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I was woken the following morning to banging on my door. I nearly leaped out of the bed. That night, I had been dreaming of Julian taking all the men I tried to seduce. It might have been a nightmare except that what Julian did with the men was incredibly graphic and left me wet enough I wouldn’t be surprised if the bed was damp this morning. My dream might have cuckolded me, but I didn’t hate it.

However, my mind was in a frantic state, and for a few brief seconds, I was convinced that my identity had been found out and it was a guard at my door. Min was mysteriously absent, so I went to the door to open it. Before I opened it, I did a quick check to make sure nothing was amiss.

Min had done a very good job de-pinking the room, using the materials the king had sent to us to completely redecorate. It was clear that her favorite color was green although any earthy colors seemed to do. As a result, the bed, sheets, and canopy now gave off a forest-like vibe, making the room feel like it was full of life. I was a fan of green myself, so I did not protest Min’s choices. I also noticed that I was once again wearing one of the nightdresses Min had made for me. Of course, I had fallen asleep in Min’s arms still in my previous night’s dress. It seemed like Min continued to change my clothing while I was asleep. I wondered if my wife ever slept. Not wife, best friend, that was a weird thought, clearly, she was just a friend, no matter what she thought.

As soon as the door opened, someone shoved themselves right in. Even if it had been a man, I probably wouldn’t have been flustered to be caught in my nightclothes, but the Princess Bartrum I concealed myself as would be flustered, so I needed to act the part. However, before I could put on an act, I finally realized who was in my room.

“Where on Earth did you find that potion you gave us last night?”

It was an older lady, with a couple of wrinkles, graying hair, and a straight back that showed she was a force to be reckoned with. Of course, it was Melinda Fry, the Duchess I had encountered the previous night. And surprisingly, right behind her were the two younger women Destine and Mary.

“Oh, that outfit is really cute, I’d love for my husband to see me in something like that,” Destine said, reaching out and touching the dress. “Oh, wow, it’s so soft. Mary, you have to feel this.”

Mary came forward too, and both women had their hands all over me. As a bisexual who just woke up from a sex dream, I had to reel in my sexual drive or I might have taken their hands as an offer. Instead, I was mostly just flustered, unsure at the sudden morning onslaught of the three women.

“Never mind her dress, that potion…” A strange expression came over Melinda, and she gave a shiver. “I had the opportunity last night and… well… my dry spell is over.”


“Destine! You too, right?” Melinda demanded.

Destine pulled her hand away from my dress and stood at attention, then when the question caught up with her brain, she broke into a massive blush. “That is… I put some on my husband, last night… and…”

Her face continued to get even redder until I was sure she was about to pass out.

“I-is it that good?” Mary asked questioningly. “C-can I get some as well?”

“Well, that is, I gave you guys the last of it. Really.”

In fact, without a source of Pigman semen, I was going to have to find something else to be my lubricant. Between the pair of them and Reinhart, I had given away all the potions I had brewed. It made me wish I had brought that bucket of semen I had left in the barn. That would have been nearly a year’s supply.

“That doesn’t matter!” Melinda dismissed my words. “Just let me know your supplier!”

“I’m sorry…”

“Three times!” Melinda put up her fingers. “That man kept going three times. Show some mercy on this old lady!”

I gave her a wry smile, knowing that she really wasn’t as old as she pretended to be. She was only about the age of my mom; however, that might be considered old in this world. At the very least, it genuinely looked like Melinda had been suffering during her dry spell. To think that even a proud noble like her would succumb to lust so completely.

“Oh, what’s this?”

Mary had been looking around the room as I spoke to the other girls, and she had come up to my nightstand. There was a box on my nightstand, freshly opened, and in that box was something very dear to me. I had completely forgotten about it in the morning rush. I nearly leapt across the bed to snatch it, but Mary grabbed it first, turning and dodging my hands.

“Give me that!” I pleaded.

“Ah… it’s soft and velvety.”

“What is that?” Destine asked. “Ah… doesn’t that look like… well, a penis, kind of.”

“Hmmm… give that here girl.” Melinda was now taking interest in it too.

Rather than handing it back to me, Mary handed it right to Melinda, like a girl in class handing in a note to the teacher she intercepted between two lovers. Melinda picked up the dildo in her hand and started squeezing it too.

It was horrible enough that I could die. I hadn’t even gotten to use the toy yet and not only was it found out by three gossipy girls, but now they had their hands all over it. While one would think this would be blocked out with Mental Fortitude, it seemed to be failing me. Although my feelings could be said to not be embarrassment. It was more a buildup of dread, frustration, and fear. I was afraid that if these girls knew the real me, they would run.  Playing with it out in the open without a care… it seemed to fly right past my mental resistance.

“Ah, it seems to be able to accept magical power,” Melinda said, her fingers running up and down the shaft.

The dildo suddenly started vibrating, and Melinda let out a cry of surprise, dropping it. The dildo hit the floor, bouncing a few times before rolling under the bed.

“Ah, there are others in this box!” Mary declared.

I collapsed on the bed, covering my face as I listened to the girls pulling out my new toys one by one. I felt like a criminal who had just been caught with the evidence in their hands. They started by pulling out the larger dildo. All three made noises of excitement while seeing it.

“Oh, that’s bigger than my husband!” Destine said in wonder.

The others weren’t as obvious as the first one. A small vibrating stone, a string of beads of increasing size, a strap-on, and the craftsman’s attempt at a two-in-one, rabbit-like dildo. Even though the girls didn’t know what they did exactly, they had knowing smiles on their faces and intrigued looks on their eyes.

“You… Cornelia, what are these things? Fess up!” Melinda tapped my head.

“Noth-ow don’t pull my hair…” As I tried to deflect her, she got a bit physical until I finally raised my hidden face.

A little more awake now, I re-instated my conceal and deception to school my face and hide the dread.

“It’s… um… toys.”

“Toys… for sex? That’s what you mean, right?” Mary said although she seemed to be drooling a bit.

“Ah… for sex… and sometimes, for alone time.”

Destine’s eyes seemed to widen as she looked down at the big dildo in her hands.

“But what do they all do?” Melinda asked although she didn’t hold disgust in her eyes, merely a curiosity. “Like these!”

She held up the anal beads in her hand, waving them back and forth. She had to ask about that one first! Although, I didn’t know if it’d be easier to explain that or the strap-on. I’m not sure how I’d get out of telling them about lesbianism if we went down that path.

“That is when you’re having sex… you put them… in your bum.”

The two younger girls immediately tightened their sphincters, their eyes popping, but Melinda nodded. “Hmmm… I used to have a lover who would stick a finger in my ass while he ate me out…”

“She said it…” Mary barely managed to speak out, feeling dazed.

“I feel like this is too much.” Destine winced, using my dildo as if to block her vision.

“Oh, relax ladies.” Melinda dismissed their embarrassment. “I think we’re way past being too personal. You’re even rubbing her sex toy against your face.”

Destine jerked the dildo that was almost resting against her cheek away and she barely managed to toss it into the box while giving a grossed-out look.

“Ah! I haven’t used any of them yet. I-I just got them.”

“Who’d you buy them from,” Mary asked with an intent look, but then suddenly turned away shyly. “That is… um… if someone was interested.”

“Ah… that is… Sandor and Pratter.”

“Those guys? I’ve been to their shop, I’ve never seen anything like this.” Melinda frowned.

“Um… I ordered them custom, for my personal… ah… use. That is… we had them in my home, but the pigmen that attacked my carriage…”

Melinda finally gave a nod. “Right… well, I can’t blame a girl for wanting to release stress.”

“Ah… it feels good on the shoulders.” Destine had pulled the big dildo back out now that she knew it was clean and was now putting magic into it while it vibrated on her neck.

“It feels even better when it vibrates down there,” I offered.

Her eyes popped wide, but she let the vibration stop while she put two hands on the 8-inch cock like it was a fragile item.

“S-since I haven’t used it, Destine, you don’t by chance, want it?” Destine was cradling the dildo and nodding before I even finished the sentence.

“Eh?” Mary spoke up, “Why does she get it? She has a husband. If anyone needs it, I do!”

Upon realizing what she said, Mary’s face exploded with red. Meanwhile, Destine pulled the dildo up between her breasts like she was protecting it from being ripped from her hands. The four of us broke into laughter at the silliness of it all.

They hadn’t rejected something I might have seen as shameful, and they were rather interested and curious about it. This lead to me finally giving them a run through of the sex items I had purchased. When I reached the strap-on, Melinda jumped to fucking guys in the ass, so I didn’t have to try to explain any of my lesbian tendencies. I was just glad that the double dildo hadn’t come in this shipment. Sandor had written a note stating he was still trying to get the enchantments just right.

Of course, this lead to a brainstorming session, and discussions about other potential sexual toys. In my previous life, I was rather tame when it came to the second department. I had a waterproof bullet and a single dildo, and that was it. However, I found myself telling them about nipple clamps, butt plugs, restraints, and cock rings… basically, everything I could remember ever being sold at the occasional adult store I’d been to. I’d, of course, have already thoroughly given Pratter and Sandor the same ideas, but they had yet to implement them.

“So, you’re saying my husband could… tie me up, to the bed?” Destine was asking.

The women, even Melinda, seemed to sit on every word I said. Although, while Destine and Mary wore startled and surprised expressions, Melinda was more pragmatic. A few times it seemed I’d stumbled on something she’d already discovered on her own, or something less aggressive than her own ideas, but we still ended up discussing all the ways to have sex for several hours.

“I’m going to get one twice that big. Now that Pratter and Sandor are making these things, I’m sure they won’t mind.”

“T-twice!” Mary exclaimed, eying the already large 8-inch dildo.

Destine saw Mary’s looks and squeezed it to her body as if she still expected Mary would leap over the bed and take it. Each girl said they were going to put in their own orders, and I merely shrugged at that. Eventually, I had to bid them farewell. However, the girls wouldn’t leave until I promised to get more of the potion. They were a little surprised to know that I had made the potions myself. However, when I had explained that the ingredients were exceptionally hard to come by, Melinda had an answer for that too.

“Just tell Reinhart to get the ingredients. If he drags his feet, let me know and I’ll set him straight.”

I was bidding them goodbye as Min returned from wherever she had been although she made no comment on the sex toys being passed around. For that matter, the nobles more or less treated her like she wasn’t there. Well, she was my servant or even my slave, so I supposed that nobles wouldn’t pay her much mind. At least, they didn’t wear any disgust on their faces.

The girls left, and I finally put away all the remaining toys, including the one lost under my bed, feeling exhausted. Min was curiously examining the strap-on dildo when I started boxing the toys, and I swiped it from her hands and put into the box.

“That’s for us later.” I winked at her.

Min didn’t say anything. She just turned away to start picking up the room a bit. Before I could start teasing my cute little Min, I suddenly remembered what day it was.

“Ah, crap, I promised to work for Reinhart today. Ah, shit, what time is it?”

I nearly ran out the door in my nightgown before Min stopped me and forced me to put on a dress. She helped me with my hair and reassembled my princess look. By the time I was gone, I was very late, and Reinhart ended up berating me and providing a long lecture about how noble he was for accepting me as his apprentice. By the time we got to work, I was feeling pretty down on myself, but then he showed me a little gift he prepared, all my depression was blown away.

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