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When my eyes opened, the world had taken on a distorted, foggy appearance. My mind seemed to be working alright, but that was about the only thing working. I appeared to be in some kind of bedroom, but when I tried to move my body, it wouldn’t budge. The person responsible for this had to be Sylvia. There was simply no other answer.

However, I didn’t know how long I had been out, and I was terrified that if I wasn’t there, problems would arise. I fought against my invisible restraints, but they didn’t seem to be able to make my body move. Suddenly, my head rose up, and my eyes looked at the door. My body had taken on a life of its own, and I found myself moving when I didn’t want to move.

The door opened and I let out a gasp that never reached my lips as a man walked in. That man was none other than Nova. For a moment, I thought it was another one of those lucid dreams I had been suffering from, but this felt way too real. Sylvia, for reasons I didn’t understand, was in leagues with Nova and had sold me out to him. That was the only thing I could think of.

Nova reached into his pants and pulled out a dick I was only too familiar with. He gave me a glare, wagging his dick at me.

“Come on, then suck it.”

Like hell I would do what he wanted. I had a mind to spit at him. However, my body moved once again without my permission. It moved off the bed and fell to my knees. I opened my mouth and immediately starting sucking his cock. The feel of his cock burned in my throat, and as I worked, I became aware of pains throughout my body. My knees both hurt to sit on, and my back felt like it was on fire.

However, I didn’t respond to any of the pain. I didn’t move to become more comfortable. I was merely a machine that did what Nova demanded. He grabbed the back of my head, pulling my hair painfully as he slammed his dick deep down my throat. For some reason, my increasing deep throat skill had become useless. Thus, I found myself choking and gagging on his dick. I reminded myself I didn’t need to breathe, but as his cock clogged the back of my throat, the feeling that I needed air began to rise. It was a feeling I hadn’t felt for a very long time, but I absolutely needed to breathe.

I coughed and choked as he used my head as a fuck toy. He was rough, and he pulled my hair hard enough that some of it came out and my scalp ached. He slammed into my mouth enough that my teeth ached. Every minute or so, the gag reflex would become too much, and I felt like I was throwing up, but he had his dick jammed so hard in my throat I had no choice but to swallow the bile rising up. I gagged, and vomited, and then swallowed, only to vomit again.

Meanwhile, my body started to feel woozy, not being given enough chance to breathe. I started to feel like I seriously might die from this, choking on Nova’s cock in my mouth. It was a horrific ending, but just as the gagging became unbearable, the familiar feel of his cock throbbing and thick gobs of semen shooting into the back of my throat occurred. I had no choice but to swallow it down, and while my throat burned, waiting for the chance to breathe. He mercilessly kept his dick in his throat until he finished coming.

As soon as he pulled out and let go of my hair, my body collapsed to the floor. I immediately started throwing up again. White semen and sputum dropped from my mouth and splattered on my hands and arms. I was coughing and gagging, desperately trying to take in air, but my body felt horrible like I wanted to die.

“Go clean yourself up,” Nova snapped before putting his dick away and then turning. “We’ll be going to the castle soon. Look presentable.”

I’d have already seduced him, destroyed him, stabbed him, summoned my whip and cut him in half, except that my body wasn’t moving on its own. I was moving under his command. Obediently, I started scrubbing the floor, cleaning up the vomit and spit. My body didn’t even spare him a hateful look. It was like I had completely given up on life.

Was Nova still planning on going through with the robbery? I was no longer in the castle. It seemed strange that the robbery hadn’t already taken place. Nothing about what was happening made sense to me at that moment.

I watched as my body carefully cleaned the floor and then started to clean itself. It was at this point that I started to realize that there were other things wrong. Everything seemed bleached out through my eyes, so it was hard to tell, but my skin looked a lot darker than it should. My breasts were bigger, and I was shorter.

However, it wasn’t until I looked into a mirror that all of it clicked into place. The face of my body wasn’t my face at all. I was wearing the face of Jenai. No, that wasn’t right at all. I didn’t have Jenai’s face, I was seeing through Jenai’s eyes. Did this mean that I was dead? They said that when you neared death, you might have an out-of-body experience. However, this took a step further. I wasn’t simply out of my body, I was in the body of someone else entirely!

Somehow, though, I didn’t think this was a dream at all. For whatever reason, I was experiencing things through the eyes of Jenai. This was real, and part of me understood that this had to be happening at this very moment. Was this some kind of strange part of the possession ability? Even though it failed to free Jenai, was there a small piece of it that still worked?

I felt bad for Jenai, having received a literal taste of the torture she had likely been enduring for nearly a month now. Nova truly had started to grow deranged. I could see it in his eyes. He was a man standing at the tip of a blade, ready to kill anyone without care.

However, I was helpless to do anything but watch. Therefore, I watched as Jenai carefully cleaned herself, ignoring the cuts, bruises, and pain that made her body feel on fire. Meanwhile, I seethed, thinking about the point and time in which I would cut off Nova’s head. I wouldn’t just cut off his head. I’d let Jenai do it. I swore it. This would be how I’d kill Nova.

She headed outside the room and down the stairs. They appeared to be in some sort of inn, and as soon as she stepped outside into the setting sun, I realized that they were very clearly in the capital city, only a few blocks from the castle gates. Jenai moved into a dark alley, and several dark shapes emerged from the shadows.

I was afraid for a second, but Jenai had no fear as the shapes converged on her. The shapes were Nova and two other strange men. Nova went up to Jenai and started kissing her sloppily on the mouth. I could taste the wine on his breath and the coarse hair of his unshaven skin, which I once had thought was sexy, rubbing on her face. He slapped her hard enough to elicit a yelp. Her butt already had several cuts and bruises on it, and the slap felt like it had made a healing cut bleed a little.

“So, Jenai, it’s time to reunite you with your ‘friend’. Are you happy?” Nova laughed in Jenai’s face.

Jenai turned her head, looking down, but he grabbed her chin and forced her to look back at him. She gave him a nod before he pushed her face away and turned back to his men. He spoke to them in a low voice for a few minutes before handing something out to each man. They slipped them onto their faces, and I realized that they were the masks I had suggested they wore. They had done decent approximations of the masks the nobles wore, and it looked like it’d do the trick.

Nova moved up to Jenai while wearing a hateful grin, holding the last mask. “I expect your friend to do well tonight. She has certainly been leveling, I’ve seen. I can’t imagine how many guys she’s had to fuck to go up ten levels.”

As he said those words, there wasn’t any kind of warmth. They were cold words that held a great deal of anger over my indiscretions.

“Yes, master.”

“Of course, when you see Aria next, you can let her know how hard you’ve worked to keep up with her. I always want friends to share similar interests, so make sure to tell her all about how you fucked every man in camp for days on end. I’m sure she’ll be excited to know her friend sat naked, covered in the spooge of two hundred men, the plaything of the entire camp. You can be… what should we call you, slut sisters?”

“Yes, master…”

For the tenth time, I hated the fact that I couldn’t move, or I would have punched him in the face already. However, it seemed like Nova had been punishing her for my indiscretions more than just physically. Everything that had happened to Jenai, it really had been my fault, and once again, I was powerless to stop it.

Jenai put on the mask, the expression she wore nearly dead from the inside out, and the four people made their way to the castle. They did not go through the front entrance where all the carriages picked and dropped off nobles, but the side entrance I had arrived at the first time I had come there with Min.

I had hoped somewhere in the back of my mind that the masks would go noticed, and the guards would call them out on their attempt to attack the castle. Of course, that would put Jenai at risk, but that didn’t stop my hatred as I watched Nova walk in front of me. He casually approached the front gate, and the two guards waiting for him… were two men I was all too familiar with.

“Where is she?” Nova asked. “Where is my Aria?”

Ricardo and Marvis, now dressed as gate guards, gave each other a look before Ricardo spoke up, “Ran out on us. Didn’t show up at the expected place. Your little slut nearly blew the whole mission. Couldn’t keep her tight little cunni from every dick in the place.”

“And how would you know how tight she is…” Nova’s voice was low and dangerous.

Ricardo tried to match him stare for stare, but it was Marvis that interjected, breaking things up. “That is, there are a lot of rumors going around about her. Since she’s been here, she’s become all but the laughingstock of the castle. She’s likely too scared to even show her face.”

Nova’s dark expression lightened a bit, although he gave Jenai a disturbing look that suggested he’d take it out on her later and I could feel her body shiver. “Very well, I’ll just have to stop by her room and fetch her.”

“Either way,” Ricardo spoke up, “remember, we cut the treasury 50/50. It better be worth it. Their prince invited us to a sex party. I could have been balls deep in noble sluts, but instead, I’m doing lifting work for a fucking bandit.”

Nova growled, “You wouldn’t have been invited to that if I hadn’t set up to make you a hero in the first place.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, let’s just fucking go. Maybe we’ll find that elf bitch in Aria’s room. I can break her open, it might actually make it worth it.”

Nova didn’t answer, merely looking away and heading into the castle. There was a darkness in his eyes though, and I found it highly unlikely that he would be sharing the loot with the pair of adventurers. I would have screamed into Ricardo’s face that he was an idiot, but I couldn’t say a thing. Well, whatever and whenever Nova murdered him, I already saw the guys as dead men.

They moved through the castle, Nova and his two henchmen along with the two adventurers and Jenai trailing at the end. Nova’s lot wore fine enough clothing that with the mask, anyone would assume they were nobles. The two adventurers looked like guards, through and through, so the procession was completely ignored by the occasional servant who noticed them.

“This is too easy.” Nova frowned as they went from one hall to the next. “They really do empty out the castle for this ‘Harvest’ thing.”

“The festival earlier was pretty exciting too,” Marvis spoke up. “A lot of good food, more than even an S-class adventurer could afford. Such waste.”

With the map I had given them, it was remarkably easy for the group to make their way all the way to the treasury room. There were two elite guards posted in front of the room. Nova stopped the group around the corner and then walked out without a pause. The pair of guards noticed Nova, but given that he was wearing a mask, they ignored him as ordered, dropping their guard immediately. Just as he was walking past them, his hand grabbed his blade and he spun.

The sword was drawn and swiped in a single motion. A second later, there were two thumps as he decapitated both men in a single stroke. It would have been my job to seduce the two men. I wasn’t able to achieve that job, but as far as Nova knew, these two men were beguiled and would do whatever I said. Thus, he had no real reason to kill them. He did it simply because he could.

He pulled a key off of each guard. Both keys were needed to open the door, and they had to be turned simultaneously. This was one of the things that I had discovered from the king while being bounced on his lap. Failure to use both keys simultaneously would have triggered an alarm. Most people don’t know this, so without my efforts, Nova would have already failed right here.

Nova held one key while one of his henchmen held the other. They turned the keys in unison, and there was a click. Then, Nova pushed open the doors.

My RPG fantasy brain kind of saw the treasury as some kind of giant pile of gold, like a giant hoard of anything that shined piled up into several mountains. Regrettably, the reality was far less exciting. If anything, the Treasury looked like an oversized walk-in closet. The walls were lined with ornamental swords, shields, and armor just as much as it was lined with jewelry. There was a shelf full of boxes, and a single ordinary-looking treasure box only about knee high.

This was not the wealth I was thinking of when I considered the wealth of an entire nation. If anything, this castle had more wealth on the outside, being shown to everyone, than it did hidden in its treasury. The country wasn’t secretly poor, was it?

Don’t get me wrong, those swords were likely all magical and worth a lot of money. It was still more wealth than any one man could spend in a lifetime. Nova didn’t seem all that disappointed when he looked over the contents. He likely had already ascertained how much gold would be in the treasury before coming.

Marvis ran forward and opened the treasure box. There was the gleam of gold, and even though Jenai stayed back in the hallway and I could only see things from a distance, I could tell the box was filled with gold coins, possibly a good 50,000 of them. This was the first thing that truly reminded me of the RPG elements of this world.

As Nova walked around the room, he wore a smile on his face as if he was taking in the sight of it all. After a few moments, he let out a breath. Ricardo was standing next to me, or rather Jenai, showing considerably more reservation than the rest of the thieves, who besides Nova, were making loud noises and pawing through everything while making exclamations of excitement.

“So, Nova, how are we going to carry this all out of here?” Ricardo asked.

“Ah,” Nova nodded, “you’re not.”

Ricardo frowned as Nova gave a chuckle. Just like before, his hand touched his sword and drew into a strike. That strike was Marvis’s back. He was impaled by Nova’s sword while still on his knees pawing through the treasure box.

“Wh-what the fu-“

“It seems like you won’t be necessary anymore.”

“You bastard!”

The two thieves to either side of Nova fell next. A single swipe of his sword and both men were bent over, trying to hold in the guts spilling out. He had even attacked his own men. He started walking back out towards the hallway, towards Jenai and Ricardo.

Ricardo looked around in a panic, and unremarkably, grabbed the closest person to him. I felt Jenai’s arm being grabbed as she was pulled in front of him with a knife at her throat.

“Take another step, and I’ll cut your pretty slut’s little throat,” Ricardo snapped.

“Ah, do it then?” Nova chuckled, still walking forward at a steady pace.

“Y-you bastard, have you no soul?”

Nova swung his sword a second time. Jenai elbowed a surprised Ricardo in the gut, diving to the side just as Nova’s sword fell. She barely managed to escape the blade, landing on her hip hard as Ricardo let out a scream, a cut slashing his body nearly in half. He collapsed to the ground, dead before he even hit it.

“That may be so…” Nova chuckled, then his eyes went to Jenai. “Pile the bodies up, put them in the treasury room.”

Jenai stood back up, but she was limping now, the pain we shared spiking through her leg. Still, she did the request without complaint, bringing all the bodies into the treasury. While she did this, Nova was walking along, touching everything in the treasury. As soon as he touched it, a ring on his finger glowed with a flash, and then the item he was touching would dissolve. This was the first time I had seen one in this world, but it was clear that Nova had an item ring.

Of course, that’s why he didn’t need any help from the men he killed. Opening the door was the only thing he needed a second person for. As far as carrying, he likely brought the others merely as fodder. The adventurers scouted the place ahead of time, and the two thieves were his backups.

When the pair had finished, they closed the treasury door, and except for the lack of guards, the room showed no indication of the massacre that had just occurred. Nova gave another laugh and swatted Jenai’s butt one more time.

“Let us go find Aria, shall we? She’ll need to pay for her mistakes. Lead the way.”

Having already been to my room once, Jenai was able to go there without a single mistake. It had taken me two weeks to be able to find my room without directions so that perhaps spoke to how capable Jenai was as a spy. I watched in dread as her hand moved up and knocked on the door. There wasn’t an answer, although I didn’t expect there to be.

I had informed Min that she shouldn’t answer the door the rest of the night. Nova pushed Jenai to the side and then kicked. The door burst open. I had hoped that Min had already escaped the room as we had planned, but those hopes died when I saw Min in the middle of the room. Worst yet, he wasn’t wearing his dildo. It looked like he had taken off his artifacts and was currently washing his body. He stood naked in the middle of the room, a cute female body on display.

Min gave a shout in surprise, but Nova descended on him too quickly. He grabbed Min by the throat and slammed him against a wall.

“Tell me, where is Aria.”

“… don’t know,” Min said through a strangled breath.

She probably wasn’t lying. I didn’t even know where I was at the moment.

“You lie!”

He continued to hold his neck until his face went blue. I was shouting, but Jenai only looked on helplessly as he squeezed tightly on Min’s neck. When he passed out, Nova let go, and Min dropped to the floor.

“That fucking bitch!” Nova screamed, turned, and hit Jenai across the face with enough force that I felt something crunch.

Blood ran down our face, and it was clear he had broken Jenai’s nose at least. Jenai stood back up, putting a cloth to her nose to stop the blood, still not reacting, even when Nova was doing this much. Meanwhile, I was trying to use her eyes to look at Min, praying that Min was still alive.

“Master…” Jenai’s mouth let the words out.

Nova, who looked like he was having a breakdown, started laughing again, his eyes crazed. “She’d fucking hide? That fucking bitch thinks she can hide? Jenai! Get a pen and ink. Leave her a note.”

Jenai continued without resistance. She grabbed a nearby parchment, some ink, and a pen, and immediately started transcribing for Nova.

“Dear, Aria… as you’ve seen fit to abandon your responsibilities, you have left me at a bit of an impasse. I know you’re near. You probably went to that Harvest so you could slut yourself out to every man in the city! However, know that I am a merciful fiancée. I will not kill you tonight. I leave with you this pendant. It will teleport you to the bandit camp. It’s one way, one person, so don’t think you can use it in some way to inconvenience me. You may want to hurry and come home as I’ll be making good use of your elf slut until you do. You clearly don’t know your place yet, but you’ll learn.”

Jenai finished writing what he was dictating, and a moment later, he smiled, sitting down next to her. He read the note over her shoulder and smiled.

“Finished… master.”

“Mmm,” he nodded, “good. Oh, and one last thing. I’m going to need you to deliver the message personally.”

Jenai looked up in surprise, but the look on his face was dark. He smiled and then squeezed his hand. A second later, I felt like I was choking, and Jenai put her hands up to her throat. Nova moved up and pushed her down onto the bed. He leaned over and kissed her as Jenai thrashed. The pain was surging through my body. I couldn’t breathe, Jenai couldn’t breathe. The death curse around her neck was twisting and tightening, more and more with every second.

“Mas… Mm…” Jenai couldn’t speak anymore.

“You know,” Nova sat down next to Jenai as she thrashed and struggled to breathe, “I was going to kill you, anyway. I planned to kill you in front of Aria. It would have been a splendid wedding present. But she’s fucked that up for me. I guess it’ll be her elf friend then. Clearly, she cares about her more than you. I can’t wait to see her face as I cut that elf into pieces in front of her.”

Jenai’s eyes were popping out of her head. Breathe, I needed to breathe. The world was growing darker, blurrier. I was dying. We were dying.

“What? Oh, you think she’ll kill me with her ‘powers’? Well, not once I put this ring on her.” He pulled out a ring which he spun in his fingers. “This ring will bind her life to mine. If I die, she dies. If she thinks about hurting me, only she’ll feel pain. If she thinks about seducing me, it will make her love me even more. It cost a pretty gold coin, but she’s worth it. So, make sure to pass on my message. I look forward to having her completely.”

By the time he finished, Jenai was already dead. My vision seemed to float out of her body, ending whatever joining we had. I was now hovering over the scene like some kind of disembodied specter. I watched helplessly as he picked up Min’s unconscious body and tossed it in a bag, then headed out the door, leaving Jenai’s body with a letter and a pendant sitting on it.

The sight began to fade, and I realized my hell was only beginning. I was starting to wake up.

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