Yurtdışı Yatırım

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“Aria, oh gods, are you alright?”

I stumbled into the laboratory. There were six buckets of semen, three in each hand, that I plopped down before collapsing. Reinhart ran up to me, looking me up and down with genuine concern.

I hadn’t worn my dress during my time in the dungeon, so it was still pristine. Min had sewn it for me, after all, and I didn’t want to destroy it. However, the rest of my body had taken the brunt of the attacks. I was covered in dirt and numerous other fluids. My body was the worst for wear.

The goblin and the pigmen had gone as expected. Those collections were easy, although the goblin was too small to satisfy, especially after the Minotaur, and I still had negative opinions of the pigmen that hadn’t dissipated with time.

The lizardman was as uncomfortable of a fuck as he was to suck. In the end, I just kept the head in enough that I hoped I’d get the full sex bonus, and then I rubbed up and down his scales until he released more of the slimy gunk.

The troll was strange. As soon as I walked into the cage, liquid started shooting out of his dick in a fine mist, wetting me from top to bottom. It smelled musty, and it took me a bit to realize that he was marking me like a dog would do. That put me in bad humor although I still rubbed my snatch against his lumpy thing until something clear and speckled came out. The experience did nothing for me, so I got out of there quickly.

Most of the scratches came from the apeman of all monsters. Other than feeling like I was fucking Chewbacca, there was nothing particularly exciting about him. He had a small dick relative to a human, and he was a quick cummer too. This was a good thing since he made a lot of monkey screams, and constantly thrashed and used his nails on my arms and back, scratching me dozens of times. It was a bit odd that the monster that felt most like bestiality was the monster that you’d expect to be the most human.

Compared to the apeman, the Kobold was actually gentle. He was very single-minded, once in me, he thrust methodically, pumping away in short thrusts until he came. His semen wasn’t much different from human semen or the apeman. If I had to pick a difference, it might have tasted saltier and was a little opaquer.

I had thought the satyr would be a good lover since they are always associated with nymphs. He wasn’t bad, but I really struggled to get past the hairy hooved legs. They kept making clicking noises on the ground every time he thrust, and it was a bit distracting.

That left the other hard hitter of the group, the orc. I was honestly a bit scared of the orc. His face was scary. It was wrinkled and harsh-looking. He had been one of the more violent monsters while under the influence of pheromones. Furthermore, he had a similar physique to the minotaur, but his dark skin looked anything but human. As I trudged into his cage, it felt like I was bedding the devil himself.

At this point, my pussy was so worn out that I couldn’t put another dick in there if I wanted it. Instead, I mounted him pressed against my asshole, and let his dick slide into my backside. He was as big if not a little bigger than Nova, so it hurt a bit. However, I didn’t want to sacrifice the town bicycle just as the numbers were getting high. I’d get a 100% bonus since I had slept with Min this morning, where Rough Rider would only get me 50% bonus.

But the situation was different from then. My pain resistance was a little higher, I had a lot of lubricant, particularly from my pigman encounter, and he was in my control. Therefore, I put my hands behind me, my feet on his legs, and I used my arms and legs to push up and down as I rode his cock in and out of my ass.

Position Unlocked: Italian Chandelier

I kept the position going, switching briefly to doggie and cowgirl. I realized that positions were not specific to the hole being used. If I thought of using doggie with my asshole, his dick would end up in my asshole. If I thought of using doggie with my pussy, his dick would be in my pussy. I had figured that would be the case when I first discovered that I could choose which position I was in, but it was nice to confirm.

His spooge was silky like velvet. It was also very stringy. It stuck to me like crazy, and even after pulling out of him and walking away several feet, there were still several strings of spooge running from my ass to his dick. It ran between my legs and became even more of a mess. As soon as my legs closed and opened, dozens of strings of semen ran between my legs like a spider web. Fortunately, it washed away easily.

After having earned my first-time bonus with each of the monsters, already completely exhausted, I was disappointed to find that it wasn’t enough to level. Being stubborn, I decided to start doing the semen collection now. I settled for hand jobs this time, one monster at a time. I used All Nighter to recover myself and kept going until my hands were as red as my pussy. My arms were like jelly and I stroked each of them to completion innumerable times. I was collecting the seed in buckets, just like I had done with the pigmen back in the day. However, this time, I was going to do stuff with the product.

When my arms became tired, I cautiously used my mouth as well. However, I was determined not to have my mouth used as a sex toy again, so I was very cautious about which monsters I blew and what position we’d get in as I did it. However, when the familiar text popped up, I couldn’t be happier.

Blowjob has increased to MAX.

Tongue craft has increased to LVL 1.

Cunnilingus has increased to LVL 4.

Cunnilingus has increased to LVL 5.

Lip Reading has increased to LVL 1.

I looked at the wave of incoming skills. Blowjob was another skill where I wouldn’t guess what Tier 2 skills I’d get. They seemed to be Lip Reading and Tongue Craft. Then, Tongue craft further amplified cunnilingus. I supposed it made sense, being good at BJs and being good at cunnilingus both involved similar acts. I had always wanted to read someone’s lips, but I had no clue how much a level 1 skill would benefit me. Eventually, I went back to my task at hand.

The minotaur was easy; he filled the bucket halfway in one go. The troll who sprayed me again when I approached, took nearly an hour and I had only collected enough for two vials. Hours upon hours of jacking monsters off had done wonders for my skills. I wondered if Sleight of Hand and masturbation helped accelerate hand jobs. That kind of synergy was possible, like with tongue craft, maxing one skill could accelerate the learning of another skill.

Hand Job had increased to LVL 6.

Stamina has been depleted.

A familiar text started flashing in my eyes. It was words I had not seen in a very long time, which only served as a testament to how large my stamina was when I had sexual endurance active. I was in the apeman’s cage, jacking him off for the tenth time when my stamina suddenly gave out and I collapsed to the floor. Just before my eyes closed, I saw the familiar text of a level up popping in front of my eyes.

I woke up to something hairy and itchy pressed against my back. It took me a while before I realized I was lying on the ground in the cell. The apeman was on top of me, wildly thrusting his dick into my ass. Apparently, when I had collapsed face-first on the dirt floor without finishing him, he had decided that it was an offer to finish up that way. I tried to get up while the stupid ape was digging his fingernails into my back. I tried to kick him off, but before I did, the familiar feeling of something erupting in my ass occurred. He pulled out as I elbowed him in the ribs and stood up. Another spurt of semen landed on my butt and he jumped away, still shooting out streams of seed, another hitting my side as he passed by and ran into a corner.

I sat up on my knees and gave him an angry glare, but shrugged after a bit. He was just a monster. I really didn’t need to expect anything from him. I crawled up although I felt like I had been hit by a bus. I shook off the pain and nausea and decided to distract myself by taking a look at the new skills from my level up. However, when my eyes focused on the text, I let out a loud noise.

Due to the failure to select a skill, your point has been automatically allocated into the most suitable selection: Possession.

“Huh?” I let out the noise so suddenly that it startled the apeman.

He started jumping around the cage, screaming loudly while I slammed the door in his face. I finally pulled on my dress, grabbed the buckets I had accumulated, and worked my way up the ladder. Bringing six buckets full of liquid up six flights of stairs was almost as exhausting as the sex, and so I collapsed as soon as I entered the room.

“Yo-you didn’t have to collect all of this in one day!” He exclaimed. “I sent you down there yesterday! I thought you had gone home last night!”

“They’re… all seduced… and-“

“Girl, stop talking, here, drink this potion. Health and stamina. Worth a lot of money, you know?”

I tried to push it away, but he shoved it down my throat. This potion certainly did have a kick. Immediately, my stamina peaked. The wounds immediately started healing and my body seemed to immediately recover. My sore asshole started to become more comfortable, and the scratches started to go away. Of course, I still smelled like a literal zoo, but from the moment before, I felt leagues better.

As my mind started working better, it immediately went back to my stats.

So, I had leveled. Now I was a level 17, but I wasn’t able to pick my skill. Instead, I automatically got one picked for me. It said due to my failure to select a skill. However, this wasn’t the first time I had passed out. The first day I was here when I made level 2, I woke up sometime later. However, I didn’t know how long I was out. It could have been only a few hours. So, the level-up screen had a time limit. It could be anywhere from an hour or more. Usually, that wouldn’t be a problem, but it seemed like I had been unconscious for too long.

I didn’t even get to see the options. They could have been great, they could have been useless. However, right now I was stuck with this skill called Possession. But I didn’t read the explanation. So, what was possession anyway?

Possession (Active) – Perform ritual during sex. Upon completion of the ritual, assume complete ownership of target. Their life is in castor’s hands. Target must give knowing consent to ritual.

Basically, it was a slave contract? Except, it was a little weaker because the ritual required us to have sex and for the ownership to be consensual. The word that caught me off guard was life. If owning someone’s life meant I literally had control over their death, did that mean that this ritual could overwrite a death curse? Then… that meant… Jenai! I could perform this ritual and remove Jenai’s death curse.

This was the first time I’ve received a skill that genuinely made me see the light at the end of the tunnel. I now could death curse Nova the next time he touched me and save Jenai the next time I get with her. I was starting to see a way to escape from this. All I needed now was a way to remove my own death curse, then I’d finally be free of Nova’s clutches. I supposed I couldn’t possess myself with masturbation, huh? That was probably not possible.

“Aria?” A voice came from down below.

There were steps coming up the stairs, and Reinhart gave me a worried look before moving to the door just as it opened up.

“Excuse me, there is no one here by that name,” Reinhart said sternly, “You’ll need to, Gah!”

Reinhart collapsed to the floor, holding his throat. However, before I could panic, a familiar face came running into the room.

“Vessë!” Min shouted as she came down next to me.

Reinhart struggled to his feet, holding his throat and coughing. “Why, you…”

Min shot him an angry look and started reaching behind her back. Before this could go further, I grabbed her arm and pulled.

“No, Min, he’s fine… this is Reinhart!”

“Stole love, ravaged, must kill,” Min growled.

“So, this is the elvish slave I’ve been hearing about.” Reinhart rubbed his throat, putting on a bemused look. “Your… love did that to herself. I was trying to help…”

At that last line, she looked down at me. I gave her a reassuring nod and a smile, but suddenly, her look turned even darker.

“Ow! Why are you pinching me?”

“Aria, cheating, punishment.”

“What?” I protested as she really twisted her fingers on my ear.

“Take to room, punish,” she said, standing up and dragging me with her.

“Yes.” Reinhart nodded. “She should rest. And next time, she must be properly watched. I don’t think she can be trusted with her own safety.”

“Hey! What does that mean?” I snapped but was already being pulled out the door by the ear like a child. “Wait, what about the specimens?”

“Oh, don’t worry, I have an enchanted cold box, I’ll seal them in some sterile vials and refrigerate them. They should last until you come back.” Reinhart waved as I went out the door.

“Wait, no, you traitor! Demon!”

I heard some chuckling as I was dragged down the stairs by my own slave and brought to my room for punishment.

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