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The siblings were almost as insatiable as I was. The three of us collapsed in a heap on the pillows, a writhing mass of sex. My bodice had long since been discarded and now I wore nothing. This was exactly what life was about. It was about bodies, sexual contact, and the feel of a man pressed against my back and a woman pressed up against my front. I was aware that other people might not have the same feelings about life that I did. However, I was sexually satisfied with this couple in ways that no camp of bandits, a band of goblins, or giant-dicked minotaurs could achieve.

It was the fulfillment of simply having fun. I was enjoying myself with them in ways that weren’t purely sexual. The girl behind me was running her lips over my ear when suddenly, there was a tickle on my side. I looked down to see her using a feather to goose my skin. I turned and put my fingers to her side, trying to tickle her. That tickling turned to kissing, and while I was thoroughly kissing her, my shoulders were being rubbed from behind. When I felt a familiar poke at my back, I pulled away and looked back.

“Ah, again?”

The mustached man laughed. “Ah, what can I say, seeing you have your way with my sister does it for me.”

I pushed him back and immediately got onto his cock cowgirl style. His sister moved up to me and wrapped her arms around me, putting her hand to my breast while she started sucking on my right nipple. Her other hand went down and rubbed my clit as I rocked my pussy on her brother’s cock. That did turn out to be the one limit of this couple. He never stuck it in his sister. Of course, I had seen them kiss, and even rub and lick each other, but he wouldn’t penetrate her. That limit suited me fine because it meant I could unashamedly monopolize his cock.

I continued to ride his cock as his sister fingered and kissed me. As I came, I activated my Kegels to find myself cumming even harder. That was the newest trick I found with Kegels. If I used it as I came, I just came harder. The throbbing of my pussy was enough for my lover and a moment later, he came inside me for the third time that evening.

I fell back and his sister ate me out. While penetration was off the table, she had no qualms about eating his cum right out of my box. This time, as I laid back on the pillows with my legs spread for her, he lied next to me, his dark, oiled body pressed against mine as his fingers tickled the skin of my stomach and chest.

While we rested, I made use of the voyeur skill, watching all the nearby couples fuck. There was a woman with two men on her, one in each hole. She was moaning in orgasmic pleasure as the guy under her violated her pussy and the one over her took her ass. Their dicks weren’t moving fast enough to make a slapping noise, but if I listened closely, I could hear the juicy sounds as they slid in and out of her. Further away was a couple in the middle of doggie. This was two men, however, one sliding his dick in the other as the pair of them panted.

However, it was the group of five people, 3 men, and 2 women, that had linked their mouths to genitals in a circular five-person daisy chain that finally did it for me. That is to say, as the group reached a not completely simultaneous climax, a familiar ring popped in my eyes.

Congratulations!!! You have leveled to Seductress Lvl 21!

All stats increase by one.

You have two skill points.

Available Special Skills:

Fuck Buddy (Passive): Select one person. Gain more experience with that person. Can only change selection once a day.

Kinship (Passive): Increased experience when sleeping with siblings.

Celestial Whip (Active): Summons a powerful otherworldly whip. Scaled to your level. Consumes sp continuously.

The new list of skills was very exciting. Well, whether kinship meant sleeping with other siblings or my own, seemed like a no. I thought it meant I got more experience if I had slept with two people that were related, like the siblings now or the fact I slept with Gregory and Richard earlier, but I wasn’t sure and it sounded vague enough to lose my interest.

However, the other two abilities sounded great. My Fuck Buddy had to be Min. Gaining more experience when I slept with her would make Min happy, however, she might be less happy if she knew what a Fuck Buddy meant in my world. It clearly did not mean married. The Celestial whip sounded like the first skill I’ve ever earned that actually seemed like an RPG skill. However, I didn’t know a thing about whips, and the one slap I had given the guy wasn’t enough to unlock Whip level 1.

I took Celestial Whip and Fuck Buddy, anyway. It seemed right as a seductress that my weapon would be a whip and being able to summon a whip anywhere had to be extremely useful. After the party, I’d ask the king for another visit to town and order a whip from the weapon store. Although, I wondered if it was better to ask Pratter and Sandor. They said they didn’t do weapons, but I could explain the other uses for whips, which clearly this world was already familiar with.

The sister had finished eating me out and she came up just as I finished selecting my new special skills. She gave me a sloppy wet kiss, and I smiled and explored her mouth with my tongue, tasting my own sex with a hint of her brother on her tongue. A poke at my hip and I practically rolled my eyes as the mustached brother gave an apologetic shrug. He really did like to watch me kiss his sister. I was just about to jump back onto his cock, possibly in doggie this time, when a voice yelled out into the room.

“Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed guests. Now that the night dwindles to a close, it’s time we present you with tonight’s finale!” The person who was shouting into the room was Julian.

He snapped his fingers, and a large item on rollers covered in a big white sheet was rolled into the room, stopping at the base of the Qetesh statue. It was a large rectangular-shaped item standing about twice Julian’s height. Curious, I stood up and went over, joining the gathering crowd of naked men and women watching the new event. The siblings had moved up behind me, and not being able to resist, I ground my ass back on the brother’s cock, which was now poking me from behind.

The guy behind me reached down behind my ass and reached up between my legs to stroke my pussy. A second later, his dick poked the region, pushing against the outside of my womanhood. I leaned forward a bit, and then pushed my butt back, allowing his dick to pierce into me while we were still standing.

His sister moved next to me, holding my chest with one hand while pressing her smaller B cup breasts against my arm. I tried to focus on Julian while being taken from behind with a steady thrust, my breath quickening from the feel of a hot dick inside me.

“As you all know, every year, the Harvest comes, and we must all repent and give worship to our loving Qetesh.“ Julian waved his hand up at the goddess statue. “And every year, we must give of ourselves to fulfill Qetesh’s most fervent desires!”

There were a few cheers. I wasn’t in a position to say anything, my raised voice coming out more like a moan. God, his dick felt so good, and he had so much energy. He just kept coming back for more. I could spend the rest of the night with these siblings.

“Three trials,” Julian continued while holding up three fingers. “Every Harvest, we choose one to brave all three trials. And if they survive, then they become Qetesh’s chosen. The birth of a new god!”

There was some more cheering, and I was started to pant, rocking my butt back and forth on his dick. His sister’s fingers were playing with my tits, and the sexual excitation was so good. There were a few nearby, that instead of watching Julian, were watching me as I performed in the audience.

“Of course, we have made twenty sacrifices, and twenty times Qetesh has denied us. But…” Julian took a step back and smiled. “I have a good feeling about this one!”

This time, the cheering was louder now as more people were paying attention. I used that time to let out a loud moan which resonated through the cheering crowd. I was almost there. His balls were starting to slap against me, and like that, I was starting to cum, my feet buckling in a way that made it hard to stay standing.

“So, without further adieu! Meet! Our! New! Sacrifice!”

The sheets were pulled back, and as I recovered from my sexual euphoria, his penis still pumping away inside me, my eyes landed on the place where the sheet was removed. The sheet had apparently housed a cage. And inside that cage was a girl. The girl was young, maybe only ten years old, and she appeared to be crying as she desperately tried to cover up her naked body. There was clear fear painted on her face, but the nobles all clapped and cheered as they stood naked in front of the girl.

At this point, the brother started cumming, but I didn’t even notice. I stood up straight, and his dick fell out of me, the last two or three spurts of semen hitting my thighs and running down my leg as he desperately tried to get it back in me. The sister seemed to understand something was up, and she stopped playing with my body and took a step back with a concerned look.

Meanwhile, the words that Julian has been saying came crashing home. Sacrifices? Failed Twenty Times? The visions of the dark underground place slammed back into my mind. My attempt to block it out by having sex suddenly failed miserably. I had thrown myself at the two siblings just as fast as Julian had brought them to me because I hadn’t wanted to think about the people being hurt.

Perhaps, this was the very thing that Devon was warning me about. But I had accused him of hiding from the truth. How was I any better? As soon as I saw the dark underbelly of this party, I fled upstairs and started fucking to forget it. I was quick to abandon the woman who was depending on me. I was quick to trust Julian. As Julian opened the cage, reaching in a pulling out the struggling little girl, the truth came crashing home once again.

These were the kind of nobles that put their own sexual perversion about the rights of their citizens. Like that, I was starting to understand what was pissing me off about Devon so much. However, I no longer had any room to talk. I stared helplessly as the surrounding people clapped, bright smiles on their faces as this terrified young girl was spun around in Julian’s hands.

“Ladies and gentlemen!” Julian held up one hand while holding the girl’s wrist tightly with the other, quieting down the group of spectators. “Ladies and gentlemen, in two week’s time, this girl will have the pleasure of being brought to sexual nirvana. Each of you will have the chance to participate and aid in the creation of Qetesh’s avatar!”

There was more screaming and applause. A hand touched my shoulder, and I looked back to see that it was the brother. He had a concerned look, but I had the feeling the concern only went as far as his dick. His sister hadn’t moved forward, and she was watching me warily like an animal that she wasn’t quite sure what would do next.

“But first! I must ask,” Julian continued, and I turned back to the scene, ignoring the man with his dick in his hands. “Does anyone want to break her in tonight?”

There was a break of laughter, and few people started speaking up, but one voice came out louder than the rest.

“I will! I would like to be the first!” A voice came out from the crowd.

Dread crawled across my spine as the voice I heard was familiar. The person came walking up, and it was none other than this country’s King, King Hyburn. The numbness and shock were quickly overwhelmed by a feeling of anger. I had ridden the King’s lap for hours at a time. I had pretended to be his little virgin and would have given it to him if he just asked. However, now he was going to rape a little girl?

“Ah, of course! I’m glad you spoke up! Of course, it should be you who breaks her in for us. Give an applause for our volunteer. Our sacrifice should feel truly blessed this year.”

There was more applause, but she looked anything but blessed as a piece of furniture was brought out that resembled a simple low riding table and she was put on it. She tried to curl up but Julian grabbed her arms and held them up while the King grabbed her legs, pulling her struggling figure into the supine position.

“Oh ho, this one is fiery. Perhaps, she will succeed. This one is glad to give his cock on the first step of her sexual journey.”

The girl let out a shout, but no one seemed to do anything. The nobles just stared and smiled. Some of them were even touching each other or themselves, watching as the King fought to spread her legs as she desperately kicked to escape. He reached down and grabbed his dick, and I reached the end of my tolerance.

The king presented his dick to the crowd with one hand while holding up both the girl’s ankles with the other. “With this dick, let us start our journey towards another great Harvest.”

He turned back to stick it in, but he collided into someone standing right between his dick and its target. I was standing there, facing towards the girl, nearly wrapping my arms around her exposed womanhood as the King’s familiar cock once again poked me in the ass.

“Ah…” The King gave a confused noise.

“No!” I said, fumbling with my purse and dropping out a coin. “I block this. Rejected!”

There were a few gasps, a few amused looks, and a few chuckles. However, it was Julian who spoke up first.

“Ah, I’m sorry, my dear, you’re new so we can forgive this, but coins cannot be used for the sacrifice. Naturally…” He looked a little displeased but was trying to keep the smile on his face.

I picked up the coin, and just as everyone starting giving a sigh of relief, I spun around and pushed the coin out towards the King standing right behind me. “Then, I’ll buy you!”

There were a few moans of displeasure in the crowd, and the King’s face turned a little dark. “What game are you playing?”

“No game!” I snapped. “Just fuck me. That’s it. I want your cock. Not her, just me.”

“If it’s not him, it’ll be someone,” Julian spoke up.

“Then I’ll buy everyone!” I yelled out, dropping all three purses I had accumulated.

In the end, I had accumulated nearly 300 coins tonight. A few people’s eyes popped at the sight of the coins spilling out onto the floor. There was easily enough coins to buy every single person in the room twice over. It’d take 25 years worth of attendance to earn that many coins for a single person.

“Don’t be ridiculous.” That was the king.

“It’s fine!” I snapped, pushing my butt up between the girl’s legs, pushing her back as I sat on the edge and spread my legs in front of her spread legs. “Everyone here can just fuck me. I don’t care. Use me, pump me full of your seed. I can take everyone. It’s fine, just not her. Just stick it in, please, please fuck me…”

My voice was pleading, but I also laced it with the skill of seduction, causing it to truly be a temptation to any man.  Although there seemed to be a flash of desire in the King’s eyes as he looked down at my wet and waiting cunt, his face quickly tightened and he gave out an annoyed look.

“Well, it looks like one of our sluttier party members is just a bit jealous. She seems to want all to the attention,” Julian spoke up from behind me.

There was a surge of awkward laughs, and then someone shouted, “Why don’t we make her the sacrifice?”

There were more laughs, a little less awkward now, but Julian spoke up, “Regrettably, my friends, nobles cannot take the trial. But I’m sure someone ought to stuff something in this girl, it would be better if they kept her mouth busy.”

More laughter, but while Julian was feeding the crowd, I was staring the King. His dick was starting to lose a little wood, and he was angrily glaring at me as I met his eyes, although both of our eyes could only be seen through the eyeholes of our masks. He seemed to be growing tense, and the pressure of a king started to press down on me, making me start to feel afraid.

“Move girl, now…” the King said this quietly enough that the laughing crowds still making fun of me couldn’t hear. “I’ll forgive everything now if you drop this silliness and move aside.”

“I won’t!” I raised my voice, and it cut through the laughter. “No one will touch this girl tonight, not now, not ever!”

The King gave a snarl and took a step forward, trying to push me aside. I grabbed onto the girl’s legs, literally ensnaring myself between her legs while the King tried to pull me away. I lifted up my hand to try to push his arms off, but he let out a shout of anger and raised his hand up. A moment later, the back of his hand collided with my face hard. I flew to the side, my head hitting the floor with a resounding crack.

My arms were still on the girl, and the result was that I dragged the lower half of her body off the table. She was making a crying yelp as she nearly fell down with me. I stood back up as Julian tried to reorientate the girl. I was ready to jump right back between her and the King. However, a second later I realized that the King wasn’t looking at her. He was looking at me, and he had a shocked expression on his face.

I stared around the room as I realized everyone was staring at me like I had something strange on my face. No, it wasn’t what I had on my face, it was what I didn’t have on my face. My eyes snapped down to see the broken remains of my mask, split it two by the King’s hit.

There was nothing covering my face or my body. I stood in the middle of the giant room at the center of the spectators completely naked. Everyone else was naked too, except they all wore the masks.

“Cornelia…” A voice whispered.

Immediately, their faces started turning to looks of disgust and whispering started to fill the room. Most of the words were variations of my identity, ‘the princess’ or ‘princess Cornelia’. Of course, most of them would have known my identity anyway, but the mask was removed now, which meant that the illusion was gone. I was no longer a ghost. I was Cornelia, a woman who had fucked half the men in this room, fucked five guys at once, and even played with a brother and sister. It didn’t matter that many of them had done similar, they were unknown. They were still hidden in their own deceptions. Only I was outed.

Richard was in the crowd, and he wore an embarrassed look as he turned his head away as if he couldn’t even look at me. I turned back to the two men I had been fighting with over the little girl. Julian and the King were watching me too. When my eyes met the King’s, his look was slightly guilty, but he dropped his eyes as if he didn’t want to see me. I was a known, not the anonymous masked girl, or even the fantasy girl I had played with him in private. Cornelia, the slutty princess, was revealed.

Julian wore a complicated expression. It held pity in it, but it also held a coldness that made my skin crawl. At that point, I realized I had made just about the biggest mistake I could. I had performed the greatest Taboo. Even if the King was somewhat responsible, it didn’t matter. Despite that realization, I only spent a few seconds thinking about the consequences. The cat was out of the bag now. My Mental Fortitude meant that this didn’t even embarrass me a single bit. I was afraid, but not ashamed, even when some of the whispers started to turn into sexual insults such as ‘that slut’ and ‘whore’.

“You are no longer allowed here. Leave,” Julian said simply.

“Not without her,” I said, eying the scared little girl still being held down by Julian, although she had stopped struggling.

“You aren’t in a position to make demands.” Julian sighed. “Just be gone, you whorish woman.”

I looked down at the girl’s eyes. She looked back although she didn’t wear any understanding or acknowledgment in them. She probably barely understood what was going on at all. In the back, they still held the spark of a young girl, but I knew it wouldn’t be long before the dullness in her eyes took over, and she became dead inside.

“Whore, is it?” I whispered. “Fine then, a whore I’ll be.”

I let out my skill. Not pheromones this time, but the once a day backup I had, Frenzy. The effect was immediate. The King’s softening dick sprung to attention. He took a step in my direction, ready to push me down and fuck me right there, his eyes glazed over with lust. I lunged to the side avoiding him and then lept at the table. The whole thing fell to the side, yanking the girl out of Julian’s hands just as he started to try to pull his dick out and stick it in the girl’s mouth.

The King didn’t chase after me, instead, grabbing a nearby woman and immediately bending her over and taking her from behind. It was the same everywhere. The entire crowd devolved into a mess of sex and skin. I picked up the girl while setting Rough Rider for the small boost in strength.

Taking five steps, Julian jumped in my way. His skin was flushed, and he had an erect dick, but he was looking at me with open anger on his face. “Wh-what did you do?”

“What I had to!” I snapped back.

I reach to my side while holding the girl with one hand, grabbing a nearby boy no older than me and shoving him towards Julian. Julian gave me an angry look, but a second later he started to kiss the boy, seemingly unable to resist his taste as the two devoured each other. With Julian distracted, I immediately started to weave my way through the sexual carnage, a hundred people orgy of sex that just spontaneously broke out on the floor.

The girl in my arms writhed and made whimpering moaning sounds as her legs squeezed together and twisted. It was likely that the little girl was hit with frenzy too. However, she was only ten, and thus she likely lacked the knowledge or understanding of her own state. So, while she was sexually excited, she didn’t understand what that was and thus wasn’t able to react to it.

Two more people tried to jump on me and have their way, but I kicked them off, and in their frenzied states, they were quick to stick it in someone easier. We made it out the main room and ran across the receiving room. There were people here too that were engaging in fornication, servants along with nobles. My frenzy seemed to have reached the entire building. As soon as I made it outside, I approached the closest carriage.

“Please take me and my friend back to the castle,” I gave the man an order.

“Ah, wait, but your masks?” The guy squinted down at us curiously, not aware of what was going on inside.

I didn’t know how long frenzy would last. Pheromones seemed to wear out shortly after the person came, and assuming some people could cum in a minute or two, there might already be a few men recovering from their sudden frenzy. Therefore, I immediately hit the man with Seduction and Eye of the Beholder.

I used both types of seduction, twisting sexually as I looked at him. As an attractive naked woman, even without the dose of Seduction, my Seduce skill probably could have done the trick on its own.

“Please…” I looked up at him and batted my eyes. “We dropped our masks and we don’t want to get in trouble. If you help me, I’d be very appreciative.”

He barely stopped himself from drooling as he nodded dumbly. A minute later, the girl and I were sitting in a carriage heading back to the castle. The girl was shivering in my arms. I gave out a long breath as I held the girl tightly to me, sharing my body warmth with hers during the cold night. There would definitely be repercussions for this.

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