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Congratulations!!! You have leveled to Seductress Lvl 25!

All stats increased by one.

You have two skill points.

Available Special Skills:

Sphincter Control (Passive): Increases the strength and control of the sphincter during anal sex.

Charmless (Passive): Cannot be charmed by an external source.

Cum Dump (Active): Draw all semen inside body during cumming.

I ignored the unexpected level as there were other, more pressing matters. When Ricardo took a step forward, moving out of my way, I finally could see the rest of the banquet hall. What? That was, in fact, the entire banquet hall. The curtain apparently only separated one part from the other. On the other side, there was a large group of people, and my throat immediately sank when I realized that it was just about everyone.

The King stood in the middle, glaring down at me with a frown. There was Richard there, but when I tried to meet his eyes, he turned away, refusing to see me. There was also Mary and Destine, who had shocked looks and their hands over their mouths. Julian looked bored and Gregory looked amused. Devon just looked disappointed.

The majority of the other people there had amused looks on their faces. At Sylvia’s triumphant declaration, a few people had cheered or laughed. The reality of the situation was starting to set in. I was the Princess Cornelia, butt naked, with two naked commoner men, on my knees, covered in their spooge. There were no masks this time, so there was nothing I could use to hide behind.

For the first time, I was laid completely bare for the court. Sylvia wore a sadistic smile, puffing out her chest as she stared down at my naked body. The world seemed to freeze for a moment; the sound seeming muffled. I vaguely could hear Ricardo asking in an angry voice what the hell was going on, so it seemed like he hadn’t been let in on it. I started to rise to my feet, not even bothering to wipe away the semen as it still dripped down my chest and ran down my stomach.

Devon turned around in disgust and immediately walked away. He was the first person to move. As the door slammed with him leaving, it seemed to cut into the thick air. My cheeks started to turn red in embarrassment although this was just an act to try to maintain any illusion that remained suggesting I was a princess. In truth, Mental Fortitude meant I felt no shame or disgust at being naked, covered in semen. However, it didn’t do anything about the fear and dread.

My seductive nature, my overactive libido, I had lost complete control of it. That was the simple truth. These were the simple consequences of that action. Now, I had to live with those consequences. In a way, I really was just a whore, just like Ricardo had called me. It seemed like my mind wanted to punish me, even where Mental Fortitude deafened all shame.

The person to move out from the crowd was the second person after Devon I least wanted to meet at this moment. It was Melinda Fry, the woman who had gone out of her way to put her trust with me. I had let her down as much as anyone. She took a few steps towards me, but before she had even crossed the line where the curtain had been, I immediately turned and started running away.

“Stop!” The voice of the King suddenly bellowed, causing me to pause at the door. “You will not marry my son. Consider this wedding, canceled!”

I turned back to look at them. Melinda had a complicated look, her hand half out as if she wanted to stop me, but couldn’t bring herself to. Most of the people in the crowd had smiles on their faces, looks of enjoyment over my misery. The worst was, of course, Sylvia, who had a self-satisfied look on her face so disgusting I would have punched her right there if it didn’t involve running halfway across the room naked to do it. My fist shook, drawing blood as I was squeezing so hard.

However, I gave the King a nod, turned around, and left the door. I could hear the sound of laughter behind me although I didn’t know who it was. None of this mattered anyway. I was leaving tonight. The engagement was off? Well, I’d be out of the castle anyway, and they would lose their entire treasury by the end of the day. To hell with them. For the first time since I had been here, I was rooting for Nova to succeed in robbing them for every dime they were worth.

I walked back to my room with my back held high. I had no clue if I passed any servants, guards, or anyone else as I went. I hadn’t wiped the cum off my face, it was drying now. So was the lust that soaked my body from the belly button to my knees. From dozens of orgasms, I had lost buckets of liquid, which caused my nether regions to glisten with wetness that steadily dried and became flaky.

I opened the door to my room, taking a step in. Min looked up at me. When he saw my naked body, he looked confused, but when he saw the cum drying on my face and the clear smell of sex, his look turned complicated. When his eyes finally focused on mine, they settled for concern. He rushed forward, grabbing a towel, and immediately started wiping me clean. I sat down on the bed, numbly.

My brain kept telling me that nothing had changed. It didn’t matter that I had exposed myself to the majority of the nobility. Either way, they’d run off to their sex club, and I’d help Nova steal their treasury. Then, I’d turn him into my fuck puppet, take the money from him, and escape into the sunset with Jenai and Min. I had absolutely nothing to feel bad about. This was the way things were.

While I sat in a daze, Min fetched a washbasin and started to clean up my body. He cleaned me thoroughly, making sure to remove all traces of sex. I could have used the Freshen Up ability to help, but I wasn’t thinking about those kinds of things at the moment. Min dressed me and began to fix my hair, applying the makeup with the skill of having done it a dozen times already. Before long, I looked the part of a princess again, although I didn’t feel like one.

It was at this point that there was knocking on the door. I hadn’t expected the guards to arrive and kick me out of the castle so quickly, but with Ricardo and Marvis on the inside, I supposed it didn’t matter if I was present. However, when Min went to answer the door, it was Melinda who pushed her way into the room once again. I gave Min a look as he let Melinda in without a fight, but he gave a shrug.

A moment later, I was surprised to see Mary and Destine follow in right behind her. This was not the conversation I wanted to have right now. So, I stood up, ready to force them to leave by any means at my disposal. But the words that came out of my mouth weren’t a declaration for them to leave.

“This is the real me,” I said flatly. “I’m sorry I’ve deceived you all. I’m sorry you had to see everything.”

I felt some understanding for Devon at that point. I understood why he protested having me come to the sex parties. I understood the difference between your sex life and the life you wanted to show the people you cared about. I understood that fear, and the desire to hide a part of yourself. I understood the looks of disgust and horror.

“The real you…” Melinda said calmly, nodding her head, then her mouth curled, and she struck me in the back of the head. “Idiot girl! Who do you think you’re deceiving!”

“Huh?” I said, rubbing the back of my head as I gave her a glare.

“You were drugged!” Mary spoke up, holding something tight to her chest.

“W-what?” I asked, shaking my head in confusion.

“It was Destine who figured it out,” Melinda shrugged. “She thought something seemed suspicious, so while everyone was getting back to the party, she headed straight for the tea and put some in a vial.”

“I took it to my husband and asked him to examine it, and…” She pulled out the vial she had been clinging to and pushed it in front of me. “Well, you look.”

I glanced at the vial of leftover tea and used examine. A moment later, my eyes widened.

Jerryroot tea – Contains – Honey, Milk, Contents of One Vial of Moderate Sexual Arousal.

“That is my potion,” I said out loud in disbelief.

“Cornelia made it?” Mary asked in surprise.

“Uh, only one so far. I gave it to Reinhart to sell. He said it sold for a lot, nearly a hundred-“ I stopped my voice as the girl’s eyes brightened. “Sylvia…”

Melinda snapped her fingers. “Exactly. Sylvia drugged you, then tricked you into a private room with two strapping adventurers. With them being called heroes, and talking about giving them knighthood, what princess wouldn’t be swayed, especially when her sex drive goes out of control. As for the adventurers, they’re adventurers… those lot will bang anything with a vagina.”

Destine’s eyes widened at Melinda’s announcement before nodding in understanding. I just gave a wry smile. It was a partial truth, at best. It certainly explained why my charm resistance was increasing. I was under the effects of the drug. However, the drug probably wouldn’t have worked if I was a real princess. I would have likely fled the room embarrassed, or squirmed uncomfortably the whole time in morbid embarrassment. It would work on a loved one who wasn’t in the mood, or a drunk person at a bar, but Sylvia, in all her stupidity, had seriously overestimated the effect of this potion.

That is if it was used on anyone else but me. As a seductress, my sexual libido was already insane. She wouldn’t have known it, but Mental Fortitude would have kept my natural impulses from stopping me, and my extremely sensitive body was driven past the breaking point. In essence, I had made a potion that was most effective against myself, and through sheer luck, it had ended up in Sylvia’s hands.

“But it was Richard who had taken me to that room,” I spoke the last thought out loud. “He was trying to get me to sleep with him.”

The ladies all glanced at each other before giving me sensitive looks. It was likely part of Sylvia’s plan. I wasn’t clear if Richard had known everything or only a bit, but he had certainly been in on it. His part was to bring me there, get me to drink the tea, and then start sexually exciting me so that by the time Ricardo showed up, I’d be practically humping his leg. Perhaps the sexual exciting part was an accident. I couldn’t see Sylvia consenting to have him make out with me. Maybe my own seductress powers overwhelmed him for a bit. Still, in the end, it was the perfect plan to topple a seductress.

Of course, they didn’t know I was a seductress, so it all just fell on extreme luck. Had I left Lesbian Lover on, which boosted charm resistance by 10, I’d have likely been able to resist this potion. As a matter of fact, one of the special skills still dancing in front of my vision was charmless, an ability that would make this never be able to happen again. As much as sphincter control sounded great, charm was simply too dangerous on me, so I picked Charmless. I’d hold onto that other point for an emergency.

“To think, Richard and Sylvia would sink to such lows.” Mary shook her head, “Why, it makes me so cross.”

“This was a clear setup, we need to-“

The girls seemed to have vindicated me completely in their minds, but that didn’t settle right with me. It was a convenient way to throw away all responsibility, but I wasn’t ready to let them continue to live the lie. I’d be gone by tomorrow anyway, so at the very least, I just wanted them to understand the real me.

“The thing is…” I spoke, breaking up the girl’s talk. “I probably would have done something like that, anyway. I’m not so innocent of a girl. I-“

“Like sex? Doesn’t everyone?” Melinda snorted. “I already told you, girl, you’re being foolish if you think we don’t already know.”

“You’re a sex pervert, probably a nymphomaniac, we know.” Destine nodded.

“Huh? What?” I started to turn flustered and the three women laughed.

“You invent sex toys in your spare time, brew up sex potions, talk about the best way to masturbate, and, well…” Mary blushed slightly. “I’ve kind of caught you peeking down my blouse a few times…”

“What?” I said again. “I don’t do that!”

“Plus, you always get a bright expression in your eyes when you talk about sex, and I’ve seen you drool a few times when the stories get really raunchy.” Melinda chuckled.


“It’s okay, we all know you’re a pervert.” Destine patted my back, not making me feel better at all.

“Mm… Vessë pervert.” Min nodded.

“You too, Min! B-but, if you know all these things, why do you keep talking to me!”

“Ah, well.” Mary scratched the back of her head. “That is… We like our perverted princess?”

“You’ve really helped us with our sex lives. I mean, I actually have a sex life now.” Melinda laughed. “And you’re funny, and friendly, and you really care about people.”

“You listen to things carefully, and you genuinely want to help,” Destine added. “You never judge us, even when we tell you secrets.”

“But everything I’ve done.” I pouted, trying to push of the compliments that were starting to cheer me up. “I’m a bad person.”

Melinda’s look darkened. “Now, who said that?”

“Well, I mean, I have sex with-“

“And who ever said sex was bad? Why does having sex make you bad? That’s just silly talk. The kind of stupid stuff jealous people say. If you like gangbangs, you should be able to like gang bangs. Swap couples? That’s fine. You should have sex with whoever you want however you want, and no one has the right to say you’re bad for it. Masturbate! Read dirty stories. Tell dirty stories. Bondage, fantasy, none of it is bad. It’s simply sexuality, Cornelia, and you have a right to all of it.”

“I’d say…” Destine readjusted her eyeglasses and coughed. “That I’d think Cornelia is a rather good person.”

Those final words did me in. Once again, I found myself thinking the old way. Deep down, I had been ashamed of my sexuality. It was something that stemmed back to my old life. It was so deeply ingrained in my psyche, to the point that even Mental Fortitude didn’t touch it. At some fundamental level, even while having sex, there was a part of me that felt bad for liking it. Like I was some kind of sinner who was wrong because I liked to cum.

With Destine’s words, the realization dawned on me. Sex was just sex. It wasn’t special. It didn’t have any sense of morality. It could be done for evil, in the case of rape or torture, or it could be used for good. It could be done for fun or done for a goal. It was merely an action, and performing it, liking it, or embracing it didn’t change the person you were.

I was Aria. I was a seductress, but I was also Aria. I kept blaming my seductress nature for every action I took. I kept claiming I was a victim of my own libido. However, that wasn’t the truth. There was no seductress class that has infected my behavior. I was who I was and being a seductress was a part of that. This didn’t make me inherently good or evil. I merely was, and after that, it was up to me to make my choices.

As those thoughts rolled through my head, I had only one thing to say to the three women, and never forget Min, who were supporting me. “Thank you… truly.”

This time, it was the girls all looking bashful. However, as expected, it was Melinda who recovered the quickest.

“Alright, Cornelia. We’re here for you. The King’s trying to put an end to the wedding, but he doesn’t know what happened. So, tell us, what do you want us to do?”

I scratched my chin for a moment; then, I gave a nod. They were more concerned about my reputation and how I was going to deal with the viciousness that might spread from this event. That wasn’t my concern at all. As I already accepted, I was leaving this castle tonight one way or another. The thing that mattered to me the most was what came next.

“I need a pen and paper. I need to write a few letters. Can you guys deliver them?”

The girls nodded and started writing. The first was a letter to Reinhart. I told him exactly what was going down tonight. Although I didn’t demand it, I suggested he stay in town today, and avoid the castle, and most of all, his tower. The second letter was a bit trickier. This was a letter to Devon, who was likely already conflicted over what he saw of me.

However, I didn’t need him for any kind of romantic inclinations. What I needed was his sword. I warned him about the imminent threat and informed him that their escape would come from the exit in Reinhart’s castle. If he could lay out a bunch of guards and set up a trap, then we could stop Nova in his tracks.

I was a good person, or at least I thought I was. I wasn’t okay stealing all the money from this kingdom, no matter how awful its nobility could be. I didn’t want to let a bandit like Nova do it either. The risk to myself was greater, but it was the only thing I could think to do. I had to get things moving forward. The plan to defeat Nova would change. It’d all happen tonight! I sent Destine off with one letter and Mary off with the other.

Melinda stood at the door looking at me. “What are you planning on doing, girl?”

I shook my head and gave her a sad smile. “You might hear some bad things about me in the future.”

“I have no doubt,” she responded dryly.

“Just know that I have my reasons.”

“Hmm… if you say so.” Melinda gave a slow nod. “Anything else?”

“Ah, I have to get things ready. But if the three of you could avoid the castle tonight, that would be best.”

Melinda’s eyes widened, but after a second, she gave another nod. “Fine, I’ll let the girls know.”

I gave her a nod. “It’ll be fine. I have a plan now.”

Melinda chuckled and shook her head. “Youth, ah, to be young.”

“You know, you’re not that old. I’d fuck you,” I responded as she turned around and started walking out the door.

She didn’t stop, but I heard laughter as she left the room and headed down the hall. I turned around to see Min facing me with narrow eyes.

“Ah… Min.”


“Ah, Min! Don’t be that way!” I tried to defend myself, only to see that Min didn’t look angry.

Min was looking up at me with a worried look. “Aria… be okay?”

“Of course!” I bumped my chest. “I’ll stop Nova, free Jenai, and the three of us will escape tonight.”

“Three…” Min said flatly. “The girl?”

“Ah, she’s just a friend!” I spoke up.

Min nodded, and I reassured him one last time before I pulled him into a kiss. After kissing him good enough that his legs were wobbly, I took one last look at the room I had called home for the last month and then walked out. When I was done, Nova wouldn’t know what hit him.

I had only walked for about two minutes, making two turns, when suddenly I was grabbed from behind. Something was put over my face, and before I could even struggle, it felt like my energy was being pulled out of me. I fell back, and as I fell, a blurry image came into my sight. It was the image of Sylvia looking down at me with an ugly look.

“You think that was all? I haven’t even started.”

The world went blurry, and I fell into darkness.

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