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Dear Betrothed,

I’ll need some help getting around, so I need directions to your room. Perhaps a map? I’d like to know where people like to go, and also the best places to visit. Don’t be too flirty, but do what you must. I don’t like distractions. We can meet up with a party just before the Harvest. Be ready. I’ll send a friend in a week or so to hear your answer. I trust it will be mutually beneficial.


Your husband-to-be

Of course, at first glance, this merely looked like a letter written from a man to a woman. Of course, in my hands, it would generate a few questions, like why would the third prince need directions to my room. However, even then it didn’t say what it meant. It took me a few dozen reads before I understood it fully.

Basically, he wanted a map of the castle with the position of guards, particularly around the treasury. If I had to seduce the guards ahead of time so that they went along with my plan, Nova would probably kill them after, but he wouldn’t blame me as long as the mission was done. They would be coming just before the Harvest festival, so I needed to have a plan within the next week or two.

I showed the letter to Min and explained to her my interpretation of the letter. Min nodded as she read the letter, but didn’t give any other input except encouragement that I should do my best. She was now wearing clothing again. It was the livery I had bought her, but she had modified it to have more masculine properties. The skirt was sewn up into pants, and the blouse was much more like a jacket. With short hair, Min looked like a pretty boy if you didn’t know any better.

Still, she couldn’t wear the strap-on with clothing on, so I thought I might use it. Even if Min wasn’t interested in me using the strap-on with her, at the very least I wanted to try to give myself a hand job, just for the experience of trying it once. However, it wasn’t in any of the drawers. Frustrated after looking for several minutes, I turned to Min and asked her.

“Min only…”

“What?” I gave her a questioning look. “What is that supposed to mean? It’s our toy together.”

Min put on a stubborn face which only made her look cute and stimulated my desire to possess her. “Only Min wear… Min is Aria’s penis.”

I frowned at that but didn’t pursue the issue further. It wasn’t like I didn’t enjoy last night. She teased me a little hard, but in the end, it was very satisfying. It wasn’t like I only wanted her for the toy, so she didn’t need to be so concerned. However, it seemed important to her so I decided to let her have it. The strap-on would be Min’s toy for me. I didn’t know the effect of gaining a penis, it might even be dangerous in the hands of a seductress if my sexual senses went out of whack from an unanticipated penis prosthetic.

Therefore, I cleaned myself up, gave Min a kiss on the lips, and left the room once again falling into the role of Princess Cornelia. Min left at the same time, but I had gotten used to her frequent trips and didn’t want to pry. I went to kill some time fulfilling Nova’s mission, although I had also asked Min to help too. A princess would be watched a bit harder than a servant, so she might be able to see areas I couldn’t see.

I was examining the movement of guards when I suddenly felt eyes boring into my back. When I turned around, I let out a sigh. The person standing behind me was none other than Sylvia. What in the world was she doing here now? Of all the people I would not want to see when I was snooping, she was perhaps one of the highest on my list.

As soon as our eyes met, her back straighten, jutting out her bigger breasts as she stalked towards me with a nasty look on her face. I remembered what I had seen of her with Richard. He saw her as nothing more than his sex toy. As Julian said, she was using her body to cling to him from the second he was old enough to be interested in her body. It was kind of a sad story, but I still struggled to bring up any sympathy for the girl.

Instead of feeling sorry for her, I more felt like she was just an idiot. She spent all this time obsessed with a man who to me, simply wasn’t worth it. Julian and Gregory might be gluttons, but Richard was more full of himself than anyone else in this castle. He legitimately felt he was better than everyone else. There would be a day Sylvia would realize Richard saw nothing when he looked at Sylvia except an object to stick his dick in, I just hoped I was long gone before that day occurred.

“Sylvia, I’m surprised to see you here,” I spoke up.

Sylvia gave an annoyed sniff. “I just felt like someone needed to set you straight on appropriate etiquette.”

“Etiquette, is it?” I gave a wry smile, sure that proper etiquette was far removed from Sylvia’s intentions.

“Yes, you see, Richard told me he left a note on your door to come to his room and you never visited him. He-he’s quite upset about it, in fact.”

Her deception skill was clearly only at a 3 or 4 at most. Watching her struggle to try to lie to me was embarrassing. I now knew how Nova must have felt the first time I started spinning lies with my meager deceptive abilities. However, I had long passed simply pretending and now had the ability to assume the role I wanted. I’m not even sure Nova could tell when I was acting as long as I didn’t explicitly lie to him.

“Oh, did my husband-to-be do something as such? I didn’t see a note on my door?” I tapped my finger on my lips in thought.

Sylvia’s insulting look immediately turned confused. “Eh? But I… but Richard I mean… Th-then your filthy elf must have snatched it! See? She can’t be trusted.”

Sylvia stumbled along to that conclusion, still trying to fault me. It was silly and amateurish, and her continued prejudice towards my trusted friend, someone she had only seen once, was quickly pissing me off. If I wasn’t certain she had magic sense of some kind or another, I’d have broken her already. She certainly brought the wrath out of me.

“But to think.” I ignored her. “The prince wanted to meet me in his bedroom. How scandalous! To think he wanted me so much before our wedding vows. I wonder… should I satisfy my future husband?”

Sylvia’s eyes widened and her mouth twisted. “NO! No… don’t even think-“

“Ah… you’re right.” I snapped my fingers interrupting her. “Only a fool would give up her chastity to a man before marriage. Why, they might not even marry at all, then she would forever be tainted.”

Sylvia’s face nearly turned purple at those words as she visibly shivered in anger, or fear, or pompous righteousness. It was probably a mix of the three, but I didn’t care to work it out. The idiot couple was seriously bringing me to the end of my rope. Sylvia was an idiot beyond idiots, so I didn’t really want to deal with her anymore.

“Never mind that!” Sylvia responded tightly. “I just came to talk to you today because I wanted to warn you that your elf is disturbing the staff. She’s been begging servants to teach her to cook, and it’s bothering them from their own jobs.”

I frowned at the unexpected attack. So, Min had been leaving recently so that she could go cook? She already could cook a bit. I had eaten a few meals she had prepared for me. Of course, they didn’t compare to the chefs of this castle. I had never criticized her cooking, but I did mention how much I liked some of the stuff they made. Shortly after that, she has stopped making meals and started taking off more. So this is what she was doing? She was always such a hard worker. Rather than feeling angry like Sylvia clearly wanted me to, I felt a surge of fond feelings for my little wife, glad I could come home to her every day.

Then, my face gave a twist. No, she’s a friend, not a wife. Stop thinking like that. I needed a strong handsome man with muscles and a tight body. I remembered Min thrusting into me last night and my feelings grew a bit complicated, so I put them aside.

Meanwhile, Sylvia was watching the expressions laid out on my face and decided to make her own interpretations. “See? Elves are just beggars. No matter how much you think they care, they’ll just wag their tail at anyone, so you might as well put her out. Richard will never tolerate an elf, so it’s better just to get rid of it now.”

“I’m gladdened that you care so much of Richard and my continued relationship.”

Sylvia went rigid at those words. It had been an angle that was bothering me for some time. Richard hated elves, so she wanted to get rid of the elf. At least, that’s what I thought. But, getting rid of the elf would only help bring Richard and me together. So, what was Sylvia’s aim here? I was quickly coming to the realization that perhaps she just didn’t think that far ahead. A smart woman might have secretly tried to strengthen my relationship with Min to the point that when Richard put his foot down, it’d help tear us apart. However, Sylvia wore everything on the surface. Two D-sized tits, a flat ass, and nothing in her brain but Richard.

“W-well, be that as it may.” Sylvia tried to recover. “You should be more concerned about what people are saying about you!”

“And what is that?” I asked flatly.

A piece of her cruel smile returned, her empty brain thinking she was regaining a foothold in our conversation. “That you sold your body to pigmen to be safe, that you spread your legs for Devon as soon as he saved you, and that you’ve been trying to seduce the King as well!”

She said this triumphantly although I imagined she was probably the source of most of those rumors. The pigmen I was well aware of, and Devon seemed an inevitability. I wondered if the King rumor came from Richard. It wasn’t particularly far from the truth, although I imagined the King himself would nip any dangerous rumors in the bud.

“Thank you for looking out for me.”

Anger broke across Sylvia’s face, the conversation where she intended to humiliate me turned into me thanking her for helping me. This was my intention, to turn her intent upside down.

“Thanks!” She snarled. “Yo-you… you know you’re not wanted here, right? All the nobles think you’re just some country bumpkin. This place is too nice for you and you don’t deserve to marry the prince. You bought a slave elf so that you can pleasure yourself with it. You’re sick and disgusting! Just leave!”

Her noble cloak and veil collapsed under a little pressure, and she finally started saying what she really wanted to say. However, I was role-playing right now, and the me now was the Princess Cornelia I had built for myself. The mask I wore looked on in shock, a hurt look on my face while tears welled in my eyes.


“So, take that slave elf,” Sylvia snapped with a cruel smile. “And ride her back to your kingdom like the animal she is.”

Although my mask was that of a hurt princess, my mind was still my own, and she had reached my limit by once again insulting my friend. Enough was enough. The anger welled in me, and I shut down the role play. I was done dealing with this idiot. Once she was satisfied with the hurt look, she saw on my face, she turned away to leave. I used the swipe technique which was amplified with sleight of hand, and a second later, something slipped out of her belt and dropped to the floor with a clatter.

“Hmm? What’s this?” I asked leaning down.

“Wha- ah no, don’t touch that!” She lunged down.

However, I was a step faster than her, and the object ended up in my hands as I turned to the side, dodging her attempt to snatch it away from me.

“Ah… I wonder… doesn’t this look kind of like…”

The object in my hand was a small, cylinder device, and I had already used examine on it.

{Dildo – Grade C – Maker: Pratter Enchanter: Sandor – Handheld device used to provide sexual pleasure for a man or woman.


  • Skin Surface – Softens the surface of the item to the consistency of human skin.
  • Vibration –Inserting magic can cause the shaft to vibrate.

It was a bit simplistic and a bit small compared to the one I had used with Min the night before. Probably only 5 inches long with a 1-inch thickness. It didn’t even have heating. It had only been a few days since the girls had found out about the dildos. It seemed like these things were spreading like wildfire. That’s probably why this was a simpler model. They just didn’t have the time to make anything fancier. Or perhaps she couldn’t afford something fancier.

“That’s not something for the likes of you!” She snapped. “You probably lack the culture to even know what it is.”

“Culture, is it?” I said nonchalantly as I looked it over. “Isn’t it a bit small?”

“Give it! I just bought that with father’s allowance. You’re just a stupid commoner!” Sylvia lunged at me in a surprising way, grabbing at the dildo with one hand and latching onto my hair with the other.

As she put her hands on me, something inside me snapped. I lost my mask of deception as all of her abuse finally pushed past the limit. I equipped Rough Rider, and with my sudden surge of strength, I pushed Sylvia back. Although she was trying to pull my hair, it didn’t affect my movements. The amount of pain hair-pulling did was minimum for a girl like me. She wasn’t pulling my hair any harder than I would expect from a man riding me from behind. If anything, I liked it a little harder.

I shoved Sylvia back into the wall to the side of the hallway, a surprised look broke out on her face when she realized that I was stronger than her. Having lost all propriety, I decided to just use examine on her.

{Name: Sylvia Marionette

Sex: F

Age: 22

Title: Daughter of Duke Marrionette

Total Level: 40

Class: Merchant (Noble)

Class Level: 10

Sexual Partners: 1

Sexual Preference: Powerful Men

Sexual Kink: Rape

Relationship: Complicated

Breast Size: D

First Time: Richard Hyburn

Last Time had sex: 48 hours

Favorite Sexual Position: Doggie

Status: None}

Her mouth opened, possibly in anger over my magical violation. I didn’t care. Before she could speak, I reached under her dress and pushed the dildo hard up against her clit. Immediately, I started feeding magical power into it, and the dildo started vibrating in my hand. Whatever she was about to say turned from words into a gasp.

I grabbed the back of her hair with my hand, and leaned into her, my breasts pushing against hers. Unlike me, she wasn’t as used to her hair being pulled. And her head went to where I guided it with my hands as a pained look showed on her face. I rubbed the dildo against her clit, using my magical skill and practice to cause it to change and pulse, so even though I wasn’t moving my hand much, the vibrations waved and ebbed against her in a very sexually stimulating way.

“Stupid commoner, you say?” My lips went to her ear. “We seem to have some misunderstandings.”

“S-s-stop…” she begged.

“Oh… but you like this, don’t you?” I said, biting her ear, “You like to have your betters doing what they want with you.”

“Y-you’re not my bett-“

I went up and slid the dildo down past her bush, in a single movement slipping the dildo past her underwear and deep inside her. She let out a gasp, stopping what she was saying as tears started to fall down her face and she wore a shocked look. My sleight of hand seemed to help with that, making my hands move with extreme skill and precision. I also noticed that she only disputed that I was her better, not that she didn’t like being put down.

“Bullshit, I can do whatever I want to you right now. You’re my little toy. Don’t you get it?” I started to move the dildo in and out of her.

I dumped all the magic I had into it, causing the vibration to increase massively. It made a loud brrring sound, and it vibrated so aggressively that my arm was shaking. The vibrations were so aggressive that even her breasts started to shake against my chest, waves moving from inside her all the way to the surface and the upper part of her body.

Magic has increased to LVL 4.

“Oh, gods, yes… oh god… no, stop, please.” She tried to push me away, but she was weakened considerably now.

I mercilessly poured my increasing magic into the dildo, the vibrations moving to the point that I had trouble controlling it. Her legs gave out, and I held her up, pressed against the wall as she squirmed helplessly to resist me. My hand on her crotch kept her from collapsing to the ground.

“Listen carefully, Sylvia,” I whispered into her ear. “I take whatever I want. Your little crush on Richard? Yeah, I know that you fuck him. But he’s just a little boy who hasn’t had a good taste yet. He’ll leave a cheap imitation like you in a second once he tastes the real me.”

I moved my hand, while I held the vibrator deep inside her, causing it to undulate with my magic, I also rubbed her clit with my thumb. She was already soaking wet and dripping, far more aroused than she had ever been in Richard’s care.

“Nnn… nn…” Sylvia was trying to fight back, but words couldn’t even form, and she was like putty in my hands, desperately holding back moans.

“So, I’ll tell you what I’ll do,” I said, the anger ruling my voice now. “I’ll take him from you. I’ll make Richard mine. You think he’ll want you after I’ve had at him? I’ll make him never want another girl again. Now, for you?”

I moved my hand rapidly and with the extreme precision of my increasing masturbation skill. Her eyes were closed as she desperately tried to resist, but a second later, her pussy erupted. She squirted over the dildo that was shaking at levels no cheap vibrator could, liquid flowing out of her onto my hand without restraint. She was squirting, and it didn’t seem to have any end. This was her true sexual nature as she lost all bladder control and everything exploded out of her in an orgasmic eruption.

She finally let out a roaring moan, but I immediately slapped my other hand over her mouth, stopping her from making a noise. The moan was muffled against one hand while the other held her up by the snatch as waves and waves of liquid poured out of her like a fountain.

A moment later, I pulled out my drenched hand from under her dress and pulled away, leaving the dildo still inside her, even though I stopped feeding it magic. She collapsed to the floor, her clothing making a wet sound, completely soaked in her own sex and loss of control. I shook my soaked hand, flecks of her own liquid dropping onto her face and body.

“I hope you get it now. Basically… back the fuck off.”

She couldn’t answer, her breathing still ragged. A moment later, she fell to her side, crawling on the floor while she was trying to stand up. It seemed like her legs weren’t quite working. I turned and started walking away, abandoning the scene I had caused.

“T-this isn’t over! Ah ah ah ah…” I turned back as Sylvia started talking.

She had used the wall to climb up, but she bent over and grabbed down below as another orgasm racked her body, still coming in waves of aftershock. I heard that if a woman orgasmed hard enough to squirt, she could still experience orgasms up to half an hour after, although I hadn’t experienced it myself. I gave her another examine, and a look of fear showed on her face. She knew I used magic, but she didn’t know what magic it seemed. Her sexual partners had increased to 2.

“Go clean yourself up.” I turned and walked away.

“I-I won’t stand for this. I’ll make you pay… I swear it,” she yelled as I left her in the hallway.

Unfortunately, I agreed with her, this wasn’t over, but at least I won some respite. With luck, I’d be gone before her revenge ever came. If not, I didn’t think an idiot like her would be able to come up with anything I couldn’t handle. Time would tell which one of us was right…

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