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A few days had passed after the incident with Sylvia, and so far everyone had kept their distance. I had a few chats with Gregory in the garden, but nothing interesting ever came from talking to him. I also spent some time with the King. He mostly had me sit on his lap while I read from his library. I used role projection on him, and while the sexual deviance shining through his good father routine became slightly less obvious, there wasn’t much improvement, and regrettably, I hadn’t made any leeway with him sexually, as our interactions rarely went beyond light groping.

Fortunately, I still had Min to fulfill my sexual needs at night. After asking her, she admitted to helping the kitchen staff in exchange for lessons. She also was apparently working out with the guard patrols to increase her stamina. When I asked her why that was necessary, she blushed and turned away. However, I did find that she was able to go longer at night, so I had no room to complain.

My biggest fear, that Sylvia would run to the king, her father, or Richard, did not seem to pass. In a way, I had emulated the King here and assumed that she would not admit to sexual assault. Even if she got people to believe a princess five years and an entire tier younger than her made her cum, it would only serve to hurt her own reputation. From then on, she would be thought of as tainted.

This was something that I had become certain of by now. Most of the nobles were sexual deviants, just as that knight had suggested that first day and Julian had attested to. However, it was only the illusion that mattered. Those noble girls would fuck and suck, and slut around with hundreds of men, but as long as it was done behind closed doors, no one would notice. Everyone would continue to pretend to be innocent.

This suited my tastes perfectly and made this a great environment to thrive. However, the biggest setback came in the form of Devon. He bugged me, perhaps more than anyone else. Gregory had assured me Devon would come to the underground society meeting just like everyone else, so I decided I would confront him then.

Early that day, I had run back into the three ladies. They had all received their “toys” now, and they were doing a pre-use discussion while showing off the designs that they had paid to have made. Melinda had created the largest, a 9-inch-long, 3-inch thick monstrosity that spoke to a woman’s dark desires. No one would ever believe size didn’t matter to Melinda. Destine had a more average seven-inch model and Mary had opted for a smaller vibrator she planned to use with her husband. It even included a small leather strap where she could attach it to the top of his dick.

“Speaking of which.” I frowned. “I’ve found out that these are becoming quite popular…”

The girl’s chatter froze, and when they looked at each other, it was Destine who broke. “It was me! I’m sorry. I was talking to the girls, and it just slipped. I swear, I swear I didn’t mention your name!”

Before I could respond, Melinda waved it away. “No matter, don’t hold the girl responsible. I stopped by the store a few days ago in person and found Sandor and Pratter had a prototype on display. I think the cat is out of the bag now. I even found a merchant trying to sell a knock-off… it was really just a penis-shaped rock, but someone was buying it.”

“Ah, well dildos don’t have to be as fancy as these enchantments…” I said in relief that the girls weren’t spreading bad rumors.

“Let’s just be glad the name ‘dildo’ stuck.” Melinda sighed. “I don’t know how I’d feel about pleasuring myself with a Sandor or a Pratter, or no offense, a Cornelia.”

The four of us broke into laughter at the idea of rubbing ourselves with a device called a Cornelia. Since it wasn’t my real name, I could appreciate the humor of rubbing myself with a device named after someone else a little more.

This lead to me talking about the sensory attachment. Melinda explained that similar things existed for arms and legs, so making a prosthetic penis probably wasn’t that hard. In fact, there probably was some unfortunate soul who had lost his penis in an accident and had a custom replacement at some point. The idea of feeling what it was like to have a penis interested Mary slightly, but the other two girls were disinterested. I also explained my ideas for modifying the dildo with even more enchantments.

“I can see the appeal of making it look like a penis, even more, I certainly would appreciate a stronger base, maybe something like a handle on the end? Not sure why I’d want it to go soft. Going soft is the biggest problem with sex!” This was, of course, Melinda’s response.

“Wh-what would you be doing if you needed a handle on your dildo?” Destine asked incredulously.

“When you get my age, you need to put in a lot of work to get things going.” Melinda shrugged. “It tired my wrist, I’d really like a good grip for that hard pounding motion.”

There were more giggles, but that reminded me of another idea that I came up with shortly after I violated Sylvia. I started describing my next masterpiece, which was basically the description of a Sybian. It was an exceptionally strong vibrator, usually controlled remotely, attached to a saddle. You wouldn’t need to hold it because you’d be sitting on it, and the saddle itself could be made to move up and down. Melinda’s eyes were bright as I explained that all she’d have to do is hold on and ride.

“You must be some kind of sex goddess!” Destine declared.

“Eh?” I responded sheepishly. “It’s just some ideas… Ah! That reminds me. Reinhart managed to get the ingredients for that male enhancement potion. I’m going to try to make some soon…”

The girls all exclaimed in excitement. We only talked for a short time before Melinda ended the meeting and insisted we’d meet again in a week. We had been talking for a while, but she also wanted to send me off to Reinhart’s to make some more enhancement formula. She had apparently run out in only three days and was quite desperate at this point.

And that left me where I was at the moment, sitting in Reinhart’s dungeon, a dildo sliding in and out of me with a light vibration going. It wasn’t part of any sex play. This was purely business. I needed the sexual endurance to be able to seduce. Every few minutes, I’d cast Seduction or Eye of the Beholder. I started on the stronger, scarier monsters like the orc and the minotaur, then slowly switched to the weaker ones.

It seemed to always work the same. They’d start out by looking at me more and more until their eyes wouldn’t stop staring at me. After about five seductions, they’d start to grow restless, shouting in some monster tongue or reaching out for me. Another five seductions and their eyes would start to turn glossy. By fifteen seductions, they’d start to look at me like loyal dogs. I’d examine them until I saw beguiled state and then stop.

Even while taking it easy and using my stamina boost, I ended up drinking two stamina potions that Reinhart had made. His potion was a cheap “light” stamina potion which restored 50 stamina. As he put it, the same potion made by someone else might only restore 30. However, if I stopped sex and removed sexual endurance, my stamina dropped to one-fifth. Then, if I drank the potion, and started sexual endurance again, my stamina would be boosted five times. In that way, I found a cheat that boosted myself 250 stamina with a weak potion. So, if I used the same potion while engaged in sex, I would only gain 50 stamina, although I didn’t want to waste a potion testing it.

In the end, I had 9 monsters all staring at me adoringly. I had also worked myself up into quite the sexual frustration from almost continually masturbating for the last three hours without release. However, I gained a level in masturbation and kept Gang Banger equipped, so I didn’t suffer any damage.

Masturbation has increased to LVL 6.

I couldn’t even guess what Tier 2 skills would come from masturbation. Maybe they wouldn’t have any. I had taken for granted that every max skill so far has unlocked 2-3 tier 2 skills, but it was perfectly possible that I wouldn’t gain anything. Some of the books from the King had suggested some skills just didn’t have a Tier 2.

Deception and Conceal were common enough abilities that there was some stuff written about them. I was right in guessing that Acting and Role Playing came from Deception, Conceal was Stealth and Disguise, and it was a combination of the two that generated the useful Sleight of Hand. However, maxing Deception could have also gotten me Truth Detection and the rarer Story Fabrication, while Conceal could have gotten me much cooler sounding Shadow Walk and Hide among a few others. Apparently, how you maxed your skills affected what tier 2 skills you unlocked as well.

The point being that skill allocation was a messy topic, and I was only contemplating it to prolong the inevitability, which was to pick a monster and start earning experience. In the past, I had always been forced into the situation. The spider, the pigmen, the goblins, and the slime were all situations where I didn’t have a choice. This was the first time I would freely have sex with a monster. The thought of doing it didn’t bother me, and ironically, the fact it didn’t bother me terrified me. I felt like if I took this next step, then nothing would hold me back.

In the end, it was the thought of Min and Jenai that got me to step into that first cage. I had to grow stronger. Not only from the experience but if I gained certain potions, it could also make my mission easier. All in all, I had to push forward.

The cage I selected was that of the Minotaur. It wasn’t simply the fact that he was packing the largest dick. When I had struck him with Pheremones before, and when I struck him with Seduction a short while ago, he had been one of the calmest of the monsters. He seemed slow to provoke, and while some of the animals like the troll had literally slammed themselves against the bar, the minotaur was considerably tamer. He also had the highest intelligence of the bunch. Although I didn’t know how intelligence compared to humans, his read above average where most of the other monsters were poor or very poor.

I instructed him to lie down on the ground. He obliged, seeming to understand what I wanted even when we didn’t speak the same language. Once again I found myself wondering if all monsters spoke English, or if Beguiled created some kind of psychic leak. I pulled off my dress and underwear, dropping them on the dirty floor before opening the cage.

I was still wearing my shoes and two long socks that reached up to my thighs, but other than that, I was completely bare. That was in more ways than one as I felt at my bald pussy, still having no hair from the point Danielle had shaved it. At least it sold the fantasy with the king who was treating me like a little girl.

I moved up to the minotaur while setting the Town Bicycle title. He was nearly eight feet tall, but he looked a lot less intimidating lying on the ground. As he lied down, his massive cock, erect at the sight of my naked body, sprung straight up. It was a marvel of ten inches, the biggest I’ve ever had, but it came up almost like a pyramid, thickest at the base and thinnest at the tip as if it had been perfectly designed to pierce deep into my pussy.

He had a manly oiled chest that reminded me of the servants Julian and Gregory liked to use. That also might have contributed to me choosing him. Although he had the face of a bull, complete with an earring through the nose, proportionally, he had the shape of a man. The hair only started at his neck, and the rest of him looked like a fantastically proportioned manly man, certainly well in my strike zone. If his dick didn’t have that peculiar shape, you’d stick a bag over his head and he’d just look like a tall, muscular man.

I stepped over him, and positioned my legs on either side of his hips, his dick reaching almost up to my knee from where he was lying. I reached down, spread myself open, and then squatted down. After lining his meat up with my pussy, already gushing from sexual desire, I slid the tip in. I worked my way down, letting out satisfied moans as his hard dick continued to fill me up.

Finally, I was almost two-thirds of the way down the shaft when I felt as full as I could be. His dick was getting thicker and thicker, and it was to the point where I was really feeling the stretch on the outside. Putting my fingers down, I felt at the entrance between his hard dick and my stretched pussy. Then, I slowly pushed up with my legs, pulling his big cock out. Starting out slow, I started bobbing up and down on his cock.

As his cock soaked on my dripping pussy, I steadily started to increase the pace. Although he kept his hands to the side as I had instructed. I leaned forward, putting my weight on one hand against his chest, while my second hand kept his dick and my pussy aligned as I rode his meat. After a few minutes, I already felt like cumming, but I used my Kegels skill to resist. My pussy immediately tightened with the strength of a level 16 around his cock, and it only served to make him feel even bigger, and for me to feel tighter.

As I raised my body up, pulling his dick out, I released the kegels, and then when I drove him in, I tightened. The effect was extreme for the both of us. My soaking pussy immediately tightened on his cock, stroking it with extreme prejudice. He felt like he was splitting me apart as my muscles desperately tried to squeeze his shaft.

Although he was just lying there, the minotaur was making panting noises, his breath rushing out with enough force that I could feel it blowing on my face. It did not smell sexy, so I made him turn his head. However, I concentrated on his hard chest, my hand working its way up to his pecs. I started playing with his nipples, which immediately hardened to the point where I was betting if they could cut glass.

However, at this point, my legs were getting a little tired. Even if my stamina was up, my legs couldn’t keep going forever. Getting an idea, I ordered the minotaur. He finally brought his arms up, two big hands grabbing my left and right thighs. His hands were so big that they could almost wrap around my inner thighs in a single grip. Like that, he pushed my butt up. He was fast about it, and my entire body lurched forward. Immediately, I had to put both hands on his chest to keep myself from falling chest-first into his face.

With both my hands on his chest and the majority of my weight being held up by his hands on my thighs, he immediately pulled down. When I say pulled, I don’t mean he let my weight fall, I mean he literally yanked on my legs, pulling me down roughly on his cock, all the way to the bottom.

I let out a scream, but it wasn’t from pain, not really. He rammed deep into me, and I was stretched past my limit, but it felt really good. I started to cum, but he wasn’t the kind of lover to let me cum in peace. He immediately pulled my thighs up again and then slammed them down. He was doing it as fast as his hands could move, and while I came in ecstasy, my body was used as a minotaur’s fuck toy. Liquid from my body squirted everywhere, being fucked out of me by a massive cock thrusting away at my pussy.

As I squirted, he’d thrust up, causing it to spurt in any direction, then he would pull out, then thrust again. I was driven into sexual ecstasy, much like I had done to Sylvia, although where she fought it, I let it take over, letting my body lose all control as I was pounded by this massive cock. Although he never once lifted his hips to thrust into me, with his arm strength, he didn’t have to. Each time he pulled me down, his dick ripped into my body. My pussy would slam down on the root of his balls, making a gushing thwack as my skin struck skin.

This continued on for minutes, me letting out screams and moans of pleasure that I only hoped Reinhart couldn’t hear from the top of this tower. However, those thoughts didn’t even cross my head at that moment, as the only thing there was pure sexual pleasure. As orgasm after orgasm raged through me, the monster could have literally fucked me to death and I probably wouldn’t have even resisted. If there was an edge, I had stepped over it and fallen into a realm of pure sexual bliss.

However, all things had to come to an end, and even the Minotaur with his strength and power couldn’t resist the feel of my tight pussy forever. He slammed me down for one last time, causing me to cum for about the hundredth time when his already massive dick swelled another few centimeters until I felt like my hips would break. Warmth exploded inside me as he came. However, he kept coming, and more and more filled me until the point that is started gushing out.

The waterfall that was my own fluids from immeasurable sexual pleasure was completely overwhelmed with white sludge. It was slightly more liquidy than semen, but it looked and felt very similar. The problem was that there was just too much of it. It kept shooting into me until the point I was sure you could see it bulging inside. Finally, I made him let go of my legs and as I pulled out of him, white liquid just fell down from me. As it was falling down, more shot out from his tip, covering me from my crotch all the way up my butt in stick white stuff.

When he was finally done, there was white seed all over. He was drenched in our lust from his belly button all the way to his knees. It was almost enough to fill a bucket in one go. Ge covered my legs, snatch, and butt in his white sticky stuff. Of course, I licked some, and my eyes widened in surprise.


That’s right, not only did he cum literal buckets and give me possibly the best fuck of my life, but his semen had a sweet taste to it. It wasn’t candy, but if you mixed it with sugar and froze it, It would probably make a very tasty dairy treat. I wondered at the strangeness of the gods of this world, creating a cow monster that comes buckets of creamy sweets.

I went out of the cage and closed it back up. After using a towel on myself to clean up, I tossed it through the bars to the minotaur, who did as he was told like a proper sex slave. When I was done, I examined the gaping hole that used to be my pussy. Even a seductress like me struggled to walk that off. With a 10-inch thick cock, my pussy was ripped open, the muscles having been stretched and weakened to the point that it couldn’t close easily. I was red and swollen down there. My pussy almost looked bruised, my thighs had two red handprints from his tight grip, and it looked like someone had taken a hardboard and slapped me right between the legs for fifteen minutes. Well, more or less, that was what had just happened.

In all the excitement, I hadn’t even managed to do a three-position shift for extra experience. However, after that, I couldn’t even find myself bothered by the wasted experience. Instead, I just took a deep breath and looked at the rest of the monsters, eagerly waiting for their turn. What I just experienced was somewhat dangerous, and this was the monster I considered the tamest of the bunch. I let out a deep breath, then opened the cage to the goblin. Baby steps. We’ll start here.

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