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Before anything, I needed to check on my status.

Name: Cornelia Bartrum (Aria)

Class: Princess (Seductress)

Titles: Town Bicycle, Gang Banger, Lesbian Lover, Rough Rider, Solo Player

Level: 20

Statistics: Strength 25, Intelligence 28, Wisdom 26, Endurance 48, Agility 26, Charisma 46

Resistance: Carnal 5, Concussion 1, Damage 9, Disease 13, Fear 2, Magic 1, Mental 16, Pain 7, Panic 1, Poison 2

Standard Skills: Anal Sex 7, Blowjob MAX, Climbing 1, Conceal MAX, Cunnilingus 7, Dagger 1, Deception MAX, Deepthroat 6, Etiquette 2, Examine 8, Flee 1, Hand Job MAX, Magic 5, Magic Sense 2, Masturbation 7, Potion Making 4, Seduce 7, Sneak 2, Sword 1, Throwing 1, Titty Fuck 1, Vaginal Intercourse MAX

Advanced Skills: Acting 2, Dirty Talk 1, Disguise 1, Kegels 4, Lip Reading 1, Role Playing 3, Sleight of Hand 3, Stealth 1, Tongue Craft 5

Techniques: Emotional Manipulation, Role Projection, Swipe, Grab, Waveform, Tie, Helicopter Swirl

Special Skills: All Nighter, Beautification, Black Widow, Cat’s Meow, Enhanced Positions, Eye of the Beholder, Frenzy, Freshen Up, Lover’s Breath, Many Titled, Mental Fortitude, Pheromone, Possession, Princess Kiss, Rejuvenation, Rock A Bye, Seduction, Sexual Experience, Sexual Saint, STD Immunity, Voyeur

Positions: Asian Cowgirl, Ben Dover, Bobbing for Apples, Cowgirl, Cunnilingus, Daisy Chain, Deep Stick, Doggie Style, Double Dip, Double Oral, Downward Dog, Eating Out, Face to Face, Fingering, Fully Loaded, High Five, Kneeling Blowjob, Lap Dance, Leg Up, Missionary, Ol’ Fashioned, Rockin’ Rockette, Rodeo, Scissoring, Sidewinder, 69, Spooning, Standing Spit Roast, Sultry Spooning, The Doggy Deluxe, The Fan, Three’s a Signal, Two in One, Valedictorian, Woman On Top, Workout

Status Effects: Infertile, 10% more experience per sexual experience beyond 2 in a day, 25% experience with two or more holes, Cursed Ring – Identity Changed, Tracking, Death Curse, No-Remove

I was developing nicely, and I hadn’t even noticed many of the new skills while I was busy with five at a time. I finished up with the guys inside me, quickly using my now maxed Hand Job to finish off the last guy in thirty seconds flat. I freshened up and finally stood, stretching my tight muscles that had been bent out of shape for the last hour and a half.

There were still one or two men lingering nearby, but as they approached me, I held up my hand. They nodded and backed off to find someone else. No one present would accuse me of not giving it my all. No matter how sexy I looked when I first started, I could only continue to exude so much sexiness after fucking over half the entire sex party. At best, I’d look worn out, and nobody wanted to be someone’s sloppy hundredth.

Although I wanted to acknowledge my level-up menu, first I picked up my clothing. A servant ran out and handed me a towel, and I actually needed three towels before I managed to clean up most of the spooge. And that only picked up the stuff that wasn’t dried and caked on. I hadn’t realized it, but I had ended up getting a lot of it in my hair, and it now had a wet, greasy appearance, hanging around my face in sticky threads that clung to my cheeks and mask.

My only choice was to wash up in a shower, so I picked up the coins I had accumulated before leaving. I didn’t know how many coins I had, but they were more than could fit in a single bag. Fortunately, my first lover wasn’t the only guy who just gave me his whole bag, so once I consolidated it, I had four bags filled to the brim with coins and a dozen other loose coins I put into various pockets of my seductress uniform.

Throughout all the sex, Min’s dress had been stained dozens of times. I hadn’t even thought to free my breasts yet, having performed all the sexual acts while still wearing a garter belt and bodice. Of course, the garter belt had actually ripped during my last sexual exchange, so it was less a garter belt now and more just some straps hanging from my body. I stripped it off, and another servant came out and fetched it. I guess that besides serving drinks and removing the unconscious, servants also collected all the discarded clothing. That was likely where my skirt and arms had gone as well.

As I walked down the hallway leading to the showers, I could hear moaning coming out of various rooms. Some couples had their curtain pulled back and were out visibly fucking so I watched for a bit, but I didn’t think I’d gain any voyeur experience without watching the whole thing. I admitted I was too distracted earlier to gain any extra experience with voyeur.

I found the showers and activated the water stone. I didn’t even bother to remove my bodice, letting the water rinse away its stains and my own at the same time. Finally, with the soothing water pulling the dried cum from my hair, I finally glanced at the new level options.

Congratulations!!! You have leveled to Seductress Lvl 20!

All stats increase by one.

You have one skill point.

Available Special Skills:

Two in One (Passive): Vagina can be split into two, separating both cocks during sexual stimulation.

Frictionless Sex (Passive): Skin will not break down from friction during sexual contact.

Shared Experience (Active): During intercourse, target will experience the same sensory as castor.

I grimaced. This wasn’t enough, and it certainly didn’t look like something that would help me against Nova.

In the end, I selected nothing. Two in One sounded weird and freakish. I didn’t want to grow a second vagina, even temporarily. Shared experience just sounded like a pain. I supposed it could enhance a couple’s intimacy, but that just wasn’t me. I might have picked Frictionless sex, but with my damage resistance, it seemed unlikely to be useful. This situation right now was not one I planned to be in a lot, so the points in which I experienced enough friction to need it were few and far in between.

As I finished my shower up, I pulled out a vial of minor health and another vial of minor stamina and took a swig. The damage started to heal, my energy returned, and I found myself able to walk normally again. That was just one more reason why Frictionless was useless. I needed to get at least one more level tonight. And that level needed to be filled with useful skills. Skills seemed to be influenced by how you acted since your last level up.

That meant, that if I wanted violent skills in my next level up, I needed to act violently. The only way I could achieve that goal here lied in the hallway Julian had told me to avoid. I suspected there might be a fair amount of S&M going on in there. If I was able to bring out my sadist side, perhaps sexually stimulate someone with pain, then perhaps my skills would have a bit more bite to them.

I had just about decided on that course of action when a familiar voice caught my ear. In a side room to my right was the recognizable sound of moaning. If I hadn’t already heard these noises before, I wouldn’t have noticed, but after three times, I knew the sound of Sylvia moaning and could pick it out of a crowd. Just as I was considering resorting to sadism, the true sadist in me bore to the surface.

I snuck a look into a small room. The room itself had no furniture. It was just a few dozen pillows and blankets lying across the floor and propped up on walls. Sylvia was still wearing her slutty dress, but the breasts that had nearly popped out the top had long since been released to the world. Her dress was scrunched down and scrunched up from both sides so that the only thing it covered was her stomach.

Meanwhile, there was a man with dark skin and a mustache plowing her from behind. Well, doggie was her favorite position, so it should have come as no surprise that I kept finding her in it. Of course, she also liked to be dominated and raped, but I assumed Richard wasn’t comfortable with that kind of stuff.

Richard was in the same room with her. He was currently lying propped up by a pillow as a girl sucked on his balls. By the matching skin color, she was likely the mustached man’s companion. That would make this a couple-swap. Julian had warned me that there were couples who stayed as couples, only swapping partners but never going off on their own.

I pulled open my bodice, finally making the last conversion to full seductress mode, and then opened the curtain loudly. When Richard’s eyes went up to see me standing in the door, he immediately jumped in surprise, the girl going down on him making a muffled surprised noise as he unexpectedly pushed his cock up into her throat. That was the reaction I had wanted from him when he first entered the receiving room. Shock, awe, and sexual excitement mixed on his face. I had just showered so my hair was wet, and while I had abandoned my garter belt and crotchless panties, leaving my lower half completely bare, I still had a sexy leather bodice that was open to expose my breasts. Like how Sylvia’s dress propped up her oversized saggy breasts, my dress squeezed my pert breasts together, so they appeared larger, with some very clear cleavage.

There was a sudden outcry as the thrusting and moaning stopped. Sylvia was rudely trying to kick the guy off her as soon as she noticed me in the doorway, and the guy who was previously in the middle of thrusting into her pussy looked around confused as she suddenly closed her body off from him and pulled away like he had just become undesirable. His hard dick still hung erect, only gleaming slightly from her lust.

At this point, the mustached man and the woman noticed me, and I noticed the girl was eying me with sexual lust just as much as the man. I seemed to know that she was the type of girl that swung both ways.

“I’m sorry to break up your little swap, but I want dibs on him next.”

I flipped a coin in the same way Devon did, spinning it in the air with a ringing sound until it landed on Richard’s chest. While Richard was giving a dumbfounded look, the woman stood up and started walking towards me. She pulled out a coin of her own.

“I saw you earlier, but you looked busy,” she spoke was a strange accent that put emphasis on the z sound, which was one of the first accents I had heard in this world. “Perhaps we could-“

I reached and grabbed the coin, pulling it out of her hands as she gave a grin. A second later, I tucked it back in the pouch hanging at her side. As her smile started to shrink, I grabbed her and with a spin pushed her up against a wall. It was similar to what I had done with Sylvia, but rather than resist, this woman broke into a pleased look. My lips met hers, and with my tongue craft, I kissed her thoroughly. I was aggressive, demanding, and with Lover’s breath, I could literally go for half an hour. I settled for a minute before I pulled away, a trail of saliva tying our mouths together. She was completely out of breath, her naked breasts heaving as she wore a smile on her face.

I moved up to her ear and whispered, “Give me some time with this one, and I’ll give the pair of you the ride of your lives before the night is done.”

The girl’s smile widened even more, and she gave me a wink before I let her go from the wall. She immediately turned to the door and snapped her fingers.

“Come, brother,” she said. “Sometimes, if you let the small fish go, it opens up room to catch the whale.”

The man who turned out to be her brother, not her lover, gave a nod with only a bit of disappointment. Although he had been stopped pretty close to orgasm, he couldn’t hide the excitement as he looked at me. It was pretty clear that Sylvia was the small fish, and I was the whale. I wasn’t particularly excited about being called a whale, but given the context, it seemed desirable. He followed after her, and within moments it was just me, Sylvia, and Richard, all three of us at one level of undress of another.

I started to take a step towards Richard, but then Sylvia reached into her dress and pulled a coin out from its folds, immediately waving it at me with a look of triumph.

“You won’t get Richard. I have a coin.”

“Then I’ll just use my coin on you instead.” I leaned over and snatched the coin off his stomach, turning and immediately trying to hand it to her.

Sylvia shrieked and took a few steps back, covering her chest like I was already trying to take her chastity; like she had any left. I gave her a smile and a shrug.

“Richard!” She turned to him suddenly. “Please, do something about this!”

Richard looked flustered, but it was me who spoke up, “Who is this Richard you speak of? All I see is a mask and man behind it who wants to be satisfied.”

I covertly chastised her for breaking the etiquette since it didn’t seem like Richard was going to call her out on it. I sat back without looking. From standing position, I bent down into Richard’s lap. Like a magnet, his upright cock lined up and slid right into my pussy. I had noticed this earlier, but my skills had advanced to a point where my pussy just seemed to know where the cock was, and I didn’t even really need to waste time on carefully lining things up as the skills took care of it for me.

As a result, I went from standing in front of Sylvia, arguing with her, to sitting and having his cock slide into me in a single motion that neither of them could even follow. As my tight pussy, further tightened with my increasing Kegels, wrapped around his cock, Richard couldn’t help but close his eyes and let out a satisfied moan. By the time, Sylvia’s slow brain caught up with the fact that I was already fucking the prince, I had bobbed my ass up and down on his cock three times.

The change in expression on her face was especially satisfying. She was originally angry, but as the realization set it, suddenly it was confusion, shock, and then horror. Finally, as I leaned back and started using my hands to seriously start riding his cock, both of us facing forward towards Sylvia, I gave her a perfectly clear view of my pussy, and more importantly Richard’s cock, sliding in and out of it.

Her mouth twisted and tears started to run down her eyes. She suddenly made a sobbing noise before shooting me a look of pure hate and then turning around and running away. Like I had predicted, as she fled the room, Richard didn’t make a single noise of protest. He had me now, and so he didn’t give a single crap about this childhood friend who clung to him desperately.

In fact, instead, he reached around to the front of my body and cupped my breasts. As I rode his cock, he played with my nipples from behind. This was truly the Richard I had expected, he was a man who only cared about himself.

Position Unlocked: The Libido

As I rocked my hips on his cock, feeling him inside me, the excitement of the catch started to fade away. To be honest, Richard was pretty boring, and I quickly realized he was lacking in many departments as a lover. Although I switched to the Valedictorian and Woman on Top to keep things interesting, Richard was a bit inept.

For example, he continued to rub my nipples, but he didn’t do anything else. I even leaned forward, putting myself so my ass was practically wagging in front of him as I slammed my pussy on his balls, and he just kept his hands on my butt cheeks and squeezed occasionally. He didn’t slap my butt, he didn’t spread it and play with my pussy as it slid on his dick.

Position Unlocked: Aries

I kept giving him opportunity after opportunity to ravage my body, but other than light touching, he mostly left me to do all the work. I finally decided to finish him off by turning around in his lap. I hadn’t unlocked a position yet, so I actually just got up and turned around. He looked up at me with excited eyes, but they weren’t the excited eyes of a man who just got to fuck his dream girl.

I had said it before, but of the four brothers, I had realized he was the most conceited. The way I interpreted the situation was that he felt like he deserved this. My pussy and my body were nothing if not his well-deserved treat. He was a man who did nothing his entire life, became mediocre, but felt like he should be handed things because simply put, he thought he was better than everyone else.

Position Unlocked: Gemini

For a second, I was tempted to see if I could earn all the constellations, but I had no clue if every constellation had a silly sex position, or even what those positions would dictate. Either way, I knew I wouldn’t be making that exploration with Richard. We sat facing each other, his dick inside me. There wasn’t a lot of leverage in this position, so I couldn’t get anything hard slapping going. Instead, I focused on my Kegels, tightening and releasing it on his dick.

It was a different experience, having sex without the hard thrusting, deep throbbing fuck. To simply have his parts in mine as we held each other, it would have been nice with another man. With Richard, I worked my Kegels for about three minutes as he didn’t kiss me or touch me romantically, and when he came inside me, I gave a breath of relief that I could go do someone more fun.

Of course, the memory of Sylvia breaking down and crying I would carry with me forever. I’d probably steal him again if the occasion ever arose. However, by himself, Richard lacked the romance, the sexual lust, and the drive. I got more enjoyment from my dildo.

Still, I went and gave him a kiss on the lips, although he didn’t even attempt to kiss me back, looking on curiously with a haughty attitude like he was waiting for what I would do next. I wiped the bit of seed he had deposited in me, stood up, and looked down at him.

“Thank you. I will… um… see you later.”

He gave a nod, seemingly content sitting in the room by himself. I shook my head in disbelief as I left the room. How could someone make sex boring? Perhaps I would look for the brother and sister now; they looked fun.

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