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“Ah, Devon…” The words leaked out of my mouth.

Part of me felt hurt to see him there, the other part of me was surprised. Given his behavior earlier, I wondered why he even bothered to show up. Of course, he always showed up to these kinds of things, right? He simply didn’t want me to join him. He probably liked being seen as the good guy and felt like his image would be ruined with me after I saw him banging other women.

“Ah, brother!” Julian shot me a warning look before letting out a grin as he saw the coin in my hand. “Reserving her early, I see. See, my dear? What did I tell you? Everyone has their dark side. Brother just won’t express his without the cover of a mask.”

Devon grimaced at Julian’s words. He reached out and his hand grabbed my wrist, ready to pull me somewhere. My emotions were conflicted at this point. I was excited to try Devon since I had wanted it for some time, but something about the whole thing being in this environment irritated the hell out of me and I couldn’t figure it out.

“Silent as always, brother? He never speaks at these things. But I’ll bet you can make him sing, dear.”

He stopped and turned back, a glare on his face. “These things are supposed to be confidential.”

Julian’s eyes widened in surprise, and then he broke into a grin. “Why they are!”

“Then stop calling me brother.”

“Don’t be that way.” Julian laughed, then he turned around and spoke extremely loudly, “Everyone is my brother here!”

There was a cheer from a few people and the sound of someone clapping their hands a few times. Devon stiffened, but otherwise turned back away, subsequently ignoring Julian from that point further. As he pulled on my arm, I pulled back and gave Julian a questioning look.

“Don’t look at me. He bought your time. You can block him with your coin if you want, although brother is one of the hottest commodities here. He’s never turned a girl down, but he’s also never put out for free. Many women have dumped all their coins to spend time with him. Oh! But, make sure to give dear brother a good ride!”

Devon’s hand tightened on my wrist as Julian talked, and I could see that he was bothered by Julian’s words. Well, Julian was spilling all of Devon’s secrets, so I supposed that it made sense.

My emotions regrettably were still a jumbled mess. As I let Devon drag me away from Julian, I tried to make sense of my feelings. Devon had been a spoiled hypocrite earlier, but now he wanted my body the first chance he got. This made me angry, yet he was also being uncharacteristically very forceful, which I found somewhat sexy. Could I be angry and aroused at the same time?

However, I quickly noticed that Devon was not taking me further into the main room, nor towards any of the side rooms Julian had shown me. Instead, he was pulling me back out the curtains into the receiving room. The curtain flaps fell back down, blocking my view of the gathering crowds. A few people had passed second base, and I could see a girl giving a guy a handjob in the corner, another guy with his hand up a girl’s skirt, and a third girl with a drink in her hands had her tits hanging out, a guy sucking on each one.

In some ways, this was preferable. If I understood correctly, I earned more experience with my first-time bonus than I earned with voyeurism, so if I saw all these people having sex, I’d be kissing a potentially large amount of first-time bonuses goodbye. Although Devon didn’t know it, he was doing me a favor by keeping our sexual activities in a secured location.

He grabbed a drink with his other hand from a passing waiter, then gulped it in one go. I frowned at the action, which seemed to hurt my pride a bit. If he needed a drink to build himself up to the point of fucking me, then I felt like I had failed in one way or another. Like that, he moved to sit down at a table in the corner. He pulled me down and a second later, I was sitting on his lap.

The familiarity of this with how his father liked me to straddle his lap was not lost on me. Once again, I felt a strange spike of anger. The fact that Devon had tricked me into thinking he was some normal guy, even though he seemed to have just as many perversions as everyone else, bothered me a bit. Like father, like son.

Of course, even his sexual kink was perverse. I always treated it as every person could have their own kink. Just because you had a kink, didn’t mean you ever did that kink. People liked what they liked, and there are many people who go their whole lives never figuring out what they genuinely liked. I figured he was one of those people who just didn’t know it because he never tried it. However, I was beginning to realize that those kinds of people didn’t exist among the nobility. The nobles had all explored their sexual kinks to their fullest.

Analingus; that was Devon’s kink. I wondered how many girl’s asses he had stuck his tongue up. Probably a lot of them. Then again, I didn’t know if analingus meant to offer or receive. For all I knew, it was the girls sticking their tongues up his ass. As he straddled me on his knee and wrapped his arms tightly around me, my brain drifted across these thoughts. Just as I was wondering if analingus would be a skill like cunnilingus, I realized that in the last few minutes, Devon had done nothing but leave me sitting on his knee.

Even the king would rock me like a child, or feel me up accidentally. The entire time I sat on the King’s lap, I’d feel his rod pressing up between my butt cheeks. However, I felt nothing hard coming from Devon’s lap. Well, his legs were muscular and hard, but that wasn’t the kind of length I was looking for. Furthermore, Devon himself wasn’t breathing hard or anything. He merely had turned to his side, his face wearing a stubborn look.

Perhaps he was shyer than I gave him credit for? Julian said that he didn’t give out coins or seek out company, that it was always the girls handing him coins. He did take a drink, so maybe he was just really nervous sexually. Despite my ranting anger, his shyness touched something in me, and at least for the moment, I was less angry.

At the very least, he had given me the coin, so I should fulfill my role as a mask wearer. Although his arms were tight around me, I could rest my hands down on his thighs. Pushing up a little on his thighs, I started using the leverage to grind my hips. My movements were very subtle, and someone watching might not have seen I was doing anything, but I ground my butt seductively in Devon’s lap. If I had done something similar to this on the overly-excited King’s lap, I was confident I could make him cum in a few minutes. On Devon’s lap, the effect was palpable, and a smile broke on my face as soon as I felt something hard poking me from the bottom.

“Stop that!” Devon growled.

He tightened his grip on me, grabbing my arms to keep me from having leverage. He closed his lap and seemed to hold me down even harder, keeping me from doing anything. I found myself confused at this point, wondering if he was doing some kind of sexual denial play. It wasn’t something I was truly used to, so I didn’t know how to take the situation.

As I tried to figure out Devon’s game, more people strolled in, wearing various forms of garb. Many wore the fancy dresses they wore at balls, but I wasn’t the only one who thought to dress in a more sexually minded way. There were a few leather wearers, likely because the cleanup was easier. A few girls wore nothing under their jackets but a corset.

As I watched more people stroll in, my eyes widened at a certain couple who just showed up. Devon saw them at the same time I did, and his grip suddenly tightened on me even more. Even though his grip was tight, I didn’t hate it. His body was warm, and he smelled good. I felt comfortable in his arms, which was why I wasn’t fighting to escape. The couple that walked in was none other than the third prince and his bimbo, Sylvia.

Richard wore his typical garb, fine clothing that resembled something you’d expect on a nobleman. Meanwhile, Sylvia wasn’t dressed emulating me for once. Instead, she wore a very slutty low-cut dress. Her tits were barely contained in her dress, and… did she stuff her underwear? Her butt was not that nice normally. Perhaps it was an illusion enchantment that gave her a rounder ass. Illusion or not, I had to admit that she looked pretty sexy in the dress.

“I’m… sorry…” Devon whispered in my ear.

I realized that the reason he had stiffened was that he thought I might be upset at seeing my husband-to-be here. Of course, I had expected him to be there. I was there too, so you could argue that he had the right to be just as upset.

However, Richard’s eyes crossed right past me as if I wasn’t even there. I know we were supposed to pretend anonymity, but I thought there might be at least some reaction to seeing his beloved in a situation where he might genuinely be able to release all those sensual desires on her, or perhaps a reaction of jealousy from me being with the 4th prince first. Unfortunately, I received nothing.

On the other hand, Sylvia reacted as I would expect. As soon as her eyes locked on me, sitting on Devon’s lap, they snapped away. Her face wore an expression that was a mixture of anger and fear. Of course, she immediately recognized who I was, but she wouldn’t be allowed to acknowledge it while we were at this club. She was still clinging to Richard, but I knew that both of them must be swapping partners. Even if she wanted to cling to him the entire night, Richard wouldn’t stay with her.

The pair quickly left, and I once again looked at them in envy as they slipped into the room beyond the curtain. I could hear some moaning now. They were light and muffled sounds, only when a particularly loud moan came out was I able to hear anything. At this point, I had been sitting on Devon’s lap for nearly a half-hour, and I had yet to earn a single point of experience.

“What are you playing at?” I leaned my head back, resting it on his shoulder and bringing his head next to mine.

He didn’t speak for a minute, but finally, he muttered, “I’m not playing at anything.”

The curtain slid open, and a man walked in. He was a hairy man, hair running all the way down his stomach down to a hairy patch around his dick. I knew this, of course, because the only thing he had on was an untied robe and his mask, a red mask in the shape of diamonds over each eye. The rest of his body was completely naked. He looked around the room, and when his eyes met ours in the corner, he grinned with excitement.

He started walking in our direction, his naked feet slapping on the tiled floor as he moved up to us. As he did so, he pulled out a coin as he walked, twirling it in between his fingers.

“Well, it looks like you two are about done. How about if your lady and I…”

Devon suddenly flicked his hand which was resting on the nearby table, and a coin flew out. The man wasn’t prepared for it and had to lean back, the coin ended up landing on his chest, sticking to his chest, which was a step below being called boobs themselves. He peeled the coin off and looked at it with a surprised look on his face.

“Denied,” Devon said.

The man looked flustered for a second, but finally, he straightened his back while I gave him an apologetic look. “Well, I see I’m not wanted here. Thanks for the coin.”

He turned around and walked away. Although Julian hadn’t mentioned it, I was starting to see the genius in this method. Even if a man faced rejection, the result was that he would acquire more coins, and then he could use those coins to get other women, or if he really did strike out, enchanted artifacts, to help mend his wounded pride. In essence, women earned coins by putting out, and men earned coins by striking out, creating a strange kind of sexual economy.

A few minutes later, another man walked out. He was considerably better looking than the first. He was younger, taller, more fit, and a lot closer to my sexual interests. He was actually covered with a towel, so he showed a bit more modesty, and if Devon could see my eyes he’d have seen them brighten in expectation. Similarly, he ended up walking towards us, but before he even spoke there was the familiar cling as a coin flew up. The coin landed on the floor in front of the man.

The man stopped, his smile stiffening, but after a moment, he bent down, picked it up, sniffed, and walked away. I watched him leave with a very disappointed look on my face.

The next one was a girl. She was a few years older than me. She was pretty, but only just pretty. She wore a robe like the first man, but she had it wrapped around herself. As she approached us, she gave a gentle and friendly smile. Devon did not flick a coin at her, I saw.

When she stood next to us, she looked past me like I wasn’t there and directly at Devon. “Shall we enjoy each other again tonight? I always appreciate my time with you.”

Devon’s muscles stiffened, and I gave him a wry look. So, this was one of the girls he had been fucking at previous events? There seemed to be a hint of guilt on his face, so it was probably true. However, he didn’t say anything to her, and after a moment she sighed.

“You always play so hard to get.” She purred, pulling a coin out. “You know, I’d be a richer woman if you’d stop making me beg.”

As she brought the coin to the table, there was a resounding click. In Devon’s fingers was another coin. He pushed his hand forward, the coin scrapping across the table until it was next to hers, and then he pulled his hand away. Her eyes widened and her mouth almost fell open. Then her eyes narrowed, and she finally gave me a look. After a second, she turned back.

“Fine, flatter your new playmate, but you’ll need to make it up to me at the Harvest.” She winked before turning around and walking away.

As she walked, she wagged her behind. I found myself critiquing the movements. She was doing it all wrong. With her height and the shape of her butt, it would be way hotter if she brought her legs in front. She should also be in heels and- and that wasn’t important right now. Devon was rejecting everyone right now, and he still hadn’t loosened his grip on me a single bit. He only loosened his tense muscles after she had left through the curtain beyond his sight.

“So, a former lover?” I said curtly.

“So, it would seem.” Devon sounded tired as he said this, and I could only shake my head at his strange behavior.

“Although I guess you two will be at it again in a few weeks, right?”

“That depends on if you’re there.”

I nearly reached up and slapped him, but instead, I shook my head in aggravation. “How long do you plan to keep this up?”

“As long as I have to, all night if needed,” Devon said.

“Why?” I snapped.

“…” He turned his head away, avoiding the question.

“I’m not your woman, you said it yourself.”

“I paid the coin, you are tonight,” he said.

Once again, a surge of anger swelled in me, and fought the urge to slap him. He was seriously pissing me off. I don’t think I’d ever been angrier. So why was there this strange feeling deep inside? Despite the anger bubbling up, I also felt impossibly happy. How did this stupid man keep making me feel conflicting emotions that don’t fit together? Even Richard and Sylvia weren’t this aggravating.

As the night moved on, a few other people walked in and out of the room. Not all of them went for us. A few were just wanting to chat with each other, or get a drink from the bar. The later it got, the less clothing the people wore. Before long, finding someone in clothing was rare. The latest girl who walked out wore nothing but her mask, except that she also had a tail. It was long, black, and ended with a spade, giving it a demon tail vibe, at least from an RPG point of view. I got excited that we had a nonhuman in the bunch until I realized that the tail didn’t go to her back, but went straight into her butt. That’s right, she had inserted a butt plug with a tail attached to it.

Two weeks ago, sex toys didn’t even exist in the capital, and nobility not only picked it up, but they’ve already integrated them into their underground sex clubs and started making tailed butt plugs. I didn’t know what it said about their society. Was it more alarming that they took to it so quickly, or that they didn’t have it prior?

The curtain was pulled back again, the sound of moans and the sounds of skin slapping against skin drifting into the room. I looked longingly into the room of experience grinding I was denied, but the familiar person entering the receiving room immediately caught my eye. It was Julian, who was shirtless and once again wearing his favorite robe and a pair of tight pants. When his eyes landed on us, he gave an annoyed look and approached.

“There you two have been. I was expecting quite the show from our dear sister, brother, you can’t keep her all to yourself.” As he approached and noticed that we were fully clothed, he let out a sigh. “I heard that you were sending everyone away with your coins. I had hoped it was because you two were so wrapped up in your play that you didn’t want any interruptions, but what boring thing is this?”

“He won’t let me go!” I complained, trying to alleviate his disappointed look.

He looked back at Devon’s expressionless face with a twist in his mouth before pulling a coin from his robe. “Very well, then-“

Two coins slid across the table, stopping just short of the edge.

“Denied,” Devon almost snarled.


“For when you try to buy me next.”

Julian let out a laugh. “You know me too well brother. But you know you can’t win this. I can persuade quite a few to come and throw their coins at you. Do you think you can hold out?”

Devon gave a flat look before reaching to his side and pulling out a large purse and dropping it to the table. It landed with a clang, falling open as an avalanche of coins slid out.

“Try me,” he growled.

Julian’s lips tightened, and I looked on at the bag with conflicted emotions once again. Devon was my age, which meant that if he started going when he turned 18 as Julian had said, the most coins he’d have gained were less than 36. However, there were well over a hundred coins here. If he took a coin each time he slept with a woman, this showed the reality where my Examine didn’t. Although there were sure to be repeat customers in subsequent months, it meant he at least slept with four other women continuously, but my gut told me it was considerably more.

I didn’t know why this bothered me so much. I kept calling him a hypocrite, but I was just as bad. No, I was the worst. This all happened before he knew me. Now, he hadn’t touched a single woman but me tonight. Meanwhile, I slept with the King, Reinhart, Min, and even nine monsters. As I considered this, Julian shook his head.

“Very well, brother, have your way. But as you’re being selfish, have you even considered asking the one you’re holding what she wants? No… of course not. This is all just your own selfishness.” Julian turned and started walking away, but he stopped and glanced back at me. “Coins are all good, but as I mentioned, he can’t keep you there. If you want to enjoy yourself, join us, the night is still young. He can block any ugly men all he wants, but a woman like you would be every man’s pick, and consensual sex cannot be blocked.”

He continued to walk away as I sat there dumbfounded. He was, of course, absolutely correct. Devon could block me from earning coins, but he couldn’t block me from having sex. I’d been held in his lap for nearly an hour, and there was no need for it. While I could say I was afraid if I tried to fight him he’d fight back, or that I didn’t remember the rules, that wasn’t the truth. The truth was that I sat in his lap because I wanted to.

Just like when I rode behind him on the horse, when I was pressed up against Devon’s body, I felt safe. I felt like even if my secrets were revealed, I’d still be safe. Devon would protect me. Although it was more than that too. I was a tad possessive with things that I saw as mine, and somewhere in the intervening few weeks, I started seeing Devon as mine. While Devon didn’t want anyone to have me, the feeling was mutual. This whole time, deep down, I knew as long as I sat on his lap, no other girl could take him.

“Wh-“ Devon stopped and then swallowed before continuing, “What do you want?”

My mind was buzzing, these new thoughts driving all the anger into a corner as I started to come to a thorough realization of my own thoughts and desires. I wanted to survive. I wanted experience. But I always wanted happiness too.

“You… I just want you.”

“Then why?”

“I wanted you to follow me,” I answered. “To meet me in a place where we didn’t have to follow the rules.”

It wasn’t a lie, even if it was only a small part of the truth.

“I-I can’t… I can’t fight this… I think I’m in lo-“

I put a finger on his lips, stopping him from saying the thing I couldn’t hear. “Just… tonight, let it just be you and me. Please? I just want you, only you.”

Devon stayed silent for a moment, and after a bit, he nodded. He released his grip, and I rotated around so that I could face him. Slowly and delicately our faces moved to each other and my lips pressed against his. His lips were incredibly soft, and my entire body seemed to tingle at his touch. His hands started to touch my body, and sparks seemed to jump from his fingers, causing my body to shiver in ways I didn’t recall experiencing before.

We continued to kiss, and his lips moved to my neck, slightly sucking there, and while this could be considered vanilla compared to the things I’ve done in the past, it aroused me more than any of that. My heart seemed to be beating a mile a minute, my breath was quickening, and my fingers only worked for Devon.

“Devon…” I moaned as he sucked my neck, “I want you inside me.”

Devon kissed me on the lips as we fiddled with his pants, working to free his cock. “I’m yours, Princess Cornelia.”

I froze, my hands having only just managed to get their way into his pants. The realization struck me like a bolt, and I stood there, my lips only a few inches from Devon, him looking at me with eyes of love. Cornelia. That’s right.

My hand gripped around his cock, now hard, and as my fingers moved up and down it slightly, I leaned forward and put my lips next to Devon’s ear. “I’m sorry.”

As Devon shot me a confused look, I activated Rock a Bye. It worked on the first go, and suddenly, Devon rolled back as his eyes closed. I closed my eyes, the urge to cry suddenly overtaking me. I let out a sob, but after a quick breath and a switch to Solo Player, I got my emotions back under control. I pulled my hand out of his pants and stood up.

“I’m sorry, Devon,” I said in a voice quiet enough that no one awake could hear. “I’m not the Princess you think I am. We’re just from two different worlds. Trust me, this is for the best.”

Fortunately, there was no one in our particular corner to see what happened. I waved over a servant who came with a bow.

“My lover drank a bit too much, and he’s fallen asleep. Can you please send him back to the castle?”

Part of it was fear he’d wake up while I was in the middle of doing what I was about to do. The other was my own hypocrisy. I didn’t want to risk some girl coming in and taking advantage of him in his unconscious state. It was common for the servants to bring home unconscious nobles, and a second later, two strong-looking men came in and carried him out the entrance.

I let out a sigh, pushing the pain from that event deep down, and letting my seductress nature reassert itself. For the first time in what felt like forever, I had become the person from back home, Aria the college student, a scared girl who just wanted to be loved. That wasn’t what I needed to survive this world. I was Aria the Seductress, a woman pretending to be a noble as she leveled and grew stronger.

I pulled open the curtain and marched into a world of sex.

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