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That was the sound of a paddle smacking into the tight ass of an attractive pretty boy. The last few days I had been insatiable. I took out most of that on the boy before me. Usually, it wasn’t something so violent, but today we needed to try something new. He let out a low moan, half in pain, with possibly a little bit of pleasure. I winced at the act until he looked back and nodded at me again, giving me the go-ahead to give it another go. I pulled back my paddle and then brought it back down on his butt.


This cry seemed more pained than the last, and his butt was completely red. Part of me was very turned on by this, and the other part of me was a little disgusted that this would turn me on. I put the paddle down. The boy looked back again and gave me another okay, but he had tears running down his eyes and I shook my head no. He frowned, pushing his chest off the bed as he turned around. His dick popped out and wagged as he turned, still fully erect and ready to go. Apparently, even spanking him was doing it sexually for him, unless, maybe something else was going on…

“Your, um… penis, is it functioning right?”

Min looked down at his fully erect penis before giving a familiar cute blush and nodding as he turned his head. “Mm.”

That previous morning, the next shipment of sex toys had come in fresh from Pratter and Sandor. According to the letter, they had completed my toy whip, but my weapon would likely take a week or more. The toys had also included the paddle and a full set of bondage stuff. This arrived just on time because the previous night had given me another idea on how to prepare for Nova.

It was pretty simple. I needed to level more. However, the special skills I got with each level were often dependent, at least in part, on what I did before the level-up. Therefore, if I wanted more violent skills, I needed to practice violence. I couldn’t go out and kill monsters, and I couldn’t practice with guards. Therefore, there was only one way I could work on both increasing my skills and getting relevant special skills with my next level. That was to practice bondage and pain on Min.

Min was not naturally masochistic like Jenai, and despite popular belief, I was not a sadist. I had started with the paddle because I was afraid of hurting her with the whip since I didn’t know how much damage it could do. However, if I wanted my whip skill to reach level 1, I’d have to at least use it on her consistently.

Min became surprisingly supportive of this play. I had thought she would reject it, but surprisingly, she had used the opportunity to make a demand of me as well. She pulled out her own order which she had slipped into mine. It was a little jewel that attached to her slave collar. A moment later, it had shimmered with illusion magic and took on the form and feel of an adam’s apple.

“With this… Min boy now.”

His voice was a little deeper now. The inflections and behavior of his speech hadn’t changed, so it had a slightly feminine charm to it, and while I say deeper, it wasn’t significant. Where Min’s voice was once obviously female, the addition of this artifact had obscured it, so that if you only heard his voice, it’d be difficult to determine his sex.

Furthermore, the condition he set for allowing me to paddle and whip his bottom was that I must accept him as a man. For some time now, Min had been pushing the envelope, and with short hair, a deeper voice, and a fake penis indistinguishable from a real one, it was not difficult to imagine Min as a boy. He was a pretty boy, certainly, with nearly hairless arms and legs and nothing but a small patch above his penis, but he looked enough like a man that when we fucked, I was starting not to notice.

His body had grown shapelier since we first met. His delicate features had been toned by a daily workout regimen. His tight ass was muscular now, and when he tensed, I could see his butt tighten, just making me want to squeeze it. He had the hints of a six-pack of abs, although with his hips he still had a distinctly feminine body. His chest still had a pair of small A breasts which he had no desire to diminish. If he wore loose clothing, he’d pass for a boy, but anything tight would give away his fit female body easily. He sat somewhere in between, and it served to meet all of my sexual interests. Either way, I was sexually satisfied with Min.

Part of it was because Min was simply Min. I cared deeply for Min, and it didn’t really matter what he identified as. He was my Min. Strangely enough, despite declaring himself a man, Min held strongly onto certain things. As mentioned, he was still very sensitive about his breast size, and still wouldn’t stick it between my breasts for leveling up titty fuck. I also asked him about how he wanted to address each other now.

“So, should I call you husband then?” I asked jokingly.

“Mm…” Min shrugged. “Min happy you accept marriage, but vesse is vesse and wife is wife. Only gender changed.”

I gave a stupid sound, and Min chuckled at that. I didn’t mean to suggest that I was accepting him as my husband. Part of what bothered me about that was the fact that it suggested I was only accepting him because she had become a he. When I explained this with a fluster, Min smiled gently and put me in his arms, which despite the fact he was smaller than me, felt a lot more comforting and manly than they once did.

He kissed me on the forehead and leaned over. “Min love you…”

With that, I started to become even more flustered, and suddenly, I found Min swapping the dynamic, pulling me into a deep kiss until I was out of breath. I didn’t hate this side of Min at all, but as we discussed things, I got the feeling that he took his role as my wife seriously. To him, we had married as two women, and thus, to him, it was important that it remained that way. Min was a man and my wife.

“Will female Min ever show up again?” I asked, as Min held me tightly and I breathed in his fresh scent.

“Mm… Aria has all of Min. Any time she wants. But only Aria.”

I nodded but had already decided I’d be unlikely to ask that of Min unless he requested it himself. I had too much respect for Min to put that on him. However, after that heavy conversation, I had to push forward with my training. Which was how I ended up with Min bent over a bed while I paddled his bottom. For his benefit, he took it like a man.

Since his dick was hard, I supposed that I wasn’t being too violent, so I finally nodded and had Min bend back over. However, after looking at his nice ass from behind, I couldn’t help but bend down behind him. I reached up between his legs and touched his balls. As I played with them, feeling the elastic skin, which was indistinguishable from real and sent the appropriate sensations to Min, I playfully kiss his butt.

He bent over a little more, giving me the room to reach up and grab his shaft. With my face nearly in his butt, I decided it was time to test out a theory I was running. That is to say, I licked Min’s asshole. His body shivered pleasurably with one lick, so I went a step farther and stuck it in. His ass was tight, and I could only manage to get the tip of my tongue in, the tightness of his sphincter stopping me from going farther with the current level of force. Still, I wiggled my tongue on his button, listening to the sounds of him moan in front of me. Of course, my hand was working his shaft now while I ate his butt.

Analingus, Devon’s favorite pastime, wasn’t that bad at all. It wasn’t like Min hadn’t cleaned himself up ahead of time, so he was clean back there as he was up front. It wasn’t any more disgusting than eating pussy. Yeah, he pooped from there, but every guy pees from their dick, yet it’s not considered odd at all to put his dick in your mouth and swallow anything that comes from the same hole he pees with.

The reason analingus gets a bad wrap probably has to do with the fact that it isn’t a direct sexual stimulation. Even in the case of anal sex, at least one party’s penis or prostate is getting pleasured. The feeling of having someone’s tongue in your butt isn’t direct, but it is an act that sexually excites and enhances the experience. I knew this because as my tongue flicked across his butt, one hand keeping his cheeks spread while the other reached around his hip and stroked his cock, he was quickly moaning hard, his legs no longer working and his body only being held up by the pillow his upper half was dropped into.

A moment later, I could feel him cum, a spurt of liquid coming out his dick. As he came, his sphincter tightened, and I felt a tightening on the tip of my tongue as his body tensed just like when I stuck it in his pussy before.

Cunnilingus and Blow Job has evolved into Oral Sex.

Oral Sex has increased to MAX.

Tongue craft has increased to LVL 6.

Technique Unlocked: Flicker

I gave a surprised look as I examined my skills. I hadn’t known what would happen, but this was the first time I’d seen a skill turn into another skill. I thought analingus might be another skill, but doing it seemed to cause all three skills to evolve into the category oral sex. It made sense, except that now I had one generic skill. Not only would I not get any tier 2 skills that might follow maxing cunnilingus and analingus, but the three types of oral sex were radically different. Could you really say a skill for sucking cock fit in with a skill for eating pussy?

As I was scowling at the confusing new ability, Min looked back with a questioning look. I shook my head and gave him a reassuring smile, letting him know I wasn’t disappointed in his performance. As if to accentuate that point, I licked my finger, wet with his cum. Of course, it was the liquidity clear taste of Min’s pussy juice, not some strange artificial cum or cum illusion. Min had told me that they might be able to do that, but I put my foot down there. Min was Min, and the taste of Min was not something I wanted to change.

In the end, my need to level by abusing Min failed miserably. He wasn’t a masochist who enjoyed it, and while role playing would allow me to play the role of a sadist when needed, I didn’t take pleasure in hurting him. So this put us back at square one, with me needing to level and no one available to practice S&M on.

I explained to Min the issue, and he blushed again, wearing a girlish expression on his face. Come on, Min, saying I don’t get off on spanking you is hardly flattering. However, a moment later, he made an off-hand comment that gave me pause.

“Know someone,” Min said.

“Huh? You know someone I can practice S&M with.”

“Mm…” Min nodded. “Nine someones.”

I frowned, but then it clicked and I immediately felt like an idiot for not seeing it sooner. Of course, the monsters in Reinhart’s basement could take any abuse I threw at them, and not even bat an eyelash. To some, like the Minotaur, I could whip as hard as I wanted and I probably wouldn’t even leave a mark. I was hurting my beloved Min, and I had nine perfectly available monsters that I didn’t give a shit about.

I apologized to Min profusely, but he shrugged it off. “Would mention earlier, but wanted to try.”

My eyes widened as Min answered peevishly. He had certainly come a long way from the woman who barely talked or expressed herself. Now, he excitedly engaged in sexual activities and wanted to try new things. I didn’t know if my perverted nature had rubbed off on him, or if this was finally the real Min expressing himself.

However it went, I ended up throwing myself at Min again, enjoying some more sexual play. I was rubbing Min’s cock against my snatch, trying to keep him hard as his member started to soften when the familiar text popped up in front of my vision. I gave a pleased smile as I looked at the text.

Congratulations!!! You have leveled to Seductress Lvl 22!

All stats increased by one.

You have one skill point.

Available Special Skills:

Hermaphrodite (Passive): Have both male and female sex organs.

Below the Belt (Passive): Skills and spells activated during sex cannot be detected. Both castor and target must be engaged in intercourse with each other.

Squirter (Active): During oral sex, increases sexual pleasure to guarantee a squirt.

“Mm… you leveled?” Min asked as I looked over my selections.

“Yes. Thanks to my sexy Min.”


“Perhaps, the best I could hope for.”

Below the belt was a skill I hadn’t realized I needed until I saw it existed, but now that I knew that it existed, I couldn’t even think of living without it. This was the thing that would finally allow me to defeat Nova. I could seduce him as my slave and he’d never even realize it. I’d Black Widow him, and then turn him into my own personal sex slave. He’d give us all of his riches, send us on our way with a smile on his face, and then die two weeks later. The next time he touched me sexually would be the last decision he ever made.

Either way, I leaned over and gave Min a kiss as he watched me with a cute look on his face. I wanted to continue to level up my skills and gain experience with Min. Then I would tackle the monsters the next day. With luck, I could gain another two levels before the final night.

However, our night was cut down prematurely when I started to feel some severe cramping. It was a bit early for my next period, but a few days later, the ring on my hand changed colors, indicating that my time of the month had come.

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