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“This… was not what I had in mind,” I said, lying on his bed.

“Well, too bad. I want to put as much into you as I can in as short a time as I can.”

“But isn’t it too much?”

“You can make it fit,” he insisted, pushing it against me, the weight pressed down and I was out of breath as he continued. “You should be able to read all of these by tomorrow.”

Yes, rather than ripping off my clothes and enjoying some hot, wet sex… he had taken me to his bedroom to hand me half a dozen heavy books. Each one was about twice the size of a textbook as he dumped them into my arms until I collapsed on the bed from the weight of it. Even my enhanced strength wasn’t enough to handle this many books at a time.

Of course, I was excited about the chance to start studying this world… but some of the stuff he was handing me looked like it went far beyond what I could handle at the moment. One book wasn’t even written in common tongue. He handed me a cipher and said I’d just have to decode it. The hell I would be doing that.

Still, I took the books, dragging them down the tower, across the courtyard, and back to my room. The man seemed to have absolutely no sex drive at all. No matter how many winks or sexual innuendos I swung his way, he seemed completely disinterested in my body. It was a first for me, so I was mostly flabbergasted. I supposed it should be a good thing that I had an ally that didn’t want something from me other than help to make potions.

By the way, we agreed I’d be in the lab twice a week to help him. Even he realized that a princess spending all her time in an alchemy lab would be suspicious, especially if that same princess eventually was unmasked as a spy who snuck into the palace. That would cause some doubt to show on him as well. He was willing to overlook my actions, but he wouldn’t get involved in them. He said he had no interest in the politics of nobles, and no loyalty to Nidia, but he wasn’t going to betray it either. He grew up in another nation and was only here because the king had offered him better facilities than back home.

My next stop was the king’s study. I let myself in and found the king absent. However, he had given me permission, so I perused the library to find books. Unlike the books that helped me make potions, this time I was looking for stuff more on history and skills. I had a few books out and I was trying to force myself to read through a particularly heavy book discussing the history of the 7 nations that made up this particular continent. It was a story of internal strife, with nations constantly warring with other nations, only truly uniting some 40 years ago at the onset of the Demon King war.

The Demon King had taken control of the demon continent and had invaded. It took the hero, a man summoned from another world, to unite the seven nations and fight the Demon King. The story suggested the Demon King died, but like Gregory’s cryptic story earlier, the hero mysteriously disappeared shortly after.

The study door opened and when the king saw me, he smiled and said, “Ah… my daughter is studying hard I see.”

“Yes, Papa,” I responded, my voice sounding slightly bored and petulant.

“Oh, so you didn’t come here just to study? Does my sweet little dumpling need something from her Papa?”

Like that, I had started making demands. He seemed to really like it when I acted spoiled. He seemed almost delighted to fulfill my requests. Although, I wasn’t really that demanding. I just complained that I wanted materials for my seamstress to work.

“B-but Cornelia, you’ve already brought an entire carriage full of your clothing.”

“No!” I whined. “I want something new!”

Rather than look annoyed, he wore a satisfied appearance. I wondered if this was what sugar daddies felt like back on earth. I wasn’t really intending to make the king my sugar daddy, but it was so easy to make requests. My second one was that I wanted to go into town and buy some accessories. It was another request that sounded horrendous coming from a princess. Of course, even the Aria part of me wanted to go explore the town. I had not seen much of Stine, and I wanted to see more of this fantasy city.

“Hmm… going to the city, huh? That’s a bit dangerous.” The king wore a very stern expression, and it seemed like he was about to say no.

“Please… then papa should go with me?” I bashed my eyes, looking up at him as cutely as I knew how.

Seduce has increased to level 4.

“Oh well…” The King stuttered. “I can’t really just go running around the city.”

Tears started to well in my eyes. “B-but… I feel safest when I’m with Papa. I was hoping Papa could teach me more things.”

“Yes, of course, your papa would love to teach you new things, but this and that…”

“Please, Papa, your daughter will be a good girl, she promises.”

That did him in, and with stars in his eyes, he nodded. “Of course, my perfect daughter, but I really can’t take you. But wait! My son… it would have to be Devon. He should be able to escort you. He’s the most competent of my four sons!”

You really shouldn’t say that about your kids, but having the chance to go out in the town with Devon did make me feel a surge of happiness. However, I fell back on my roleplaying ability and pushed forward with the act.

I looked sad at first, but after a moment, I said with a pout, “I’ll go… with Devon… but only if Papa spends some close time with me now. I want Papa to feel happy and leak again.”

I still didn’t have a toy, so yeah, I was horny, and with Reinhart showing no interest, that meant that the king was my only real source of companionship outside of Min. I’m sorry Min, but your lack of a penis makes you ill-fitted for this situation!

This day, he showed me pleasuring with mouths. He fingered me for a bit and licked down there while I giggled and told him that it tickled. I was eventually bent over in front of his chair, while he leaned forward and licked my pussy, his nose shoved firmly between my cheeks and practically up my butt. As he shook his head, making gasping noises as he tongued my juicy pussy, I came with my ass in the face of the King of this country.

Next, I leaned over him on the chair and provided a kneeling blowjob. The role play managed to keep my high-level blowjob from accidentally kicking in and ruining the moment. Instead, I licked him slowly, treating the tip of his penis like a lollipop. As I kept going like that, he eventually decided to coax me.

“Try putting a little more in your mouth,” he said.

“I-is that okay, papa, it’s just so big, I don’t think it will fit.”

“Oh ho..” he laughed. “We’ll just be careful. Just imagine it’s a big sausage, and you want to take a big bite. AH, TEETH!”

I pulled out. “Oh, sorry, papa, you said sausage, and it looked so tasty I couldn’t stop. Pwease don’t be mad at me.”

“You silly girl, Papa could never be. Take it in a little softer. Yes… like that. Now, use a little tongue. Mmm… yeah… now you can suck it a little. That’s right, suck papa’s dick.”

It went like that for a few minutes. It was actually pretty fun. Most of the time, you approached a dick intending to gain or give sexual satisfaction. The skill, in some ways, took some of the satisfaction away. Right now, I was just tinkering with his dick. I’d touch it this way, rub it that way, suck it a little. It was done as if from the blind innocence of someone who didn’t know how these things worked. With a loving partner not trying to immediately get off, it fulfilled a kink in me I didn’t know I had. The so-called enjoying the human body without the need for immediate sexual contact.

Regrettably, our second sexual encounter ended with just as little penetration as the last one. The king seemed somewhat averse to sticking it in. Maybe he was afraid of accidentally fathering another prince. Maybe he genuinely had some concern for my intact virginity when it came to his son. Then again, virginity was his fetish, and despite the obvious reality, I only pretended to be a virgin, once he stuck it in, my most appealing feature to him would be gone. There was a strange line there where anything went except for actual sex. Given this, I wondered if I’d be able to coerce him into anal sex. It’d be tough though, as he seemed adverse to causing me pain. Still, I hadn’t had anything in my butt in a while and I wanted to do it again.

As I considered it, I headed down to the front entrance of the castle. After I made the king blow his load on my chest, the king had sent a knight to fetch his son and order him to escort me through the town. It was an order for some reason. Would it have been so bad just to ask the prince? There was a chance he’d say no, but I think he genuinely wanted to endear himself with his soon-to-be sister, so this seemed fine. Oh, well. I managed to convince him to also sugar daddy me a bit of spending money, so it was fine.

By the time I reached the entrance, Devon was already standing there waiting for me. “Ah, you came.”

“Of course.” Devon turned towards me, his back straight and formal. “It’s my duty and privilege to escort the princess of another country through our fine city.”

I gave him another one of my princess smiles that I had been perfecting over the last couple of days, but it seemed to only cause his back to grow stiffer. He was so high-strung, in fact, that I immediately began thinking of what I could do to loosen him up.


“Yes, my lady!” The only thing he was missing was a salute.

“You can relax… I want an escort, not a guard.”

He jerked at that sound, then looked at me one more time. I was wearing another modified dress from Min’s hard work. It was, of course, pink as well. I really wanted the new materials to arrive before I became the princess who always wore pink. There was still time to prevent that from becoming my new reality.

“Right…” He finally let out a sigh.

I chuckled a little. “You look very handsome today, by the way.”

That had the opposite effect of causing his shoulder to tighten once again. “Ah… yes, my lady… you too… are very beautiful!”

“Then take me…” I winked.

He suddenly started to panic, sputtering in confusion. “I… that is…

“My arm.” I snorted, holding it out. “Take my arm.”

“Ah… yes, of course. I mean, that’s what I’m supposed to do! You’re supposed to take my arm!” He protested.

“Then you better hurry up and offer it.” I smirked.

“Yes, of course, my lady.” He held out his arm, and I immediately grabbed it leaning into him.

We started walking out from the castle, leisurely strolling down the path and past the gate. It looked like he hadn’t prepared a carriage or anything. Well, I hadn’t asked, and he had only a few minutes warning before I had reached the gate, so walking was fine.

“You know, sir knight, you weren’t this nervous when we first met. You even had the nerve to take me to a hotel, with a slave girl you just bought.”

“That is…” His look turned wry. “If I recall properly, you were the one who found the hotel. And bought the slave. And killed the Pigman for that matter…”

“Well, for the knight that rescued the princess, did you do anything?” I asked.

His expression dropped. “Ah… right… I guess I didn’t do much, after all, did I?”

“You were there…” I said, suddenly leaning into him. “Sometimes, that is enough, my prince.”

I stood on my tippy toes and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. It wasn’t anything I felt was romantic. It was merely a quick thank you. He had escorted me to the castle.  He didn’t know it, but at the point, he showed up, I was at my lowest, and he brought me from that despair. The place where I almost broke.

The peck on the cheek took him off guard, and he started acting even more flustered. “Ah, that… Richard! Richard is your prince in the future. So…”

I sniffed. “Richard isn’t here.”

“Ah, well… as to that. You should go easy on him a bit. He doesn’t have… my battle prowess. He never learned to fight, and he never gained a class. He was suckered in by some bad advice.”

“How so?” I asked.

“Oh… well, you know how classes work? Everyone is born a commoner or noble… and the choices you make lead you to your first class. Usually, the lower level you class, the better off you are. However, there was a wild rumor going around a decade ago that if you didn’t class, you could gain all skills easier. Our brother tried this method thinking it would make him heroically strong. He remained a noble, committing to nothing. An apprentice of everything, master of none. However, in the end, his stats are inferior to mine, and I think he resents me for it.”

“That does sound kind of bad… and unfair.”

“Is it? Perhaps… but he has many things that I’d consider enviable as well.”

I snorted. “Yeah… like Sylvia.”

He grimaced.” She’s… jealous, but at the end of it, they’re just friends. Both know their responsibilities.”

Yeah, I’m sure, that’s why she gets it from behind on her hands and knees while wearing my stuff. I still sat somewhere between pity and envy on that one. I really needed a hard cock, just for a bit. As I thought about dirty things, Devon took my silence as thinking deeply about something regarding my future with Richard.

“I think Richard will make you a happy woman.”

“And what about you?” I asked.

“Wh-what about me?” He became flustered again.

“You’re so easy to agitate, I’m sorry.”

“Ah, you’re teasing me.” He dropped his arm and gave me a stern frown.

“Perhaps I just want you to spoil me a bit.” I smiled.

“But-t… my brother…”

“Your brother isn’t here… so that makes the duty fall on you to take care of me. So, Sir Knight, let’s start with feeding this princess. What’s a good place to eat?”

“Ah… let’s go to a small place I know of, they have very good food,” he said quickly, trying to regain his composure as he offered me his arm again.

I took it, and the pair of us continued to walk. It was about another five minutes before we reached the location. As he said, it was a small shop on the corner of a cobblestone street. The outer city was not as busy as I would have thought. I always had the impression these kind of cities would be crowded, but except the occasional pedestrian, the roads were fairly clear.

The food the prince ended up bringing me was a kind of meat stuffed in a bun and covered with a greasy sauce. I ate it, and for his sake, it wasn’t all that bad. It reminded me a bit of a McRib, which got me feeling a bit nostalgic for home.

“Ah, I need to use the bathroom,” I said suddenly as we were nearing the end of the meal.

He blushed, but I didn’t really see what the problem was. He couldn’t possibly think a girl didn’t pee or something like that. However, he did point and say that the bathroom was in the back.

The doors didn’t have any convenient signs to tell me which was the bathroom; although, I was mostly just glad that this world had indoor plumbing. I had done my fair share of dirty work in the woods, so being able to go in peace was good.

However, what they had wasn’t so much a toilet as it was a hole in the ground. I had heard that some countries use toilets this way, so I at least had enough sense to know I needed to squat and go, but I still didn’t find it comfortable. They also didn’t use toilet paper. They had magic stones that produced water kind of like a magical bidet.

It was while I was in the process of squatting while trying to keep my dress up that I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. There was a small 3-inch hole sitting on the side of the wall. It connected to the adjoining bathroom stall. Rather than dividers, each room housed its own toilet. I stared at the hole thinking how easy it would be to peek at someone trying to use the bathroom with that hole when its true purpose suddenly slapped me in the face.

Oh, right, that’s a glory hole! I had never used one before, which wouldn’t be unusual, but I had heard of them. At this point, I was more curious than horny. I mean, I saw it as a glory hole, but am I thinking too much about it? Why would some little shop on some corner have one of these? And what were the chances anyone ever used it?

Still, I racked my brain for anything I’d ever heard about glory holes. The thing that was hot about them was the anonymity. One person got their dick sucked, the other sucked a dick, and neither ever knew who the other was. I could be a guy, a girl, a cow named Betsy, it was a risk, and also part of the fun. However, in my case, I was a girl for sure, and if I could get a dick to go through that hole, I’d get exactly what I’d been craving.

I felt a little bad about screwing around on my date with Devon, but as Devon was so quick to point out, I was engaged to Richard. As I was quick to remember, I was not really Cornelia and even if I was, Richard was already balls deep in his duke daughter bimbo.

After cleaning myself up and making my decision, I leaned against the wall and immediately stuck two fingers into the hole. My fingers immediately hit something.

“Ah!” A voice shouts on the other side.

The something I hit had pulled away, but when I had first hit it… didn’t it feel a little soft… like an eyeball?

“A peeper?” I said suddenly.

“Wh-wait… you got it wrong!” A voice came from the other side. “I wasn’t pe-peeping, that’s, er… I didn’t see anything, nothing!”

I gave a wry smile. So apparently, this was more a peep show than a glory hole. I felt a little cheated. Although this guy, whoever he was, had been peeping on me pee. I’m not sure how I felt about that. Since I saw it as a sexual act, it looked like sexual fortitude was kicking in and it didn’t bother me a bit.

“I’ll tell you what…” I spoke up through the hole. “I just caught you peeping on me. You got two choices. I either scream pervert, or you stick your dick in the hole.”

“Eh? What did you say? The hell I’m going to listen to you!”

I gave the wall a frustrated look. “If you don’t trust me, just look in the hole one more time.”

I hiked up my dress, dropped my panties, and bent over. Taking both hands, one on each cheek, I spread open my ass cheeks, giving him a nice look at both holes. With my body the way it was now, I suspected the view was a great one. That alone would be enough to please a man for days. However, that wasn’t enough for me.

“If you’re looking, you know what you can get. Come on, don’t leave a girl waiting.”

His dick slid through the hole without another word. It wasn’t anything incredible. Just a hard dick, pinkish colored, with a wrinkled head, about average in size. I considered using Examine to find out who this stranger was, but I decided it was better not to know.

Instead, I crouched down once again, and immediately put my mouth around that dick. I couldn’t get too aggressive since I didn’t want to screw up my makeup, so I put aside deepthroat for now and instead worked on my blowjob. However, at level 7 blowjob, no normal man could keep up, and it only took a minute before he was panting like he was about to blow his load. Not being happy with just sucking dick, I pulled my mouth away.

Blow Job has increased to level 8.

Hand Job has increased to level 4.

Sleight of Hand has increased to level 2.

Technique Unlocked: Swipe.

 Hand Job has increased to level 5.

After a second. “Hey… I’m almost there, you’re not going to leave me hanging.”

“Cool off, boy, I want you inside me.”

Of course, I had been distracted reading all the new updates. I hadn’t expected to increase Sleight of Hand, but what was with gaining two levels in Hand Job? Was it because I leveled up Sleight of Hand? I could in some ways see Sleight of Hand having a relation to Hand Job. It looked like not only could Tier 1 skills unlock Tier 2 skills, but Tier 2 skills could also augment Tier 1 skills into being higher levels. I had also gained my first technique, but swipe sounded more suitable for a thief than me.

Putting aside the bonus, I turned around, reaching behind me to grab his cock and lined it up. I was debating a bit here. I had nearly maxed out Vaginal Intercourse, and while I really wanted a cock inside my pussy, it wasn’t likely to increase my level soon and I needed to consider my leveling opportunities. After considering my options, I selected Rough Rider. I rubbed his cock on my pussy for a bit while he made moaning sounds, but once I felt it was sufficiently wet, I put it up higher, and then pushed back, driving his dick into my tight asshole.

With his dick filling up my ass, I started to finger myself. It was satisfying in its own way. There wasn’t a dick in my pussy, but there was a dick inside me, so I did not have a ton of room to complain. I was glad I had already brought myself so close to cumming by fingering myself while I sucked his cock and by rubbing his cock on my clit because he did not last long.

I had barely pushed my butt back twenty times when I suddenly felt his dick swell and hot liquid shoot deep into my butt. I finished off a quick orgasm, my fingers practically blurring over my clit with the masturbation ability. As his dick started to soften in my ass, I reached climax too.

Anal Sex has increased to level 2.

That was pretty expected since I was only level 1. I wanted to hit him with some rejuvenation and get going a second time in my pussy, but I decided that the prince had been waiting long enough. I used the magical bidet to wash my butt free from cum before I finally pulled up my underwear, pulled down my dress, set my title back to Solo Player, and headed out. I didn’t know if the pervert next door was watching me as I cleaned myself, but to be honest, I had already forgotten about him by the time I left. It was, for all intents and purposes, a forgettable event, even if it was my first glory hole.

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