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Of course, my extreme sexual cravings had been met by Min, whose stamina had improved steadily. Although, even he wasn’t capable of keeping me up and going indefinitely. I had used my All Nighter skills to recover his energy, and I could make stamina potions easily now so even without it, stamina was never a problem. However, Min wasn’t invincible, and after 18 hours of continuous sex, he had to bite his pride and return to the old strap-on, the one that never softened.

My pussy was slapping up and down on Min’s strap-on, I was on top of Min and my pussy was soaked with our combined lust. Min’s and my moaning sounds filled the room, and while my mind was only concerned about my own sexual satisfaction at the time, the noise I was making could have easily gotten me into a lot of trouble if the wrong people had walked by the room.

When the pain started, it only hindered my sexual excitement a little at first. But rather than dissipating after a day or two, it steadily grew worse. When the ring started shining, with only about a week left before Harvest, for the first time in what felt like forever, I didn’t feel like having sex. After putting Min through a week of hell, he gave me a worried look when I didn’t suddenly push him to the ground and have my way with him.

The discomfort and pain weren’t typical for me. It didn’t simply just target my abdomen. It felt like my back was on fire as well. My arms hurt, my legs hurt, and my breasts hurt. It seemed like gradually over the last few days, my body had turned on me. However, it wasn’t simply the pain that made things strange and left me with no craving for sex. It was also what I felt down below.

My pussy suddenly started to tingle one night, and I thought I was starting to grow sexually excited. However, before I could bug Min for a quickie, the feelings grew and before I knew it, I found myself panting. My body twisted and turned as I started feeling sexual pleasure, which only culminated when I miraculously came.

The first time I had one, Min had given me an accusatory stare, blaming me for touching myself when I should have called him. He seemed oddly determined lately to be the source of all my sexual gratification, and with me grounded from monsters and in trouble with nobles, he basically had been. As my libido grew, he almost took it as a personal challenge that he could meet me head-on sexually, although that week had seriously worn him out, and he had bags under his eyes for the last couple of days.

However, the spontaneous orgasms started to occur with surprising frequency. They often occurred at night, but would occasionally hit me during the day as well. I had explained the oddity of my spontaneous orgasms to Min, and he had given me a questioning look. It was after he had witnessed one himself that his looks started to turn worried.

I usually hurt the most after one of these spontaneous orgasms. It was like a catalyst. First, I’d feel an orgasm, and then my body would feel like it had been struck with a mallet. At the worst time, I didn’t even get out of bed. I took potions of minor healing, but they didn’t seem to do a thing.

“My seductress class, maybe this is some kind of problem with it?” I offered my opinion.

Min had shrugged at that, unsure of how to respond to my strange and growing problem. However, when the next racking of pain struck me, Min finally pulled me out of the room I had been held up in all week and dragged me over to Reinhart’s tower. By the time I arrived, my body was flushed, both with arousal and a feeling of pain bad enough to cause me to keel over. It was at that point and time that the strangest thing yet happened.

Congratulations!!! You have leveled to Seductress Lvl 23!

Available Special Skills:

Numbness (Passive): Reduce all pain, sexual stimulation, and touch by 50% permanently.

Enhanced Rape (Passive): 2X Experience when someone is forced against their will.

Sanctuary (Active): Claim a home as a seductress. All abilities are enhanced. Leveling is increased 2X within home. Can only select a home once a year. Must reside in sanctuary one month a year.

Although the sudden level was surprising, I was still inclined to glance over it. If this was something akin to my seductress powers going out of whack, the free leveling seemed almost worth it. That said, none of the abilities looked like things I could use right now. However, it was Sanctuary that held the most appeal to me. It seemed like some kind of magical marker that allowed me to mark a home. It had some setbacks, but the appeal was too great. I selected it.

Min had been watching me with a confused look and I gave a shrug before following her up the last flight of stairs into Reinhart’s laboratory.

“Ah, Aria, I see you’ve finally taken the time to show up. However, you’ve brought your elf companion. What is-“ He stopped when he saw my condition.

I was barely able to stand at this point, pain and pleasure both simultaneously rocking my body. As I was panting with a pained expression on my face and red in my cheeks, he ran off and grabbed a chair, easing me down. He immediately began checking my vitals, which I found surprising for this world.

“You know healing?” I asked

As Reinhart took my pulse, he nodded. “A little. Before I ended up in alchemy, I was interested in first aid. You see, healing really only takes the form of spells, potions, and adventurer’s first aid. I thought to combine the three disciplines and was laughed out of the room. Priests always focus on spells, alchemists always make potions, and neither care for the slash and sew of first aid. However, I think if they were combined… say, someone drinking a potion while receiving a spell, we could save more lives. It’s well… Nevermind. I still think first aid has its uses, but I’m one of a few.”

Min sat quietly in the corner as we talked, staying out of the conversation. Meanwhile, Reinhart did most of the things I recognized doctors as doing, although Min stiffened when he put his hand up the back of my dress to listen to my breath with a stethoscope.

It was events like this that reminded me that this was another world. In the middle ages, what Reinheart called first aid would not be something that existed. Although, the way Reinheart told it, what he was doing was considered pretty rare. Perhaps he had been an adventurer at some point, but he didn’t seem open to talking about it so I didn’t pry. After about five minutes of examining and asking questions, he gave a sigh.

“What is it?” I asked.

“You said you’ve been having nightmares?” Reinhart asked.

“Yeah, um, dreams of a man I hate.” I nodded, and Min tensed at what I said. “Do you know what it is?”

“No,” Reinheart shook his head, and I started to lower mine until he spoke up again, “But it seems similar to a problem demons suffer from.”

“Huh? Demons? You mean, like the half-monsters?”

Reinhart stiffened for a second, “That is- well, a lot of humans just see them that way. When a demon is created, they usually take a few generations of prodigy before their demonic nature stabilizes. Once a demonic line is stable, they all come out with the same basic traits.”

“Is that like how the goblins always make goblins?”

Reinhart shook his head and twisted his mouth. “Goblins are not demons.”

“Ah, I never meant to say they were-“ I tried to defend.

“Goblins are monsters that changed to be more like humans. They were initially a monster, but years and years caused them to change with each generation until they eventually looked like they do now. They also somewhere along the line lost the ability to breed and thus use humans. Demons are a monster and human bloodline combined. It stabilizes over several generations, and the demons are just as human as humans, regardless of how they came into being.” Reinhart seemed a little angry as he spoke.

“So, goblins and other hominid monsters are like coevolution, and demons are more like hybrids.”

Reinhart blinked, and then he shook his head and muttered something before looking back at me. “I’m sorry, I know your knowledge is a bit different from most. If you met a demon, what would you do?”

“Ah? Me? Um, I guess it depends on the demon. I mean, if it’s a vampire, I’d definitely fuck him. A werewolf, definitely sex. Dryads? Totally. Centaur… well, I might not go with a centaur.”

Min’s appearance was darkening, while Reinhart wore a shocked look on his face. A second later, he burst out laughing.

“That is…” Reinheart wiped a tear from his eyes with an amused look on his face. “Please, never change.”

“Oni, def-“ I stopped, “Oh, sure, yeah, I guess.”

“Anyway, the point I was trying to make,” Reinheart seemed to have returned to his old mood. “A demon’s demonic side can become unstable for various reasons.”

He stood up and headed to his room. A moment later, he walked back out with a vial in his hand. He handed it to me.

“And this is?” I asked.

“Ah, well, it’s a duality potion. The conditions you’re describing is what happens when someone’s demonic blood battles with their humanity. It causes similar things, nightmares, pain… the arousal is new, but you’re a seductress, so we have to expect strange things…”

“If this works, does that mean I have demonic blood?” I asked cautiously.

Reinhart shrugged. “I don’t know. The only thing like your powers I’ve ever seen was in succubi which are just nasty monsters. It’s possible that you descended from a family line of succubae. The only thing I know is that some of your symptoms seem to be what happens during a duality surge. It can occur when two natures try to occupy the same body. Usually, this is performed with magic, except in the aforementioned demonic bloodlines. Your magic is solely unique, so we don’t know how it might go out of whack. It overwhelms the system. This is a potion that might help.”

I picked up the potion and examined it. It was completely as he described. I shrugged and took a swig, downing the whole thing in one drink. A minute later, the pain started to diminish, and by five minutes, I was already feeling completely better. I gave a smile and stood up, stretching. As I stretched, Reinhart leaned over and dropped a bag of coins on the table next to me.

“Ah, eh, what’s this?” I looked down at the bag.

“That’s your profits from the vial of sexual arousal. It went for the top price on the market. If you can coerce any more out of that troll, and we can figure out the recipe you performed, it would be quite profitable.”

“Ah, really?” I counted through the coins, there were easily a hundred gold coins. “That’s enough to buy one-third of Min! Who would pay that much for fifteen minutes of sexual arousal?”

Min didn’t look amused, grimacing, but I was more focused on the incredible pouch of riches coming from one measly potion. The topical lubricant was only going for less than a tenth that price, and it seemed to me like they both did essentially the same thing.

“Who knows?” Reinhart spoke up. “I sell these things through a broker so I never see who buys them. Maybe it’s a gift for those adventurers they’re planning to knight.”

“Adventurers? Oh, right, I heard something about that.” I heard it from the three girls, and I didn’t find it important at the time.

“Yeah, well, it’s just bullcrap ploy they do to push aside unrest among commoners.”

I let out a laugh. “You sound a lot like Melinda.”

“Huh? Who? Is it that the angry woman who sent me a note demanding I gather the supplies to mix your bloody sex potions?” Reinhart shivered.

“Hah, well, speaking of which. I’m feeling a lot better now, so I’m thinking it’s about time I take on the monsters again.

“Really, the pain’s all gone already?”

“Yup!” I spun around. “I’m ready to harvest. I need to at least gain another level before the Harvest.”

Min frowned at me, but after I gave him some begging eyes, he finally submitted to taking me down to the cellar. Reinhart was happy to defer to Min on this particular issue, likely because he had punched Reinhart in the throat once before. However, when we made it down to the cellar…

“This is…” I said with a wry smile.

The monsters were screaming and shouting, slamming their bodies against the bars like they did when I had activated the pheromones. Except, I wasn’t using the pheromones.

“What is going on with the monsters?” Reinhart asked. “I’ve never seen them like this.”

I had never seen them act like this either. They were just going wild although I had the distinct feeling most of the eyes were on me. I had already seduced them, so they should be under my control, so why did they act this way? Wait… I glanced down at my ring to see that it was still lit. That was right, I was on the last day of my period. The last time I had started my period, I had caused every monster in the forest to try to rape me. I lucked out by being eaten out by a slime. Now, I was in a castle, far removed from the forests.

Luckily, my period didn’t seem to affect humans. This might have had something to do with the sense of smell? However, it was clear that while I was on my period, I was a magnet for monsters. Once a month, if I ever found myself outside, I’d immediately end up being raped to death. That was good information to know.

While Min and Reinhart stared at the monsters in wonder, I finally explained the theory I had put together based on the last time I had a period. The two nodded thoughtfully, but then Reinhart said what I was afraid he’d say.

“I’m sorry. Until your period is completely over, I just can’t let you do anything with these monsters.”

Min gave a confirming nod, and I found myself once again being dragged away from my experience buffet. I was only a week away from the Harvest, and now I was back on the bench.

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