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After those sexual exploits, her husband couldn’t say another thing, so he just nodded his head, still regaining his breath. I stood up, threw on my clothing, and headed back down in a rush. That had ended up taking a little longer than I had planned. I initially was just going to flirt a little, maybe suck a guy’s cock… I did not expect it to turn into that.

Either way, I jumped down the stairs and crossed the tavern lobby. As soon as I reached the door, I ran face-first into Devon. Min was standing just behind him. I almost felt like she was giving me an accusatory stare, but that must have been my imagination. I didn’t feel guilty about sex, but I did feel flustered like I might have some cum stringing from my nose or something. I hadn’t really checked to make sure I was presentable after the wild sex moments ago. Worse off, I probably smelled like sex too.

“There you are!” Devon said with exasperation. “I take off for just a little while and when I come back your servant is alone and saying you came in here an hour ago and never came back! I thought someone might have kidnapped you!”

I let out a forced chuckle. “Don’t be silly, I’m fine, see?”

Please Min, stop giving me that look, you’re my servant? Right? You’re supposed to be on my side!

The prince pinched his nose. “Fine… fine… I guess you didn’t wander off too far, but what are you doing?”

“Ah… first, did you have any luck with the inns?” I skillfully deflected his question with a question.

He winced at the memory. “No… none of those places seemed trustworthy. I’m sorry, I just couldn’t find any place with enough cleanliness that I’d trust them.”

“Well, then…” I stated, holding out my hands. “I secured us a spot for the night, see? That’s what I was doing?”

He looked at me suspiciously. “Really?”

“Of course, really!” Said a voice from the stairs. It was Danielle, she had a rich smile on her face, and was quickly straightening out her clothing as she approached. “I offered Cornelia our rooms. After hearing about your plight, it’s the least I could do!”

“Oh, um… are you sure? I… uh… can’t pay now, but I can pay la- “

“Don’t be ridiculous,” she beamed. “Any friend of Cornelia is a close friend of mine. Please, stay, relax, my home is yours.”

“Hey! We’ve been waiting the last thirty minutes to be served, are you guys going to do anything?” A voice shouted from one of the tables.

“Just a minute,” she chimed back, not even taking her eyes off of me.

Yeah, even though she was talking to Devon, her eyes kept being drawn back to me while she beamed with a bright smile. Min was also staring at me, her face unreadable. Why do I feel like you’re judging me, Min?

Her husband also finally made it down, back in his clothing.

Danielle immediately shouted to her husband, “Husband! Do what you can for the other hosts, I’ll be making sure Cornelia is happy.”

The was an odd inflection when she said Cornelia, which hinted at the extreme obsession hidden in her eyes. Fortunately, Devon didn’t seem to notice. He seemed to be more apologetic, promising he would send money later. I also didn’t tell her my name, so she must have analysis. Eventually, I leaned over and whispered in her ear.

“Can you get us something to eat now and then keep your distance for a bit?”

“Yes, my beautiful mistress,” she whispered back, bowed, and then walked away.

After she left for the back kitchen, Devon let out a breath in relief. “Ahh… well, we have a nice place to stay, it seems, the hostess seems really nice, but doesn’t this all seem a little odd to you guys? I know there are nice people in this world, but it seems almost too good to be true.”

Min said nothing, but she was still staring at me. I simply smiled and shrugged.

“I… simply talked to her, told her about my situation. It… turned out we had a lot in common, so we hit it off. I’m sorry we ended up spending so much time… talking… we were just… enjoying ourselves… just the company of another woman… that is… although her husband was there too…” I stumbled towards an explanation that approximated the truth.

Deception has increased to level 8.

Min sniffed and turned away finally while Devon nodded. My Deception skill should get an award after this. With those accusatory eyes off of me, I could finally take a deep breath. The innkeeper and his wife, neither one exactly held up a calm front. He kept glancing between his wife and me, then shaking his head as if trying to convince himself what just happened actually happened. Meanwhile, his wife was staring adoringly at me from across the room. Fortunately, I had my back to the wall and Min and Devon were seated across from me, so they didn’t get a chance to see those looks.

True to her word, Danielle brought out a complete feast. It was roasted pork, these incredible vegetables that were sautéed splendidly, soft-baked bread, and more. She brought out wine freely, and I got the sense she was using the really expensive bottles. Her husband had gone stiff when he saw her pouring it. However, after getting the threesome of his dreams, he was no place to argue with his wife or the other woman that helped fulfill that fantasy.

Thus, we ate our fill. The finale was strawberries with whip cream. There was sugar in the cream, but I didn’t know the source of the sugar. Not wanting to draw Danielle’s attention and have her stare longingly at me, I decided not to ask.

After I was stuffed with as much as I could eat, Danielle came back to the table and while staring at me with hearts in her eyes, gave us our room arrangements. Devon nodded and took the key to his room, which was adjacent to ours. As a prince, he was probably used to being treated like royalty, so her overzealous behavior and generous offerings probably didn’t set off his radar as much as it might have a normal person. Her finest wine was probably what he normally drank, and the biggest room was probably cramped by his standards. At least he didn’t ask questions and took the offerings graciously.

“Alright, I’m heading up. You stay in the inn, in the morning, we’ll set out.”

“Yes, sir.” I gave him a smirk.

He hesitated, sighed, and then gave a nod before turning and heading up the stairs. Oh, come on, I wasn’t that exhausting of a person.

“I’d like to get a bath as well before bed,” I told Danielle.

“Of course!” Danielle nodded excitedly. “I’ll be happy to wash your back for you as well. Let us-”

“I’m Cornelia’s… my job.” Min suddenly spoke up.

Danielle looked aghast, but I tried to deflect the situation once again. “Ah… she needs to take a bath too, and she’s my servant so you don’t need to put yourself out.”

“Oh…” Danielle’s lips tightened a bit.

When Min turned away, Danielle stared daggers at Min’s back with an ugly expression until I elbowed her in the side.

I leaned over and whispered in her year, “If you’re a good girl, I’ll treat you later!”

Danielle bobbed her head enthusiastically while drool was coming down her mouth. This satiated her enough that we were finally able to get towels and enter a private bathroom. As it turned out, this bathroom was much different than I was used to. Although it held similarities with Japanese bathhouses, I had only seen in passing from the one or two anime I had watched.

I wasn’t big into anime, but one or two RPGs I played had part of the story as anime, and thus I felt the need to watch them from time to time. Thus, I found myself sitting naked on a small little stool with a bucket of water and a bar of soap while Min washed my back.

As a girl who grew up in the west, bathing with others was something you stopped doing when you were four, and that didn’t suddenly become more comfortable now. It was a bit odd because if Min had been eating my pussy right now, Mental Fortitude would have scoured away any shame or uncomfortableness. Apparently, being bathed wasn’t covered by Mental Fortitude as sexual enough, and for the first time since I came to this world, I felt a little embarrassed.

Eventually, my body was covered in suds, and then I dumped the hot water over myself to wash away the soap. Then, there was a very large tub, although it was basically a hot tub without the jets. Min and I hadn’t spoken since we got into the room. I probably should have offered to wash her back too, but I was already feeling uncomfortable. The silence was deafening, and all I could hear was the sound of Min scrubbing herself with a brush as I submerged myself in the hot tub.

After a moment, she dumped a bucket over her head and then submerged herself in the bath across from me. The uncomfortable feeling continued on, and I finally reached a point where I had enough. If Mental Fortitude wouldn’t kick on and make me feel completely A-Okay, then I would just have to put myself in a position where it did work.

I slid to the other side of the hot tub, putting myself right next to Min. I reached out, just about to pull no stops in seducing Min and bringing the both of us to a satisfying conclusion, but suddenly I stopped. I dropped my hands and I let out a deep breath. It wasn’t that I wasn’t interested, but for the moment, I suddenly felt the intense need to confess. Min was… in some ways, my closest link to the past I had. One of the few people that saw me, even if she never really talked or acknowledged me, before I truly started to change. In that way, Min was very important to me.

“Min…” I started. “I have something to tell you, a lot of somethings, actually. I’ve told no one else this, but you… I feel like I can speak.”

“Mm… trust,” she said simply.

“I’m from far away. Really far away. I only came to this… place… about two months ago. I’m… how do I say this… I’m from another world.”


“My world… there is no magic… no monsters. So, what do I do the first second, I get here? I get kidnapped by goblins. But then something happened. I had sex with the goblin… I took charge… and somehow, that caused me to get this strange class…”

I started explaining everything to her. I explained the seductress class, and why I wanted to have sex with her that first time. I told her about first-time bonuses, and about how my abilities worked based on my sex. I told her about the Bandit King and his ridiculous mission that turned me into a princess. I showed her the ring that I couldn’t remove. Then, I finished by explaining what I did to the innkeeper. I didn’t get into gory details about our threesome, I simply left it that I seduced her and made him go along with it.

“I just… I just needed someone to know. You’re the first person I met in this world… and… and I just don’t want you to hate me. I want you to understand me, more than anything… and… and… please just don’t leave me…” I suddenly broke down crying.

I half expected her to stand up and walk out of the room without saying a single thing. However, just as my tears started to fall into the hot tub, an arm wrapped around my shoulders. The elf girl pressed her nonexistent breasts against my arm, and she put her head comfortingly on my shoulder.

“So, it was that,” Min said. “What done… is done. Won’t leave… Aria…”

I closed my eyes and pressed my cheek upon Min’s head. A moment later, my hand landed on her thigh. I pulled it back, turning to give her an apologetic look. It really was a habit.

“If Aria… okay.” Min nodded, as if to herself. “Please, gentle.”

My hand went back to Min’s thigh, and I slowly traced my fingertips up and down her body. We sat there for a bit, sighing as warmth seeped into our bones. But before long, my hands started moving over Min’s body. I was a seductress, after all, and I could never leave it at that.

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