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The next two days passed quickly. I had not run into Richard or Sylvia since being the unwilling third member in their roleplay. For that matter, I hadn’t seen Julian or Gregory much either. However, I had spent a bit of time in the king’s study.

In a twist, our encounters did not end up with any kind of sex play. I continued to call him papa, and he continued to treat me like his daughter, but the intimacy was rather tame. He’d rest his hand on my thighs, or grope my breasts innocently, and I sat on his lap a bunch, feeling his boner poking me for hours at a time as I thought pure thoughts.

Carnal Resistance has increased to level 5.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to throw the king to the ground and fuck him. It was just that my roleplay ability told me that I needed to play my part. The king set the pace, and I was basically at his whim. This was a bit like torture since I was being denied his dick, and I could feel it there, hard and pressed against my butt, just three to four layers of clothing and then complete penetration. I wondered if Carnal resistance was doing anything at this point because it was driving me crazy.

What was I doing while not fucking the king? Mostly reading. I read the alchemy books that Reinhart had dumped on me, and I also spent some time reading other books from the king’s study. I was trying to get a better understanding of this world so that I didn’t keep making the common-sense mistakes that would lead me to become suspicious.

There were dozens of books dedicated to talking about skills and skill trees. A skill tree is a set of skills that beget other skills which in turn beget other skills. As the books explained, while tier 1 skills were the basics, tier 2 skills often taught techniques. Every two levels, you’d learn a technique. Techniques were like active special abilities, but perhaps with a little less flexibility. For example, after gaining ten levels of advanced swordsmanship, you’d have five different techniques. These were fast draw, slash, pierce, rapid strike, and rotational slash. They certainly had less of a cheat skill feel to them. A cheat skill would be something like a meteor strike or something.

Of course, the books weren’t terribly difficult to read. With a partial college education, I was used to reading 1000-page books forged with complex equations and figures in tiny print. Compared to that, the most difficult part was understanding the handwriting of each individual author, which was far more difficult to read than print.

Other than my time with the king, I also spent a bit of time with Min. True to his word, the king had sent a ton of fabrics to my room. So many, in fact, that we needed to commandeer another empty room just to stock all the supplies so Min could work. Min spent most of the time sewing new dresses for me, and still wouldn’t take her own. So, I pulled out a box and presented it to Min.

“This?” Min asked.

“Ah… It’s something I bought for you. Devon helped me pick it out.”

Min pulled out what looked like a long dress. It was a bit plain even compared to what Min made me, and although I’d never tell Min this, it was actually fitted for a small child, but it was much better than what she was wearing now.

“I believe Devon called it… Livery? That’s, uh, a uniform for you to wear.”

Min looked down at an insignia sewn into the breast. “A mermaid?”

“Ah… no… actually, it’s a siren. You guys don’t appear to have that particular monster in this world, but they lure sailors into crashing their ships on rocks by giving off a beautiful song. It seemed kind of fitting, for my sigil. I noticed the king’s sigil, and I kind of wanted one of my own, so that identifies you as part of my family.”

Min nodded once. “Mm… suiting.”

She immediately pulled off her old dress. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and I was only just a bit jealous of the fact that she’d never have any back pain or sagging anything. She was now standing in the room in just her underwear as I admired her small form.

“Staring…” Min said shyly, covering herself.

“Ah… sorry.” I laughed, looking away.

“It’s… okay…” Min forced herself to lower her hands back down, once again exposing her chest.

Unable to control myself, I jumped up and threw Min into a hug, wrapping myself against her back. As my hands wrapped around her chest, my hands found her nipples and I immediately squeezed each one between the thumbs and forefinger.

“Ah… Aria… mean…” Min breathed hard as I played with her sensitive area.

I found out her ears were just as sensitive, but for the moment, I had her nipples in my fingers and I didn’t want to stop. The best part was that I had just gotten the shipment of toys. It was a box on the bed. Min and I would be having a lot of fun, just not right now.

Regrettably, there would be no sex play for the moment. It was the night of my welcoming banquet and rather than getting to have fun teasing Min with vibrating dildos, I’d had to instead go to something Julian described as horrendously boring. I sucked her neck and touched her until she was breathing hard, but eventually let my carnal resistance win out and started getting dressed for the ball. With a blush on her face, Min finally got the livery on, and she looked really good in it. Of course, she looked better out of it, but I didn’t tell her that.

I also noticed that Min was growing a lot more expressive lately. Either she was recovering, or I had spent so much time with her that I was gaining the ability to tell expression from her previously expressionless face. I didn’t know what it was, but the cute Min kept bringing the sadist out in me, and I couldn’t help but tease her. If she insisted on continuing the charade that we were married, then I would continue to play with her.

Min helped me dress as usual, and before long, I was back into my princess mask. It was becoming like second nature now although it should with maxed out Deception and growing role playing skill. This would be the first time I’d be in public with the king since we started a father-daughter roleplay, so I didn’t know which face I needed to show him. I suspected that even the king understood proper time and place, so I decided I’d act like the mature, pompous princess towards everyone, although I’d act just a little demanding towards the king, he liked my spoiled side the best.

There was a knock on the room, and I used Conceal to stop my face from dropping at the sight of Richard holding out his arm. I had really hoped it would be Devon who escorted me although I understood why that would be weird. I took a step out the door and closed it before he could get a glimpse at Min and further insulted my friend.

As I took his arm, he turned and began guiding me without offering a single word. A gentleman might have said I looked nice or something, but he didn’t do anything so gentlemanly. However, I knew the truth about him. He had apparently been obsessed with me since the moment he saw me. Or at least, he was obsessed with Cornelia, the soon-to-be wife. However, he was only obsessed with the her he had created in his mind, and the only way he could release his desire was to his childhood friend, Sylvia. At least, those were the conclusions I had come to after what I’ve seen and heard. Perhaps his inadequacies from not picking a class drove him to idolize his future wife, but that was psych major stuff and outside my areas of knowledge.

“Your dress… it’s rather plain for a ball, isn’t it?” Richard finally spoke up although I wished he hadn’t.

Realizing silence would be preferable, I replied curtly, “I prefer comfort and mobility. If I’m dancing; I want to be able to move and I don’t want to be hot with too many layers.”

“Right…” He made a noncommittal response, clearly not interested in continuing this conversation.

Right now, I was being guided by a man who wouldn’t look twice at me, and I was sure his girl would hold me personally accountable for it. We walked in somber silence down the hallway and eventually found ourselves approaching a large set of open double doors. I could hear music playing, an upbeat tempo that seemed to be a harp or some other similar string instrument. There was a man in front of the door, and as we approached, Richard leaned over to speak to him.

A moment later, he guided us into the room. After taking a few steps in, we stop.

“Introducing, the third prince of Nidia, son of King Hyburn, Richard Hyburn, and his fiancée, the Guest of Honor, Cornelia Bartrum, 1st princess of King Bartrum of Drophe.”

Richard bowed, and I gave my best formal curtsy. Immediately after, my skin began to tingle, and it took a few seconds before I realized that someone was using magic on me. Goosebumps were forming on my skin too.

Magic Sense has increased to level 2.

“Ah… I think they’re examin- I mean using analysis on me,” I whispered to Richard worriedly.

“You don’t even know this much? Your ignorance always surprises me.” Richard shook his head. “These kinds of events are one of the few situations where it’s considered proper to use analysis.”

“Is that so…” I answered half-heartedly.

After Reinhart had completely unmasked me, I felt far less certain of Nova’s ring. All it would take was one person in this crowd having the right special skill and suddenly, I would be revealed and exposed. A spike of anxiety and fear shot through me, and almost unconsciously, I found myself tightening my grip on Richard’s arm and clinging to him. Of course, if he knew I was a fraud, he’d cut me down as fast as anyone, but he was the only thing that could provide me comfort.

His back had stiffened while I clung very tightly to him, and as we stiffly moved forward, I looked up at him questioningly.

“T-t-they’re touching…” He said the words so lightly that I barely heard him.

Even after I did, I didn’t get what he was talking about. Wait, was it my breasts? I had turned into him when I grabbed his arm, and now his arm was resting between my cleavage. I still had clothes on and everything, this was hardly obscene, although this did make me conscious of the fact we just entered the room and I was clinging to my fiancée quite snuggly as if I was asserting ownership.

In fact, now that I glanced around the room, there were several men and women giving glowing smiles.

“Don’t they look lovely…” I heard a whisper from somewhere.

“Truly envious, ah, to be young…” There was another voice.

Not quite sexual enough to activate fortitude, but this actually served more to calm me down. If people were noticing me giving my future husband attention, that was leagues better than noticing I wasn’t really Cornelia. However, I couldn’t help myself but torture the antagonistic Richard a bit, so I went up on my tippy toes and brought my lips close to his ear, taking a light breath before I spoke.

“You know, future husband, once we’re married, you’ll be able to touch them much more.”

The way his body jumped like he had just touched an electrical outlet was much more satisfying than it should have been. However, immediately following that, I felt a hateful gaze, and I turned my head to see the expected face of Sylvia, who looked like she was ready to race up to us and start a catfight. While I felt they both needed a little payback for stealing and soiling my dresses, I decided to not take it any further for now, so I drew away, going back to holding his arm in a more formal and less intimate manner.

He let out a breath like he had been holding it, and I flashed the crowd of people, a few of which still striking me with their analysis skills, a glowing smile. It wasn’t a show or anything, but remarkably, a few people clapped.

With Richard in tow, the pair of us moved down the giant ballroom until we approached the king who was sitting on a rise overlooking the entire party.

“My son, my daughter, I’m glad to see both of you so close and happy.”

Although I feared my previous display might have made the king jealous, he didn’t seem to show anything in his face. He had an odd way of treating me. He’s fingered and licked me, I’ve given him a couple of blowjobs, yet he had his own way of respecting the sanctity of marriage. It was certainly warped, but for a seductress like me, I didn’t hate it.

“Father,” Richard merely said that with a short bow.

“Father.” I shot him another smile, then moved forward.

He hadn’t expected it, but I reached out and then gave him a kiss, once on each cheek. I didn’t know the etiquette of this place, but that was a greeting on my world, so I hoped it was appropriate. The king accepted the kisses, and afterward, he seemed to be glowing with a grin on his face, so I suppose it was the right decision to do. I figured Richard would make some scathing comment if I had made a foo-pah, but instead, he just looked away awkwardly.

“Shall we do the honorary dance now?” Richard asked with a bored expression on his face.

I gave a nod and Richard made a motion to the musician with his hand. The music suddenly changed in tempo as Richard pulled me out onto the dance floor. Like that, a large grouping of nobles made a circle around us, and we ended up in the middle of it. It felt like the dance at a wedding and having so many eyes on me made me feel nervous once again. As Richard put his arms around me, I pushed myself against him, my head resting on his chest, hiding the blush on my cheeks.

Mental Fortitude once again failed me. That sad thing was that if I was butt naked riding his cock in the middle of this group, I wouldn’t feel a single bit of embarrassment, but dancing wasn’t covered by the skill.

“Th-there should be a foot of space between us!” He seemed annoyed. “I-I don’t know this dance.”

“Ah… yes…” I took a step back and grabbed his hands properly.

There were a few snickers in the crowd which only served to further make me feel embarrassed. However, I recalled Nova’s training on dancing and hoped it was more reliable than his speech training. As the dance moved forward, I finally gained my footing as I followed Richard’s steps. It was a bit fun, and I only stepped on his feet twice, only to receive his mortified and annoyed looks. Well, I’m sorry, Richard, I’m not the perfect princess you invented in your head.

I breathed a sigh of relief as other couples started joining, and before long, the entire ballroom was filled with spinning colorful dresses. In retrospect, Richard was kind of right. The dress Min had made for the ball was a little frillier than most of what she made, but compared to the giant, multicolored dresses of many of the women, I looked drab by comparison. It was like a bridesmaid’s dress compared to the wedding dress. Especially since I was the guest of honor, this was very noticeable.

After the dance ended, I parted from Richard and he gave a nod. “I… must go for a bit. I have something to do. Mingle. And don’t embarrass me further.”

He hadn’t lightened up, continuing to deliver somewhat abusive words before turning around and leaving. Throughout the entire dance, I had to bear with Sylvia’s angry glares boring into my back. She did not dance with anyone else although there was at least one guy that I noticed offered. When Richard left the room, Sylvia gave me one more hateful glare before following after him.

I let out a sigh but then tried to do as Richard suggested and mingle. Being a gamer and chemist, you can imagine that despite my sexual repertoire, I was a bit of an introvert. I wasn’t really good in these kinds of social situations. I approached a group of three women who were talking and giggling in one corner. They looked to be about my age, so I figured that they’d be people I could talk with on some level.

“… and that was when…” The girl was speaking stopped as I approached, and all three women gave me flat looks. “Ah… Princess Bartrum.”

The girl curtsied, and the other two followed her lead.

“Hello, it’s good to meet you,” I spoke up.

I felt the familiar tingle of magic, and since they seemed to be examining me, I decided to return the favor.

Examine has increased to level 8.

Name: Maria Senda

Title: None

Sex: F

Age: 21

Total Level: 25

Class: Noble

Class Level: 25

Relationship Status: Engaged

Sexual Partners: 33

Sexual Preference: Demihumans

Sexual Kink: Spanking

Breast Size: D

First Time: Julian Hyburn

Last Time She Had Sex: 3 hours

Favorite Sexual Position: Cowgirl

Most Sensitive Area: Under the breast

Age Lost Virginity: 15

Status Effect: None

Name: Diane Millian

Sex: F

Age: 22

Title: None

Total Level: 24

Class: Noble

Class Level: 24

Relationship Status: Married

Sexual Partners: 38

Sexual Preference: Blonde Hair

Sexual Kink: S&M

Breast Size: C

First Time: Julian Hyburn

Last Time She Had Sex: 1 hour

Favorite Sexual Position: Doggie

Most Sensitive Area: Behind the Knee

Age Lost Virginity: 14

Status Effect: None

Name: Samantha Stone

Sex: F

Age: 26

Title: None

Total Level: 40

Class: Musician, Noble

Class Level: 10

Relationship Status: Married

Sexual Partners: 45

Sexual Preference: Large Dick

Sexual Kink: Two Dicks at once

Breast Size: C

First Time: Jeffrey Marcel

Last Time She Had Sex: 12 hours

Favorite Sexual Position: Deep Stick

Most Sensitive Area: Nipples

Age Lost Virginity: 13

Status Effect: None

As I checked out their stats, I felt a little happy that my Examine was still growing, but it was becoming a lot of information to swallow. They had all lost their virginity very young, and two of them by the first prince! He said he was bi-sexual, but this was the first time I had seen proof of that fact. They also had sex pretty recently. I thought I was promiscuous, but these girls seemed to have more sex than I did. Only one hour? She was probably still wet with his cum.

I didn’t see anything else too weird except the number of sexual partners. These girls had been around, not that I had room to talk. Perhaps Julian was right when he said that all the nobles were doing it. Well, he’d know from personal experience as he was the one doing them. It was clear to me that these girls must have been engaging in Julian’s parties, which would mean that number was likely even higher. In a way, these girls might have thought a lot like I did. I was relieved that I had approached them first.

Maria put on a pleasant smile. “I must say, I admire how brave you are.”

Diane nodded while also smiling. “Definitely, I heard that you had been taken by orcs, that must have been a horrific experience.”

I returned the smile, trying to stay polite and positive. “Ah, well… I was lucky, so I managed to recover relatively unhurt. I guess they are called Pigman though?”

“It is a shame though…” Diane put on a frown.

“What shame?” I asked.

“That the orcs would soil you so… although I suppose nobles from the west are probably used to rutting around with pigs?”

“Perhaps,” Samantha chuckled. “They certainly lack in social grace. You looked like a drunk horse trying to dance with the prince.”

The three women laughed lightly, but the smiles on their faces were completely innocent. It took me a few moments to try to grasp what they were saying.

“And your dress. You truly are a brave woman, to come to such an event dressed like this. I’m surprised they even let you into the ball. It looks so amateurish.”

I was smiling with them, but the smile was quickly faltering. The things these women were saying were not compliments. If they didn’t say them so naturally, completely devoid of the daggers and hatred Sylvia wore, I would have already been pissed. However, they spoke without even a hint of malice, so I could only grasp the insults a few seconds too late.

“Well… that is…” I tried to regain my footing and give them the benefit of the doubt.

“An elf? Was it? We’ve heard you hired an elf slave. How perverted. You should be glad your country yokel of a king once fought alongside ours that you get a chance at the prince.”

“You are so lucky…” Diane sighed. “It’s always the ones who don’t deserve it that get all the luck.”

“And did you see her kiss the king? I guess she wants father and son.” Maria let out a laugh, and the other two snickered after her.

“Right…” I had a dark look on my face, one that even my high level Conceal was failing to completely block. “This conversation has been enlightening. If you’d excuse me I’d like to get something to quench my thirst.”

“Goodbye, dear, and try not to get drunk, it’s bad form,” the one named Samantha spoke.

As I walked away, I heard the three girls laughing behind my back. This felt worse than any experience I had ever had in high school. As I walked away, another girl approached the three, and I just heard her voice over the crowd.

“Is that the girl who was fucked by a bunch of orcs?”

It seemed like the rumors about me had spread despite Devon’s attempt to stifle them if he had done anything in the first place. The insults stung, even if it was absolutely true. Yeah, I fucked a bunch of Pigman… it was Pigman, you idiots, and I also cut off one of their heads. I didn’t think any of these girls could say they slew a tier 2 monster. Still, I didn’t break down crying, but that had more to do with the fact that I had Solo Player attached as a title and thus a very high mental resistance.

Still, as I became aware of their cruelty, I began to see that cruelty in everyone. I attempted to approach one or two other groups, but they all held the same kind of eyes as the first group. It was condescension, disgust, and jealousy. I was the guest of honor, but the place I had come from was not a well-respected nation. It appeared that to many here, their king promising my marriage to the third prince was undeserved.

At that point, I just wanted to find a friend and hold them tightly. As Min would never have been allowed at this dance that left Devon. However, I found Devon to be surrounded by several men, chatting away in a very cordial manner. It seemed like outside of the dances, the men gathered in their groups and the women gathered in theirs. I could already imagine the horrific stares I’d receive just trying to butt in.

It also seemed like Julian and Gregory, the two who wouldn’t care about those kinds of things, had slipped out almost as soon as our dance had started. That left me my desperate last resort, my fiancée Richard. No one would find it odd if I monopolized Richard’s time, and he could function as my armrest and protection for the remainder of the time. Sylvia would just have to glare daggers at me. To be honest, her open hostility came off as downright refreshing after dealing with the sly condescension of that particular group of women. I only wished I knew a way to use the information I had received from Examine to punish these women in some way, but short of seducing them into becoming my sex slaves, I had little options, and to be honest, I wouldn’t want any of the women even if they offered.

I had to ask several servants if they had seen my fiancée and finally got someone who had seen him wander off in a side hallway. I left the hall for a bit and tracked my last resort down a hallway. However, as I was making the last turn, a certain sound caught my ear. It was a slapping sound, the sound of skin hitting skin in a rhythmic fashion, followed by the sounds of muffled moaning.

Already guessing what I would see, I carefully opened up the door and peeked inside. I sighed at the sight. It was, of course, Sylvia, lying back, her dress pushed up, her underwear hanging down from one ankle. She was sitting up on a counter that seemed to be for linens. This seemed to be a linen closet although it was big enough for some rooms I’ve lived in.

Richard had his dick out the top of his pants, and he was thrusting into her very aggressively. She was making moaning sounds while trying to hold on to him, but he seemed to disregard her hands and treated her more like a fuck puppet than another person.

“Ah… fuck me, Richard, your dick is so good,” Sylvia was moaning.

“Oh god, yes, I’m about to cum!” Richard thrust deep inside her and then pulled out as his body stiffened, cumming on the surface of her pussy. “Ah… hah… hah… I love you… Cornelia.”

I winced at that, and even Sylvia wore a face that was somewhat expressionless at the moment. It must be rough to be her. But, well, as the person who was supposedly Cornelia, I was the one constantly walking in on my future husband fucking his childhood friend. If I had any investment in this marriage, between the two of us, I felt I had the right to be more pissed.

He wiped his dick off on the hair above her pussy, smearing cum on her before sliding his dick back away. He took a step away from her, immediately cleaning himself up. Rather than wait for him to come out the door or try to catch him returning to the party, I decided to quietly shut the door and leave. This was something I did not want to be involved with.

As I was walking along, I heard another voice talking in the hall. “So, what do you think of Princess Bartrum?”

“Seems like a bit of a dullard, doesn’t she?”

“My husband has analysis. He checked her out. She’s got over 20 skills, so they say.”

“So? You can buy skills if you want. They’re probably all level 1.”

“They also say she’s got almost 20 special skills.”

“Get out!”

“No, it’s true!”

“How many cocks did she have to suck to get her hands on that many Raimer Orbs? Some girls just have all the luck. Although, it really does seem like such a waste.”

Two girls turned the corner and ended up coming face to face with me.

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