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It was only just finishing up with the third goblin when I received a new notice.

Congratulations!!! You have leveled to Seductress level 3!

All stats have increased by one.

You have one Skill point.

Special Skills Available:

Essence Eater (Passive): Convert life essence into hp/mp/stamina.

Sexual Saint (Passive): Endurance boosts x5 during sexual intercourse.

Forced Release (Active): Brings target to climax instantly.

The third goblin had already gotten off and the fourth one was starting to work his way down. They weren’t exactly gentle lovers, and as they thrust into me, scratches accumulated on my back as I rocked uncomfortably over the rocky ground under me. However, Mental Fortitude seemed to resolve any problems I had, and I was more annoyed that I hadn’t cum yet, as opposed to the horrors of being in a conga line monster gangbang.

Upon leveling, my body suddenly felt a surge of strength. It seemed that like a game, leveling restored your body back to normal. I no longer felt cold and the accumulated bruises and scratches immediately faded. Furthermore, my girl parts seemed to restore themselves too, and rather than feeling chaffed, I felt like the sensitivity returned to that area. I was in tip-top shape, despite having been lying naked in a damp cave and living off scraps for the last two days. Leveling was nice.

I spread my legs a bit as the goblin put his hands down on my thighs. A second later, his little knob dick popped into me and he was thrusting away, making little grunting noises. It slid in easy, not just because he was a bit small by human standards, but also because I was already slick with sex. His dick felt warm, which was surprisingly comfortable in contrast to the cold hard ground my ass was rubbing on. I tried to get the goblin to hold me and press his body against me, sharing some warmth, but he gave an annoyed look and slapped my hands away when I tried to pull him down.

I decided to ignore him instead and quickly ran through the list of options. All three of these special skills sounded good to me. However, as much fun as the forced release seemed, I didn’t know enough about it. Would it work at a distance? Is it only during sex? Does it use stamina or spell points? I didn’t know. Either way, it wouldn’t help at this particular second, so I decided to ditch it.

That left Essence Eater and Sexual Saint. If my encounter with the goblin the first day told me anything, it’s that my stamina seriously needed to be increased. Fortunately, leveling seemed to recharge my stamina for the moment, but there were a lot more goblins coming, and it looked like Pheromones would use a fair amount of stamina too. Being on my back seemed to use less stamina than being on top, but I wasn’t sure I could last. I didn’t want to break like the other girls.

So, the question became; did I want a boost in stamina or a stamina regen? A five times boost is a lot. The higher my level, the more meaningful it’ll become. However, being able to regen with life essence sounded good. In this respect, I assumed life essence means jizz. Of course, there was a small chance I could be wrong, but I didn’t think so. Every time a goblin came in me, I imagined I could use it to heal myself and recover my stamina. I don’t know by how much, though. I couldn’t imagine it would be a lot.

I gave a sigh as the fourth goblin came, a soothingly warm glob shooting into me as he convulsed. As his dick popped out, quickly cooling liquid ran down the crack of my ass. Another goblin shouted something I didn’t understand and shoved the other goblin away. He yelled something back but then took off, his now soft dick dripping a slightly brown ooze. It seemed like goblin sperm was very watery and slightly brown. I reached down, and touched a little, and sniffed it. What, I was curious!

It smelled kind of grimy, like mud. I decided I would not try to taste it. My vagina would just have to take it for the team, no BJs here. Although, now I was wondering if BJs netted the same experience points as my vagina. Would it net me the extra experience points? Is the first-time bonus dependent on the hole? Like first time vagina, first time mouth, first time ass… alright, maybe not my ass, I don’t quite have enough Mental Fortitude for that yet, but if I could double or triple this first-time bonus… I really didn’t think so, though, but I’d leave head as a backup.

The next goblin shoved his dick into me and slapped my hand away as he started thrusting. It looked like I’d made my decision. I selected Sexual Saint and my body suddenly felt a surge of vitality. After leveling up, I already felt like I could take on another ten goblins. Now it felt like the entire tribe might not be enough to satisfy me. The line was about twenty goblins long. I thought that covered just about every goblin in the cave. That meant 15 more new goblin bonuses, assuming that the goblin I had yesterday was in that line somewhere. Sorry goblin lover, you all look alike and I can’t really tell the difference.

As each goblin started thrusting into me, I used up as much of my willpower as I could to keep myself from taking over. This was about numbers. I couldn’t use up all my energy on two or three, no matter how fun it’d be.

Carnal Resistance has increased to level 1.

It looked like resisting my own sexual appetite is a thing too? Still, I could have a little fun, couldn’t I? As soon as I found myself enjoying the conga line of goblins thrusting into me and was about to orgasm, I took a glance over at the two other girls. One of the two girls was actually looking at me. She had a pitying look, but it also looked a little perplexed. I wasn’t an exhibitionist, but I had absolutely no qualms about being watched. These special skills were certainly convenient. Rather than giving her a smile, I remembered why I was doing this and put back on my game face.

That’s right, Aria, this is a serious situation. You’re leveling. What do they call that, level grinding?

I let out a laugh before I could help myself. It looked like I’d never be able to see level grinding like a normal person again. Realizing that seemed weird given the situation, I gave the girls another glance. They were both looking at me now, although their faces were indiscernible.

Please don’t judge me! I’m doing this for all of us, I swear!

Even with the new person bonus, assuming I was getting a new person bonus, it was another ten goblins before I hit my next level. It looked to be just like other game mechanics. Leveling got harder and harder as you went. No pun intended.

Congratulations!!! You have leveled to Seductress level 4!

All stats have increased by one.

You have one Skill point.

Special Skills Available:

Muscle Control (Passive): Gain greater control over passive muscles during sex.

Entrance Control (Passive): Increase or decrease size of vagina and labia at will.

Seduction (Active): Increases a target’s affection and loyalty, effects can be stacked.

So, it seemed like every level introduced two passive skills and one active skill. I was a little disappointed I couldn’t pick up Essence Eater. So far, I hadn’t had a single skill repeat. Does that mean I would never get repeats? I just didn’t know. I needed a few more levels before I was certain. Still, it was frustrating randomly picking level-ups and hoping they’d help me in the future.

This round was a bit disappointing too. Still, nothing I could use to escape. When would I get vagina dentata, or maybe acid-spitting vagina, or something, anything, I could use to escape. I could see the benefits of entrance control and muscle control. I’d have killed to have perfect muscle control during sex in my old life. I assume that’s something like super Kegels. I hear if you’re good at it, the sex is amazing.

In the other skill, being able to control the size meant I could be as tight as I wanted to be. Not that I planned to go around having sex with other monsters, but if I ran into, let’s say, a giant, entrance control might be the difference between life or death.

Taking another deep breath, I finally decide on one. That would have to be Seduction, wouldn’t it? If I could target one goblin, and increase its affection for me enough, maybe it’d be enough to get it to release my chains. I am a seductress after all. Isn’t the Seduction skill basically the entire point of being one?

I continued to put on a show. Another ten goblins had their way with me, and by the end, I was covered in sticky stuff from my belly button to my feet. So much cum. If only I could have converted it to stamina, but I had already made my choice and now I was stuck with it. I was pretty tired now, and pretty satisfied.

Title Obtained: Gang Banger

+5 Endurance, +10 Damage Resistance, +50% experience when using two or more holes during sex when equipped.

Ah, so now I was Aria the Gang Banger. It could have been worse. That endurance boosts along with my 5 X really went a long way. I could handle a line ten times as long now. The experience boost seemed good, but also sounded like a pain in the ass. Not literally, I could use my mouth now that there was a real gain from it, but coordinating the goblins like this didn’t seem possible. I equipped the title with a thought, giving me the energy to do another round. However, the goblins were all already spent and wandering back into the other part of the cave.

It wasn’t that bad though, given my extra sensitive seductress parts, I was brought to climax by the end, and so I left this experience satisfied. It was with the second to last guy who was a larger than normal goblin… in more than one way. He was about a head taller than the others, almost as tall as me, and his dick was about the size of some of the boyfriends I had in the past. Yes, the smaller dicked boyfriends, but he was passable, was all I was trying to say.

I ended up using the Seduction skill on him. It was because he was a head taller than the others and had a scar on his cheek. That meant I could easily pick him out and he likely was one of the stronger and more combat-ready goblins. Yes. Those were the reasons. It certainly wasn’t because he had a big enough dick to bring me to climax. What kind of girl did you think I was?

On that note, after the Pheromones wore off, most of the goblins went back to the way they were, avoiding me and picking on my two poor cage mates. However, I had picked up 3-4 fans who came to me. One of them was the goblin I had used Seduction on. I ended up using it on him again. A day later I used it on him a third time. I didn’t know what kind of cooldown rate the Seduction had. It didn’t feel like I could use it back to back, or I would have. Each time it took away a large chunk of stamina, so I decided that once a day was all I could spare.

It worked too. The goblin started stopping by more and more frequently to release on me, and I was pleased to find his capacity to make me cum wasn’t a fluke. Well, at least once every third time if I really focused. That was not the reason I picked him! I swear! After the third time I had used Seduction on him, it seemed like he had taken complete exclusivity over me. Even the two or so fans I had would take one look at him, and then walk to one of the other girls.

In some ways, his behavior came off as kind of manly. I was his girl. It was clear by his actions that he felt that way. On the third day, one of the goblins got cocky, and by cocky I mean they tried to stick their cock in me. He ended up bashing the goblin to death a few feet from me. Okay, manly might not be quite the right word, but in his own warped way, this goblin loved me.

By the sixth day after I started seducing the goblin, I was getting a little uncomfortable. I hadn’t leveled in a while. The scraps of barely cooked food, freezing cold, and accumulated damage was starting to build up.  I faired a lot better than the other girls, whose complexions were only getting worse. During the second day, the big goblin started bringing me things. First, it was a blanket that finally let me take my bare ass off the cold rock. Then it was a little extra food. I finally got some clothing. Okay… a burlap sack, and one short enough that my lower parts were left bare for his convenience, but it was better than nothing. I wanted to share with the other girls, but I worried he might get violent with them too, so I restrained myself.

Of course, I also got to have sex four times a day. More Seduction only seemed to increase his sexual appetite, and the goblin would stumble into the room with a fervor, lock his eyes onto me, and just pounce. It was getting pretty intense, and I didn’t particularly hate that aggression in those circumstances. However, because he scared away all the other goblins, that seemed to reduce my total experience gained. Without any new goblins around, I reached a leveling bottleneck.

I needed someone new to have sex with. Just one more level. Then, maybe I could convince the bigger goblin to help me escape. I just needed one more level before I was confident enough to try this plan. Plus, the girl farthest from me was looking bad. I didn’t think she would make it much longer. She might be dead in a day or two at this rate. Her will to live was already gone.

If there was just one more person I could fuck! Then my eyes snapped to the woman closest to me. No… really? I’d never tried to touch her, but the chains would be close enough that we could get next to each other. Oh god, what was I thinking! That… it had to be that. I needed a new person bonus. Would the Gang Banger two-hole award compound with a new person bonus? If we 69’d, that’d be using both holes, wouldn’t it?

I couldn’t even believe I was thinking of this. This was insane!

Mental Resistance has increased to level 12.

“Haha…” I guess even my warped mind needed a little boost to get this over with.

I’ve already slept with 20+ monsters. Is one woman really out of the question? Especially if this could save both of our lives.

I slowly stood up and moved over to her. When I sat down right next to her, my naked thigh pressed up against hers. For the first time since I’ve gotten to this crazy world, my Seductress abilities didn’t suppress my nervousness.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

She had long hair that covered her face, scraggly and split as it was. She had a very small form, and seemed almost delicate, although it was hard to make out her features covered in dirt and the relative dark of the room. I realized at that point that we had never actually spoken, and I had no clue if we even spoke the same language. A moment later, she responded.


“Hello, Min, my name is Aria.”

Min gave me a flat look. It was a cold and hopeless look, one that seemed to scream that she couldn’t even spare an ounce of hope between our interactions. To her, we were just two women waiting to be raped to death.

“Min… I think I can get us out of here. But I’m going to need you to do something… a little bit outrageous.”


I let out a sigh and began to tell her what I wanted. I didn’t explain anything about my class, the fact that I could level by having sex, or anything else. I just told her that if we had sex, I might be able to help her escape. If any guy had used that line, I’d have punched him in the throat. However, after a moment of silence, Min nodded.

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