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Being awake wasn’t all that different from being asleep. I replaced the sores and cuts with a throbbing headache, but my body was no more able to move now as it could while in the dream. I had no doubt in my mind that the dream was true. Jenai had been murdered, and Min was now in Nova’s hands. I couldn’t do anything about it, and it was all because Sylvia wanted to punish me for some idiotic reason. She had already gotten her vengeance, so I didn’t understand why she felt the need to drag this out, but her behavior had gotten someone I cared about killed, and so one more name filled up my list of people to kill.

I equipped Solo Player immediately so that I could keep a clear mind. Even with that, tears ran down my cheeks, but that seemed to be the only thing that worked on my body. I was frozen in place. Damn it! Jenai, why wasn’t I able to save her? I had been right there, and all I could do was watch. Now, Min was in trouble too. Damn it! Damn it! Fuck! The explicatives continued through my mind as my eyes danced wildly around, trying to make sense of the situation. What had that bitch Sylvia done to me?

The door opened up with a squeak, and several people walked in. I didn’t recognize most of them, but Julian in his trademark cloak was undeniable. So, he was the one who was behind this then? Gregory was always by his side, and low and behold, standing right behind him was Sylvia, staring down at my body. I would have leaped off the table and clawed her eyes out that very second.

Mental Resistance has increased to LVL 17.

With Solo Player and 17 mental resistance, I only experience the mental blow of about 15% of a normal human being. You could say that my compacity to think and deal with mental duress was superhuman. However, as my mind screamed and cursed, anger and pain racking through my body, it didn’t seem very sufficient. Had it been the old me, I’d have been a blubbering mess. I didn’t know if this was better.

“So, you have secured the sacrifice as you’ve promised,” Julian said, putting his hand down on my leg.

I only could move my head, but I was quickly realizing it seemed to be encased in some kind of strange transparent film. I could feel him touching my leg, but I couldn’t move my leg at all.

“Hey! Julian, you won’t get away with this, you bastard!” I shouted.

The sound seemed to vibrate in my ears, but Julian made no indication that he heard me. A second later, he walked up, examining my body until he came up to my face.

“You’ve already put on the Mask of Drephora?” He asked, looking up at a nearby guard, who gave a shrug.

It was Sylvia who stepped up. “Ah, I thought, given what happened last time, it’d be better if no one saw her struggling. The less the nobles know of her identity, the better.”

Julian twisted his mouth. “It seems unlikely that someone else like Princess Cornelia would try to free this person. I still don’t know if I should be proud of her or hateful. She put on quite the show, but she proved too much for me to handle.”

“So, you admit it, brother? Our sister was a wild stallion.” Gregory almost seemed fond.

“Sister no longer, after that stunt you pulled, Sylvia, father is dead set against the wedding.” Julian sighed. “To think, she would have been driven to do that. If only she could have remained conspicuous, she would have been one of the greats.”

“D-don’t forget!” Sylvia was red-faced and looked angry. “We have a deal!”

“Yes, yes, I haven’t.” Julian waved his hand, “You replace the sacrifice with someone who meets our requirements, and I’ll recommend to father you for betrothal to third brother. She does meet the requirements, yes?”

“O-o-of course!” Sylvia straightened.

“Where did you find a tier 1 female commoner with more than eight special skills? That girl Cornelia snatched from me had taken three months to find. She was being primped by a fat, desperate noble to be his bride when she turned sixteen. He had spent half his wealth buying orbs of Raimer to spend on her. He thought he could make a ten-year-old girl fall in love with him. Of course, I compensated him accordingly, but…”

“That’s my secret.” Sylvia held her finger up to her mouth. “Simply count your blessings.”

The reality of the situation was starting to set in. Julian hadn’t been involved in this situation. He was simply trying to perform his own sacrifice and had trusted in the wrong woman. I likely met the requirements of the sacrifice only incidentally. She probably wouldn’t have cared if I did or not.

“Then there is no problem.” Julian clapped his hands. “With my recommendation, third brother is yours, and Cornelia will be ejected from the castle sooner or later, so you have no worries.”

“Good!” Sylvia nodded. “So, what do we do next? They’ll rape her, right?”

“Please, please, don’t use such ugly words.” Julian gestured, and the other men who had come moved all around me. “The sacrifice is merely put through three sexual trials.”

“A-and, she’s aware of it? Like, that helmet thing doesn’t keep her asleep or something, right?”

Julian laughed. “Ah, no, she’s very much awake. The thing you call a helmet is the Mask of Drephora. It was passed down in our country for a thousand years. Since it looks something like an iron brank, many people believed it was used on criminals. However, even though the mask blocks her face, she can see out of it. It prevents her from moving, blocks all sound, and locks any movement skills like teleportation.

“In the first few years, we didn’t use it, but the women would put up such a fuss that we realized it was necessary to completely immobilize them. If they were screaming and crying, even some of the hardened nobles may find it difficult to complete the ceremony.”

“Is that so…” Sylvia was starting to look green in the face, but after a moment, her look hardened and she gave me a glare.

Meanwhile, Julian had moved up to the mask, looking down at my face, although there was no sense of recognition there. After a few seconds, he knocked on the transparent surface, creating three metallic knocks to ring in my ears. It was clear that on the outside, this thing looked like a helmet or something that engulfed my entire head.

“Hello, my sweet. I’m sorry you were brought here on such short notice, but feel blessed, for you will be the center of our party. Nobles everywhere have all come to see you. For tonight, my dear, you are the most special person. I hope the gods see it as we have seen it.”

Julian pulled away and snapped. The men started pushing the table I was on. It seemed to be a table that was a mix between a doctor’s examination table and a massage bench. On top of not being able to move, I was also elevated about 30 degrees, my legs were in two stirrups, tied to two leg holders which could be used to spread me open at any moment. I was completely naked, of course, with nothing covering me from a slight chill. In another situation, it might be a bed I’d like to try to fuck on, but right now, I only felt confused and scared.

“What is it, Gregory?” Julian asked, pulling out and putting on the mask I had seen him wear at the last meeting.

“Ah… it’s just, does that body seem familiar to you?” Gregory had a worried look on his face as they rolled me out.

“Yes! Recognize me! I’m not your sacrifice! Sylvia is a lying skank!” I shouted, but no one heard.

“Has my second brother been fucking more girls at the brothel?” Julian pursed his lips.

“Brother, surely you jest.” Gregory frowned.

“Ah, well, no worries, so many bodies start to look alike after a while. There are only so many shapes and sizes in this world.” Julian dismissed his claim.

Gregory dropped the issue, even while I was screaming at him not to, and then he put his mask on, following the crowd. While I was busy screaming at him, I felt two hands touch my naked shoulders, and I gave a start as I saw the familiar masked face moved right up near my ear. Sylvia whispered in a voice low enough that no one but me could hear.

“You did this to yourself!” She hissed before pulling away.

We had moved out into a giant and familiar room. If it wasn’t the mansion I had been in before, it was exactly like it, with a center fountain and the statue of Qetesh. It was the statue of the Qetesh that I was stopped at. The orgy tonight was even busier than the night I came. Where there might have been 250 people then, it looked to be at least twice that from this room alone.

The orgy also seemed to be underway at this point, with many people naked. I recognized a few of the masks in the crowd, but there were many new people who likely came just for the Harvest. Sex was occurring all around me, and all I could do was watch. I was here because of Sylvia’s selfish and misguided hatred, true, but I was also on this rack because of the nobles of this city. In many ways, they were doing this to me too.

With that, a hatred started to bore into me. I hated these people. I hated Julian. I hated Richard. I hated the King. I hated everyone at the party. I stared darkly at them, considering what I could do. The problem was that there was virtually nothing I could do until I was actively participating in sex. Of course, I could use the voyeur skill, but position shift didn’t work, and I wasn’t sure what the mask blocked and what it didn’t block. Position shift might be considered a movement skill, so the fact that it wouldn’t work might be expected.

Before my mind could generate a way to escape, it was Julian speaking up once again. “Ladies and gentlemen, our sacrifice!”

There was some shouting and some clapping. A second later, my legs were forced open as the table was pulled apart. I had been in many horrific situations since I had come to this world. I had managed to deal with all of them. It had come close to losing my cool, but I always managed to make it. However, with Jenai’s death and Min’s kidnapping, I had finally broken all composure.

The me that had survived this world, the me who had declared themselves unrapable, a woman who accepted sex in all its outlet… that woman started to break. The concealing, the deception, the role play, the masks… they all disintegrated… and in the end, all that was left was me.

“Stop it! Stop it! Oh, god, stop it! I’m not your sacrifice. You have the wrong girl!”

I shouted and screamed, but my body didn’t move and no one heard. For the first time in this world, I was completely alone, lost, and scared. However, I couldn’t stop what happened next. I couldn’t stop anything. For all my hatred, for all my desire for vengeance, I was simply a scared girl.

“With my cock, let us start this sacrifice. Our first trial, I implore you all to fill her with your seed, sacrifice your vitae to give her the energy to survive her future trials. Soften her, loosen her, lubricate her, and make her ready to accept Qetesh inside her!”

There was cheering and Julian thrust his cock into me. It was the first time I had ever fucked Julian, and it occurred this very night. Although he didn’t know it was me, he spared no reserve as he thrust into me for a solid five minutes. I felt the pleasure of his dick, but rather than excite me, it only disgusted me. It made me hate myself for being forced into this situation, it made me hate the nobles even more. I wanted them all to die. These nobles deserved to die.

A line was formed as Julian gave three last thrusts that lacked any passion, and I felt the warmth spurt into me. He pulled his dick out and stepped away, and another man stepped up. It was the King who managed to find a place as the second. He thrust into me as well. His was the second cock I had been waiting to enjoy, but now only felt hatred as I finally felt it in and out.

My body couldn’t help but be aroused by the situation, even as my mind panicked and reviled from it. However, as man after man put it in me, thrusting into my wet, cum-filled vagina until they too deposited their load, I had become the very definition of a cum dumpster.

“Ah, brother, you have come to join us after all. I’m glad to see you have come to donate your vitae to our sacrifice as well.” Julian laughed.

This was perhaps when my heart broke the most. At that point, I had already experienced forty-some men, when the next man who moved up was none other than Devon. He had a dark expression on his face as he looked down at me, but his eyes wore no sense of recognition.

He had been my last fleeting hope. I had sent a letter to Devon, warning him of the castle’s imminent attack. I had told him the plan in its entirety. Nova would go through the side door, raid the treasury, and then escape through Reinhart’s tower. However, he hadn’t been there in my vision. My last hope was that he was still there and that he’d catch Nova and free Min. However, Devon had decided he’d rather wet his dick on pussy than heed my words.

I supposed after seeing me taking it from two adventurers, he might have doubted my words a little, but to see him here destroyed any remaining hope I had. Min would die, and I would be the fuck toy of nobles for the remainder of the night. When Devon slid his dick into me, I couldn’t even feel it. He thrust away awkwardly for a few moments, but the shock was starting to make me feel numb down there like I once had been with the pigmen, so his dick was like air, and when he came, I felt no warmth at all.

He pulled away, and without saying a word, walked to the side. A woman handed him a coin a minute later, and he nodded, pulling her to a pillow where he began to plow her in missionary. I could do nothing but watch as he fucked her methodically, while I lied tied to my table, also being fucked methodically. As he came, and the next man stuck his dick into my pussy, which was already so filled with cum that it only served to gush out of me, I saw the familiar ring of leveling up.

Congratulations!!! You have leveled to Seductress Lvl 26.

All stats increased by one.

You have two skill points.

Available Special Skills:

Identity Crisis (Passive): Your identity cannot be determined during sex.

Calm (Passive): Gradually reduces excited nature during intercourse.

Sex Paralysis (Active): Activating during sex will prevent other party from moving for duration of sex.

I had Town Bicycle equipped along with Solo Player, so my counter was likely growing pretty rapidly. I looked through the skills, only to find that none of them would truly help me in this particular situation. Calm seemed almost counterintuitive to sex. Meanwhile, hiding my identity during sex didn’t seem to solve my problem. If anything, I wanted these people to know my identity. Sex paralysis sounded interesting although useless for the moment. I picked it just to make the words in my vision go away.

The next person that came was actually a woman. She was wearing a dildo, not unlike Min’s first version. She immediately slid it into me, thrusting away with a pleased look on her face. Even her juices were contributing to “loosening me up.”

“I’m glad,” Julian said nearby, “this trial had always been a boy’s game, but this year, every noble will get to be involved. I hope our good sacrifice can take it.”

I could take it, but I didn’t want to. This woman should die. They all should die. Those dark thoughts started going through me again. However, once again, my hatred was interrupted as the show had to go on. I was suddenly flipped over, and my view of the hall was obstructed. I was bent over with my butt in the air, my useless body moved at the discretion of the people behind me.

Of course, this act was taken so that the other end could be lubed up. My asshole was penetrated immediately, and so I equipped Rough Rider as opposed to Solo Player. The mental resistance dropped, but I still had 17 on my own, so it wasn’t so bad that the panic became unbearable.

My ass became their new cum dumpster, and while my pussy dripped out gobs of semen onto the tile floor, my ass was filled with load after load, filling up my colon with the seed and female spunk of uncountable people. I had lost track of the numbers as well as the time, but it had to have been at least two hours of continuous use on my pussy and ass.

Anal Sex has reached MAX!

Congratulations!!! You have leveled to Seductress Lvl 27.

All stats increased by one.

You have two skill points.

I stopped looking at the special skills. What did the special skills ever do for me, anyway? They didn’t save Jenai. They didn’t stop Min from being taken. Nearly 30 skills and nothing could free me. I ignored them and selected yes. What was the point? That was where my mind was at.

The act of leveling had relieved a lot of the fatigue my asshole had faced; however, the next person was quite rough, stabbing it in with some anger. I felt skin press up against my body, and then there was a recognizable voice speaking near my ear.

“How does that feel, you slut? This is what you get!” It was, of course, Sylvia, still trying to rub it in.

I didn’t have a response for her either. Die… just die… all of you. With nothing else to do, I continued to sob while Sylvia plowed my ass. She finished up violating me and left. There were another half-dozen men or women in my ass after, and the only thought in my head was a fervent wish they would all die.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the first trial is a success!” Julian shouted behind me, slapping my ass, “Let us start the next trial!”

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