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“Ah, princess!” Devon did a half stand as I approached. “Are you okay… you kind of took a while.”

“That… err… delicate stomach…” I said.

“Ah, I’m sorry, do you need to sit down?”

“No. Let’s get going, shall we?”

“I guess I picked a bad place…” He scratched his chin.

“Actually, I really like this place, we should come again. But right now…”

“Is that so…” He nodded after a second, accepting my words.

I just wasn’t in the mood to sit down. It wasn’t just because I recently had some guy in my ass. I also didn’t want to stick around and find out if he was going to leave the bathroom and look for me. What’s the point if you knew who the person was? It was just a dick I stuck in my ass for some levels and that was as far as it needed to go. However, I would make the hole a regular visiting spot if it worked.

As we left the shop, Devon had recovered from my previous teasing and was now a very respectable date. He showed me several places around town including the gem shrine, a place that housed a magical gem of some sort, a real weapon shop, and the guild.

“The adventurer’s guild?” I said in awe, seeing the massive double doors leading into every fantasy world’s most important stop.

“Well… adventurer classes do tend to go to the guild… but it’s not called the adventurer’s guild,” Devon explained.

“Eh? What does that mean?”

“Well, the guild is a place that handles most commerce in a city. Most cities are built up of two major divisions, the nobility who set the laws, and the guild that sets the commerce. Although nobles will have you believe we’re in charge, the guild controls a city almost as much.”

“I’m still lost…” I muttered.

“Ah… well… think of it this way. If something needs to be done in this city, it’s done through a division of the guild. There is a merchant’s guild for selling, an alchemist’s guild for making potions, a farmer’s guild for farming, and Dungeon Running Guild for challenging dungeons. Each of these guilds gets swallowed up by the identity of “the guild”. Although every city has its own divisions. You wouldn’t find a farmer’s division in the capital city… but if you were a farmer visiting the capital city, you could still get work done by visiting the guild. Does that make sense?”

“I guess…” I said, scratching my head.

I wondered why it had to be so complex. It was the same with skills. Like, did you get better because you got a skill, or did you get better, and the skill increased as a result? Nothing in this world seemed clean cut. Two people at wildly different levels with wildly different stats could fight each other. In this world, a tier 1 could kill a tier 3, with the right luck. It was almost like whoever created the leveling system tried to bring order to something without order. Life turned out to be too messy, and it resulted in a convoluted system where skills were infinite.

“I wonder why the skills system ended up like this, anyway.”

“Eh? You don’t know?”

I grimaced, realizing I likely just revealed another one of those common-sense things I seemed to be lacking.

“I uh… forgot? Can you remind me?”

“Oh, well… I mean, this is just the story. But it’s said some millennia ago there was an all-powerful god named Savior.”


“Mm… yes. They supposedly discovered the human race in another world, a world where magic didn’t exist, if you can imagine that.”

I gave a wry smile. “How strange…”

“Right, well, Savior brought us to this world, but human beings had problems absorbing mana, that is, natural free-flowing magic. This was not a problem for the animals of this world. And the animals absorbed mana until they became monsters. The monsters began to attack and ravage the human population. Since they possessed magic, and we did not, they became obsessed with conquering humans, and ultimately lead to the creation of demons.

“Desperate to save the human race, Savior worked to modify humans to become better mana channels. He first created beastmen by mixing the animals that could absorb mana with the human bloodline. It failed no matter what beastmen he created. They were stronger, sure, but no mana. Then he created dwarves by mixing our blood with the earth, the source of the mana veins. However, it severely stunted their growth. Finally, it came to the elves by mixing our blood directly with the ether. He had succeeded, but the elves were practically infertile. Even now, elves are very difficult to impregnate.”

This explained a bit about why Min hadn’t become knocked up with the goblins. In many ways, she was like me.

“So? How does the story end?”

“Ah… well… he found out that the thing humans needed most was time. We would absorb mana, but it took generations. We passed the abilities along in our blood. To buy us that time, he created the skill system to aid us. It was there to help us build ourselves, improve, and eventually conquer. But we weren’t made with it, which is why it can sometimes be so wonky. That’s also why so many humans are xenophobic. In a way, they see themselves as God’s chosen. The demihumans are just god’s accidents, and we were what God wanted all along.”

I was frowning, so he suddenly raised his hands. “I’m not saying that’s what I believe. It’s just a story, anyway. Besides, Savior died 5 millennia ago against the first demon lord, so who cares what he wanted or didn’t want.”

I nodded, but I was deep in thought considering the new information he had given me. That’s how we ended up finding ourselves in front of my final destination, the enchanting craftsman. I entered the shop looking around as I did. There was a man in the front. He had short-cropped hair and sharp-looking eyes. He had kind of an intense look about him.

“Good Afternoon, I am Craftsman Pratter, how may I help you?”

“Ah… good afternoon, I am actually a princess from the castle. I came here to put in an order with you. Err… with a bit of privacy.”

Devon looked at me questioningly, but I quickly crossed the room and put my face close to Pratter’s. He seemed to lean back a bit but otherwise lent me an ear.

“Can you make a small item for me? It needs to be smooth, and it needs to be enchanted to vibrate when you put magic into it.”

“Eh? Ah… I mean, you need an enchanted item? Right… I’m a craftsman, b-but it’s my husband who handles the enchantments, so we’d need to consult him.”

“Sorry,” a voice came from the door. “You’ll have to excuse my cute lover here, he’s a little shy around strangers. I’m usually the one who mans the lobby.”

The voice came from the door as a slightly heavyset man with a small pair of spectacles on his face stumbled in. He was holding a dozen rolled-up parchments, and as he made it to the desk, dumped them all in front of Pratter, immediately making a mess.

“Ah, right, you’re the enchanter?”

“That’s right, are you here for something custom? It sounds like you might need both of us. Shall I get some tea started and we have a consultation?”

That’s how I ended up in the back of the shop sitting and drinking tea with these two men. They sat close to each other while the enchanter fretted over Pratter’s clothing. I left Devon in the lobby. I took the shop in. In a few words, it was an absolute cluttered mess. Parchments, half-built knickknacks, and raw supplies seemed to fill up almost every corner of the room. After they finally settled down, the enchanter turned to me with a smile, while Pratter looked off in another direction, seeming awkward.

“Let me introduce myself. I am the enchanter Sandor and this is my life partner and knickknack builder Pratter. If you need anything built using magic, we’re your men. We don’t do jewelry requests, and we don’t make weapons. Mostly at home appliances, cool boxes, ovens. The basics for any woman on the go… or man for that matter.”

“R-right, well.” I took a deep breath. “What I need is a small, smooth device. I want it to vibrate when you put magic into it.”

He frowned for a second. “Is that all?”

“Ah… erm… yes, I guess.”

He slouched back and gave a disappointed look. “I heard a princess of the castle wants a custom order, and you just want a vibrating rock? I don’t get it. What is this even for?”

“C-can you keep a secret?” I pleaded with tears in my eyes.

“Yes, yes… we are all about discretion, now tell me what the hell you want this silly thing for.”

At that point, I turned off my Deception, dropping the princess act. The sudden change of my demeanor was palpable, even if I hadn’t opened my mouth. Of course, I had to put up the act in front of Devon, but with Mental Fortitude at work, it was not like this embarrassed me even a little. The second my innocent princess smile left my face, a spark of interest popped into Sandor’s eyes.

“What I need is a set of sex toys.”

“Sex… toys?” He scrunched his face.

“I want an item shaped like a penis that is smooth so I can stick it in my pussy and cum. The vibrating is to help achieve that effect. The stone part is actually for my clit. When you have vibrations, it feels great. I want the two separate because sometimes I fuck my elf slave wife and I’d like to use it on her too. In fact, can I get a two-headed dildo as well?”

Pratter’s mouth had dropped open, and Sandor just had a confused look on his face before shaking his head. “Ah… err… two-headed dildo?”

“Yes, Um… it’ll be a long cylinder, but both ends will resemble the head of a cock, that way I can put it between me and her and we can both fuck each other at the same time.”

Sandor reached over and slapped Pratter on the chest. He seemed to snap out of it and leaned forward. He pulled out a parchment and immediately started drawing on it.

“G-go on…”

“Well, naturally, the closer the item feels to an actual penis, the preferable. Although, there is an advantage to it not looking too close to a penis. If it looks like a penis and someone sees it… well… I want it to feel like a penis, but can be mistaken for something else, you know?”

“Ah… yes of course.” Sandor nodded. “Well let me think… well, first things first, stone is pretty hard. You’d probably want a softer, more skin-like surface.”

“Yeah, I agree, but synthetic rubbers and plastics aren’t really a thing… so…”

“Wait, what? No, well, I agree… the materials are lacking, but leave that to me as an enchanter. Coming up with an enchantment that makes stone feel like skin… that seems like a challenge that can fire me up.”

“Mmm… also, can you make it heat up? Stone is a little cold.”

“Ah… that one’s easy. But I’ll have to blend the heating element with the vibration. Oooh, complex.”

“Ma’am,” Pratter spoke up, while he was drawing there seemed to be a fire burning in his eyes. “You mentioned you wanted a phallus, but could you perhaps attach that vibrating component on an overreaching arm and then…”

He turned the picture around and I glanced at it. What he had there was a drawing of something that very closely matched a certain female sex toy known as “the rabbit”. Of course, I had owned one when they started becoming popular in my area. It was a little overrated, but I’d take it.

“I can take one of those,” I said. “But I also really want the singles as well. And! Maybe… two different sizes? J-just in case?”

The men were nodding, seemingly engrossed with whatever they were writing on.

“Th-this is just brilliant,” Pratter suddenly spoke up. “I can’t believe we haven’t thought of something like this. An artificial dick. That’s incredible.”

“Hey… but mine is still the best, right?” Sandor spoke up.

“Yes…” Pratter responded like he speaking from rote.

“Well, I mean, you guys could probably enjoy both. The vibration is supposed to feel really good on your prostate.”

“Prostate?” Sandor asked.

“Um… if you stick it in your butt, there is these sort of bumps deep in, I don’t really know, but stroking it is supposed to feel good and the vibration can help you cum.”

Sandor was rubbing his chin in interest. “Fascinating. Do you have any other ideas?”

“Oh… um… perhaps… maybe, anal beads?”

“Beads for your butt?”

“Aha… yeah… um, it’s a string of beads… they need to be strong though, don’t want them breaking apart up there. Usually, they get larger and larger. So, you stick each bead in, and then the next bigger one, and then the next bigger one.”

The two men really got excited about that one and started working even harder. By the time I had completed my order, poor Devon had been waiting for two hours. The men had taken down every idea I had and promised me they’d come up with a bunch of great toys for me in only a few days. Neither one seemed bothered by me being a princess. When I mentioned it, they responded.

“I’ve heard that most nobles were sexual deviants in private, no offense.”

Having met Julian, I expected that this was not far from the truth. Still, they promised to be discreet, and would personally deliver the items in a sealed box for my eyes only. I definitely didn’t want my new toys getting intercepted by Sylvia.

My final order ended up being one 6 inches long, 1.5-inch thick dildo, one large 8 inches long, 2.2-inch dildo, one hand vibrator for my clit, one 10 inches double-sided dildo, one rabbit-like dildo, and one set of anal beads. Perhaps I had gone a little overboard here? No, I wanted to make sure I had bonus points with my Solo Player. Never again would I be deprived of a dildo. Hmm… maybe I needed to order a pocket vibrator, something I can carry everywhere just in case. Oh, how about vibrating panties?

However, Devon was looking at me with eyes that said I better be done, so I decided to leave the order as is. If I had to place another order in the near future, I would. The guys promised to give me a discounted rate, partially because I was a princess, and partially because they were really excited by the idea of making up sex toys. It seemed like an “aha” moment for the two men. Still, even with the discount, it basically wiped out my sugar daddy money. I think I’d need to sit on the king’s lap again in the near future.

Finally, we left the store as it was already starting to get dark. Well, I had gained a few levels, finally got sex toys ordered, and got to spend the day with a cute prince while acting like a cute princess. It was actually a really good day. I couldn’t wait until I got the toys and tried them with Min. Ah, shit! I forgot to order a strap-on!

“Devon… just one more minute.”

I ran back into the store as Devon let out a groan. It had been dark for some while by the time Devon and I returned to the castle.

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