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The welcoming dinner had begun without much of a hitch. The King’s servants had opened a large set of mahogany doors, letting us out into a particularly large dining hall. Each of us sat down in our respective seats. I was placed next to Richard, who continued to wear a disinterested expression as he looked everywhere but at me.

It was honestly a bit frustrating. I had it in my mind to start attacking him with Seduction and Eye of the Beholder. However, Nova had mentioned that the likelihood that every one of the nobilities had magic detection was high. Even if they couldn’t resist my charm, and that was a big if, they would detect that magic was being targeted on them and alert the guard immediately. The fact they had detected my Examine ability only confirmed it. I wouldn’t be able to use Examine or Seduction on anyone else for a while.

So, as a result, I’d have to do this the long way. Although to be honest, I didn’t even know what Nova wanted me to do yet. Integrate into the royal castle. I had to become accepted by all of them. It seemed like the fourth prince had already accepted me. Although I had hoped after the last few days with the knight rescuing the princess routine he’d be a little more into me, at the very least I could trust him in some respects. I was a little glad I had not started using Seduction on him. The last thing I needed was him walking into the castle in a beguiled state.

Meanwhile, the third prince would take some work. The seduce skill was only at level 3 at the moment, so I would need a few more levels before I could truly be better. Of course, for that, I would need to find an appropriate outlet both to practice and perhaps learn some tricks. I didn’t plan to waste my time in the castle.

As we settled ourselves in for our meal, a servant informed the King that the first and second princes would be joining them shortly. He nodded and made a grunt although he continued to give me looks that I could only call desire. While Richard continued to be aloof, Devon at least had the decency to look embarrassed by his father’s looks.

“Big brother…” He spoke up. “Perhaps you should find out a bit more about your betrothed.”

“That’s right!” The king snapped his fingers. “I haven’t seen you since you were only two. What kind of woman have I agreed to have my son marry?”

“Oh, well, I never got out much, although I didn’t live in the castle with my father. I spent most of my time on the estate. I rode horses, held tea parties, and occasionally dabbled in magic.”

“Oh ho… so you can use magic?”

“Just tier one, your highness.”

He asked me a few more questions, and I gave answers. This was actually really boring idle chatter. My responses were the generic responses of a boring princess. As Nova had explained, if I seemed boring and like an airheaded princess without much there, I would quickly be left alone to my own devices.

“What kind of tier two magic do you wish to possess?” He asked. “I for one have mastered the power of telekinesis!”

He burst out with a jolly laugh when I gave him a questioning look. It was Devon who brought out the answer.

“Father learned wind magic and light magic. However, he has uncanny control of it. I suspect he has a special skill or unknown third-tier skill he won’t reveal, but he can move objects with his magic. He is incredibly precise. When we were younger, he used to sword practice with us, although he’d be sitting down. It… was informative, fighting a disembodied sword flying at you from any direction.”

“Really?” I asked. “That’s amazing!”

“Oh ho, well, perhaps I should show you some of my magic!” The king laughed and gave me a wink.

Although I got a flirtatious vibe from him, I still answered, “Yes, I would love a demonstration.”

If I was going to ingratiate myself with the king, I’d have to stroke his ego. I flashed him my best princess smile, a bright-eyed and charming look. It was not an attempt to seduce him, but my charisma was getting higher all the time, and before I knew it both the fourth prince and the king had blushes on their faces.

After a moment of silence. “Well… my boy, you may have the pleasure of waking up to that smile every morning, you should consider yourself a lucky man.”

The King was, of course, speaking to Richard, who finally raised his head. “Of course, father.”

It was a respectful response, but he seemed to be completely unmoved by my presence. I would need to find a time to seduce him properly. It was really starting to get under my skin and I just met the guy.

“So, what kind of magic do you want to learn?” Devon asked before an uncomfortable silence formed.

“Oh, right… actually, I’m kind of interested in potions and enchantments.”


The person who asked was Richard, who seemed genuinely surprised by my comment. The sudden attention that he gave me, along with the surprised look on the other two, led me to realize these were uncommon choices.

“I-is that weird?” I asked.

“Well… it’s just they’re a bit… pedestrian, don’t you think? A commoner’s skills.” He wore a look of disgust as he said that, turning the little attention he gave me immediately sour.

“What brother is trying to say is that nobles tend to go for the flashier magic. Things that can be seen. It’s considered quite tedious to learn how to enchant potions and items, and you could always buy them from someone else who is assuredly better at it. Anything you produced would be subpar compared to a skilled worker and would offer no tangible evidence you made it. Meanwhile, the other six magics all offer many notable benefits, things that money can’t buy… well… not that I’m saying your choice is bad!”

Finishing his thought, he was saying that since nobles were rich, they could buy potions made by level 10 potion makers with level 10 magic. I had made my first in what will probably be a lot of blunders. To me, being able to create things or invent new things gave me a sense of interest. Just my little experiment with orc semen had already proven that things can come from unexpected places. However, my mind still hadn’t left the idea that this was like an RPG. It seemed like a lot of them favored enchantments and potions as both a source of fast cash and becoming overpowered. I also had a passing hope that if I studied enchantments, I could remove this cursed ring.

“Still… my father didn’t let me do a lot with potion-making. I was hoping while I was in the castle, I might be able to take lessons from a nearby alchemist?”

“You don’t even need to go that far!” The king spoke up. “Our castle has an alchemist on staff.”

“I don’t think Reinheart will take on a student, especially to fulfill a princesses’ whim.” Richard snorted.

I was starting to not like him at all. I realized that I and this husband-to-be were not going to get along. Fortunately, I had no intention of marrying him, so there seemed to be no problem there.

“Nonsense… If he tells you no, just come to me.” The king nodded.

I shot the king another ingratiating smile while Richard just rolled his eyes. This guy. This fucking guy. He’s not even good enough to fuck. I’ve fucked orcs, I mean Pigman, and you’re quickly going lower on my list than them.

“Ah, father, good afternoon!”

A voice exploded into the room and a flamboyantly dressed man came in. I froze at the sight of him. It wasn’t that I recognized him, it was just that he was so unexpected. He was wearing makeup, for starters, deep red lipstick and powder on his face. His hair was dyed a deep green and wrapped into something that looked like a cone. His clothing was brightly white, and it glittered with silver bobbles.

Next to him was a more modestly dressed guy, although he wore the same kind of smile, and was holding the other guy’s hand. His outfit was clean-cut and bright white, resembling a white knight. While Devon looked rugged, Richard looked haughty, and the king was majestic, this guy looked like a prime example of a pretty boy. If I had to guess without any more information, it looked like a fashionably dressed drag queen and his homosexual lover. Except…

“Ah yes, I see you’ve finally made it,” the king responded in a courtly manner.

“Oh, let me introduce you. This is the first and second princes, my brothers, Julian and Gregory.”

I was glad that I had increased my concealing ability up so high because it was the only thing that kept me from spitting out right there. Instead, with Deception fighting the strains of these flamboyant men, I instead gave them a golden princess smile that was becoming my fallback option. If I just kept smiling at everyone, then perhaps I could avoid too many issues. I also tried to focus on the important parts, like how both princes were quite handsome if you ignored the other parts.

“Well look at this, Gregory, is this not the most beautiful specimen you have ever seen?”

The first prince, Julian, the one dressed like a cone-headed peacock strutted to the other side of the table and with a flourish fell down to his knee, grabbing one of my hands in his. Meanwhile, his more modestly dressed counterpart went in the other direction, twirling until he landed on my other side, taking my other hand in his.

“Why yes, my brother, she does have quite the allure, doesn’t she?”

Both men simultaneously kissed each of my hands before standing up.

“Greetings, sister-to-be…” The two men spoke and bowed in unison.

I quickly started to get an idea of why I was being married to the third prince and not one of the first two. I honestly didn’t know what to make of these two men. Their behavior bordered on the surreal.

“Oi… give my future daughter some room, you two, you’ll frighten her off before we even get to dessert!” The king wore a very annoyed look.

If I had been looking closer, I might have seen jealousy flash in his eyes, but at the moment, I was too flustered by these men. Part of me just didn’t know how to react, the other part of me was curious about the kind of sex these men would give. I mean, if they were that flamboyant in public, I could imagine they’d be good fun under the sheets.

“Oh, dear, your hands are too rough, my dear,” Julian spoke.

“You think, fair brother?” Gregory chuckled.

“She wants to be a potion maker,” Richard spoke up, his voice holding just an edge of scorn.

“Potions, is it?” Julian exaggeratedly tapped his lips. “Well, there are some potions a princess may be too embarrassed to buy, perhaps our princess wishes to keep certain things on a need to know.”

“Oh, brother, but I want to know.”

“Mmm… but we mustn’t, little brother, it is but a woman’s romance.”

“You two…” The one who muttered this time was Devon, who was shaking his head and holding his face in complete embarrassment while shooting me apologetic looks, he said he had a complicated family indeed.

Meanwhile, I put on a shocked and embarrassed expression. It was all a lie, of course. The men weren’t entirely wrong. I still had some ambition to experiment with creating new potions, and as a seductress, I had a feeling most of them would turn out naughty in one way or another. The fact they cut right to the heart of the issue was alarming. Still, my Deception worked well, and I put on the act of the flustered and confused princess.

Deception has increased to level 9.

“But all jesting aside, my dear, a princesses’ hand must be soft, you must allow us to send you our servants to pamper you.”

“Jericho?” Gregory asked.

“Mm… no, Jericho, I haven’t grown bored with him yet, how about Philip?”

“Enough!” The King barked, interrupting the pair. “Why don’t you two take a seat so that we can eat already.”

“Yes, father…” The two gave sulky looks but otherwise catered to their father’s demand.

Meanwhile, the king waved and alcohol ended up being placed out on the table. He immediately took a big gulp and let out a sigh. It was clear what he was trying to get his mind off of the pair. Personally, I kind of liked the two of them. I had been afraid that the castle was going to be all stuffy and shoved full of propriety. However, the first prince was a diva, the second was his partner, the third wanted nothing to do with me, and the fourth was the only normal one of the bunch. This was certainly a more interesting family than I had ever experienced back home.

While the first dish was brought out, which turned out to be meat stewed in some kind of hollandaise sauce, the two eldest brothers started bickering about some kind of celebration. They seemed to have lost interest in me almost as fast as they started to have interest. However, their incessant squabbling prevented either the king or Devon from trying to get me to talk more about myself. So, Devon reverted into himself, and the king just drank while occasionally giving me wistful looks. That honestly worked fine for me.

Then, something strange started to happen. At first, I felt a strange tug in my underwear. I kept my face concealed, but I genuinely felt annoyance. I was getting a wedgie in the middle of dinner with the king. Keeping my face flat, I tried to readjust myself without being noticed. With Devon just staring at his plate and Richard ignoring everything, it wasn’t too hard. It seemed like only the king was looking at me, but I moved while trying to keep him from seeing any movement.

Ah, great, I screwed it up. While trying to shift myself so that my underwear de-wedged, I ended up somehow flipping it to the side. It was sufficiently wedged up my butt crack, and the rest was shoved up on my thigh. This was just a mess of discomfort. If only the king wasn’t watching I could fix myself. Where was an underwear management skill when I needed one?

Then something suddenly pressed up against my clit. I would have gasped if I wasn’t already using the Conceal ability. It was strange. It almost felt like there was something in my dress. For a second, I imagined an animal ferreting up my dress. That was certainly an embarrassment I couldn’t afford on my first meeting with the king. It wasn’t sex-related, so yes, I might get embarrassed.

As I was contemplating what to do about what was up in my dress. Ah… it went inside me. It wasn’t big. It felt about the size of a single finger. In fact, that’s exactly what it felt like. It felt like I was being fingered. Using Deception, I accidentally dropped a fork.

“Excuse me…” I said, although no one was paying enough attention to hear me but the king who gave me a smile.

As I was bending under the table to fetch the fork, I quickly checked to make sure there was no one there. That’s when a second finger suddenly slid in me. I went back up, sitting rigid as I tried to get an understanding of the situation. We did exist within a fantasy world. It would not be entirely impossible that this was a world where ghosts actually existed. But why would a ghost suddenly be interested in me?

The force that was pushing against my clit started vibrating. It made no noise like my vibrator, but it was easily as strong. Then the fingers started moving in and out of me. At this point, this was officially sex in my mind. So, I actually didn’t feel any shame or fear. Instead, I was just feeling confused. I had to think. I had to figure out what was going on. Meanwhile, the fingers started vibrating too. They were going in and out of me in a steady rhythm, and I was growing wetter by the second.

However, Nova’s training involved fucking me hard while I had to continue to use my Deception and concealing abilities. And these fingers were not nearly the size of Nova’s cock. They could finger me to climax and I could not let a single inch of it show on my face. You could say that Nova’s training was so perfect for this situation, that I seriously wondered if he knew something like this would happen. However, I needed to figure out if this was something I needed to address or ignore. Should I react to this, or not?

Of course, I loved it. I was a bit of an exhibitionist now, and weeks of being forced to act like an innocent princess while Nova fucked me in front of his comrades had made acts like this strangely normal. I was getting really hot now, and the idea that I was getting ravaged right in front of a bunch of princes and even the king, it was enough to nearly bring me to climax right there.

Then it hit me, the king! As a third finger slipped into me, my look finally turned to the king. His cheeks were a bit red from all the drink, and he was looking at me very intently while grinning quite savagely. What was that special skill he had again? Psychokinesis? Then, I noticed his hand.

His hand was formed into a claw. More specifically, he had three fingers poking straight out, and his thumb bent up. His thumb was wagging back and forth in a circle, while his fingers went up and down, almost like he was beckoning someone to his side. Every motion that hand made, I could feel. As his thumb spun around, I could feel pressure rubbing in a circle on my clit. As his fingers moved up and down, I could feel pressure from the width of three fingers pushing up into my cunt in rhythm.

Oh god, I’m going to cum. His smile turned dirtier. It was almost like he knew I came and could feel my pussy clamping down on his invisible fingers. He must be able to feel me in the same way I could feel him. As I spurted out, my juices ran right past the phantoms without being obscured. If someone were to see my pussy right now, it’d be gaping open three finger widths wide on its own, clamping and widening on nothing as my womanly juices just squirted out onto the bottom of my dress and the chair.

His fingers seemed to speed up with this. I was still recovering from my orgasm and the unexpected realization that the king of this country was using magic to finger a princess in the middle of a dinner with his sons. As a result, when he clenched his hand I couldn’t help but let out a little yelp.

“Is something the matter, my dear,” Julian asked, biting into some fruit.

“N-no… I just felt a twinge in my neck. It’s been a rough week.”

The king let out a laugh, but his fingers, which were now hidden under the table, moving faster and faster.

“Oh ho, you should be careful, princess. We wouldn’t want to see you have an accident,” he teased.

He also cranked up the vibrations to the point that if someone was looking closely at my lower dress, it would look like it was shivering. His fingers were also making a “shlick shlick” sound, the noise of my incredibly wet pussy being rubbed while juices squirted out. The sound of me being fucked was completely audible.

Fortunately, there was enough distance that no one could hear these sounds except me. Meanwhile, I had to push my skills to the max. As I stated, if I really had wanted to, I could show no reaction to the king’s interactions… except that the king wanted to watch me react. He had a rich smile on his face that grew devilish with every turn. It really was a turn-on, and I came again, which only caused him to grow more ambitious. So, I had to play a game of looking like I was reacting while trying to not embarrass myself in front of the princes. It was a very difficult act, which involved me opening my mouth, quickening my breath, sweating, and making slight noises while trying to act like I was uncomfortable.

Conceal has increased to level 9.

“Yes… that is true… she has been through much after the kidnapping.” Devon came to my rescue. “We still haven’t had her checked by a doctor.”

“Oh, if that’s so, then why don’t you have father take a look at you?” Julian chuckled.

“Oh yes, father knows light magic!” Gregory snapped his fingers.

The machinations suddenly stopped. It was so sudden that I almost lurched forward. The act caused my chair to shift, and there was a loud noise, immediately dropping every eye on me. If I had been anything but a seductress at that moment, I would have likely fled the room in abject embarrassment. Instead, I spoke up.

“Oh… I guess… that would be fine. Really, I think I’m fine… but…”

I looked flustered, it was what I was going for. I was breathing hard while trying to look like I wasn’t breathing hard. The king gave me a predatory look. He licked his fingers. It probably looked like he was licking his fingers after getting food on them, but those were the fingers he had been using just recently to finger me. It was clear by the look what “going to see the doctor” would result in. Did you like the taste, King?

“That sounds fine, then. My beautiful daughter-in-law. Stop by my study after dinner, and we’ll get you checked out.”

Julian clapped like it had ended in a magnificent performance, Gregory smiled like an idiot. Devon tried to give me a reassuring look and Richard merely ignored everything going on. This mission of Nova’s was going to be a doozy. However, one thing was absolutely certain at that point. I was going to fuck the king tonight!

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