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The table was pulled out from under me, leaving a heavy wire frame behind. My legs and arms were tied up until my body was trapped bent over the frame, and my head was pushed down so that my naked groin was tilted up. It was a position that spread open both my ass and pussy, giving anyone access to either one from the back of me.

“In our second trial!” Julian made a flourish. “We widen her open. We have given her our vitality, now we must stretch her so that she might become a conduit of Qetesh! With this rod, I will start the beginning of her journey!”

Julian was holding a thin glass rod. It was only about half an inch wide and ten inches long. He shoved the rod into my pussy, which slid in easy after the amount of cum already in there. The line formed again as Julian pulled away, leaving the glass rod in. Another man picked up a rod, and then he slid it in me as well. Then another, and then another.

The rods were small, but as one after another way stuck into me, it quickly became too much. When it reach ten, I was starting to feel pain, but the nobles didn’t stop. A small mallet was taken out, and when the next man couldn’t stick more than fifteen in me, he started hammering it in. Each thump caused my pussy to tear a little more. I was actually being ripped open, and the nobles only smiled, laughed, and fucked as they did it.

I screamed and shouted and cried, but it was to no avail. Like before, once they had about 20 in my pussy, they started to stick them in my ass too. I was being forced open from both holes. They laughed, they fucked, they pointed at my pussy as cum, liquid, and blood dripped onto the floor.

Fifteen rods went into my ass, 20 rods were in my pussy. My skin burned, and even Rough Rider couldn’t resist the pain. Even Town Bicycle couldn’t bite back the ripping. I was filled more than I ever had been filled, and it wasn’t pleasure I was feeling. I would have been kicking, I would have been screaming, but I was frozen in this hell, and the nobles didn’t stop there.

When no more rods could fit, they started putting clips on my skin. The clips were small things with rings attached to them. It started with my nipples, hard teeth cutting into the flesh. Then more and more, each one clipped onto my skin, pinching it up, and stretching it out. They radiated out until my breasts were nothing but pinches, and then they pinched up any loose skin with their fingers, adding more clips. The only part of my body spared was my face and head behind the mask. Then, they started adding weights. My nipples, which had the most grab, had the heaviest weights. Two five-pound weights had been applied to the rings, which pulled down on my tits painfully, stretching them out with gravity. More weights were applied.

Sometimes, the ring would just tear off when a weight was put on, ripping away skin as it did. I would scream, but the room heard nothing. Someone would come along, clip it back into place, and then add another weight. My skin felt like it was being ripped from the muscle. Pain racked every surface, and if I ever made it out of this, I would be one big bruise.

“Fuck you! Fuck you all! I fucking hate you!” I shouted into a completely empty space, heard by no one.

And then her hateful face appeared once again. How long was she going to gloat, how long was she going to torture me? When was it enough why wasn’t it enough? I was crying as Sylvia looked down at my body, ripped open and bleeding by the actions of her friends. The people I hated more than anything.

She picked up a rod. Most everyone else had decided I had enough, but she decided she had to do one more. She pushed it in and started tapping with the mallet. Her eyes held excitement. Perhaps she was sexually aroused at the sight of me being raped. I didn’t know, but she hammered it in, 21 rods filled me up, creating even more tears.

“Ah, it broke.” Sylvia laughed.

A piece of glass ended up cutting into the side of my cunt, creating even more discomfort, and more pain from her. She walked on by once she was done and slapped one of the weights attached to my tit. This caused it to spin, twisting my nipple as five pounds of weight tried to turn against my skin. If she could hear me, she’d hear me cursing her name. I wanted her to die, I wanted her to pay, but I wanted to be the one who did it. I wanted to take everything from her. I would, I would take everything.

The blood dripped from my ass and pussy, the cum dripped, my body stretched. It was so sore, I just wanted the pain to stop. I just wanted to feel better. When the level up occurred again, my eyes slapped to any skill that could fix me, any skill that could stop what only felt like torture at this point.

Congratulations!!! You have leveled to Seductress Lvl 28.

All stats increase by one.

You have three skill points.

Special Skills Available:

Masochist (Passive): 50% of all pain is converted to pleasure.

Restoration (Passive): Wounds heal twice as fast.

Stalker (Active): Watch a previous sexual partner. Can only use for 30 minutes once a day.

Yes, take them all, any of them, all of them. The pain instantly was cut in half and subsequently was replaced by a surge of sexual pleasure. The suddenness of it was so shocking that my pussy started to convulse on the glass rods. It hurt, but I was also cumming in sexual pleasure now as well. Unintentionally, the throbbing soreness was replaced with throbbing pleasure, and my screams of pain turned into screams of orgasmic delight.

My body came, again and again, the increasing pain only further increasing the pleasure. After an hour, I was made to stretch further, more glass rods being hammered into my loosening pussy and asshole. Every bang of the hammer made me cum, I was leaking as much lust as I was blood. I had done this to myself, forced myself to be stuck in this state of lust and pain.

It hurt so much, and it felt so good. My brain started to turn fuzzy, my mind started to lose itself, and my already broken mind broke completely. I stared off into the distance, and there I saw someone unexpected among the writhing naked bodies of nobles.

She was wearing a long robe, and she was simply watching me, the only person in clothing among a room of nakedness. It was Jenai. Of course, Jenai was dead, and deep down I understood that she was merely an illusion created by my broken mind. However, I looked over at her, and her eyes met mine.

This was it. I had fought it at first. The leveling had rejuvenated me and I had my hopes, but the realization came crashing home. I wasn’t going to survive this night. I was the sacrifice. The sacrifice doesn’t live; that’s why they are the sacrifice. I was dying, being murdered in the same way I was brought into this world, and I simply just didn’t understand it yet.

That made Jenai a spirit, coming to take me to the other side. She walked through the crowd, unseen by anyone but me. She moved up to me, and I wanted more than anything to reach out and touch her one last time. However, I couldn’t move, and she was just my broken mind. Tears fell down my face, and my body started to numb as the cold set in.

She reached down, and her hands went through the mask, cupping my cheeks. She leaned forward and pressed her forehead against mine, but all I could feel was the cold. It was at this point that I thought of Min. I couldn’t die until I knew Min was safe. Then, there was a flash, and all of my senses seemed to shift.

When they re-orientated themselves, I seemed to be floating. Is this what death was like? It felt a lot like the dream I had with Jenai, except that my body felt nothing. However, I realized that my vision was focused on something. That something was none other than Nova. He had a bag over his shoulder that likely contained Min, and he was trudging through the forest unimpeded. Of course, he’d escape.

With that, I realized that in my broken state, I must have activated the new ability, Stalker. I was watching Nova, and at least for the next 30 minutes, I could be spared the intense pleasure and pain induced by their stretching ceremony. I shivered to think what was happening to my body, but I had already accepted that death was coming.

However, if I died now, Min would also die. I had to do something. Was the stalker ability really so useless? I couldn’t do anything? I reached out with the ability. I had to do something, I had to free Min. I willed myself, pushed myself, fought to rip the bag out of Nova’s hand. I had to reach Min. I had to save Min.

I didn’t know if it was mere chance, something Min had done, or the results of my mind begging, but a sudden tear formed in the bag. A small form fell out in a lump. As the bag Nova was holding suddenly became lighter, he gave a curse as he turned around.

“Good, now Min, run, run away,” I shouted.

Min seemed to be awake now, his eyes wide and alert. He immediately fell into a roll, turning around and putting his feet on the ground a good ten feet from Nova.

“Ah, elf bitch, just come quietly now, you wouldn’t want to be hurt, would you?”

“No, idiot.”

His eyes flashed, and he swung his sword at Min. I let out a cry as the air was cut right where Min was standing, a sword-shaped slash flying out just like a video game swipe. However, the swipe slammed into a tree, cutting out about a third of the trunk in a single gash. When my mind was able to catch up with what happened, Min was not standing there. In fact, Min was nowhere. He had completely vanished.

“Where the hell are you?”

“Take elf forest. Is Bandit King stupid? Bandit Idiot,” a mocking voice seemed to come from a nearby tree.

Nova slashed at the tree, but there was a sudden crack somewhere behind him and he spun with his sword at the ready. “You think your silly elf tricks will help you hide from me forever? You’re what? A tier 2 bitch? It’s only a matter of time.”

“Aria… taken.”

“What did you say?” Nova snarled, desperately looking for the source of the voice.

“Aria, protected!” An arrow sudden came flying at Nova from nowhere.

He cursed and swung his sword, deflecting it with ease. Two more arrows followed, and he knocked them aside before creating another slash that flew off in that direction, striking two trees.

“As a tier 2… at most, you have 4 special skills. I’ve figured you’ve already used three of them just to keep me from killing you now. You’re running out of tricks, just give up.”

“Bandit idiot should give up!” The voice came from behind and he spun, but halfway spinning, he stopped and spun back.

Min had appeared in front of him, holding a glowing bow. He raised it up and fired just as Nova swung his sword down. The arrow was glowing as well, and the blade struck the area with a massive impact that created a miniature explosion between the two. Nova lept back a step, but as soon as the light cleared, Min had vanished again.

Nova put a grin on his face. “You know, I’m going to take Aria. I’m going to fuck her. She’ll be my bride, the Bandit Queen.”

“Already married!” Min appeared again to his side, shooting another glowing arrow which he slapped away.

It struck a tree and created another explosion. The tree fell over from the damage. Min lept as Nova created another wave. It was clear that Min was breathing hard and covered with sweat as he disappeared behind a tree.

“You can’t keep this up,” Nova continued to taunt. “I can go forever, but you, you’re already done. Waste your last skill on me and let’s end this.”

“Min… planned to die.”

“Then die already! I’d be happy to help.” Nova laughed.

“Min would have… but then, Min found her.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” He looked into the forest with an annoyed expression.

“Min wanted to die, but then, Min met Aria. Aria saved Min, in many ways. Gave Min purpose.”

“I got you!” Nova made a slash into a bush, but came up empty-handed and made a vexed sound.

“Min will always be with Aria, never leave.”

“Good, you can be by her side when I kill you both, elf girl!” Nova shouted.

“Min is man!” Min shouted, leaping from high up and shooting six arrows before he struck the ground.

Nova surged forward with his sword, ready to take Min’s head, and the two met once again. Min shot an arrow, and this time, Nova’s sword glowed a dark blue.

“Watch out, Min, he’s using a special ability!” I shouted, even though I knew he won’t hear.

The blue rushed through the air and the arrow dissolved, then it spread towards Min. I screamed as the blue hit him, and his body dissolved too. No, it’s more like his body disappeared with a puff of smoke.

“An illusion?” Nova cursed and suddenly the arrow struck through the back of his hamstring, striking the ground and pinning his leg there.

“You bitch! Who the fuck are you!”

Min exploded out from a tree right in front of Nova, in the same way his illusion had a few moments prior. He drew back his arrow at full strength, and suddenly, a blackness started to form at the tip of his arrow.


“You have more special skills?” Nova screamed, pulling his sword up and abandoning the leg still trapped with the arrow.

“Min is…” the power continued to grow, blackness localized at the tip, seemingly suspending him in midair as a black hole formed in front of him.

“Fuck you!” He screamed as his sword started to glow with a special skill of his own.

“Min is best wife! Oblivion!” The arrow released just as Nova brought his sword up.

However, the arrow was different this time. It seemed to eat the surrounding light, and it flew targeted directly at Nova’s heart. The magic he released was instantly swallowed, and his eyes went wide as the arrow continued moving forward, eating the world around it as it reached him.

It struck his sword, and that was the moment that he realized that even his sword wouldn’t block it. His body suddenly glowed, and just as the arrow had finished eating a hole through the sword, his body vanished. Unblocked, the arrow struck the ground and a giant sphere of black exploded out of it. It consumed the ground everywhere it touched, and after spreading about fifteen meters, it collapsed in on itself with a snap, leaving a giant crater of nothing wherever the black touched.

Min landed on the ground, falling to his knees. He was breathing hard, and his entire body was shaking. He took a step up, but he seemed woozy and had trouble moving.

“M-must… protect… vessë…” He started taking several steps forward, moving like he was drunk.

Blood started to drip from his nose and eyes, and after stumbling forward ten feet, he collapsed on the ground, unconscious. However, I knew that the toll on his body wasn’t permanent and that he would live.

That was when the vision started to fade. Perhaps my special skill had run out of time. Perhaps, I had finished the vision that Jenai had wanted me to see. Either way, I was given closure, knowing Min had managed to escape. That left me with only the pain and pleasure that followed as my consciousness returned to my mangled body.

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