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“How can you tell when a skill will work or not?” I asked Reinhart as he gathered up a couple of things.

He was going to take me down to the basement. He wouldn’t tell me what he had down there, but he told me it was a job that he needed me to do and it’d be easier if I just saw it.

“Huh? Ah, right, your knowledge about skills is a little lacking, right?” Reinhart sighed as he pulled out a lantern and lit it. “What brought on this question?”

Of course, I was thinking about mental fortitude, and how it worked towards certain sex-related activities, but would unexpectedly fail in some of the odder situations. Of course, I hadn’t really discussed my other world situation with him. The only thing Reinhart knew was that I had a lot of special skills and a strange class.

“Ah… it’s just like, I see a lot of skills that seem simple, but they seem to have strange rules about when they work and when they won’t.”

Reinhart gave a nod. “Well, there are a lot of books about skills. Skills beget skills. Skills supplement skills. Do this, this, and this and you’ll get this skill. It’s all kind of a lie though. Skills are simply you. You are your skills. Every skill you gain is a reflection of you. How skills work is the same way.”

“What does that mean?” I frowned.

“What do you want it to mean?” My frown deepened, and he chuckled before continuing. “What I’m saying is that you influence how your skill works. How your skill works is based on yourself. For example, if you had a skill that made you tell the truth if you became convinced of a lie, then your skill would allow you to tell a lie because you thought it was the truth.”

“Really?” I pondered over his words a little more, trying to understand what it meant to me.

“That’s how it works. In fact, I knew a man once. He was smart, but he really struggled to read and write. He used to always confuse the words ‘site’ with an i-t and ‘sight’ with a g-h-t whenever he wrote them. He was a hunter, and he finally unlocked a tier 2 skill called Far Sight. It’s always Far Sight with a g-h-t. But, for him, it was spelled Far Site, i-t-e. It was the same skill, but it renamed itself to him.

“There are other examples of this. Skills that have different names depending on their country of origin. Some also have different functions too, but I believe that’s a symptom of people’s expectations and not a limitation of the skills themselves.

“I believe skills can be opened up or weakened by your own imagination and beliefs. If you had a skill that could, I don’t know, cut down trees… could you use that skill to cut down a post? That depends on you. If you can convince yourself a tree was a post, or that post was close enough to a tree… then the skill would work. If you didn’t, the skill would be useless.”

Or… coming from my own seductress powers, I could use skills if I was engaged in sex, or if I convinced myself something was associated with sex. For example, my mental fortitude worked or didn’t work based on how I interpreted the situation. I approached the two craftsmen with the intent of creating sex toys for my own sexual fulfillment. That met the criteria of mental fortitude. However, the girls came in and played with my sex toys, but at no point was I thinking of engaging in sex with them, or having our conversation related to my sex… so mental fortitude did not work as thoroughly. At least, that was my working hypothesis from what Reinhart had said.

We didn’t have far to walk. The cellar was part of the abandoned complex this tower once belonged to, and at the bottom of the stairs was a small trapdoor with a ladder that we ended up climbing down, although Reinhart told me there was another entrance that went outside the castle walls. He explained this as we climbed into the darkness with his lantern lighting the way. If I ever needed to escape, this was a path I could take. He also warned me that if I did something to threaten the kingdom, he’d immediately tell the guard to head off to this spot first.

It came to my awareness that this was probably the exact kind of information Nova would want too, and I was a little regretful Reinhart had told me, as there would be a point I may have to betray his trust. We were in a damp, dark hallway now, and without saying another word, Reinhart started lighting a bunch of torches along the walls, bringing light to the darkness.

The first thing I noticed was the gleam of bars, and I realized that we were standing in a hallway lined with jail cells. The second thing I noticed was that there was some movement behind the bars. I started squinting into one of the cages and then jumped back as a monster crashed into the bars, barking a sound. It was a creature with the face and body of a reptile.

“Ah, watch out, that one is a lizardman.”

I glanced over at the next cell and saw that there was a different creature in that one. I quickly noticed the creature slouching in the corner was none other than a goblin. I had been made all too familiar with their kind.

“What is this?” I asked.

Reinhart chuckled. “Well, after you mentioned how you’ve spent time with monsters, and showed me the results of your seed potion, I was curious what other potions could be made. I went out and requested hunters from the guild catch a couple of monsters, and I secured them down here. As you can see, I have a pigman over here, so you can make more of that potion you gave me, and we can see if you can generate any other potions with your talents.”

“So, the job then, that only I can do…”

“Well, I figured that you are uniquely talented for collecting specimens. You can consider this your own personal seed farm. It seems a little severe, but I’ve heard there are farmers who collect bull semen to inseminate cows, so I thought we could keep this clinical. Although, if you have other uses for them, I will… ahem… look the other way.”

I stared a bit in surprise and wonder at this. It wasn’t just a treasure trove for potion making, but also for leveling. I wouldn’t need the king’s piddling sexual advances or the glory hole if I could take on these monsters.

“Which ones do we have? Did you have any of the spiders?”

“Ah, right, you mentioned that it might be a good adhesive, but spiders are kind of tough to handle. I picked mostly hominids. I don’t really have much experience in this department. These are the top races known for raping women. I figured they had the most likelihood of being compatible with your… harvesting methods. I’ve got one pigman, one kobold, one lizardman, one goblin, one apeman, one orc, one minotaur, one troll, and one satyr. Nine in all. I’d have to acquire demons if I wanted to get you a better selection.”

“How about a slime?”

“Slime? They don’t really have sexual parts…”

“Still… I think they could have some interesting advantages in potion-making.” I deflected his criticism.

After a moment, he nodded. “Well… if you’re feeling confident, we can acquire other monsters with a less… humanoid qualities.”

Even I wasn’t ready to start moving down a route that felt like bestiality. For the moment, I felt that Reinhart had made the appropriate selections.

“Ah, no… for now, I think this would be fine. It really is a shot in the dark with this, right?”

“I suppose so…” Reinhart shrugged, “Well, I’ll leave you to it. Um… be careful, these are monsters and they are dangerous. If you can coerce one over to the bars and get it to… well, stick it through the bars, that’d be ideal.”

I nodded at his advice. Likely, I’d need to seduce these guys enough times to turn them all into my sex dolls, much like I did to the pigmen before. Then, there would be no more danger. Reinhart started climbing back up the ladder. I supposed he didn’t want to remain for the show. As I walked up and down the cages, some of the monsters growled at me, but they didn’t make any particularly scary movements. Of course, I remembered the seemingly innocent-looking pigmen quickly eating each other, and the trauma from that day allowed me to gain some distance from these monsters. I’d use them and then kill them when I needed to.

I looked at each of the monsters. A few of them, like the orc, the apeman, the minotaur, and the goblin all wore their dicks on the outside. Most had loin clothes, but the minotaur, in particular, seemed to be packing quite a shaft that swung only half-covered by his loincloth. Meanwhile, a few of the others seemed to have no visible dick at all. It was likely that they extended out from somewhere when the animal was sexually excited.

I used examine on them but didn’t gain any useful information. Most of them seemed to be in their teens or younger. It seemed like monsters grew quickly and died young. I knew at this point I was really just stalling. The idea of getting nine first times on monsters, as well as the potential novelty of some of them, did excite me, but it also left me wary.

Deciding that I needed to know what I was working with before I started working, I decided I needed to give them a test run. With them locked in cages, there was really no danger to me. So, it was not like there was anything holding me back. I released my pheromones. I could feel the eyes of all the monsters suddenly turn to me. Each animal surged forward, almost at the same time, and the lust in their eyes became fervent. The sudden surge of monsters racing at their cages caused a racket, and even after telling myself I was safe, I still lept back a few steps at the surge of monsters.

I was out of their reach, but at least one monster, the orc, had come dangerously close to catching a grip on my hair. My heart was beating rapidly as the spike of adrenaline shot through me. Meanwhile, the monsters had turned feral, banging on the bars and screaming. There was a creak in one of the bars, and I desperately prayed that they’d hold.

As the monsters let out rather loud roars, sounds deafening enough that I had to cover my ears, they rammed themselves at the bars. Although, more specifically it was their hips thrusting out. When they found they couldn’t reach me, they started humping at the bars, their now erect dicks thrusting through and bobbing out towards me as if they felt like if they just thrust hard enough, they’d cover the dozens of feet of distance between me and them.

Trying to keep the sudden orgy of monsters blindly thrusting at me in order, I started walking down the line of cages carefully, examining each of their penises thoroughly like I was walking through an art gallery.

The pigman and the goblin I had seen before. The familiar half-sized green doorknob cock of the goblin and the pink and black corkscrew of pigmen were expected. The orc’s penis resembled a large black dildo. The tip had a diminished mushroom head compared to humans, and with the dick being pure black, it might have well been smooth obsidian I was looking at. It was very large though, and I looked forward to checking it out more thoroughly. The apeman’s was dark brown and splotchy, but otherwise about the size and appearance of an uncircumcised smaller-dicked man. It wasn’t impressive compared to the orc, but it was still about twice the size of the goblin.

The troll’s dick was very interesting. It seemed to substitute length for thickness. It looked kind of like a giant mound. It was easily four inches thick, but only about two inches long. They say thickness is what matters, but I had some trouble imagining a way I’d be able to effectively enjoy it. The entire thing was rounded to the point that it looked like a strange lump coming from between his legs rather than a phallic object.

The minotaur and the satyr had similar dicks although the minotaur’s was considerably larger. They had a very hairy base, but the hair thinned as it approached the shaft. The dicks looked like human dicks, albeit splotchy like the pigman. The minotaur’s head had a sharper-looking tip, which might actually help with penetration as it seemed to have the largest dick of the bunch, and might I say the largest I’ve seen. Over 3-inches at its thickest, and s massive 10-inches long, it was definitely one that both feared and excited me.

That left me with the last of the bunch, the lizardman. His protruded dick was light green, and the easiest description is that it was ribbed and bumpy. It had various bumps on it which surrounded the dick in concentric circles. While not quite scaly, it seemed to be built up of interlocking sheaths one fitting in the next which made up the shaft.  It looked very hard and dry, not the kind of dick that would slide in easy. I could see it generating quite a lot of friction.

As I was bending over, contemplating the lizardman, my body was suddenly shoved forward. I let out a cry as my head came into the lizardman’s grasp. His claw-like hands grabbed at my head, and for fear that he might break my neck, I moved in the direction he indicated. Without a second to prepare, he shoved his dick into my mouth. At first, I had my teeth closed, and his thrust shoved against the outside of my mouth with enough force that my teeth hurt. However, I quickly opened up and let his dry dick slide into my mouth.

While this was going on, something was also behind me, my dress was hiked up and my underwear was pulled down as hands groped at my ass. One of the monsters must have escaped and snuck up behind me. That was the only thought that went through my mind. His dick immediately slid into my ass, completely missing the pussy. I let out a gagging cry, the hard dick in my mouth hitting the back of my throat as I let out a shout.

Knowing I had to take control of the situation, I first swapped my title to Rough Rider. I’d have preferred Gang Banger usually, but I needed the pain resistance and strength to try to fix myself. As one monster thrust into my mouth with a grip on my neck, the other thrust into my ass from the other side. I grabbed onto the bars to the lizardman’s cage, resisting the thrusting from behind so that I could get better control of the dick in front of me.

Position Unlocked: Standing Spit Roast

Now, I had to seduce the monster behind me. Since he escaped, I had to beguile him if I wanted any hope to get out of this safely. I was just about to do so when I suddenly heard the mutter behind me.

“Ah, you’re so tight!”

My eyes widened, but I couldn’t look back as long as the lizard man was thrusting into me. However, the voice from behind was instantly recognizable. It was Reinhart’s voice. He must have been hit by my pheromones although I would have thought he would have been out of range. He must have come back or something. Either way, his built-up sexual desires all exploded in one go.

I also didn’t have any other threesome positions with two males to switch to, and even if I did, the likelihood that I would release the lizardman inadvertently was high. Therefore, that meant I had no choice but to ride this one out. As Reinhart worked my ass, moaning with each thrust, I used my hands on the bars to thrust back. I loosened my butt, spread my legs, and eased his entry. I twisted my ass each time he thrust, grinding his dick into my ass. It felt really good, and I was starting to get wet from the feeling as well.

Meanwhile, I continued to take the lizardman from the front. Regrettably, he had a hold of my head and was maddened in the state of pheromone lust. My face was just a hole to fuck for him, and he thrust into my throat with reckless abandon. His claws were wrapped up in my hair, and he had my face pressed up against the bars as hard as he could, to the point that my cheeks were pulled back and my mouth was inside his cage. He then slammed his hips into the bars, shoving his dick into my mouth as hard as he could.

Although I was coughing a bit, the level 4 deep throat was enough that things didn’t get too uncomfortable. With Lover’s breath, I didn’t even attempt to breathe while he abused my face. Of course, with my mouth as his fuck toy, I probably looked bad. He was hard and cold, and there wasn’t a single ounce of softness or warmth. His dick had a consistency of sandpaper, and my mouth quickly became sore. The damage would probably be pretty bad by the time I was done. The only reason it was tolerable was because of Rough Rider.

That’s when Reinhart’s hands, one on each butt cheek, squeezed tightly. A moment later, I felt a familiar throbbing. It wasn’t as easy to feel the cum deep in my ass as it was in pussy, but I could feel his throbbing dick pushing into the tight hole of my anus. He pulled out of my ass a moment later with a pop, and while I didn’t feel the cum inside me, as some leaked out and ran down into my wet pussy, I could feel the cooling droplets.

Anal Sex has increased to LVL 3.

The lizardman’s grip tightened until I felt like my hair was about to be ripped out. He pushed himself deep into my mouth, the dick down my throat and well past my gag reflex. I reflexively tried to pull away, but it was no use with the grip he had. Cold fluid shot deep into the back of my throat, although I couldn’t control where it went with the cock so far down my throat, and half of it ended up going into my trachea.

Blow job has increased to LVL 9.

Deep throat has increased to LVL 5.

There was a sudden flash of light followed by a buzzing sound, and the lizard let go of my head while making a loud cry. He fell back several feet and landed on his tail, scooting back until he entered a corner. Meanwhile, I collapsed to the floor and started coughing. It was painful, and a slimy pond scum taste came up my throat and out my nose and mouth as I tried to desperately spit out the spooge.

At this point, I wasn’t even thinking of potions or swallowing, although half of it probably ended up going down my esophagus. Instead, I just wanted to spit out. After a minute of coughing and sputtering, I finally managed to get to the point where breathing didn’t hurt. A hand rested on my back, and I almost turned with a swing. That was how wound up I was at the moment. However, when I noticed it was Reinhart, fully dressed and giving a worried look, I dropped my hand.

“I’m sorry. Aria, I’m so sorry.” He looked genuinely upset.

“It’s… it’s not…” My voice was croaky, and it was still difficult to speak. “I used pheromones.”

“I can’t believe I’d succumb to my monster nature like that.” Reinhart tightened his fist angrily. “I thought that even if you used some kind of pheromone, I wouldn’t be tempted. That is why I didn’t take precautions. This is my fault. I almost got you killed.”

I let out a coughing laugh. “Hah… the situation was a little crazy, but I could get things under control.”

He frowned as he looked down at me. I probably looked quite the mess. The hair that Min had carefully donned was messy. My dress was ripped in many places. My mouth was sore, my makeup was ruined, and I didn’t even want to see what my face looked like. It felt like I had been hit by a bus, at least.

Reinhart still apologized profusely although he seemed more disturbed by it than me. He made me promise not to use the pheromones again and instead seduce all the monsters until they were under my control before attempting any resource gathering. I was okay with that, but I more than hinted to him that it would take a very long amount of time to seduce the monsters without my sexual saint boost.

“You can activate that with masturbation, yes?”

I frowned when he missed the not-too-subtle offer for sex. After the pheromones had worn off, he went right back to the old Reinhart and his complete lack of interest in sex. Although he took my butt with vigor, and I was still feeling liquid leaking from my ass as he sat me down in his lab and fed me healing potions to remove the physical trauma I suffered, he seemed happier pretending it didn’t happen.

I had hoped this experience would have sparked a sexual relationship between us, but in the end, I would just have to settle for my monster companions. I tried to return to the dungeon, having not cum with my last sexual foray. Perhaps I could seduce the goblin, something safe, and at least get off with a dick in me for a change. Reinhart stopped me from going.

“You should go back to your room today and clean up. You can pick up where you left off in a day or two once you’ve had some rest.”

I grudgingly accepted his advice. It looked like I’d have to use my toys tonight, but there were still eight monsters with a first-time bonus and I intended to earn my fill.

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