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I had used Examine on his seed on a whim to find that apparently, the spooge of a king was special in some way.

Royal Semen, Grade A – Contains the seed of a King, all offspring will possess royal blood.

The sudden influx of tier 2 skills upon mastering deceit made me quite happy, and I was once again practicing Sleight of Hand while securing some semen.  It wasn’t easy under the watchful gaze of the king, but I managed to store a small vial.  If I needed to collect more, I suspected this wouldn’t be my only chance.

I considered licking myself clean, but I decided that was not part of the Aria from his fantasy. Or I suppose he saw me as Cornelia. Instead, I asked him if it was sweet to taste.

“Why don’t you try and see?” He asked devilishly.

I timidly stuck out my tongue, but when I tasted the bitter stuff I made a face and shook my head in disgust. This reaction was instinctual. In reality, I didn’t mind the taste of semen, but the character I was playing did, and the skills filled in the gaps. At this exact moment, Cornelia the daddy’s girl found semen salty and unpleasant.

The king let out a big belly laugh. “Oh ho, well, I didn’t expect you to like it the first time. I’ll help you get used to it, of course.”

“Yes, papa!” I said.

I cleaned myself up with a towel he handed me, put my dress back on, and then leaned over and gave “papa” a hug and a kiss on the cheek. My deceptive self was starting to regain control, and I was letting the fantasy Cornelia go. It has spiraled into a deep dark fantasy area, and I hadn’t even gotten penetrated with a dick for the trouble, but I was absolutely ecstatic. Yes, that was because…

Congratulations!!! You have leveled to Seductress Level 15!

All stats have increased by one.

You have one Skill point.

Available special skills:

Lolification (Passive): Body takes on the form of a 12-year-old girl permanently without aging.

Forever Pure (Passive): Virginity is restored. The effect occurs once a day.

Bleeder (Active): Uses a small amount of stamina to bleed from pussy.

Back to two passives, huh? Well, it can’t be helped with the king and the slime taking control. Even the threesome, while I was the instigator, was really moved forward by Danielle’s lust, not mine. However, these abilities were nothing I was excited about.

Lolification would make me young forever. That was certainly very tempting, except for the 12-year-old body. Even if I found men okay with that, I wasn’t okay with men who were okay with that. Sorry, I just can’t convince myself it’s the mind that matters when my body is clearly undeveloped. In my mind, this differed from Min, who simply had a small, delicate body. I felt like Lolification could seriously damage my path as a seductress.

Forever Pure resembled a skill I was offered before, and even with the king to roleplay, I wasn’t that interested. Bleeder sounded even worst. I guess it could have its advantages. I could really easily fake having my hymen broke. I could also fake my period. However, neither of those things seemed worth it for me.

For the first time, I decided to keep a point. As the last chance warning popped up on the screen, I took a deep breath and clicked yes. The screen went away and I bid farewell to my skills. Perhaps the next round would net me two skills I couldn’t live without. I hoped so… I basically just gave away the fountain of youth here.

“Remember, my sweet daughter, you can come back here anytime and read whatever you want.”

“I also want papa to teach me more things,” I said.

“Ah… well, you really should be learning those kinds of things from your betrothed.”

“No! I want to learn from papa, he’s the best!”

He let out an embarrassed chuckle, and I finally bid him goodbye. Once the door to his study closed, leaving me alone in the hallway, I gave out a rough breath. Well, I had gotten myself into something strange. I had played his fantasy well, and the both of us pushed ourselves into this very inappropriate roleplay.

The bell started ringing, and after it stopped with 9 rings, I gave a start. So… it really was 9 pm. It was getting late. I had one more hour until the prince wanted me for his secret meeting. Even though the king had dumped his load on my chest, I was comfortable after wiping it off. However, I didn’t feel like going back to the room and getting another dose of Min’s guilt stares. So, instead, I decided to head over to the prince’s room early. I really wanted to get this over with, and I was feeling pretty exhausted with how things had gone today. Especially the blow from leveling without finding any new special skills. I was no closer to thwarting Nova or freeing Jenai or myself for that matter.

I made my way to Richard’s room, and I was able to make it after only asking servants twice, so I felt like I was starting to get a feel for the layout of this castle. Either way, I made it to his room and it only took me about thirty minutes, so if he had wanted me after 10, I wasn’t that early.

I went to knock on his door but then decided not to. He was my husband-to-be, so I should be able to just go into his room without knocking. At least, that’s how I felt. That… and I wanted to see if I could catch him in a compromising condition. He had been so atrocious today that I just wanted to see him embarrass himself just a little.

Therefore, I used my max conceal, the sneak skill I hadn’t used in quite some time, and the newly acquired stealth while trying to open the door as quietly as possible. Then, I slipped myself into his room. I glanced around the room in amusement. It certainly wasn’t the pink monstrosity that my room was. His bed wasn’t made, although I’d assume it was a maid that would do that anyway. The room stuck to darker colors, a large bed with a brown canopy sat in the middle of the room. To be honest, the room was pretty unremarkable, and my hopes I’d see something outright shocking seemed to be in vain.

I’m sure if I had snuck into Julian’s room, I would have found a dozen scandalous things. As I was looking around, I ended up behind a changing curtain. At that point, the door suddenly banged open. I fell down to my knees immediately, hiding behind the curtain while I peeked through the crack to see what happened. It was, of course, Richard. He was looking around the room strangely. He wore a very suspicious look on his face.

“Cornelia?” He suddenly demanded with a scowl. “Have you been sneaking in my room?”

He had said this so suddenly, that I practically fell through the curtain. I knew he had asked me to come in a half hour or so, but to so quickly know I was sneaking in his room, I really had no clue how he found out. Did a guard see me enter? Still, I was caught now. There was nothing I could do but fess up. Maybe I could make an excuse. Why the hell did I sneak in at all?

“Cornelia… come out now you little sneak,” he said with a mean smirk.

I let out a sigh, turning to go reveal myself. This was not sex, so it was a bit embarrassing for me, even with my rather high mental resistance.

However, before I could, another voice sounded from across the room. There was a back door leading into what looked like a closet, and a woman emerged from the closet as she talked.

“Ah… my prince… my future husband… you caught me, how did you know I was in your room?” the woman said.

I almost let out a noise, slamming the Conceal ability down and hiding my presence. What the hell was going on? I recognized the woman immediately. She was that really bitchy “friend” that I had met when I saw Richard for the first time earlier today. What was her name? That’s right, Sylvia. However, that wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was that she was absolutely wearing one of my dresses. It was the light green one! And she wore gaudy pink jewelry, and I could guess where that came from.

“How would I not know?” He sneered. “I can smell the country village that you call a kingdom all over you.”

I lifted up my dress and took a sniff. Okay, right now, I smelled like your dad’s spooge, but that didn’t mean I had some small-town stink.

“Don’t say that…” She blushed and turned away. “Just because I’m an uneducated commoner from a barely royal family doesn’t mean I don’t try to maintain my hygiene.”

The line was painful and clearly intended to veil an insult at me. Did these two set this up? Was this some strange way the two had concocted to embarrass and humiliate me?

“Why are you in here anyway?” He growled, “And why is my bed so messy.”

“I-I couldn’t help myself. Your scent, it’s intoxicating. I was rolling in your sheets. And I…” She looked away shyly…” I was sniffing your underwear.”

Richard suddenly shook his head. “No, no, no… Sylv, Cornelia wouldn’t do that.”

I agreed with Richard, I wouldn’t do something like that, even if I did like the guy… probably. I dated this jock once and I liked to wear his coat because it smelled like him, but that’s not sneaking into someone’s room like a pervert… says the person who snuck into someone’s room.

“Eh? I’m sorry, Richard, I’ll do better!” Sylvia said while straightening my dress she was wearing.

As she was now in the middle of the room, I realized she also had done her hair up almost identical to how my hair was done. The dress she was wearing was fitted for me, but she wore it well enough. It was tight in the chest and a little baggy around the hips. However, she looked like me. Even the expression on her face looked like it was trying to match mine. While creating my princess Deception mask, I had spent a fair amount of time looking at a mirror, so I knew when my “fake” facial expressions were being copied.

Richard sat down on the bed. “I’m sorry, I just want this to be perfect. Now that I’ve seen her, she’s just, so intoxicating. Everything about her drives me mad.”

“I know, th-that’s why… don’t I look like her? Plus… these are hers, I should sm-smell like her too, right?”

“Mm… I know you’re trying. It was just… easier before I met the real thing.”

Sylvia wore a look full of frustration and sadness. I was starting to gain an understanding of what was going on here.

“B-but… you know a princess like her wo-would never l-let you do the things you want to her like you do to me?” Sylvia pleaded.

No, I most certainly would… I mean, if he hadn’t turned out to be such a douche nozzle when I first met him. This is just a classic case of two people failing to connect. He would not have had to try at all to get me in his pants…. Yet he still managed to blow it entirely.

“Yes, I know.” His lips tightened. “I’m just frustrated. Your body doesn’t look like hers, but I can kind of smell her scent on you. I’ll just keep my eyes closed.”

This was just painful, but the girl looked up at him happily, clearly infatuated with him as much as he appeared to be infatuated with me. Although, the truth was that he probably wasn’t interested in me at all, or I suppose Cornelia. He was infatuated with the idea of Cornelia. He had built up a person in his mind… a beautiful princess that satisfied his every sexual desire… and this duke’s daughter had been right there, desperately trying to fill the role.

“Say… something like Cornelia would say,” he said.

“Ah… yes… um… I like elves. I like them to be my servants. I think they’re just like us, humans.”

“That… is something she would say… yes. Get over on your knees now, I’m going to put it in.”

He pulled down his pants and hiked up her dress. He put her over the bed, pushing her down onto her knees, where her head fell into a fluffy pillow, a comfortable doggie style. He grabbed the underwear and pulled it to the side, and I realized that even the underwear was mine. I gave a wry smile as he slid his dick into her. He had to try three times before his dick properly slid into her. Likely, she wasn’t very wet trying to pretend to be another woman to satisfy her lover. Stress could do that to you. That was a problem I never had anymore, so I almost forgot it was a thing. They could probably use my Pigman lubricant, not that I was offering.

‘Uh… oh yeah, Richard… you’re so big, Richard. I didn’t realize. You’re much bigger than those Pigman… it’s practically splitting me in two.”

“Yeah… did those Pigman rape you, Cornelia?”

“I couldn’t stop them, Richard. It was their elf overlord. He controlled them, made them capture me, and rape me. He raped me too, they took turns. But I persevered because I couldn’t stop thinking of you!”

“Yeah, you’re my woman, so of course you’re strong,” Richard moaned, meanwhile thrusting away deep into Sylvia’s waiting snatch.

“I’m Richard’s woman, yes, ah, yes… fuck me, Richard, make me forget those horrible Pigman!”

“But, what happened Cornelia?”

“Ah… yes! I outsmarted the stupid elf and took his woman. I made her my sl-ah yes… my slave…”

“You’re so smart, just what I’d expect. So, smart… and so tight.”

“Yes, baby… I’m tight, I’m tight for you baby, so keep sticking it in me.”

“Tell me what happened after?” he demanded.

“You courageously sent your brother, he slew the Pigman, and then I had him r-rape my slave girl.”

He barked a laugh while slapping Sylvia’s butt. “That sounds like my brother, the two of you conspired to torture that ugly little elf?”

“Ye… oh yes… oh, fuck yes… we did… we did Richard… I’m going to torture her, but first I need your dick, I need it inside of me!”

Their delusional story was laughable at best. I had to give them credit for coming up with that based on what they knew. Don’t get me wrong, even though their dirty talk was silly, I was a seductress, so I was turned on. As I watched him plow her from behind, the two gasping in tandem while saying just about anything they knew about me, which was very little, I also had slipped my fingers under my dress and did my business.

I wondered how Richard would react knowing that the woman he wanted to fuck was watching him fuck a poor replacement while touching herself. The perversion of that fact did me in, and I ended up cumming, barely holding back a moan. I continued to watch the pair fuck, although they didn’t last long. Without position shifts, sex-related skills, and perpetual stamina, the pair just didn’t perform at my particular level. It was like watching amateurs.

Still… I wondered. I imagined giving the pair stamina. However, he didn’t seem to recover his speed. All Nighter recovered stamina to a sexual partner “during intercourse”. I thought that if I imagined myself as participating in the sense that I’m a voyeur, then technically they’re sexual partners engaged in the same “intercourse.” I was only half sure it would work, but it seemed like skills couldn’t handle that level of mental math. I also tried some Rejuvenation… if I was watching the show, I wanted it to be a good one. However, that failed too.

Finally, I tried to do a position swap, but it failed as well. I didn’t really want to suddenly find myself in a threesome with the pair and I really didn’t know if its mysterious powers would be enough to overlook the sudden addition of a third person. Oh well, at least their doggy is going well enough. She’s getting quite wet now, and he’s got his hips thrusting into her hard enough that it’s making a pleasant thwacking sound. It was loud enough that it covered up the sound of me rubbing myself and breathing hard. I wasn’t trying as hard to Conceal myself, enjoying the show instead. However, he was a bit winded and pulled out early, holding his dick as hot juices shot out across her butt cheeks.

The bell chimes went off, signaling it was ten. At that point, Sylvia seemed to become frantic. She turned around and started sucking his dick. Her blowjob was sloppy at best, but surprisingly, she managed to get him hard after a minute or two. She turned back around and wagged her butt at him, still with streams of his cum on her cheeks. He nodded and stuck it back it, taking her once again in doggie position. She seemed oddly determined to get him to ride her in that position while she faced the door. As he thrust into her, she looked up at the door expectantly. She had a malicious grin on her face as she did. It took me a minute or two to realize what she was doing. That’s right, everything made sense now. I received a note to come at ten to their room. It wasn’t Richard who wrote the note at all. It was Sylvia.

She knew she’d be fucking Richard tonight, and so she wanted me to come to the door just as they were in the throes of sex. She probably planned to answer the door naked, or maybe she thought I’d open the door and catch them there, her giving me a big grin while my husband-to-be plowed her from behind. It was devilish, and also a little sexy for a seductress like me. I wondered what would have happened if I had barged in at that time. Would I have gotten the pair in a threesome? Maybe I would have taken her place and given him the woman he actually wanted. Either way, it was something left in the might have been. She probably never would have guessed I watched the whole thing from another angle.

She continued to give annoyed looks at the door as time passed on, but after about ten minutes she gave up on me coming through and instead backed her butt up against his dick. It wasn’t nearly as good as myself, I worked those hips in many different ways that could drive a man crazy. She just pushed back with her knees in a sloppy rhythm that just as often caused Richard’s dick to fall out of her as it contributed to getting him to thrust deeper.

“Cornelia… your pussy is so tight, Cornelia… I love you!”

“Richard, ah yeah, you’re so hard and big, I love you too. Cornelia loves you!”

My eyebrow rose, but I mostly just smirked in amusement. Using their confessions, moaning, and dirty talk, I brought myself to another climax. It was a little lonely. The king had only fingered me today and I had only fingered myself, that’s an entire day with nothing hard and long in me.

As Richard’s body stiffened and he gave three frantic thrusts deep inside Sylvia, I gave her a little look of envy. A moment later, they finished and he collapsed right next to her, having forgotten to pull out this time. Sylvia fell to her side. She had a big smile on her face as she put her hand over her pussy, likely feeling the seed he deposited in her leaking out. I wondered if she was trying to get pregnant. That was one way mistresses tried to gain a part of their lovers, so it made sense.

Either way, the two lied there without speaking deep into the night, and I was really really bored by the time I was comfortable getting out from behind the changing curtain and sneaking out of the room.

Sneaking has increased to level 2.

Well, at least something good came from tonight. I looked down at Sylvia, wearing a satisfied look on her face as she cupped her sex juices against her hand and the dirty pair of underwear that used to be mine. I gave a sigh and left the room. I just wanted to forget this day ever happened.

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