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I returned to the room rather sexually frustrated from a night without penetration. Immediately, I started looking around in the packs, trying to find the toy Jenai had taken from me so long ago while ignoring the overly pink scenery.

“Looking?” Min asked.

I explained to her the device I was looking for. It was my only toy and considering it was conceived by the twisted mind of Nova, it might be the only toy of its kind in the country. If I wanted my +25% experience with Solo Player, I needed it. When Min shook her head and told me she didn’t find anything matching my description, I fell into a depression.

I would need to find some kind of craftsman with magic to create a new one for me. That was a given. Perhaps if I asked the King, he could help me out. However, that was something that couldn’t be done tonight. That meant that tonight I would have absolutely nothing long and hard inside of me.

It might sound silly to someone else, but I had rarely gone more than a single day without a penis inside me since I’d been to this world. I was suffering from penis withdrawal, is all I’m trying to say. I laid on the bed, an annoyed look on my face. A moment later, Min laid down next to me. I gave her a surprised look.

She had been taking the whole “servant” thing really seriously. She was sewing outfits for me, cooking for me, rubbing my shoulders when I asked. I had expected, given her behavior, she’d end up trying to sleep in some kind of servant cot in an adjacent room, or perhaps curled up on the floor. Instead, she lied down right next to me and wrapped her arms around me like it was the most natural thing.

It’s not that I minded. Having Min next to me was very comforting. It was likely the same for her. She had been through a lot too. She had been lucky enough to avoid getting involved with Nova, but she had ended up stumbling out of the forest with nothing on her back. She tried to steal some food so she wouldn’t starve, and suddenly she was branded a slave by angry farmers. All of that was after she had been a breeding stock for goblins for an unknown period. So, she probably wanted to hold on to someone at night as well.

However, I was still really wound up, and she smelled really good. My hands started to move over her body. They really had a mind of their own.

Min looked up at me with some very cute eyes and a blush on her cheeks. “Level up.”

I smiled as I set Lesbian Lover, but shook my head. “No… not leveling. I just want… for Min to be inside me.”

She looked at me for a few moments, then gave a sharp nod. “Min… try hard.”

That’s how she ended up lying down around my legs. She had stuck three fingers into me, and she was wiggling them around. However, she really didn’t have any kind of method. The fingers just kind of poked into me and twirled around. It really wasn’t doing it.

“Min, baby, c-can you kind of do it a little smoother, like, rub here… no, here… like you do when you masturbate.”

Min wore a blank face as I said that.

“Oh, you’ve never masturbated?” I asked.

Min shook her head. “No… Aria… only.”

“What? I-I’m the only one whose ever… made you cum?”

“Mmm… cum… Aria… best.”

I didn’t know why I was blushing now, it wasn’t the kind of compliment that should make someone feel good, but for some reason, I was kind of proud. Was this the kind of feeling guys had when being a girl’s first? I wasn’t sure, but I liked to be complimented at how good I could make people feel.

However, none of that solved my current problem, which was that Min’s fingers were inside me, but they lacked any real oomph. Finally, I reached down and positioned her hand. I put all four fingers in, her hands were pretty tiny and it took that before I felt satisfied. I put her thumb down on my clit. Then I grabbed her wrist. She let me while watching her hand and my pussy intently like she was studying.

I pulled her wrist to bring her hand out, then brought it back in. I repeated the motion over and over again. She kept her hand still, letting me control all the motions, and soon, I was jacking her wrist back and forth while rocking my hips against her fingers and thumb.

That’s right, I was using her hand like a dildo. It probably wouldn’t get me masturbation experience, but I probably got more experience if it counted as lesbianism, anyway. Therefore, I used her hand as my fuck toy, growing more vigorous and aggressive as I went.

Position Unlocked: Lounger

Before long, the feeling of her fingers sliding in and out of me as fast as my hand could move her wrist did the trick, and I came. I started slowing down as my pussy convulsed on her wet fingers. After a moment, I pulled them out, and I brought Min up to my level. I gave her a kiss on the lips and licked her fingers covered in my juices.

“Felt… cum…” Min murmured.

I smiled and gave her a hug, finally satisfied for the night. This wasn’t so bad, at least every now and then. I went to sleep naked while still holding on to Min.

When I woke up, it was still dark in the room. I could feel Min holding me from behind. However, something about her form felt off. I started to turn around, but suddenly realized I couldn’t move.


“Who’s that?” A gruffer male voice said behind me.

Shivers shot up my spine as the arms wrapped around me tightened. They weren’t the thin delicate arms of Min, but a man’s very muscular arms. However, the worst part was the instant recognition of who was talking. The voice was none other than Nova’s voice.

“Wh-what did you do to Min?” I demanded.

I had reached around and grabbed my face. I was completely immobilized and couldn’t resist and my head was turned painfully up. Nova’s face was looking down at me with a malicious smirk. He leaned forward and shoved his tongue down my throat. As he took my mouth, his hand squeezed painfully on my breasts. After a few moments of this, he pulled his lips away.

“Don’t forget who owns you.” Nova chuckled. “Your mission must be finished.”

“I know…” I practically spat. “But you haven’t given me any direction.”

“You know…” He said, pulling away a bit. “You weren’t supposed to fuck the Pigman. They were paid handsomely just to hold you for a week. I’m assuming you had some role in breaking their greed and fear of me. You really are a slut.”

In certain situations, being called a slut would have been a turn-on, but this time hit me hard. I justified my sexual exploits with the need for experience, protection, and survival, but deep down those questions still ran behind the mental resistance and Mental Fortitude. Was I just some slut? Was that all I was? Those words hurt me in a way I hadn’t felt since my last day with the Pigman. However, when the Pigman had broken me, I killed them. If I could just kill Nova…

Something must have shown on my face because Nova gave a laugh. “I wonder what you’re thinking. But don’t worry. Even a slut like you will serve the Bandit King. You can be a whore, but you’re my whore. Never forget it!”

His hand reached down my body, sliding between my legs while I was powerless to fight back. His fingers, rough and unpleasant, pushed themselves inside me. At this point, my Deception and Conceal were maxed. Even if I did enjoy his touches, I wouldn’t show it on my face.

“Just tell me what you want,” I demanded.

He leaned very close to my ear and bit it. “You’ll find out soon.”

Suddenly, his fingers turned sharp and thrust up into me like a blade. There was a sharp pain as he tore into me from the inside. I let out a scream, and my eyes suddenly burst open. The light was coming in from the window and I woke up to the sound of a light knock on the door. When I glanced down, I saw that was wearing clothing, although I had been sweating a lot, and it was a bit sticky. Min had once again dressed me while I was asleep though. Did that mean that what had happened was a dream? Perhaps it was a special skill of Nova’s, something like entering my dreams. Suddenly, I felt a lot less safe.

For the moment, at least, I was safe in my room and Nova was not here. With a breath of relief, I finally regained some of my composure. I was wearing a slightly uncomfortable pink dress. The nice comfy nightie I had worn before was taken by Richard and his fuck buddy so they could commit their bizarre sexual acts, so I was left with what Min scrounged from Cornelia’s stock. Oh god, did they take my vibrator as well? The horrifying thought suddenly entered my brain.

While I still recovered from my rough awakening, it was Min who answered the door, still wearing the splotchy slave outfit. There was nothing I could do about the dream now, I didn’t even know if I was real or just a nightmare, so I focused on Min instead. I’d have to get her something new to wear soon. I wasn’t even sure if it had been washed since I had found her in it. Min spoke with someone I couldn’t see on the outside of the door, and after a moment closed the door and walked over to me with something in her hand.

It was a small letter, not sealed in an envelope. There was a spike of fear that this had come from Nova. Min looked at me worriedly as the expressions unfolded on my face. I reinstated my Conceal and gave Min a reassuring look. After taking a deep breath, I unfolded the letter and looked at the writing.

Your first and second brothers would like to have you for breakfast. Meet us out in the garden, my dear, we have much to discuss!

The letter was written in a scrawl that was even more bubbly and artistic than the note left last night by Sylvia. First and second brothers must mean the first prince and the second prince. Like the king, they apparently had no problem immediately seeing me as family, even though the wedding was still pending. I informed Min of my new schedule, and she nodded and immediately started preparing me.

Although Nova told me I didn’t need to continually decorate my hair as diligently as the first meeting, Min still combed, curled, and wore it up. Meanwhile, I applied the appropriate makeup. I had to continue the image of a princess, and I didn’t feel like I could do it without the assistance of this physical mask along with the mental one I prepared.

I slipped back into princess mode, regaining the etiquette I didn’t wear when I was alone with Min. When I was finished decorating myself, Min helped me put on a dress. It was, of course, pink, but it actually looked considerably toned down from the rest of the stuff. Most of the frills and embroidery were absent and it fit my body far closer than the puffy dresses of the former princess.

Etiquette has increased to level 2.

“This… you worked on the dress last night?” I asked.

“Mm…” Min nodded.

She didn’t say anything more, but I gave her a proper thank you and a kiss on the cheek. I twirled around once in the dress. It was much better than the dress had previously been. This was at least a dress I could walk around in without feeling embarrassed. Min waited at the door and waved goodbye as I left. She was such a diligent servant.

Of course, my sense of direction had not improved in a day, so I still needed to ask several servants in order to make it to the garden which was outside of the mansion. It appeared that this garden was a massive flower garden that made up a large portion of the castle’s backyard. It was decadent and refined, and I couldn’t help but think about how much labor a thing like this took to maintain, especially in this day and age. Perhaps magic made some things easier, but the image of monarchs living off the broken backs of peasants still entered my mind.

As if to accentuate that fact as I traveled down the garden path, my eyes caught a gigantic statue. It was easily 30 meters tall. It depicted a massive dragon that appeared to be breathing fire. There was a knight as well, defending himself with a massive shield that blocked the flames. The dragon was the typical fantasy kind, large, reptilian neck, giant wings, and sharp claws. As I took it in, I wondered if dragons were real in this world, or if this was something metaphorical.

“Ghastly, isn’t it?” The voice suddenly came from behind and I gave a jump, turning back.

The person who was behind me was none other than Gregory. He wore the more restrained clothing that the first prince did not, rich looking shirt and slacks over a strong and muscular chest. He had hair that was just long enough that you wouldn’t be able to call it short. He was well-shaved, clean, and possessed a rich flowery scent that was not out of place in this garden.

“Ah, yeah, dragons… is… there a story behind it?” I asked, vaguely feeling for information.

Gregory made a face. “Yeah… one father won’t let us forget. It’s his statue. The young man was him, or so he says… back forty years ago when he was just level 72. It depicts the conquest of the Dragon God Bahamut.”

“Bahamut!” I say in surprise.

It was, at the very least, a name I recognize from RPGs. It was usually a boss, or a summon. Depended on the fantasy.

“Yes… as Father tells it, Bahamut was summoned by the demon king forty years ago. As he says, he was close friends with the hero of ages and the hero’s party.”

“Demon Kings and heroes…” I looked at the statue wistfully.

“Well, you are a woman after all, so I suppose those kinds of things do it for you.” He sniffed.

I gave him a wry look. “Not exactly. I was just wondering what the hero was like…”

He laughed. “You and every teen girl I’ve ever met. No one remembers him well, even those who met him. They say he made it to level 100. He was a person summoned from another world. Once he beat the demon lord and Bahamut, they say he surpassed that level and ceased to be human. Others say he just went home.”

“Another world? What kind of world!” I said the words a bit too excitedly, my Conceal losing out to the first time I had ever heard anyone mention another world.

Gregory laughed. “Who knows? It’s all probably made up, anyway. There are no other worlds than this one. And that dragon? Just a high-level monster. They act like just because monsters get over level 100, they suddenly become gods. It’s just bullshit. You shouldn’t listen to that kind of stuff.”

“Right,” I shook my head. “Th-that’s not why you wanted to come talk to me.”

Gregory gave a smile, putting his arm out. I put my hand through it and held on to him. “Well, let’s join big brother first. He’s busy being pampered under the pergola.”

I nodded and the pair of us moved away from the statue. I gave the dragon one last look before I shook my head. I needed to know more about the history of this world, especially if I ever wanted to return home. However, first, I had to survive, and a certain ring on my finger currently held more importance.

When we reached a large wooden canopy draped with flowers, we came upon the first prince. He was lying back on the lounge-like seat. He was wearing a large gaudy robe and pants, but no shirt. There was a bowl of fruit on a nearby table, and there were also three servants nearby. One was feeding him the fruit, except he wasn’t using his hands, but his mouth. He’d pick up a grape with his lips and then bend over and drop it into Julian’s mouth. Another was rubbing his feet while the third waved a fan. It was exactly like one of those depictions of hedonism.

And while I called them servants, not a single one of them wore a shirt. Instead, they had nicely toned muscular bodies that were shaved completely clean, and appropriately oiled. They wore pants, sort of, they were very tight and low cut. Their bulges were not left to the imagination. Regrettably, the pool boy look was totally doing it for me, and I could barely manage to take my eyes off of them, my concealing shattering to give way to this guilty pleasure.

“A-are these those servants you told me about.” I started reaching out and almost touched one blond man’s chest before I stopped myself.

Gregory sat down in a chair near Julian and the two shared a look and a knowing smile. “See, Julian, I told you that she understood. She might be someone compatible with us.”

“I never said I doubted you, my sweet, I just thought your reasoning was flawed.”

“Eh? But I figured any woman who keeps an elf slave must have certain dark desires?”

“That’s the thing, you have it wrong, about the elves.”

“What?” I broke in. “What about elves?”

The pair turned to me and Julian held out his hand toward me before he spoke. “Well, your female elf slave. You haven’t slept with her, right?”

My cheeks turned bright with shock. “N-no! Of course not!”

Of course, this was a complete lie, but I never expected anyone to ask me outright.

“But you’ve tried, right?”

I turned my eyes away, but the continuing blush gave him the opinion that I had, so he chuckled and nodded.

“But, brother, elves are such sexually promiscuous creatures!”

Julian sighed. “That’s what I’m saying. They are not. That is just a myth propagated by the uninformed. Even I had to be set straight by a particularly well-endowed elf.

“Eh! Brother, without me? When did this happen?”

“Oh, during the Marqueet festival, when father sent you off.”

“Even then, you’d promised you wouldn’t feast without me.”

“Please, sweetie, let me tell my story.” Julian waved his hand as Gregory pouted. “I met a particular interesting elf, but he was an outcast. His sexual nature was abnormal. You see… elves are fiercely monogamous. In fact, in the elvish tongue, marriage and sex have the same meaning.”

“But what about those public ceremonies where they engage in sex?”

“That’s what I asked the elf as well. He told me it was humans misunderstanding. You see, to an elf, being asked to have sex is the same thing as being asked to have a marriage. Where a human might consummate his marriage vows, to an elf, consummation IS the marriage vow.”

“So… that means?”

“Yes! One elf asks another to have sex, and then they gather all of their loved ones and do it in full view of the village, the so-called witnesses. Of course, this practice I completely endorse.  But afterward, they remain intensely devoted. They never pick another partner. Basically, they’re prudes.”

“W-wait!” I interrupted, my face starting to turn green. “What about if they were raped or something.”

Julian shrugged. “It’s consent that matters. Unless both sides agree to it and then do it consensually, it’s not binding. So that sweet elf said. Gods… he was so good with his mouth. I could watch that thing work all day.”

“Brother, you’re making me jealous!”

“B-b-b-but w-what about women? Like… if they’re both women. That doesn’t count without penetration, right?” My voice was a little higher than it should have been as I cut into their conversation.

“Same-sex marriages?” Gregory chuckled. “See, she does think like us, most women wouldn’t even consider being with another woman.”

“Well, until we get to them.” Julian chuckled, but then turned to me. “Did a certain horny princess do something naughty to her elf slave?”

“Geh!” I made a nonsensical noise, and he struck the matter home.

Oh God! Min… what are you thinking!

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