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As soon as I opened the door to my room, my eyes widened at the sight of the person who was standing in there without wearing any clothing on. He was an attractive boy with smooth, white skin and a tight, near-perfect ass from what I could see. He wasn’t muscular, but he had a delicate appearance that was appealing in its own way. His short, blond hair was cut in a way that gave it that messy boy band look and as he turned around, I saw that he had a cute face that I just wanted to kiss.

His face which was petite and well-formed with small pouty lips and rosy cheeks. He was an elf, with both ears ending in points, barely noticeable through the blond hair. That was when I noticed that he wasn’t completely naked. He had something wrapped around his hips, and a second later, I realized it was the strap-on dildo I had ordered the previous night. That was when his facial features came slamming home.

“Min?” I asked, suddenly realizing that this fuckable pretty boy was actually a pretty girl. “Y-you cut your hair.”

“Mm…” Min nodded, “Min wishes to make vessë happy.”

“Ah, but what’s with…”

“Aria likes boys, Min must be more boyish.”

“Yeah… but Ar-I like girls too, you know?”

However, the truth was that while I had admitted I was bisexual, it wasn’t like my bisexuality was fifty-fifty. So, while I was attracted to women and had little issue sleeping with them, I think Min realized that deep down, I had a bias towards men. For example, Min aside, I still didn’t see myself marrying a woman over a man, not that I was thinking about marriage at all. In that respect, Julian and Gregory likely leaned towards men but had no qualms about being with women. However, Min was a demi-human, so, would that make me pansexual? As these thoughts worked their way through my brain, Min put on a determined face.

“Mm… Min… both… Min, become best wife!” As she said that, she put out both fists in front of her chest and pumped them in a pose.

The act caused the strap-on, fully erect, to bounce up and down like a spring. It was very cute, and I couldn’t help but have affectionate feelings run through me as I saw Min there. Plus, the brief moments I had seen her as a boy had caused a stirring deep within me. It was a sexual desire for Min that came from my heterosexual side. A part of me wanted to taste the boy Min, not even talking about my sexual frustration after my time with Reinhart. I was glad I had cleaned up the mess the best I could at the lab, so I was nice and clean for Min.

I took a few steps forward and wrapped my arms around the sweet girl who I considered my closest friend. Of course, her dildo was poking me, so I reached down and grabbed it. She let out a sudden gasp, and I stopped moving it. I looked back up at Min, whose face had turned expressionless once again. Curiously, I started to gently caress the dildo. Min suddenly shivered, her whole body responding to the touch. I activated my examine skill on the strap-on.

Strap-On Dildo, Grade B, Maker: Pratter Enchanter: Sandor – Wearable device used to engage in sexual intercourse with man or woman.


  • Skin Surface – Softens the surface of the item to the consistency of human skin.
  • Heating – Naturally absorbs heat and magic to remain at body temperature.
  • Vibration – Inserting magic can cause shaft to vibrate.
  • Sensory Attachment – Wearer feels the equivalent feeling as if they had the extremity.
  • Lube Conversion – Expels wearer’s natural lubricant from tip.

Those last two enchantments were not things I had discussed with Pratter and Sandor. It seemed like Sandor had gone a bit above and beyond when he got into making the dildo. So the dildo actually provided you sensory information as if you had a working penis. Which meant that this soft, warm, penis-like thing in my hand was stimulating Min sexually.

I had genuinely stroked the head while Min stood there as I read the description, and true to its word, I felt a little liquid leak out the tip. I brought it up to my face, sniffed, and then licked it. Min turned away, blushing cutely again. It definitely tasted and smelled like Min. I had done enough with her that I could tell. So, as she got wet, the dildo magically collected it and transferred it to the tip. Did that mean that when she came, it’d squirt out the tip? This was genuinely something I wanted to have fun with.

I wondered if the sensitivity was a little high, as Min didn’t seem quite herself. It could be simply that penises were more sensitive than vaginas, and so what she was feeling was the incompatibility between her female body feeling the sexual stimulation of a male penis. Either way, every touch was causing her to shiver and shake. I could go down on her for an hour and finger her with all my might, and while I was certain she came, she never reacted all that much to my stimulations. However, she responded to every touch from this toy.

Min was not the type of woman who got really wet. As I had played with her more, I came to realize that she was the kind of girl who would need a lot of foreplay to be ready. If I had a penis, it’d take making her cum at least three times before she was wet enough for penetration. Normally, even getting fingers in her required a lot of kissing and play. However, the dildo pooled all the liquid and shot it from the tip, so even the relatively dry Min had obviously wet results.

I didn’t simply want to play with her though, I also really wanted to try it on myself. Well, it was on Min at the moment, and despite the fact that she called me her wife, she was playing the boy card today. With the exception of her dick being just slightly harder than you’d get from a real penis and the lack of balls, if I closed my eyes I wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference.

I wanted to go back now and order another one that was even better. This was a mark I version, and I was betting they could make something virtually indistinguishable from a real penis. I was already imagining a flesh-colored strap on with balls and perhaps even an enchantment that caused it to become erect or soft based on the person’s mood, a prosthetic penis in every sense of the word.  Magic was wonderful, and I was quickly running through all the fun things we could do if even this much was possible.

“Min, can you please fuck me,” I begged.

Although I had always taken the lead in our play, she seemed determined to present herself as a boy. I figured that my same old behavior might upset her in some way, so I decided to give her the reigns for a day. Min nodded, her face back to the expressionless face, although there was a slight shaking in her movements that betrayed her nervousness.

Of course, I wasn’t nervous. To me, it was testing out a new toy. However, I was also good at role play, and without thought, I became an expectant woman at the mercy of her man. It was a role I hadn’t actually taken in a long time, and it was surprisingly refreshing to be the bottom for once.

Min laid me out of the bed, and I gave her begging eyes, attempting to coerce her in exactly the same way I would with a man.

Seduce has increased to LVL 5.

Roleplay has increased to LVL 2.

Technique Unlocked: Role Projection–While performing a role, improve the performance of counterparts to the role played.

I nearly ruined the moment with a shout of excitement, but my advanced skills held me in control. I had finally gotten a tier 2 technique worth something. Techniques were sort of like skill-attached special skills. They usually weren’t as game-breaking, but they made things interesting. This one seemed relevant, so I immediately activated it. If I understood it correctly, this was a skill that would improve the performance of anyone I was role-playing with. So if I was playing the role of a woman, then Min playing my counter as a man would improve her performance.

In fact, as I looked up at her with begging eyes, shyly exposing myself, Min’s eyes took on a more aggressive look. To my surprise, she moved forward and took the initiative to take my clothing off. She was still gentle with it, they were clothing she had sewed after all, but she also didn’t shy away from bearing me until my skin was naked. She then moved up, giving me a kiss on the lips before positioning the dildo against my waiting womanhood. Of course, she was shorter than me, so while in that position, her head only reached the bottom of my breasts.

“Ready?” She asked, the tip of her cock pressed up to it and waiting.

I gave an enthusiastic nod, and then she thrust into me. Like that, the dildo went in. To its credit, it felt remarkably like a dick. It was warm and soft with an inner hardness. I moaned in pleasure. Min, on the other hand, closed her eyes, her body shivering slightly.

“You’re inside me, Min,” I said coyishly.

“Mmm…” Min made a noise, her eyes still closed. “As vessë wanted.”

I wondered what it felt like. Min was currently feeling what it was like to have the walls of my vagina pressed against her sex while inside me. It had to be tight, and wet, and warm. I really wanted to enjoy the same experience. It sounded so interesting. As I looked up with just a bit of envy that Min got to try it first, she started to move her hips. She started moving achingly slow, the dildo sliding out of my wet pussy very slowly. It was almost tortured, and I started to move my hips to thrust against it but realized that Min had her hands on both hips and was preventing me from doing so.

Instead, I had to wait until Min’s dildo reached all the way to the tip. Then, in a single thrust, she went all the way in again. It felt so good that I let out a whimper. However, then she started to pull out again, once again taking time and moving extremely slowly. After the fourth time she did this, I was going crazy. She was teasing me too much, and I just wanted her dick inside me.

“Please…” I begged. “Please fuck me. Harder baby, fuck me hard.”

Min continued to thrust slowly. All the way out, then one hard thrust in. Each time it felt so good, but the slow withdrawal was torture. Min was truly the sadist. She was being so mean. I tried to take control, but Min held me down fast and she had a no-nonsense way of doing things. I, of course, could have swapped positions, but that wasn’t part of the role play, I was a docile woman at the mercy of my man… and thus it didn’t even cross my mind.

I was nearly in tears, begging Min as my pussy practically throbbed for her. Then, without warning, the pull-out was fast, and then back in, and then out again, moving much faster. She had worked me up so badly that it was only ten thrusts before I was cumming. My legs wrapped around her waist, driving her cock into me, and my fingers entangled in her short hair while pushing her head into my cleavage.

“Yes, ah, yes…” I moaned as she thrust into me, my body tightening around that hard thing thrusting inside me.

She was breathing hard now, and her body was slick with sweat, the active role clearly putting a lot more strain on her body, but she seemed determined to keep up, and soon her hips were thrusting forward with enough force that a slapping sound occurred at the base of her dildo hit the surface of my womanhood.

“Fuck me, Min, Fuck me, oh, god, you feel so good! Ah… I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” I moaned in pleasure.

“Mmm… Min too,” Min gasped.

As my pussy started clasping down on her dick, I felt something warm spurt inside me. It wasn’t as obvious as the thick spunk I’d receive from a man. It was more watery, and as soon as it came into me, it mixed with my formidable already existing juices. In the end, it felt like I came wetter than normal, becoming wetter than I ever would have normally. However, I knew that sloppy wetness leaking out of me wasn’t all mine. In it was a mixture of Min’s natural lust and lubricant as well. Her sex and been injected deep into me, and now it mixed and leaked out with mine.

Since our fluids weren’t so different, they were indistinguishable except perhaps for the smell. It was strangely satisfying. Not only was Min inside me, but her juices were also mixing with mine so that they became indistinguishable from mine. In a way, it was like Min and I had become one. I sloppily kissed Min’s face and neck as she panted, her dick still inside me. Her dildo didn’t become soft, so my pussy still clamped on the hard member inside me, but I didn’t try to coerce Min to do me more. Part of the reason was that she looked tired. Perhaps this also was a result of the tactile sensations between men and women being different. The other reason was that I was looking at the new stats in front of me.

Vaginal Sex has increased to MAX.

Kegels has increased to LVL 1.

Dirty Talk has increased to LVL 1.

Congratulations!!! You have leveled to Seductress Lvl 16!

All stats increase by one.

You have two skill points.

Available Special Skills:

Monster Lover (Passive): Having sex with monsters gains a 2X experience.

Voyeur (Passive): Watching sexual participants is the same as engaging in sex. Can use all abilities as if in sexual intercourse, including a reduced experience gain.

Frenzy (Active): Releases a pheromone which bewilders and sexually excites everyone in range, inciting nonspecific sexual engagement. Can be used once a day.

Immediately, I was glad I had passed on the previous round. Now that I had two points, I felt like a lot of the pressure was off. Unfortunately, all three of the abilities sounded good to me. I also didn’t have to use both points although not buying something when I could was difficult for me.

I was also excited about maxing vaginal sex. I had no clue what the two tier 2 skills I’d get would be, but I was amused at the selections. To be honest, I never really played around with Kegels. I let my own natural orgasms do all the squeezing and tightening on their own. The idea of being able to tighten at will sounded interesting, so it was a good time to practice. I also wasn’t a big talker during sex although I had tried more with the king. Both skills sounded like they could enhance sex, which I supposed was the point.

Considering the Monster Lover experience boost, even with all of my other experience boosts, leveling did seem to be slowing down. Admittedly, if I used 3 positions and Lesbian Lover, every time I slept with Min counted as the experience of six normal times.  I did have 8 monsters sitting down in Reinhart’s cellar. With this ability and three positions that could be 24 first times. That could be enough to at least get me halfway to my next level if not all the way.

However, the other two abilities seemed to have even better benefits. Frenzy sounded like Pheromones that didn’t target me. It was always very scary when everyone just came at me at once. This seemed like a less focused version that would cause everything to fuck everything. It’d probably be hilarious at parties. I could imagine already releasing Frenzy inside the ballroom. All those snooty nobles who were looking down at me suddenly ripping off their clothing and fucking each other. And the best part, with Voyeur, all I had to do was lean back and soak in the experience.

Of course, I remembered those parties had other people too. Devon, and the three women I had a sex toy party with, I couldn’t embarrass them. And of course, after the dust settled, someone would end up getting the blame, and if they found out it was me, it could blow everything.

I still selected the last two abilities. Frenzy might be a last resort escape ability for me, and for voyeur with this orgy party coming up, I thought it was more likely I’d be seeing a lot more people fucking than monsters. I might get more experience on those 8, but there could be several hundred party-goers and I could watch them all. Of course, I got more experience by participating.

After selecting those two, I looked down at Min to realize that she was already asleep. Her dildo was still deep inside me, our juices leaking out the ends. Her eyes were closed and her head was snuggled up on my breasts. I thought a tier 2 like her would have more stamina, but we’d have to work on that. I snuggled with my elf lover, letting her stay inside me while she used my body as a pillow. Shortly after, I fell asleep, and thankfully, it was free of Nova. That was until the morning when a note was waiting on my bedside; his orders had finally arrived.

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