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“Richard? I wasn’t expecting you!” I said in surprise as I opened to door to a knock early in the morning.

Richard stiffened as he looked down at me, and I dropped down my head. A second later, I reestablished the deception and role play. I had opened the door as myself, having spent the last two weeks avoiding the royalty and the need to pretend. However, I was skilled, and by the time I looked back up, I was already wearing the mask of the princess once again.

“Well, be that as it may, we have a special guest tonight. Father has requested that everyone in the castle attend the ceremony.”

“Really?” my eyes widened, “Even me?”

Richard sniffed and turned away. “We may have our differences. The rumors about you… nevermind that, you are a foreign princess. At the very least, you should see how things are done in a civilized court.”

I ignored the slight insult, not feeling like catering to Richard’s prickish behavior. Part of the reason for this was that this would be the last day I’d ever have to deal with him. The Harvest banquet was tonight, and after that would be the underground meeting. While Richard fucked dozens of nameless women, Nova would be coming to rob the kingdom.

To be honest, I had hoped that they would ignore me this evening. I was already very stressed about what I had to do tonight. I nodded after a second, offering my arm, which Richard took without another thing said.

As Richard escorted me to the ceremony, the atmosphere between us was particularly tense. I hadn’t spoken to him since the previous underground meeting. Although, it didn’t feel like the tenseness was caused by the fact that the last time we met, we had sex. At the time, he had acted like my pussy was expected, and despite the fact he was allegedly obsessed with me to the point that he made Sylvia dress in my clothes and call my name, he showed no particular reaction to finally getting what he supposedly wanted.

At first, I assumed it went back to the high expectations in his mind. I had assumed that he had built me up so high in his mind that the real girl could never meet his expectations. For a bit, he had wounded my pride a bit by being so casual about fucking me. However, at this point, I’d consider myself very skilled in the art of sex, and it could go without saying that I found it hard to believe that Richard would find any disappointment in our intercourse.

That then got me thinking that perhaps he took to the illusion of the mask absolutely. As a woman in a mask, he really did see me as no one. Part of me was tempted to try to seduce him now. I was no longer restrained by magic sense, presuming I could get his penis out. I wondered how he’d react to his wife-to-be if she threw herself at him now.

That was when I realized that we weren’t heading to the main doors of the banquet hall but a side area that likely functioned as a storage room. It was connected to the main hall, but it was cut off by thick, sound-blocking curtains. He took me into the room, which consisted of a couch, a woven carpet, and a table to the side that contained brewed tea. It was likely some kind of break room for the servants, at least it looked like one to me.

“What is this?” I asked cautiously.

Richard seemed to jump nervously and then nodded his head. “Yes, right, let’s have some tea. I’m sorry to deceive you a bit, but I really wanted to get a chance to talk to you in private. You’ve been here nearly a month, and it’s come to my attention that we haven’t really had a chance to talk.”

“So, this ceremony of honor thing?” I asked.

“Ah, well, that is happening in a bit, but we still have some time yet. I’ll escort you there… after.”

“After?” I asked as Richard put a cup of tea in front of me and I sniffed it.

The tea was made of a particularly good leaf. I was never a major tea drinker, but in this world, it was either tea or wine for just about everything. Min said she had never heard of coffee before, and I hadn’t had any luck finding it in any of the King’s books. However, that wasn’t what I needed to focus on. The third prince sat next to me, close enough that his knee touched mine, and turned to me with a nervous gaze.

“So, Prince Hyburn, what did you want to discuss?” I asked while taking a sip of the tea, which was only a little bitter.

Richard relaxed for a second and gave a sigh. “That is… I wanted to apologize for how I have been treating you.”

I rose an eyebrow, amused but also a little surprised at his sudden change in behavior. Perhaps I had affected him at the party more than I realized. However, there was still the manner of my mask coming off.

I turned to him. “Richard, about the rumors…”

Richard shook his head. “You don’t need to think about that. It’s honestly ridiculous that father felt the need to punish you so. As if he doesn’t do the same things. A-as if I don’t either. He’s the one at fault! To think, a young girl like that… and you were forced to take all the blame!”

To suddenly hear Richard voicing my thoughts so absolutely, I fought to contain my excitement. For the first time in the last two weeks, I felt a little better about the whole situation. If Richard was on my side, then things would be easier. I started seeing Richard in a new light. He was a very attractive man, and his only fault was his inability to express himself, well, and Sylvia.

I drank down the last of the tea and then frowned. That was, of course, not really important. I was going to be leaving soon. There was really no need to endear myself with Richard. In fact, I had already earned my first-time experience with him, and so there was absolutely nothing I could gain. However, Richard saw me as his wife-to-be, and role play with Min aside, I wondered what it would be like to be with a man who thought he’d be spending the rest of his life with you. Perhaps it was a cruel thought, but the novelty of being with Richard in a romantic setting was enticing to a seductress like me.

I raised up the glass to my lips, planning to start seducing Richard. “Ah, um, could I have some more tea?”

Richard jumped a bit, but then grabbed his cup and pushed it to me. “Oh, fine, here, you can have mine.”

I put my hand out and touched his shoulder lightly, my seduction skill moving forward in full force. “Thank you, my prince.”

“Ah, well, it’s just tea…” He answered flippantly.

“No, about supporting me,” I said. “I was concerned that everyone hated me now. I really only went for you. I had thought that the pair of us could have our first time, but it’s really not the same with masks.”

“Th-th-that’s true.” Richard started to become flustered as I leaned against him, one hand falling on his leg.

The way Richard was acting was rather cute. He was so nervous and uncomfortable that I found myself forgiving the lackluster sex he had given me once before. Part of that was likely my fault. To have great coitus, both parties needed to be invested in their mutual satisfaction. I went into it expecting Richard to fall head over heels for me, and it really wasn’t fair to him.

I leaned close to his ear as his whole body shivered. “So, my love, what did you want to say to me?”

“Ah…” Richard was breathing hard now, my hand was gently stroking his inner thigh.

I was revving to go now, my inner parts wet with lust. It had been just Min and me for the last few weeks, plus a few stinky monsters, so I was missing the polygamy my seductress nature demanded. I meant no disrespect for Min, but I found myself hornier than I had been in some time. If I wasn’t free from pain and confident that Reinhart’s attempt to control my seductress abilities was working, I’d say my seductress powers were still out of whack with how horny I was feeling.

“Richard…” My voice came off almost like begging, and I could already feel his erection through his pants.

“Wh-what I wa-wanted to say, is that I’ve always wanted you, and now-“

I kissed his neck, sucking lightly. “Now you have me, however, you want me.”

Richard no longer held back, and a moment later, his hands fell on my breasts, giving them attention like the last time we were together. It wasn’t long until they were popped out of the top of my dress and he was sucking on them lightly. He went from one breast to the next, his tongue flicking surprisingly skillfully over my tits.

Meanwhile, I continued to rub his hard cock through his pants. He was very stiff now, and I could even feel a spot of wetness on his pants that had to be precum. Well, I was maxed in Hand Jobs, even through pants it’d be hard to resist. I wrapped my hand around his cock, which wasn’t small. Now that I had sampled most of the nobles, I found that the average size was around six inches, which put the royal family on the larger size of things.

Our lips explored each other’s mouths, and I appreciated the feeling of intimacy he provided. Most of the people I fucked, the monsters and the other nobles, there wasn’t much kissing involved. Admittedly, I had kissed Min a lot, but there were certain things Min couldn’t replicate, like the course feeling of a day-old shave, the less soft lips of a man, and the strong chin. I enjoyed Richard’s taste to the fullest extent, while my libido flew into overdrive.

By the time he pulled my dress off, I was so wet that my panties were see-through from my own lust. As he continued to suck my neck, I made whimpering, moaning sounds. I couldn’t wait to have him inside me. However, he had yet to take off a single article of clothing, so I started moving my hands to undress him.

“Ah, ah… Richard, ah, yes, fuck me,” I moaned as my hands ran over his body. “This is way better than pretend.”

Richard suddenly jerked away from me, giving me a strange look. I had said I was bad at dirty talk, even with the skill, so I was already kicking myself that I had made a reference to Sylvia and his sex games.

“That reminds me…” Richard spoke up, as I gave him a flat look. “I… um… have been wanting to see you wear something forever.”

“Um… you already got me out of clothes, now comes the point where you fuck me,” I pleaded.

He looked genuinely tempted for a second, and then he shook his head. “Please, Cornelia, this is fulfilling a bit of a fantasy of mine.”

After a moment, I sighed. I knew that role play was his kink, so it wasn’t that hard to believe that this was something he’d get caught up on.

I gave him a nod. “Very well, but be quick, I really need it.”

He gulped and gave me a frantic nod before practically fleeing from the room in a rush. I gave a gentle laugh as I sat back up on the couch. I was in nothing but my underwear now, as drenched as the panties were, and it seemed like a waste to put my dress back on, only to have to take it off again as I put on whatever outfit Richard wanted.

As I waited for him, I continued to sip from his lukewarm tea. Meanwhile, I was only growing more and more sexually excited. It took everything I had not to finger myself to completion. Richard was coming soon and then I’d get a nice hard cock. Plus, I had never used costumes in role play if you didn’t count the deception as a princess, so I was intrigued by it. I wondered which one of his costumes he’d bring. Would I be a naughty maid? Maybe a slave girl? The thoughts were pushing me to my limit, so I just kept drinking my tea and waiting.

Carnal Resistance has increased to LVL 7.

Charm Resistance has increased to LVL 1.

What? I was hardly being charmed by him. Perhaps this was an artifact of increasing carnal resistance. I mean, it made sense. If you could resist having sex, then you should be able to resist being charmed into having sex. It seemed to be just another one of those silly skill affecting skills things. Either way, I appreciated the increases, as they helped me wait for Richard slightly.

The door finally opened after what felt like forever, and I turned in excitement at the prospect of finally throwing all of my sexual lust onto the man who I was forced to call my husband-to-be for the last month. However, there were two men who were walking in, and neither of them was Richard.

“They said that this was the place right…” One of the men with a gruffer voice said, causing a shiver of recognition to shoot up my spine.

“Who knows-“ The second person froze as our eyes locked.

Of course, as aroused as I was, I wouldn’t have been nervous being seen by two strange men. In fact, in any normal situation, I would have immediately shouted like a princess, and acted like I had been caught in the act of changing my clothing. The men would flee from the room, and I would be spared any kind of embarrassment. It’d be their fault for barging in, never mind the fact I had made no attempt to lock the door.

“Well, well, well, you’ve certainly moved up the world, huh?” A rough-looking man with shaggy hair said while smiling cruelly.

The surprise had caused me to be unable to make a single sound. This was clearly not a normal situation. That was because I absolutely recognized these two men, but they were not men I had ever expected to meet again. They were…

“How about you, Marvis? What do you think our little slut has been up to?” Ricardo chuckled.

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