splattered on my shirt.

“Why is everything trying to kill you?” He said exaggeratedly.

“That’s what I’ve been saying!” I whined.

Although I knew that everything wasn’t trying to kill me… but I guess the rat died fast enough that his actions were a little less obvious. I had felt a certain hard thing pushing up between my pants, so I was under no fantasy that he was doing anything less than trying to fuck me.

Could it be? No… that’d be ridiculous. I shook the thought from my head because I didn’t want it to be true.

“Let’s get out of here,” the prince stated. “Somethings got the local monster life riled up and we need to get moving.”

I nodded and he quickly re-saddled the horse. Just as I finished mounting the horse, there was a large roar from behind. A large monster popped out. It looked like a completely bald man, except its entire face looked smooshed and its arms and legs looked boxy.

“Gods… an ogre?” The prince shouted and then kicked the horse. “They’re slow, we can outpace it on a horse.”

As the ogre’s eyes met mine, its face suddenly lit up and it started stumbling forward. Yes, let’s go, let’s go. That thing is ten feet tall, its thing might very well tear me in half. The horse raced off at a gallop, and the ogre quickly lost pace, slowing down with a cry as we rounded a tree bend and moved out of sight. I let out a breath of relief as I lost sight of it.

We maintained the full gallop for about a minute before he finally let it slow down. “I don’t know what they were suddenly attracted to, but I think we need to keep moving for the moment. Hopefully, we will leave it behind.”

And I hoped that my prediction was completely wrong. I was a seductress, after all, and my powers have worked on monsters in the past. I figured it was my Seduction ability that had driven the fire wolves to attack the adventurers that night. I wasn’t using Seduction, but I was the equivalent of being in heat. They say that monsters can smell it when a female of their species is in heat. It was possible that this was an unfortunate consequence of my class. But, I mean, as long as we keep moving, there shouldn’t be any proble-

Something struck the side of the horse, and I fell. I awaited the pain of my head striking the ground, but it ended up hitting something else entirely. I felt like I landed on some kind of soft gel mattress, except that the gel kept on sinking. Before I could even react, the gel got into my eyes and oozed all over my body. I kicked and tried to get out, but the strange ooze seemed to be everywhere. I just sort of sank into it. It had the color of cool blue, and it felt like being encased in grape jelly if grape jelly fought back. My vision turned wavy, and I realized my head was now encased in goo, seeing the outside world through the gel. The noise was deadened too, and it was like I had entered a closed-off environment, completely submerged in slime.

At that point, the name came crashing home. That’s what had happened. I was looking at the outside world from within a slime. I was holding my breath, and my Lover’s Breath skill would give me 30 minutes. However, once you were inside a slime, didn’t they start eating you? I felt powerless to fight back, and the slime seemed to roll away, with me on the inside. I couldn’t see what was happening outside, the view just looked like indistinct shadows, especially since I couldn’t orientate myself in the slime.

So now I was going to be slowly digested by a slime? Was I going to die from suffocation or being eaten alive first? I had no clue how long it’d take a slime to eat a person. I also didn’t know if I’d rather be eaten or suffocate to death. Neither prospect sounded ideal.

However, as I was awaiting death, something else happened instead. As I suddenly felt gel-like liquid being forced up into me, I let out a noise of surprise that was completely muffled with gel. The gel was cool to the touch, and with my cramps, it actually felt like a cold compress… one that was being shoved up my pussy. And back out and back up again. I rolled my eyes. God damn it, every single monster. Before I knew it, I was getting fucked by a slime.

He wasn’t hard or pounding, he simply was everywhere. I was literally inside him, and he was literally inside me. Every ounce of my skin was being touched by him, although I don’t think the gentle way the gel flowed over my body was intended to be sensual, my nipples had certainly become twin peaks under my shirt. Gel-like fingers explored my pussy, in and out, letting a gentle cold feeling reach deep inside me. It was rhythmic and cycling.

While I say in and out, it doesn’t properly describe the experience. Slime’s gel protrusions entered inside me and then circulated. At no point did the gel exit and then return, instead, it seemed to circulate with a rhythmic pulse, stimulating every nerve in my pussy at the same time. The new liquid was being pumped into me, while the old liquid was cycling out, bringing out my womanly juices with it.

The slime filled me up completely. Where a penis was a cylinder rod that entered, and stretched, the slime conformed to the shape of my pussy. Every spot of my pussy, inside and out, was being stimulated at once. Its size was indistinct. It wasn’t “big”, it was everywhere. It was impossibly deep, touching the farthest reach that nothing has ever touched before, but it also circulated against my most sensitive areas, caressing everything at once with a cool and steady touch.

I quickly found myself reaching a climax in the most unexpected way. As I came, I could see my more liquidity discharge leaking from my pants and mixing within the slime, it looked like bubbles of clear oil within a glass of liquid blue water. Those bubbles of my sexual desire slowly dissipated into the surroundings.

While the slime didn’t seem to be eating me at the moment, or I suppose it was eating me in a different sense, he had no qualms about digesting the fluids coming out of me. In some ways, I felt lost, trapped in a gel-like abyss, cut off from the outside world. On the other hand, the experience was something very gratifying, an experience completely unlike anything I had ever felt before. My body was being ravaged more completely than anyone else could do. A slime had smothered me, engulfed me, devoured me, and sexually satisfied me in ways unobtainable from normal means.

As I came a second time, the slime also exploded his load everywhere. His liquids exploded all over me, covering me from head to bottom in slime jizz. No, wait, that’s not what happened. It was as if every particle of gel suddenly turned to liquid at the same time. My body suddenly fell and landed hard on the ground. The gel deep inside me squirted out of my pussy, but since I was already drenched from head to toe in slime juice, it was just a drop of water to my soaked pants. It felt like a water balloon had been popped. Hearing and sight returned, and I let in a breath. I still had probably fifteen minutes before I needed to worry, but first I looked up to see what was going on.

It was the Prince. He was holding the sword and breathing hard, looking at me with worry in his eyes. He had numerous rips in his shirt and looked like he had just come out of a fight for his life as well. A moment later, he fell to his knees and bowed his head. I was completely shocked and could not think how to respond.

“I’m sorry…” He said. “I can’t believe I let you get eaten by a slime. A boar rammed my horse, then the next thing I know two of them were on me and you were being dragged away by a slime.”

“It’s okay…” I said after a moment. “I had… I’m alive.”

I was about to say I had fun, but I realized that would be an insane thing to say, normally. The horse turned out to be okay. He was a strong warhorse. He had been spooked enough to the rear and then he ran off a few hundred meters down the path, but after the monsters were dead, he came back. We got on the horse and rode for a few more hours in silence. I was sexually satiated for the moment and was more concerned with the cold breeze that pierced through my slime-soaked clothing. Strangely, no other monsters attacked.

I found out later that the slime juice was blocking whatever heat scent I was releasing. And not that you probably wanted to hear this, but the slime had eaten me out very thoroughly. So thoroughly in fact that he had consumed most of the lining that was shedding from my uterine walls, and as a result, I had perhaps the lightest period of my life, just a few drops, and some cramping. I wondered now if you could get slimes as pets.

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