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“Ah!” The first girl made a surprised noise.

She was a small, pretty girl, a little older than the girls I had such an unpleasant experience with earlier. She had rich blond hair and a small face. The other girl had a darker complexion, with very long legs. She was probably as tall as most men. Her face was framed with glasses which gave her a mature look.

At that point, the emotional blows of the night had put me on edge. The idea of pretending to be civil to these women as they insulted me was out of the question. Therefore, I let the mask slide for a moment.

“I’ll have you know,” I sniffed. “That it’s not the number of cocks you suck, but the quality of the right cock.”

The girl’s eyes opened in surprise at my direct admission, but before they could respond, there was a cackle coming from down the hall. It was a considerably older woman, with slightly grayed hair, yet she still held herself high with a strong back and a noble gaze.

The two other girls immediately fell into curtsies in a fluster when they saw her. “Duchess Melinda, Good evening.”

The taller girl then spoke, “Ah… we were just-”

“Gossiping… about each other, as girls tend to do… I know how it works.” The woman dismissed her words with a curt nod before looking at me. “So, tell me, Princess Cornelia, tell me about this special cock you sucked to find all those orbs.”

The two girls burst out into blushes, but I currently had my Deception down and thus forgot to act out the part of being embarrassed. “Well, it was eight inches from head to shaft, warm and veiny, pinkish in color, and tasted a bit salty.”

The other two girls, who were almost staring in reverence towards this incoming woman had their looks turn to shock as I twisted her words. I admitted I was a little angry from earlier, so in some ways, I was vindicating my embarrassment, although I hadn’t thought of exactly who I was talking back to.

However, the woman’s eyes flashed with a twinkle of humor. “Mm… eight inches now, that does sound special. My husband was rather small. I imagine what these old bones could do with eight inches.”

“I hope he was good with his tongue,” I responded back.

“Well, I kept on hoping, but gods bless the man he did try, I’ll give him that.” The lady laughed. “Let us walk and talk. It has been some time since I’ve talked with anyone here who seems to have any brains in their head. Feel free to throw out the analysis skill you kids love using these days.”

Although she was speaking specifically to me, somehow, she had managed to grab the other two girls and dragged them with her, although they were shooting each other glances as if they were begging for help while looking on the verge of fleeing at any second.

Taking her advice, I gave the three women an Examine. My magic sense did not detect them using any magic on me. This might be because none of the three women had analyze, or they didn’t want to use analyze, or possibly they had already used it when I had entered the ballroom initially.

Name: Melinda Fry

Sex: F

Age: 52

Title: Duchess of Rin

Total Level: 55

Class: Magician, Noble

Class Level: 25

Sexual Partners: 6

Sexual Preference: Nice Butt

Sexual Kink: Teasing

Relationship: Widowed

Breast Size: D

First Time: Jerick Still

Last Time She Had Sex: 7.2 years

Favorite Sexual Position: Doggie

Most Sensitive Area: Back of Neck

Age Lost Virginity: 16

Status: None

Name: Destine Psi

Sex: F,

Age: 25

Title: Weaver

Total Level: 35

Class: Arts Craftsman, Noble

Class Level: 5

Sexual Partners: 3

Sexual Preference: Muscular

Sexual Kink: Having Neck Sucked

Relationship: Married

Breast Size: C

First Time: Braun

Last Time She Had Sex: 6 months

Favorite Sexual Position: Doggie

Most Sensitive Area: Side of Neck

Age Lost Virginity: 18

Status: None

Name: Mary Warren

Sex: F

Age: 26

Title: None

Total Level: 38

Class: Harp Player, Noble

Class Level: 8

Sexual Partners: 1

Sexual Preference: Pretty Boys

Sexual Kink: Blowjobs

Relationship: Engaged

Breast Size: B

First Time: Bree Stack

Last Time She Had Sex: 1 year

Favorite Sexual Position: Reverse Cowgirl

Most Sensitive Area: Armpit

Age Lost Virginity: 17

Status: None

Mary Warren was the taller woman while Destine Psi had the smaller form. I noticed their sexual partners were significantly less than the previous three girls. Given my sex count, I felt a tad hypocritical judging women by that, but I still felt better knowing these three women were not the typical party goers. Given the last time they had sex, these women likely did not go to Julian’s parties at all.

“Your dress is very lovely. I, for one, hate the frills that are in right now. It just tears and gives the seamstress a headache. This is very fine stitching, I can tell. Hand-stitched? A lot of the seamstresses that make dresses for nobles these days use magical stitching. It creates perfect seams, but they’re artificial and lack any true detail. There is just laziness and cheapness. To find something handstitched like this is truly enviable.”

Melinda was a bit of a force, continuing to talk as she felt my dress. She had the other girls feeling the seams as well, and Destine, in particular, had an interest in the fine hand stitching of my dress, although the honest truth was that I knew very little about the making of the dress beyond the fact that Min did it for me.

“It was done by my servant, Min,” I explained.

“Ah, that would be the “elf slave” I hear about so much.”

“She’s not a slave, she’s family!” I protested before I could help myself. “That is… um… she was a servant I was taking, and the slavers captured her after the Pigman attacked…”

Although I didn’t have the same power in my words when I came up with the lie, Melinda gave a hard nod.

“Yes, I know how those slavers function, snapping up any demi-human they can lay a crime on. Since you can only enslave those guilty of crimes or born into slavery here, the slavers really push the law to the extreme, and use local prejudice to enslave a lot of innocent demi-humans. It makes me sick!” Melinda looked like she was about to spit, to the point that Destine jumped to the side to avoid it, but at the last second, she didn’t.

“Th-that makes sense!” Mary spoke up. “You-you’re very lucky you were able to save your family servant from being enslaved. I have a girl at home. A b-beastmen girl with cat ears. We used to go fishing together in a pond on my father’s estate. I would be devastated if I found out she had been turned into a slave!” Mary still seemed nervous, but she seemed to speak passionately from the heart.

As she talked, we found ourselves in a small receiving room, and servants ran by and made us some tea. This was all done with a few flicks of the wrists from Melinda, who seemed to be setting the pace of this conversation with ease.

Destine suddenly spoke up, although she looked like she was about to cry. “I-I lost my virginity to a beast man!”

“What?” Mary made a noise of surprise. “You never told me that!”

“Ha! Now it’s getting good.” Melinda laughed.

“W-well… it was when I was 18. It was a stable boy. He had the c-cutest dog ears, and well… you guys never did anything like that?”

I felt bad for her as her cheeks started to turn bright pink in embarrassment, so I spoke up, “Bandit.”

The three eyes turned to me while I wore a wry smile.

“Wh-what happened with that?”

“Ah… he was really sweet. Told me he was a former Knight. So, one thing led to another… but then the next day, the king cut off his head.”

The two younger girls gasped while Melinda merely nodded as if she understood. “I had a similar experience once. An adventuring bard who used to sing the sweetest tales. Then one day, he didn’t come back from an adventure.”

I gave her a nod of understanding. Losing someone whom you were intimate with was always a blow. Of course, I left out a lot of details around that event but left just enough so that it wouldn’t be boring.

“So… while we’re talking,” Mary spoke up. “What is it like… being engaged to the third prince? I mean, you guys looked pretty close from what I saw.”

“Ah… that…” I gave a grimace.

“Is that silly Sylvia girl giving you problems?” Melinda inserted with a knowing look.

“Huh? Who, Sylvia?” Destine asked.

“Yeah, that girl was giving quite the hateful stare. I heard the two had grown up together. I would bet a gold necklace that he is her first, at the very least. Sorry, girl.”

“No… well, as to that…” I stuttered out.

I didn’t know whether it was the tea, the comfortable atmosphere, the motherly charm of Melinda, or what, but my mouth seemed to slip open. I ended up telling them about my first encounter with Sylvia, even going so far as to mention the letter, and as they hung on my words, I found myself revealing my unfortunate catching them together, and before I knew it, I was even mentioning how they were going at it only an hour ago just down the hall from where I met these women.

The girls gasped and gave openly shocked expressions while also providing me words of encouragement and sympathy. Melinda merely nodded, taking in the story thoughtfully.

“I-I admit, I never thought the princes were like that. Well… I mean, I know the first two are a little funny, but I thought the third was normal. To think he’d make her wear your dresses… and that girl… ooo, I just want to punch her in the face now. Just last week she had told Destine and I a nasty rumor about you. Now, I know where they were coming from.”

“What? She’s spreading rumors too?” I gave a wry look.

The two younger girls looked at each other and then suddenly both bowed their heads down towards me. “We’re sorry! We had gotten the wrong impression about you from her. We were wrong, please forgive us!”

It was a sincere apology, and I ended up growing flustered as well. It was Melinda who stepped in.

“What’s done is done. The best you girls can do is try to make your own impressions of people rather than following rumors!”

“Yes, Duchess…” The two women responded, looking properly chastised.

I felt a welling of happiness in my heart. These women were more genuine than anyone other than Min since I had been here. Perhaps Devon, maybe… but Julian said that he wasn’t so innocent either, even though I wasn’t sure I believed it.

“Well, as punishment, I say both of you girls must tell us your most embarrassing secret!” Melinda suddenly declared.

“Wh-what?” Destine gave a surprised noise.

“Well, Cornelia here has told you something personal. Now you have to tell her your shameful secrets. That’s how bonds of trust are formed. None of you will share the others’ secrets, or feel disgusted by the others because you share a mutual bond of trust.”

“Ah… okay…” Destine was the first to reveal how she lost her virginity, so she seemed the most open to revealing stuff about herself. “Um… how about… um… I haven’t had sex in almost six months.”

“Six months!” Melinda laughed. “I haven’t had sex in six years!”

“Ah… well… that… but the reason I haven’t had sex is that my husband, he’s been having trouble staying hard. I’ve been wondering if it might not be me. Perhaps, I am not sexy enough.”

“Not at all!” I protested. “You are absolutely beautiful, if he’s not getting it up it’s his problem!”

“Yes, absolutely!” Mary agreed, the pair of us trying to comfort her.

As we did so, the handy vials in my pocket flashed in my memory once again. Deciding to just go for it, I brought out a vial and handed it to Destine. She stared at the vial blankly.

“It’s err… a special potion. Um… it enhances male performance. Put some on his penis… and it will improve things, I think…” I explained as eloquently as the occasion called for.

“Male enhancement potion? I’ve never heard of that. Why do you just have some in your pocket?” Mary hit the question right on its head.

“Ah, well… you never know?”

The three girls fell into laughter, and I joined them a bit, but it was Melinda who finally spoke up. “Well, do you have any more vials? I think I might like to try some of that.”

“Ah? Melinda too?” Destine asked.

“Well… I’ve been having a bit of a dry spell, but there is a man. His equipment hasn’t worked for a long while, but as she said, you never know.”

As it was, Mary’s secret was that she once peed herself during a banquet. Her husband-to-be wouldn’t let her go even though he knew she had to pee. He had a big smile on his face while she squirmed and twisted in her chair until someone suddenly bumped into her and she lost control. She was furious with him and wouldn’t talk to him for months after, partially from embarrassment. However, rather than be disgusted, he seemed to become more invested in pushing their marriage forward, which only served to further confuse her. I smiled inwardly at her tale. I had my suspicions, but I didn’t want to say anything alarming so I kept myself quiet and provided generic sympathy.

We continued to talk for quite some time. I didn’t know how long we talked, but we ended up discussing all kinds of things. We talked about guys. I mentioned how the 4th prince seemed much more stoic than the 3rd and they teased me about coming on to my future brother. We talked about sex, the girls even going so far as to mention which knight they thought about when they masturbated. It seemed like the longer we went, the dirtier our minds got, and soon, we were sharing naughty stories, both real and imagined.

Eventually, the night had gotten old. Melinda had informed me that I didn’t need to worry too much about the party. After the dance, people would drift in and out, and it really was no big deal if I didn’t show up again, even as the guest of honor. I took her word for it.

However, after a night talking about sex, I was a bit wound up and decided I wasn’t ready to go back to my room. Therefore, I walked into the garden, taking in a breath of fresh air.

This was when I started hearing noises coming from a nearby veranda. I approached carefully, for no particular reason activating my sneak ability. I had only a handful of opportunities to use it, and it seemed like an ability I might need when Nova came calling, so the wide-open gardens at night seemed like as good a place as any.

As I snuck up from behind a bush and peered through the openings, I saw Julian standing there. As usual, he was wearing flamboyant clothing, a fancy and colorful shirt, and a long robe that nearly went down to his ankles. He had both arms against a wall which he was leaning into, and it took me a second to realize that there was a person within his arms.

That person was a young-looking boy. He was maybe a few years younger than me, still having baby fat on his face. He also appeared to be breathing hard as Julian was gazing intently at him.

“So, my young sweet child,” Julian spoke up. “What shall we ever do on such a boring night to spice things up?”

“Prince Julian, I…”

“Shh…” Julian put a finger over the boy’s mouth, stopping him from talking.

Warning: Sadly… I still have to put a warning here. This is yaoi. Skip to next chapter if you are uncomfortable with yaoi. This is the only scene in the entire book, yet some people still want to label the entire book with the genre of yaoi. Don’t have to put that same warning up for women reading this and running into yuri… eh, whatever. 

A moment later, he dropped the hand down and placed it on the man’s crotch. It was clear, even in the shadows of the night, that he was vigorously rubbing the area between the boy’s legs. The boy’s hard panting started to grow more severe. Their lips met, and Julian lightly kissed the boy while fondling him with the other hand.

As Julian pulled the boy’s shirt off, and I considered how many virgins he’d claimed, I brought myself to a good vantage point. Of course, my fingers found their way up my dress, as there was no way I wasn’t going to enjoy the show.

Before long, the boy was completely naked, his clothing in a pile on the ground while Julian looked him up and down with a smirk on his face. The boy was a little scrawny compared to the likes of Devon and definitely Nova, but he had the starting of a six pack, and it looked like he had spent some time training his muscles. He had darker olive skin, much like Jenai, and in some respects the way he looked reminded me of her enough that I wondered if they came from the same country.

While Julian didn’t kiss the boy much, he liked to tease him with his lips, running them across his face and breathing slightly to cause goosebumps to form on the boy’s skin. He reached down and delicately put the boy’s dick, a modest six inches, in his hand. Julian had long lacquered nails, and as a result, his fingers were flexed back and gripping his dick gently. He could never make a fist for extra tightness with those nails.

He used his fingers and palm, running them up and down the boy’s shaft while still keeping the boy pressed against the column. As Julian’s hand worked his cock, he sucked on his lover’s neck, eliciting sharp gasping. His hands moved deftly, and I was almost certain he must have had some kind of skill with the way he handled that cock.

It wasn’t like me at all. I liked to grip tightly, running it through my fist as I gyrated the fingers and altered the pressure on each thrust to create a tightening gradient. With Julian’s nails, that wasn’t an option. Instead, his hand moved deftly. He’d cup the head of the boy’s cock into his palm, then bring his fingers down, pulling out with five fingers surrounding the dick. Then he’d give a twist, suddenly running the back of his hand down the boy’s shaft, then another flick and his palm would be running back up the length.

His methods were mesmerizing and as strange as it sounded, it felt like watching a master perform their task. The boy was responding strongly to his machinations, his throaty noises turning into a whine as his legs started to struggle to stay standing. Of course, Julian had an answer for that as well. Julian pulled away suddenly, causing the boy to open his eyes. While holding the tip of his shaft with a thumb and forefinger, Julian pulled the boy away from the wall, guiding him over to a nearby bench.

“Have you ever felt it in your ass before?” Julian asked.

The boy shook his head, but then still bent over, preparing to receive Julian’s cock.

“No, sir.”

Julian chuckled. “Well, no matter. You’ll come to like it with time. Just reach back and spread your cheeks for me a bit.”

The boy complied. As he leaned his chest down on the bench, he reached both hands back, cupping each cheek and pulling them apart. Julian leaned back a bit, eyeing his butthole like he was surveying the land, while I leaned forward for a closer look of my own. My fingers were diving in and out of my pussy now, and my maxed Conceal was the only reason I was able to keep quiet in the bushes.

Julian pulled down his pants just enough for his cock to spring free, but he kept the red and black robe on that he always seemed to wear. He was circumcised surprisingly, which was actually the first cock I’d seen in this world without the foreskin. Before now, I had taken it for granted that this world simply didn’t do that. I wondered what had driven Julian to have it done, but my place in the bushes held no answers. I curiously Examined his cock and compared it to his younger brother’s. He was a bit thicker and a bit wider than Richard, who was already at the cusp of average becoming above average.

While I admired him, Julian bent down, and literally spat on the boy’s asshole. He rubbed one finger into his crack, spreading around his makeshift lubricant, all before positioning himself behind the boy. In a single motion, he grabbed the boy’s hips and pushed himself in. I couldn’t see much now, with Julian in his cloak, it simply looked like him standing in front of a naked, bent-over boy. However, I could see the pained look on the boy’s face. Finally, Julian’s hips were moving as he thrust into the boy’s asshole slowly and carefully.

He was way gentler than Nova when Nova decided to take my ass, so I had to give him a little credit. The boy, on the other hand, must not have had high pain resistance. He made several pained noises, his mouth open in a grimace as Julian continued to move his hips without mercy.

“Ah… ah… it hurts…” The boy said with tears in his eyes.

“Keep it up, it’ll feel good soon,” Julian said, but I almost could see him rolling his eyes with the amount of concern in his voice.

However, after about four or five minutes, the boy started to relax again. With that, Julian started picking up the pace. The boy’s pained noises started to turn into panting. Julian’s balls were starting to make a light tap tap sound as they struck the boy which for me was a welcomed sound to cover up the wet noises my pussy made as I fingered myself to climax.

After about ten more minutes of thrusting, Julian, who hadn’t been breathing hard at all previously, finally let out a single moan. He had a little bit of sweat on his face, but he otherwise didn’t wear much expression beyond mild amusement. He might have been painting a portrait or writing a letter for all the sexual satisfaction he showed.

“Ah… yeah… good.”

That was all Julian said as he came. A moment later, he pulled his dick out and a gush of white spurted from the boy’s gaping butthole.

“So, that was fun.” Julian chuckled. “What’s next?”

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