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I stared numbly at the three options in front of me. It took a while for the words to click in my brain.

Congratulations!!! You have leveled to Seductress Level 2!

All stats have increased by one.

You have one Skill point.

Special Skills Available:

Beautification (Passive): Increases level of attractiveness towards humans and demi-humans. Can only be set towards one species at a time.

Sexification (Passive): Breast size increases by 4 sizes.

Purification (Active): Restores virginity on self.

Finally, the night before came crashing back to me. I remember being held down by three goblins. Suddenly, I took over and… holy crap!

Was it a dream?

I glanced around. I appeared to be in a dark cave. More than that, I appeared to be completely naked. Well, not completely naked. There was a chain wrapped around my neck that went all the way back to a nearby wall. Lights flickered from another part of the cave. There was the sound of grunts and noises that made me think it must be the goblins.

No… not a dream?

When I glanced around the room I saw a gory sight. It was a dark, cold, and unforgiving cave filled with poor lighting from a few flickering torches, most of which were coming from the direction of the goblin noises. In this room, there were scattered bones, chains, and cages. It was a pile of stuff, mostly rotten animal carcasses, but there were also beaten-up swords, and armor mixed in. It looked like a loot pile in a video game. I didn’t see my own clothing in the pile.

Also, I wasn’t the only person there. There were three other women similarly chained to the walls. One of them looked to be very pregnant. All three of them looked pale, emaciated, and wore eyes that seemed to be staring at nothing. It was like they were already dead, and their souls had long left their bodies. The pregnant woman especially; she just laid there, staring up at the ceiling, truly seeing nothing.

I called out to the girls, but they didn’t respond. I tried to make eye contact with them, but they seemed to ignore any motions I made. I decided to give up on them for the moment. After all, those words were still obstructing my vision and it made it hard to concentrate on anything else.

My brain was starting to move faster now. Alright, that’s right. This world was some kind of fantasy world. No, more than a fantasy world. It had elements that could only be seen in a role-playing game. Apparently, my class was a Seductress. I struggled to remember everything I had seen yesterday. However, things were a little chaotic at the time. I tried to remember the words used in MMOs. Maybe I could trigger something.

“Status,” I whispered.

<Please Select Name>

Class: Seductress

Titles: None

Level: 2

Statistics: Strength 6, Intelligence 6, Wisdom 6, Endurance 6, Agility 6, Charisma 12

Resistance: Concussion 1, Pain 1, Mental 10

Standard Skills: Throwing 1, Flee 1

special skills: Sexual Experience, Mental Fortitude, Pheromone

Status Effects: Infertile

You have one skill point remaining.

It immediately popped up into my vision. I began to work my way down the list, trying to understand everything on the page. Insert name? Did that mean that I didn’t have a name? How about this?

“Set Name Aria.” That was my real name, after all.

Name has been set to Aria.

“Oh, that was easy,” I said out loud to myself.

I continued to look down the list. I supposed titles are names you get for various accomplishments. I’m a little glad that sleeping with a goblin did not meet the requirements. I wasn’t looking forward to being known as Aria the Goblin Fucker.

So, from the look of it, each level I increased I gained one skill point, which could be used to get one of a handful of class unique skills. In my case, they’d all be related to Seduction. Other skills I get by doing the action related to the skill. Presumably, repeating those skills will allow me to get a higher level.

My guess was that resistance worked the same way. The more pain I felt, the more resistant to the pain I’d become. I didn’t look forward to that. Mental resistance was already level 10. I assumed that’s what was allowing me to keep a cool head, what with being chained and naked. I was aware that I should be freaking out right now, yet I wasn’t feeling much more stress than I would naked in front of a new guy or getting a sudden pop quiz. That is to say, I was mildly anxious and felt a little afraid, but it was well under control. Mental resistance was an impressive ability. I didn’t have a reference to know how much level 10 was, but level 10 was higher than any stat other than charisma, so it was enough.

The skill Mental Fortitude might have had something to do with it too. Despite being naked, and being in such a horrible situation in front of other women, I couldn’t seem to bring myself to be even a little ashamed. It seemed natural to me, however strange that sounded. It looked like the high mental strength and high fortitude worked in tandem. I guessed that if your class is one dedicated to using your body to get what you want, a high mental state would be necessary to keep yourself sane. Of course, the second part of being seductive would be charm, hence the high charisma.

I noticed the word infertile too. It seemed that even in this world, I couldn’t have children. I realized at that point that I had decided that this was really another world. I mean, it had to be, right? I was trapped in some kind of fantasy world. It was a world that worked like a video game. If that was the case, my only choice was to play the game. A small part of me felt excited by that, call it a gamer’s mentality or the result of Mental Fortitude… but I was in a game! What could I do with a few more levels?

I once again glanced at the three options for where I could put my skill point. So I have to pick one of those three or deal with text permanently stuck to my vision. I considered doing nothing, and then another piece of text shot in front of my vision.

“Are you sure you want to save your Skill point for later? You will lose access to current skills offered.”

I panicked and selected ‘no’ immediately, returning to the previous screen. So, I could always save my skill point, but the skills at each level are unique in some way. It’d be like a gamble if I selected no, praying I got a better skill down the line? At least, that was the assumption I was working with at the moment.

The skills themselves all seemed to be very similar. In a way, all three enhanced my fuckability. There are guys who want a virgin. Guys who want big boobs. And guys who care about how hot you are. Well, regaining my virginity sounded like a pain. It was not like I would go around selling myself to men. There would be no advantage to continually having my hymen broken. I scratched that off the list.

The next would be the giant boobs. I was quite comfortable with my moderate C-cups, thank you very much. Having big boobs also sounded like a pain. It’d hurt my back. It’d hurt my neck. The only advantage I’d have is having every guy I talk to stuck staring at my enormous G rack. No thank you.

That left only one option. I selected Beautification, and a moment later I checked my stats to find it with the species human selected. I nodded comfortably. What? It’s not like I’d want to be more beautiful for the goblins. I had sex with one in a moment of awkwardness, that didn’t necessarily mean I wanted to become their housewife. On that note, with the text out of my eyes, I needed to find a way to escape. However, before I could even begin to formulate a plan, a loud shout came from the pregnant woman.

Her face was flushed and she seemed to be covered in sweat, even though she was naked and the cave was uncomfortably cold. She let out another cry and her breathing started to become unsteady. I realized the problem immediately. She was going into labor. I began to panic. I moved as far as my chains would allow, but they weren’t enough to reach the pregnant girl.

“Hey… help!” I cried out to the closer of the other two chained girls.

She should have been able to just reach the pregnant woman. However, she didn’t move, her eyes not even acknowledging my words.

“It’s okay,” I tried to call out comforting words. “Just breathe. Just take deep breaths.”

As I talked to the girl, a giant puddle formed under her and it was clear she was moving along nicely. I tried to talk her through it as she moaned and cried. She never acknowledged or talked back to me, but I wanted to believe my words did something for her.

After about two hours of this, her breathing was starting to get rapid, and I could tell by the contractions that she didn’t have long. At this point, two goblins came into the room. They laid out a sheet right in front of her, spreading her legs, and probed her.

Since it was clearly time and they didn’t say anything, I tried to give her comforting words, urging her to push. She did manage to push, and after another fifteen minutes, a baby popped out. I was excited for about a minute, and then I saw the baby’s face. It had long, pointy ears and a greenish tinge to its skin. The baby that came out was clearly a goblin. Another minute passed by and another baby came out. Then another. The woman screamed and cried until there wasn’t a breath left in her. By the end, she had pushed out a total of eight little goblin babies.

As soon as the last one came out, the goblins gave a nod, picked the babies up in the blanket, and walked out of the room. They made no attempt to comfort the new mom. In fact, they left her there, lying on the cold hard rock surface, pools of blood under her. If she were pale before, she was deathly white now. Her breath had turned shallow, her eyes holding only pain and misery.

I tried to let out comforting words as her rapid breaths started to slow and quiet, but it was difficult to think of any spin to make this situation better. At the very end, she glanced at me for the first time. They seemed to hold relief, as if to say. “Thank you, it’s finally over.” Then, her eyes turned cold, and there was no more light left in them. She didn’t move again. I stared at her unmoving body, covered in a pool of blood, for possibly an hour.

Mental Resistance has increased to level 11.

It seems like I had a long way to go before I could truly accept the horrors of this new world I found myself in. Now I knew why the other girls were acting like they were already dead. In a lot of ways, they already were. A while later, the goblins brought in food. They also roughly let us drink from a skin full of water. I drank gratefully, but the two other girls barely opened their mouths, half of the drink just spilling down their bodies and adding to their shivering.

A day passed before a goblin came in and removed the body of the woman whose name I didn’t know. In the meantime, a goblin would come in every couple of hours. He’d jump on one of the girls, humping her for five or ten minutes before getting off and leaving. However, it was always one of the two other girls. The goblins seemed oddly wary of me. One started heading in my direction, but he must have seen something in my eyes, as he immediately wilted away and picked one of the other girls.

The girls themselves didn’t bother to struggle. They didn’t even make noise. As I studied the girls, I realized that they were covered in bruises and scratches. They were likely suffering from starvation and hypothermia. I was calling this world a game, and riding goblins for fun. However, this was the harsh reality of this place. Goblins raped human women to make more goblins. I had yet to see anything that resembled a female goblin, so humans might be the only way they reproduce.

Of course, my infertility likely made me unable to become pregnant, even by goblins. However, the other two girls would eventually end up in the same state as the pregnant one. Perhaps they’d survive the labor, only to have to go through it a second time. I didn’t know, and I still had yet to get either girl to say a single word to me.

My eyes started to darken. This was the reality of this place. It was a do-or-die world, and I had to use the tools available to me to survive it. After considering it for the rest of the day, I knew I only had one choice. If I wanted to escape, I had to fight for it. I’d do it for myself, and I do it for these two strangers too. We’d all make it out of here.

I changed my Beautification to “goblin”. Then I activated the Pheromones. I couldn’t really tell you how I did it. Just the thought of doing it was enough to trigger my skills. However, using them seemed to deplete a lot of my stamina, so I wouldn’t be able to use them a lot in a row. For right now, if I took a less active role, then things should be fine. I needed to level up, quickly.

The Pheromones seemed to do their job. Within a minute, goblins from deeper into the cave all started coming into the chamber. They cautiously approached me, their eyes bright with lust. They started to line up. I gave them the look that I had been giving them the last two days. It was the look that had kept them away from me up until now. It was the look of a predator. However, with the Pheromones in the air, they couldn’t stop themselves. One by one, I began to devour them all.

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