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“We could have gotten her for a third of that price,” Devon stated when we were out of earshot of the tent.

“Huh?” I asked dumbly.

“Your servant. He was giving us an over-the-top price. Extorting the royal family, the gall. I could have talked him down, but you brought out that strong box… where did you even get that stuff? A large family could have lived a year on that amount of money.”

“Ah… I’m sorry… I wasn’t thinking. A-are you mad?” I looked up at him innocently, an apologetic look on my face.

Seduce has increased to level 3.

That’s a damn lie! I was not trying to seduce the prince, I wasn’t! However, the prince was scratching the back of his neck and blushing, which was an odd action for someone that was supposed to be angry at me.

“Well, no, it’s fine. I guess. It’s not like you’ll need money in the castle. But that 20 gold you spent is most of the money I had. I’m not sure I’ll be able to buy an appropriate dress that befits a princess.”

Min wore a questioning look on her face and so I pulled her to my side and whispered in her ear. “Long story. For the moment, I am Princess Cornelia Bartrum, I’m engaged to the third prince of Nidia, and we’re about to go to the castle.”

Min simply nodded again. It was nice seeing how well she could take a secret. I didn’t think I’d need to worry about her. I was still afraid she might slip up and fail to act like an appropriate servant. That could end up threatening my mission. On the other hand, having someone on my side put me in a much better situation than I was before.

“You… certainly get along with your servant,” Devon stated as I spoke quietly in her ear.

I pulled away from her as if I had been shocked. “Oh… ah… is that weird?”

“No! No… don’t get me wrong. It’s nice. I just didn’t expect you to treat… someone common, with so much concern.”

“Ah…” I simply made a noncommittal noise, wondering when I could see a real princess so I would know how to act.

As I was thinking that, I felt a tug on my shirt. I glanced back to Min, and she went to whisper in my ear.

“Clothing… I make… cheaper,” she said lightly.

I gave a nod and then walked next to Devon. “Well, if it’s a problem, my servant is a decent enough seamstress, so if we can just get the fabric she could probably make it.”

“Ah, well… I was hoping to be in the castle today. There’s no way she can make a dress that fast.”

“One night…” Min suddenly spoke up.

“Eh? One? The seamstresses I hire usually take two weeks, are you- “

“One night,” Min said firmly.

Devon glanced at me, and I gave him an innocent smile. A moment later, he threw up his hands.

“Alright, I suppose after what you’ve been through, a night of decent rest would go a long way.”

I giggled and showed him my brightest smile. He seemed to react to it, becoming somewhat awkward and scratching the back of his neck again. It was kind of cute and I was starting to like that innocent side of him.

That’s how we found ourselves in a tailor. Except, instead of picking out a dress, we were grabbing fabric, cutting blades, and thread. Min seemed to know exactly what she needed, so I left the shopping to her. I attempted to pick out some fabrics for a bit.

“Mm… too flimsy,” she said when I showed her one I liked.

I found another one off the same rack she was looking at and showed her. “Mm… you look better in green.”

“Eh?” I spoke up. “I thought I looked good in black, it’s my fa-”

“No… green,” she cut me off firmly.

After that, I let her pick out everything and stood around with Devon in awkward silence. A few minutes later, she was done and my prince paid the bill. Even though we were only buying fabric and not clothing, it turned out that the price just about wiped out Devon.

“Ah… I didn’t think the fabric would be that much.” Devon sighed. “I don’t have any left over for a meal or an inn.”

I tapped my finger on my lips in consideration. “How about the cheap inns on the other side of town?”

The other side of town was the downtown area. He had taken us to the expensive area of town, full of jewelry stores, boutiques, and upper-class purchases. I had wanted to warn him that we could probably get the same fabric cheaper if he was willing to go to a cheaper area, but that didn’t sound very princessy of me. Of course, that got us in this situation.

“That area… is not clean…”

“It has to be cleaner than the outdoors,” I offered.

He grimaced at that. “Debatable, but if that’s what you want.”

“Just check and see if any look like they’d be good enough to sleep in.”

“Alright,” he said. “But I’m not comfortable taking the pair of you to that side of town until we have a destination. I’ll go, but you two stay put here.”

Min put in. “Start working…”

She found a bench near the seamstress shop and immediately began pulling out fabrics and measuring them with her arm. I let out a sigh, realizing I was going to be bored for the next hour or so while he went, but also realizing I didn’t really have any other choice.

“Alright, be quick,” I said.

“Two hours tops.” Devon nodded and turned around, walking out of sight.

This kind of sucked. It was my first time in a city from another world, and we were already out of money. The worst part was that I had put us in this situation in the first place. If I had just kept my mouth shut, Devon would have probably worked down the price. I’m sure on a purchase such as a slave that the King’s word would have gone a long way. Min might have been held overnight, but we would have had the money to return to the castle properly.

It was frustrating. I had all of these various cheat skills, but not a single one of them could help me get a place at an inn. I had nothing to offer to get a night… oh… well, there was that, after all. There was an inn on the corner that looked particularly nice. It had a fairly large entryway, and it seemed slow at the moment. I considered my options for a few moments. A seductress takes what she wants… right?

“Min… can you wait here for a bit, I’m thinking I might be able to sweet-talk the innkeeper into giving us a night and a meal.”

Min looked up at me for a second, and then she turned away looking down at the floor. Her eyes held a look of disappointment. I didn’t say I was going to do that! I mean… if I could convince him without doing that, I would, but how did Min know that was what I was thinking. My situation with the adventurers was a little different from this. This was closer to an exchange of services. No, that made it sound like prostitution. This was closer to exchanging favors… helping each other out when we’re in need.

I felt bad that she for some reason felt disappointment, but I hoped she’d appreciate it anyway when we had a nice bed and food to eat. Thus, I worked my way over to the inn. Despite being a seductress with innumerable amounts of sexual experiences on my belt, this was actually the first time I had ever tried to seduce someone in such a way. Never before had I specifically wanted something, and then went into the situation attempting to convince someone to give it to me, especially when the situation wasn’t already somewhat sexual.

The man standing behind the counter immediately caught my attention. Thankfully, he was only thirty-something and not particularly unattractive. Certainly, in the upper 20% of those I’ve had, although that list included goblins and spiders. I was just starting to approach him with the most seductive smile I could muster when an arm suddenly wrapped around him.

A smiling woman about the same age as he gave him a hug and kissed his cheek. “Husband, would you be a dear and go get some more wine from the cellar.”

He gave a nod, turned around, and started heading to the back. Then her eyes turned to me. It was clear as day that she saw me approaching and intercepted. Never before had I been so caught off guard! She had narrowed eyes, and she raised one eyebrow.

“Well, what is it you’ll have?” She asked.

“Ah… um… I guess some of that wine will be good.”

“That’s three silver.”

“Ah… Um… I don’t have it yet, I’m waiting on…”

“Well, wait in the corner, girl, you’re in the way of other customers.”

There most certainly was no one else waiting behind me. But the look on her face told me she didn’t believe I had a man coming. Her behavior was so aggressive that it made me shake a second with anger. I wasn’t one quick to anger, but she was being such a bitch. Suddenly, I wanted to pay her a lesson. I wanted her to suffer. I went to the corner, just as she said, and sat at a back table.

It was a little dark, and this actually worked in my favor. As I sat there, the woman watched me for a few moments before getting back to work, but she did keep an eye on me. Her husband finally returned with a cask as well, but with her watching me like a hawk, there wasn’t much I could do.

Well… at least there was nothing I could do that she could see. Using conceal, I was secretly fingering myself. I had one hand down my pants, and my fingers ran concentric circles around my clit. I was not doing that as any form of self-satisfaction. At least, not yet. Rather, masturbation was sufficient to activate my Sexual Saint. I needed that stamina boost because I was now spamming Seduction. However, I wasn’t targeting him. Sure, I could get him so horny that he plowed me right in front of her, but that wouldn’t get me a night in the hotel.

No, she was the key to everything I wanted, and I was about to become everything she wanted. So, I kept activating Seduction after the minute cooldowns. I occasionally alternated it with Eye of the Beholder. By the time, I had cast Eye of Beholder once and Seduction twice… she was already fleeting glances over at me. They weren’t the hawk-eyed glares previously delivered, but they held tinges of lust and desire. By the fifth Seduction, her eyes didn’t leave me, even when a customer was talking to her.

After eight Seductions and three Eye of the Beholder, even my enhanced stats driven by Sexual Saint weren’t enough, and I was started to feel exhausted. Fortunately, the bitchy innkeeper came over to my table at that point.

“Yes?” I asked innocently, pulling my hand out of my pants and fighting remaining lucid with the 1/5 stamina I now had.

“I-I love you so much… mistress… please, let me do anything for you.”

“Ah, is that so?” I asked nonchalantly.

“Yes… mistress… please command me. I’ll do anything for you.”

Fortunately, we were far enough away from all the other guests that they couldn’t hear her. Her voice held so much desire and lust and that it started making me wet. Suddenly, I started feeling a little bad. I didn’t know how Seduction worked. Did it wear off, or did I just turn her into my sex slave? Would she be able to function after I left? I wanted to make her pay, but I didn’t want to destroy her. For not the first time, I realized how scary my powers can be.

First, I decided to use Examine on her.

Examine has increased to level 6.

Name: Danielle

Sex: F

Age: 34

Total Level: 33

Class: Barmaid

Class Level: 3

Relationship Status: Married

Sexual Partners: 6

Sexual Preferences: Large Dicks

Sexual Kink: Pulling Hair

D-sized Breasts

First-Time: Jack

Status Effects: Beguiled to Aria the Solo Player

Where to begin… the information of my Examine has grown substantially since the orcs. She had the status effect, beguiled. Is that a result of Seduction? Would a princess kiss remove this effect then? Knowing the relationship status was nice. In this case, I was already aware, but that might not always be the case.

I glanced across the room at the innkeeper who was now giving a questioning look our way, curious as to what his wife was up to.

Name: George

Sex: M

Age: 38

Total Level: 42

Class: Innkeeper

Class Level 12

Relationship Status: Married

Sexual Partners: 2

Sexual Preferences: Big Butts

Sexual Kink: Threesome

Dick Size: 6.2’’ long, 1.8’’ thick

First Time: Danielle

Status Effect: None

Man… this kind of snooping dug up some pretty interesting information. She’s had a lot more sex than he had, but she was his first sexual partner, while his number is two. That sounds like a scandalous story if I’ve ever heard one. Perhaps, she was willing to engage in a threesome once before.

“Did you ever have a threesome with your husband?” I asked.

Danielle shook her head ‘no’, eager to please. Ah… then it was a juicy piece of information.

“Do you know if your husband ever cheated on you?”

Danielle. “Him? No, I don’t…”

“Since the first time he slept with you, he’s slept with another woman…” I stated.

I was hoping Danielle would get upset.

Instead, she shrugged. “I don’t care about him anymore, you’re the only one who matters to me.”

“What’s your nicest room available?” I changed the subject.

“It’s 6D, on the second floor. Does Mistress want it, I’ll go…”

“No.” I stopped her. “Rather, why don’t you convince your husband to go up there. Then give him a very hot blowjob. The best you’ve ever given.”

She twisted her lips. “I don’t do that with my husband.”

“Do you want to please me?”

“Yes, mistress,” she shivered.

“In your mouth, go wild, suck him like crazy. I’ll be up to join you.” At that, her disappointed look turned excited. “You can introduce me. Tell him you want to give him that threesome he always dreamed of.”

After a moment, she nodded, then turned around and walked away. She tapped on her husband and then started whispering in his ear. He had a questioning look on his face which showed some doubt, but eventually, he headed upstairs. After a minute or two, I stretched and stood up, leaving a little wet spot on the seat behind. What? I just got myself started while she was prepping her husband for me.

I walked upstairs to the room she had indicated. When I put my ear to the door, I could hear the sound of moans as well as a loud slurping sound. Then, I opened the door and walked in. His eyes were closed, his pants were down on the floor, his cock sprung to attention. Meanwhile, his wife was on her knees, servicing him with great vigor.

The door closed behind me with just enough noise that his eyes opened. “Oh shit… I mean… wait…”

He grew flustered, trying to grab a pillow to cover himself. His wife, on the other hand, turned her head towards me and a giant smile broke out on her face. She stood up and practically skipped over to me, her gaze appearing like a loyal dog looking for a treat.

“Ah… Danielle, what’s going on? What’s… um… what?” He was still flustered, still reeling from being halfway to orgasm.

“Well… husband… I knew you always wanted to try a threesome, and so I thought it was a good time to make your wish come true.”

“A-a-a-a-a-a threesome, is it?” He was still shocked, but his curiosity has certainly peaked.

“This here is my good friend…”

“Cornelia,” I finished the word.

“Yes… Cornelia, such a wonderful name.” The awe leaked through her voice for a second. “Cornelia here is very important to me and I was hoping that she could be very important to you too.”

That wasn’t exactly the wording I would have used, but fortunately, her husband was thinking with his dick and not his brain. His wife’s strange behavior was being selectively ignored in exchange for the chance to finally satisfy his lifetime kink.

“Is-is-is that okay? Really? Are you really okay with this?”

Danielle, being in close proximity to me, had already started losing control, she was rubbing her nose against my cheek, and she started raining kissing my neck. “Yes… mmhmm, of course, dear.”

She was barely acknowledging he existed. He was staring in wonderment as his wife rubbed up against a woman ten years younger than she like a cat on catnip. I gave him my best smile, using seduce, the skill, rather than Seduction, the special skill.

“I told her my situation. I had lost my money pouch and didn’t have a place to stay the night. She’s letting us stay here, so I felt like I had to do something to exchange her generosity. Then she mentioned how you always wanted to be with more than one woman, and I thought I could be good. Am I not good enough?”

This was said so sweet and innocently that I might have well shouted that I was trying to seduce him. Meanwhile, his wife glared daggers at him, angry that he might imply I wasn’t suitable.

“No… no, I’m sorry, I’m just surprised. You-you’re absolutely beautiful.”

“Isn’t she?” Danielle said excitedly, her hands wrapped around me as she turned back and started sucking on my neck.

Watching his wife make out with another woman moments after having her mouth all over his dick, he was already starting to drool.

“Hmm… thank you,” I said. “But you haven’t seen all of me yet?”

With that, he started moving forward like a zombie, unable to control his desires. If it was true that this was one of those too good to be real moments, then this man’s soul was already damned. He started kissing the other side of my neck. I smiled and leaned back as the married couple took over my body. Their hands roamed aggressively over me, squeezing and teasing my breasts, feeling my skin. One of their hands pinched a nipple, and I moaned enthusiastically.

Feeling motivated now, I brought them over to the bed. The three of us kissed and touched each other. Actually, to be honest, Danielle only really had interests in my body. If I spared her much attention, then her husband, who wasn’t under any beguiling, would have started to feel left out. As our clothes all hit the floor, and the three of us ended up naked, I took George’s dick into my mouth. We were in a 69 position, except we were lying on our sides. As opposed to my pussy ending up in George’s mouth, Danielle got between us. While she enthusiastically licked my pussy, George spread her legs and ate hers. I was worried she was going to push him away, but fortunately, she accepted his attention, even moaning, sending pleasant vibrations through my crotch. All three of us were moaning as we ate and blew each other.

Position Unlocked: Daisy Chain.

I continued to enjoy the Daisy chain for a while, but it got to the point where I really wanted him inside me. However, changing positions seemed like a pain, especially when you had to orientate three people, so I did a position shift instead. A second later, my pussy widened as penis slid right in. I was lying on my back now, and Danielle was on top of me. She was kissing my nipples enthusiastically. George was down behind the pair of us as he was sliding it in and out of my pussy. As normal, neither one had any awareness of the position shift.

With a thought, his dick popped out of me and slipped into his wife. She let out a satisfied moan, and I was pleased that she found satisfaction with his dick too. The two of us kissed, our tongues combining and wrestling between our mouths. Meanwhile, every thrust pushed her head up a bit, causing her tits to rock back and forth over mine. Our nipples were passing back and forth over each other, and they had become quite erect as a result.

I reached up and grabbed her bobbing breasts, manipulating the nipples with my fingers. She started to convulse a bit, her tongue losing its vigor as a moan escaped her lips. A moment later, I felt a bit of liquid dripping on my pussy and realized that she must have just cum. Not wanting to be left out, I switched her husband’s dick back to me. His dick instantly disappeared from her convulsing cooch and immediately filled up mine. It was much wetter now, slick with her lust, allowing it to slide in and out of me with ease.

This time, It was my head bobbing, while she continued to desperately kiss my body. Eventually, she reached down and started fingering my clit right between the pair of us. Along with her husband’s rhythmic thrusting, I was quickly brought to a quick climax. My convulsing pussy must have pushed her husband past the limit too as a moment later, he exploded inside of me.

I did a position shift, putting myself on top. However, George’s member was soft now. I sent him a little stamina with my All Nighter and then made him lie down. I positioned his wife over his face, and he started graciously eating her pussy. I then lied down between his legs and started sucking him off, working to bring his dick back to hard. His dick, slick with my spit, both of our wet pussies, and of course, his own spooge, did not take long before it sprung back to action in my mouth. As I bobbed down on his dick, taking it in deep enough that my lips touched his balls with each thrust, using deepthroat to its fullest potential, Danielle gripped my hair like handlebars while riding her husband’s face.

Deepthroat has increased to level 4.

Position Unlocked: Bobbing for Apples

Just out of curiosity, I did a position shift. I remained in the same position but switched Danielle and myself. George was now eating my pussy, drenched with his own semen. Well, he dirtied me up, he can clean me up too. I started cumming again as he ate at the contents of our sexual lust from moments prior. Meanwhile, his wife choked on his dick. I had taken his dick all the way down, using the deepthroat ability to maintain absolute penetration, and then switched. I was curious what would happen.

It looked like it transferred her to the same distance, his dick jammed deeper down her throat than she was used to. As a result, she was choking without the deepthroat abilities I had. Once she recovered, she started enthusiastically sucking his dick. Apparently, even her beguiled state wasn’t enough to overwhelm the power that was position shift. She took on the role I was fulfilling, sucking his dick with enthusiasm, even though she was completely fascinated with me. I grabbed her hair with a hard grip and pulled. She let out a gasp and took a deep breath as I pulled her away from his dick. She was looking up at me, his dick in her hand, her mouth drenched in seed and spit. He must have cum again while she was downing him, and she swallowed like a good girl.

I leaned down and kissed her on the lips while pulling her hair back to force her to look up at me. She had a look of complete sexual satisfaction on her face. It was complete ecstasy. I yanked her hair up and she let out a cry mixed with a moan until I forced her by the hair to move up and straddle his dick, letting it slid inside of herself. While I continued to ride his face, she began to ride his dick, all the while reaching out and fondling my breasts.

Position Unlocked: Face to Face

I swapped positions with her a few times, and we took turns being eaten out or riding his cock. Eventually, my position shifted to the double oral, and Danielle and I half made out, half sucked him off. He eventually exploded for the third time. I had generously increased his semen load so he could keep up, and as a result, he exploded magnificently over the pair of us, our faces and bodies covered in semen.

While George watched, Danielle, and I licked each other clean. I smiled and gave Danielle a hug. Finally, I turned to George, who was more exhausted than anything.

“I’ll be right back with my friends, okay? Which room should I have? I… probably don’t want to bring them in this one. Plus… I need a bath.”

“Ah… yeah… that’s fine. You can have the second-best room.”

“Um… I’ll need two rooms.”

“Eh?” He started to question, but his wife slapped him on the shoulder.

“That’s fine, isn’t it dear? You can have any room you want, my love, and I’ll cook you guys the biggest and best meal I can make. I’m quite the cook, I’ll have you know.”

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