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After a little while, I swung my leg over and straddled Min’s lap. I leaned forward and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. While Min’s expression did not change, and she showed no response that would have suggested she was sexually into this, she did purse her lips and kiss back, so I took that as confirmation. However, I didn’t become more aggressive. I had already experienced a fairly satisfying threesome earlier, so I wasn’t exactly desperate, and something about Min being my friend made me want to treat her gently.

Thus, I only lightly kissed her for a while. My hands wrapped around her small body as I held her letting our relatively cool skin meet against the hot water. I didn’t progress sexually at the moment. You could simply call this skinship. I was familiarizing myself with her body. Still, I made sure Lesbian Lover was selected just in case.

Of course, I also gave her a princess kiss. After looking with Examine, this did not seem to remove the status “slave”. I had expected as much, but I was a little disappointed at how weak princess kiss actually was. Afterward, I carefully Examined her, using Cat’s Meow on any area of her body that seemed like it might be bruised or scratched. She had numerous cuts on her body that I hadn’t noticed before, at least one looked to be infected. However, a few licks later and it closed up and disappeared.

Min watched me expressionlessly as I licked her body. I licked her arms, her legs, and her back. Everything that didn’t seem like perfectly clean skin got a piece. This was simply called tongue ship. I was just familiarizing myself with her body. What? Don’t you believe me? It’s a thing!

Furthermore, as I tongued her pussy in the name of tongue ship, my tongue did strike a surface that could be called the tattered remains of her hymen. I was underwater at the time, making use of Lover’s Breath to clean her while immersed in the soothing bathwater. I knew her pussy had taken some abuse, so I wanted to make sure she didn’t have any lingering problems. It was purely done out of concern for my friend.

There I found it. It wasn’t complete, there was a hole, but she remarkably wasn’t broken all the way through yet either. For some girls, the first time wasn’t always a one-and-done deal. Sometimes, you bled the first few times as the hymen steadily got broken apart. With only the lackluster dicks of goblins, which were admittedly only long enough for the head to just poke past the hymen unless they raised up the legs and really tried a deep stick, they had yet to remove her hymen in entirety.

Certainly, if she was the type to bleed after the first time, a normal-sized dick would gain that effect. This was why the slave trader probably felt comfortable treating her as a virgin. If she bled and was tight, he could get away with it.

Perhaps more shockingly, as I continued to lick, the hole started closing up, and after a few minutes of cat’s meow, her virginity had been completely restored, at least in the context of vaginal integrity. This was likely only because she still had some of her hymen intact. I had used Cat’s Meow extensively on Jenai’s pussy and there was absolutely no sign of a re-growing hymen. People like her and me had undoubtedly rubbed our hymens away until nothing remained.

I emerged after restoring Min’s virginity and gave her another kiss on the lips. This time, our lips parted a bit, and she offered a very modest amount of tongue. I was clearly the aggressor in our kissing, with Min simply allowing me to.

“Do you feel better?” I asked.

“Mm…” She gave a small smile, one so subtle I wouldn’t have seen it if my concealing ability hadn’t been increased.

Of course, me being me, I couldn’t just leave it at that. I lied back next to Min and started fingering myself while also rubbing the outside of Min’s clit. I kept it up for a while, gently moaning until I came. Min was infinitely trickier. Jenai gave nothing away from her face, but she was always forthcoming when she reached climax. However, her actions were the result of Conceal, and the more skilled I became, the more I was able to read through her Deception.

Min, on the other hand, merely wore an expressionless face. She gave no indication when she was close and she said nothing if she did climax. In the hot tub, I couldn’t even truly feel how wet she was, giving me no indicator if she was sexually aroused at all. She merely watched me curiously as I rubbed her clit and came in turn.

Now for me, I was obvious about it. Besides the fact that I gushed every time I came, my eyes also closed, my back stiffened, and my entire body convulsed. If I was coming without concealing myself, you better believe you knew about it. So working with a girl like Min who gave no indications of her sexual engagement could be considered a bit frustrating.

There it was, she came, I could feel it. It wasn’t anything exciting. Simply put, if I had a finger inside her, but not so far as to compromise her hymen, when she came, her pussy tightened. For the span of about three seconds the walls of her pussy would clamp down on my fingers, and then they would release. If I listened really carefully while watching her face, during those three seconds she wouldn’t breathe. Then she would let out a slightly larger than normal breath. Her eyes didn’t change, her face remained the same, but that was Min cumming.

Once I found out the trick, I started getting a little more aggressive. I used both hands to play with her pussy, and even my tongue for a while. She came three more times that I could tell. Once it clamped down right on my tongue as I sent it up her unbridled womanhood. After a while, she started to look dizzy from the heat in the room. It was probably the heat, and not my machinations, so the pair of us left the tub all pruney and grabbed towels to dry up.

When I opened the door, still wearing my towel, Danielle almost fell over. She had been apparently kneeling at the door, trying to listen to us shower while panting to herself. Fortunately, her husband was busy downstairs and unaware of her acts bordering on perversion. She fell to her knees with the door open and looked up at me like a dog begging for a treat.

“Are you going to…” Min left the question unfinished as she joined me at the bathroom entrance.

However, I knew what she was asking. She was asking if I was going to award Danielle now like I promised her. In other words, was I going to have sex with Danielle?

“Is that okay?” I asked.

In truth, I was sufficiently satisfied, but it’s not like I couldn’t go another round, and honestly, part of me was worried how Danielle would act in more denial. It was as much to keep from torturing Danielle further as providing me with any sort of satisfaction. Any piddling amounts of experience I’d gain didn’t even factor into my mind.

“Need… your measurements,” Min said.

“Okay, well if you need me to stay up, I have more stamina during… those things.” It was a flimsy excuse, but Min merely nodded and walked by, ignoring Danielle who was still on the floor, trying to lick my foot at the moment.

I pushed Danielle away with a foot and sighed. “Fine, you have one hour to satisfy me.”

Min and I didn’t have anything to wear yet. Of course, Danielle would have given us anything, but her clothing was far too big on Min and didn’t quite fit me right around the hips. That’s what lead to me lying on my back in the bed, my legs spread open as Danielle eagerly feasted away on my snatch.

Min was sitting in a nearby chair, working on cutting fabrics. Occasionally, she would walk over with a measuring tape and wrap it around my arms or legs, working around Danielle, whose tonguing sounded like a gluttonous person eating their fill. I watched Min work, showing complete disinterest in Danielle down below.

It wasn’t like the experience wasn’t enjoyable, but compared to Jenai or my own level 5 masturbation, she was just sloppy. I felt sorry for her, really, just desperately licking me, enjoying every inch of my taste, her tongue thrusting in and out of me, twirling around in that – oh, damn, well I just came. I was a seductress, after all, the second I focused, I could cum on anything. This seemed to renew Danielle’s vigor, as she was undoubtedly in my splash zone and was thus well aware of the creaming me.

As the night droned on and I watched Min work with a drowsy look that even my stamina boost didn’t defeat, I finally kicked Danielle out of the bed. She tried to protest, but I ordered her to go to her husband and give him the best fuck of his life.

“Oh… and also, tell him he can stick it in your ass if he wants. Make him keep going until you cum.”

Danielle bowed her head enthusiastically. “Yes, mistress, anything for you mistress, can I lick your feet mistress?”

I don’t know where the feet thing started from, but I kicked her out of my room and shoved the door in her face before heading back to the bed and sighing.

“Vessë… is sadist.”

“Eh? Me?” I made a silly voice as Min gave me a look while shaking her head. “It’s just that girl is so damn annoying. Plus, I need to keep her husband distracted. I promise I’ll remove her status problems tomorrow.”

Min didn’t say anything more, so I finally lied down, and without the stamina boosts Danielle was giving me I quickly drifted off to sleep. I woke up the next morning to the sound of knocking on my door. I didn’t think much of it, so I stood up and walked to the door, swinging it open. I half expected Danielle to be there begging for more attention.

However, instead of Danielle, it was Devon standing there. His eyes looked down and widened in shock, and then he turned his head away uncomfortably. At that moment, I remembered that I had gone to bed the previous night butt naked. I looked down at my body and was shocked to see I was actually wearing something.

It was a white nightie, a long silky dress with various strips of alternating see-through and non-see-through material. As lingerie, it was incredibly sexy, hinting at the form underneath while tempting the imagination. It covered my entire body but still managed to accentuate my breasts, and my hips, making all the curves of my body pop. Plus, it was so comfortable it felt like I was barely wearing it. This dress was something I would never have worn in my previous life, not because I didn’t want it, but because I couldn’t justify the high price tag for such little fabric.

As I admired the nightdress Min must have put me in last night, Devon was stuttering in a desperate attempt to maintain decorum. “I-I see that Min has finished some clothing for you. I am glad.”

While he said this, he kept staring down the hall, avoiding looking in my direction at all.

I gave him a smirk. “Yes… she did a good job; do you like it?”

Without looking, he nodded. “Yes, it’s… erm… good. I’d like to leave soon, if possible, so if you wouldn’t mind getting ready?”

“Of course, and… thank you.” I reached out and just lightly touched his shoulder.

He stiffened, nodded, and then gave his farewell. As he walked away, he seemed to walk with a slouch which told me all I needed to know about the effect of my nightie. He was being so cute, I couldn’t help but tease him.

“Send Danielle if you see her!” I shouted down the hall.

He raised his hand in an acknowledgment without looking back and I chuckled as I turned around and shut the door. I glanced over at the small desk Min had made her seamstress station. She appeared to be asleep, still sitting in the chair at the desk, cut pieces of cloth lying all around her. She must have stayed up late into the night making dresses.

I went over to the nearby chair where she must have been placing the finished dresses. They were absolutely lovely. Rather than being frilly and full of pointlessly gaudy lace, the dresses had a minimalist appeal. They were slimming, low enough to show just a bit of ankle, and they had interesting folds and wraps which made them appear like a cross between a business dress and a one-piece Asian kimono. One was green with purple accents, another was a lighter green with white accents, and the last was white with black accents.

“Oi…” I tapped Min, and after a moment, her eyes opened up and she turned to give me a questioning look. “Where are your dresses?”

“All Aria’s,” Min said after a brief moment.

“I can see that, but what about you?”

“Wear this.” She gestured to what she was wearing now.

What she was wearing now was the loose-fitting slave clothing. It was a loose beige shirt and beige pants with unhemmed edges. It was really only a step above a burlap sack. As I was saying this, there was a knock at the door and Danielle entered. She wore something infinitely more common, much like what she had worn the night before, especially compared to the fantastic dresses Min had prepared. Her eyes sparkled with desire at the look of me in Min’s exotic nightie.

“But you need something nicer to wear…” I stated. “Danielle, give her a dress.”

Danielle nodded and immediately started stripping. I didn’t mean the dress you were wearing, just like one in the back of the closet or something. I barely stopped her before her breasts were bared. It was morning, and I hadn’t had my daily experience session, so if Danielle got too far I probably couldn’t help myself but enjoy the feast.

“No… too much… slave.” Min poked her collar nonchalantly.

“She’s right, mistress,” Danielle spoke up. “While mistress deserves to only be drabbed in the absolute finest as befitting her magnificence, a woman such as… this… cannot be seen in nice attire. It would cause an uproar anywhere you took her.”

I didn’t like how she talked about Min. It was clear she was still bearing a fair amount of resentment and jealousy from the closeness I shared with Min. However, I considered her words. At this point, she didn’t even know I was a princess, at least in disguise, and so she probably wasn’t even talking about nobles. If nobles got involved, I’m sure the expectations would even be greater. My servant can’t look as nice as me. I let that reality sink in.

Finally, after being convinced, I sent Danielle out to bring back any makeups she had. She returned with a pail of warm water, makeup, and other beauty tools from her own personal stock. I washed the sleep and sweat from the night away and then started to prepare myself as befitted a princess.

It had been over a week since I was last in Nova’s care, and thus it had been nearly a week since my façade as a princess had been torn apart by three Pigman and an overactive libido. I started rebuilding that façade now. It wasn’t just my physical appearance. It was also mental as well. I took what I had observed from the prince, and all the “expectations” he had for me and started to recreate my face to meet this idea of an ideal princess.

Min and Danielle worked on my hair, fighting over whether it was better to braid or tie it up. In the end, Min seemed to win the fight and Danielle pouted in the corner as Min tied it up. They donned up my hair, and while it wasn’t at the level of Jenai, who could create curls with a flick of a comb, it was nicer than I would have probably worn my hair back home before going on a hot date. Danielle became a little too enthusiastic to help so I sent her down below to clean up a bit. I had meant for her to eat me out, but before I knew it, she was taking a blade to my landing strip. Now, I was bald down below. I guess I would be going with that look for the immediate future. Please grow back! Nothing else seemed to, so it left me a bit worried.

After my skin was made baby smooth with the addition of a topical potion that Danielle had been saving for the perfect night, I finally began putting on makeup, using all the tricks of Conceal. Danielle’s complexion more closely matched my own compared to Jenai’s rich olive skin, so the makeups she had available seemed to be more effective. And before long, I had turned my face into that of a princess.

My chin was slightly raised, my eyes were wide open and sharp, I carried a slight tweak of a smile at the edge of my lips that emitted a kindness edged with confidence in my own way. It was perhaps the most work I had ever done in maintaining my Conceal, taking in everything Jenai had ever taught me on the subject. A moment later…

Conceal has increased to level 8.

As I put on my dress, my smile widened a bit. I straightened my spine, concentrating on moving my body like a woman with strength, a good upbringing, and proper manners. As I compiled the effects over those two minutes, to the naked eye it’d almost appear like I was changing into another person entirely. When I finished, I looked down at Min and Danielle.

The two girls were staring at me with their mouths open. Even Min had a startled look on her face although she recovered much quicker.

“By the gods… is mistress an apostle of the gods?” Danielle whispered through her shocked stare.

I sniffed, maintaining my atmosphere. “I’m Princess Cornelia Bartrum, 1st daughter of King Bartrum, lord of the nation of Drophe.”

That had an effect, and Danielle nearly tripped over herself. However, in the end, her behavior really didn’t change. She was already beguiled with me. Finding out that someone you thought was the greatest thing ever was truly great only reinforced your beliefs, not changed them.

Min packed up all the things in the room, including the two dresses I ended up not wearing today and the nightwear she had prepared. The three of us left the room and headed out to the tavern portion of the inn. We walked down the stairs and immediately saw the prince standing near the door. George was also there, standing behind the bar while cleaning dirty glasses.

The second the three of us walked into the room, the conversations stopped. This inn wasn’t particularly busy, catering to rich merchants and the like more than rowdy commoners, but the six to seven people eating breakfast that morning suddenly broke their talk. I ended up walking across the room in silence. There was a clatter suddenly as George saw me, dropping his glass to the counter. It didn’t break, and he grabbed it to stop it from falling to the floor. However, he didn’t pick it back up again, his mouth wide in shock as he stared at me.

The effect didn’t just touch the common folk. The prince himself had a slightly gaped expression with eyes that couldn’t take themselves off of me. Using all the lessons I accumulated at this point, I walked like an aristocrat, filling the surrounding space with my presence. As soon as I reached the prince, I gave a delicate curtsy. I have curtsied so many times while training that I’m shocked I didn’t have the curtsy skill now.

“My prince…” I said while lowering my eyes only enough to show respect from a princess to a prince.

“Oh.. ah… Princess Bartrum, I… you’ve… I mean…”

I put my finger up and stopped his lips from moving. “Thank you.”

He stared at me in complete silence, unable to come up with anything to say. However, the silence was interrupted by a sudden word.

“Princess?” The word was spoken in surprise from George, who was now barely able to keep himself standing.

“That’s right, honey!” Danielle spoke up, trying to quell her husband. “Didn’t I tell you it was important that we showed these guests our compassion? Aren’t you glad you listened to me, even after you complained about it all last night? And after I let you stick it in my ass?”

All of it was said out loud except for that last part, which was muttered under her breath with a little bit of spite in her voice. Fortunately, she was quiet enough that I and maybe Min were the only two who could hear.

“Th-that’s right!” The prince finally snapped from his stupor, turning away from me and taking any distraction he could focus on. “I forgot to introduce myself. I am the fourth Prince, Devon Hyburn, and this lady is the Princess of our allied nation, Drophe. I promise you, your generosity will not be forgotten.”

“B-b-bu-but Princess? But we, and she, we ha-”

“We are humbled to be your hosts, is what my idiot husband is trying to say,” Danielle interrupted him just in time, stopping him from saying something that would have been a serious problem.

For the first time, I was genuinely thankful to Danielle, who was smoothing all of the disruptions I had caused with her husband with great finesse. After that, we bid our farewells, and Danielle wore a teary look like her soul was about to be ripped out of her body. I grabbed her hand and made a show of thanking her for her “talks” and generosity, and then I leaned forward and kissed her. It was a kiss directed at the side, in between a kiss on the lips and kiss on the cheek. I had to use the lips for Princess Kiss… but it would look weird if I suddenly plopped one on her lips, so by being noncommittal, I hoped it’d get a pass on both fronts.

At that point, I released Princess Kiss. This should have cured the beguiled, but I confirmed it with Examine before I nodded. On the other hand, Danielle jerked as if she was goosed. She started looking around like she woke up from a fog for the first time in days. Before she had time to sort her mind, we took off. With Min, we no longer could fit on the horse, so the horse’s new job became to carry my dresses and the various other goods we had collected. And like that, we left the village of Stine and finally made the trek to the castle. Even though it would be a very long time before I could follow up to find out what became of Danielle and George, their lives all but blew apart with my own selfishness, I hoped the pair of them could reconcile.

However, there were many things I didn’t know at that time, and by the time I did know them, I had long since moved on. The main thing was that my skill, Seduction, was, in fact, a charming spell, but it worked on a fundamentally deeper level. People who were slowly hit with Seduction wouldn’t become beguiled, and Seduction’s fundamental purpose was not to put people into a beguiled state.

The beguiled state, by the way, was a zombie-like obedience state, as I had seen on the Pigman as well as Danielle. The state would have worn off on its own in a few days. Even if I hadn’t used Princess Kiss, she would have just shaken herself awake as if she had been having a dream. That’s not quite right. That suggested that people who are beguiled weren’t aware of what they are doing. No, they retained full memory of it. This could lead to states of great shame and embarrassment as people remembered how they acted while beguiled.

This did not, however, take into account the full skill of SeductionSeduction was a skill that changed someone into liking you. The charm aspect of it was merely icing to smooth the transition. Thus, while being released from Beguile had seriously confused Danielle, once she had all her emotions sorted out, she would still be seriously in love with me. This put a great deal of strain on her relationship with her husband. However, a short time later a very large sum of money had arrived at the inn. The 4th prince had wanted to reward them accordingly, and true to his word, he had sent them enough money that if they had wanted, they could sell the inn and live the rest of their lives on just their savings.

Instead, they kept the inn, and with money no longer a strain, they attempted to reignite their relationship. They accomplished this by becoming sexually promiscuous. The pair became swingers, experimenting sexually with select guests that struck their fancy. After engaging in about every kind of erotic play they could conceive of, George eventually hired a girl who resembled the age and appearance of Aria when she had visited, hoping to fulfill the void in his wife’s heart.

It worked for a while, and the pair certainly had their fun with the young 20-year-old servant girl, but no matter what she did, Danielle could never completely satiate her aching heart. Ten years after their meeting with Aria, the couple split. This happened for a few reasons, the main one being that George had gotten the serving girl pregnant during one of their sexual forays. For whatever reason, the two had never thought of having children before this event, and with the serving girl bearing his child, it seemed like it was time for the two to part.

Danielle decided she needed to go on a journey and find herself. She bid her loving husband farewell, and parted on good terms, including a last threesome between the three close friends. After she left, George settled down and married the servant girl, putting behind the promiscuous life he had started a decade earlier with his former wife. Meanwhile, Danielle searched for her Mistress, hoping she could serve under her once again. Whether she ever met up with me, or whether I accepted her if she did, that is a story for much, much later, long after my tales as a Seductress ended. I’ll say it once again, Seduction was scary.

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