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When I awoke, the pain and pleasure were not as sharp as before, the rods had been pulled out of my pussy; the weight was gone, and I was now having the clips removed before I was placed back on the table. Julian appeared and grabbed my wrist. After a few seconds, he laughed.

“She lives!” There was shouting and clapping from various nobles.

My head was slightly turned to the side, and as a result, I could see down. My body was covered from shoulders to feet in blood. Puddles of blood had pooled at various points on the floor. I had lost a very large amount, and at the very least, dehydration was starting to set in. The sick, sadistic game had pushed me past the breaking point.

However, I had received the thing I had needed. I had seen Min live. Jenai was dead, and I would be dead soon. Nova got away, but that wound would probably screw him up for years. Min had done well, but I was also done. At this point, I was only waiting for death. In fact, I was already dying. I was gushing blood from hundreds of rips and tears. Even a 2X healing factor wouldn’t be able to save me before I bled to death.

Besides, Min could take care of himself. I was sure of that. Simply put, there was no reason I needed to stay alive. There was no reason I needed to be here. It had to be some kind of accident that brought me to this world in the first place. I died, I must have, that is, in my original world. When I had hit my head on the stairway, that must have been it. The rest of this? Whether it was a fever dream from a brain-dead person, or a second chance handed to me by some god, it didn’t matter. I hit the end.

“Our third trial, our final trial, is what this has all been leading up to!” Julian said with another flourish. “Twenty cocks! That is all. Our sacrifice must survive the pleasure of but twenty cocks.”

I looked up at him through delirious eyes, a frown on my lips. Surely, girls didn’t die by being fucked by twenty cocks. I’d already had close to five hundred in me tonight alone. Many of the people wore smiles on their faces, clearly knowing something that I did not know.

“Each cock comes from a greater being.” Julian continued. “Each cock brings our sacrifice closer to Qetesh. And one way or another, by the end, she will meet the gods!”

There was more clapping and cheering, and then a long table was brought out. It was covered with a giant sheet, but there were objects under the sheet that were hard to make out. Julian moved up to the end of the table. In a swift motion, he folded up one side of it, revealing the first item. I couldn’t see what it was until he held it up, showing everyone in the crowd.

“The cock of a goblin!” He shouted.

“Boo!” There were some booing and hissing, followed by laughter.

In his hand was as he described, it was the doorknob cock of a goblin, dismembered, stuffed, and magically preserved. He walked up to my body and shoved the cock in. He pushed it in and out for about a minute. Some people booed, others clapped. For me, the cuts and damage my pussy had received made it burn going in, but it was small, and after being stretched to my limit, I barely felt anything.

When he was done, he thrust the dick up in the air, covered in blood from my pussy, and waved it. “The goblin has left his seed!”

The cheering was light, but a moment later, he discarded the cock and moved to the next one. The next one he pulled out was only slightly larger. It looked pocked and somewhat gross-looking.

“The cock… of a ghoul!”

“Larger!” Someone called out.

“We’ll get there!” Julian remarked, creating a ruffle of laughter.

Like the goblin, he pushed it in and out of me for a minute, barely felt by my damaged lower body, before he waved it in the air. The one he grabbed next I recognized, it was the lizardman’s scaly cock. As he slammed it into me, it aggravated my cuts a bit more than the previous two.

Each cock got slightly larger. The cock of a boar demon, the cock of a bear. The sixth one was the cock of an orc which was the first one I could feel. Although, as the cock stimulated my stretch receptors, it only led to more pain and discomfort across my damaged cunt, but even that pain was converted into pleasure thanks to my poorly chosen Masichist skill.

“The cock of a hobgoblin!” The cheers were starting to grow more and more with each larger cock.

The hobgoblin was not particularly bigger than the orc, but the dick had a noticeably hook on the end. It slid in fine, but every time he pulled out, it hooked onto the flesh and cut into me. I made loud screaming sounds as the pain and pleasure were intensified. Despite myself, I came to the feeling of the hobgoblin, and a gush of bloody liquid shot as he pulled it out.

“She really likes it!” Julian laughed, and several people clapped while I came and bled, bringing myself closer to death.

“The cock of a golem!”

Cold and hard, and slightly bigger than the orc or hobgoblin.

“The cock of a treant!”

He stuffed the wooden cock into me, wood shaving and splinters were an inevitability. It wasn’t as large as I feared, but it was only slightly smaller than…

“The cock of a minotaur!” The cheers and clapping grew into explosions now that the penises were larger than anything normal humans had.

This minotaur’s cock was slightly larger than my lover in the dungeon, and if they hadn’t spent two hours spreading me open, I’d say it was the largest thing I’d ever had jammed into me. Along with the splinters of my last lover, the pain and discomfort were hard to bear. I screamed and cried, wishing my body could kick or resist, but all I could do was lie there and take it.

Then, the reality set in. We were only at ten, and I had already had the largest thing I had ever fucked. Going by this, things only got bigger from here. How would I even be able to survive something twice as large as a minotaur’s cock?

He reached under the sheet with a smile, and I looked on with dread. “The cock of a Manticore!”

The cock was similarly sized to the minotaur, but whereas the minotaur’s was sized for penetration, this one was thick all around. It went in painfully, although, at another time, it might have been fun. The next cock was that of a gargoyle. I’d have assumed a golem would be bigger, but I was wrong. Gargoyles, at least in this world, had long, uneven cocks that dug deep in. Julian made sure that the entire length went into me before he was willing to give up.

“The cock of a yeti!”

Great, now I had to fuck sasquatch. His dick was still bigger, but after my widening ceremony, not to mention the extreme amount of lube from blood and semen had made the item slide in without much effort. The pain and pleasure didn’t seem to stop. I felt like I was losing and regaining consciousness with each thrust.

“Next… a dire wolf.”

I couldn’t even think enough to complain about the lines of bestiality this crossed as I was violated with cock after cock.

“What do we have next? A griffin!”

The griffin’s cock was jagged and hard. My vagina might as well had been stabbed with a knife. I noticed that the dick, after penetration, was covered with fresher, bright red blood. Why was I still conscious? Why did I have to witness this? Why did I have to feel it?

“A Wyvern!”

The cock of a giant, dragon-like beast was carried over. It was to the point that a second hand was now helping Julian get it in. They had to work at it as I screamed in misery for two minutes before it tore into me.

Afterward, he touched my wrists. “Still alive!”

That was regrettably the truth.

“The cock of a giant!”

I didn’t know if he was moving faster, or if my fading consciousness lost count of the seconds in between sessions, but the next cock tore me open. Easily twice the size of a minotaur, it was at least a foot wide. It felt like being forced to give labor in reverse as something massive was shoved up into me and then out again over a minute.

“We’ve done it!” Julian’s voice snapped me out of a daze, as I was starting to pass out. “She has lived until the last three. She has tasted the fruit of this earth, now she must taste the fruit of the heavens!”

The table was moved away, and another table was moved out. Where 17 cocks sat on the last table, this table of similar length contained the length of the remaining three.

“This cock… was slain five hundred years ago. A beast of fire… it was said a great hero who slain the beast, only for it to rise again and claim his party. He had to murder the beast ten times before it finally succumbed… and of course, claim its cock. This is, the Phoenix!”

A giant monstrosity of a dick was lifted. It was the size of an average person’s head in width, and it was about two feet long. It had long, red streaks across it. And it appeared that Julian, and the others were wearing gloves.

I didn’t understand why until they shoved the dick into me. It burned! It felt as hot as fire, and my insides started smoking as the thing was jammed into me over and over again. My mouth screamed wordlessly, even within my mask, the pain and pleasure, which were inseparable now, blinding everything. At that point, I lost complete consciousness.

Shadows… shapes… pain… horror… there was only the pain and pleasure. Noises seemed to bounce in my skull, not really make any sense.

“She’s survived!” The roaring cheer caused my eyes to pop open again.

I could see text in front of me. Maybe it was the leveling screen, but everything was blurry. I couldn’t see properly, let alone select something.

“Our next cock…  from the Titans…” my consciousness slipped away once again.

I dreamed of being ripped apart, of being torn, my legs being ripped open as something massive was plowed into me. Each thrust caused my hips to break and pop. I was dying… at this point, I knew I was dying. Perhaps that level up had healed me for a minute, but they didn’t stop, the pain didn’t stop.

The massive roar of screaming brought me to lucidness once again. The text was still in front of me, but my eyes just couldn’t focus on it. “To think, this woman would survive the Phoenix and the Titan! Never before have we seen a sacrifice get this close.”

Where was I? What was happening? I didn’t understand. Where’s mom? Why wasn’t she here?

“We have never had to use our final cock before, but Qetesh demands it.”

I tried to look up, and I saw someone who kind of looked familiar. What was her name again? That’s right. Her name was Sylvia. Why did she look scared? She looked guilty and scared. That was an odd expression, wasn’t it?

“Twenty years ago,” a man in a red and black cloak was saying. “The great hero from another world slew a beast in battle. Our King was there, he fought alongside the hero. The Demon King’s greatest minion, he summoned a dragon of unstoppable power. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, our King took the dragon’s jewels and our sacrifice… will enjoy the cock of Bahamut, the Dragon god, himself!”

A massive thing was lifted. It took four men to do it. They were moving towards me. I wondered why they were doing that. What is that thing? It was bigger than a person, certainly. It was coming closer and closer. Was that a drum playing? The room was suddenly quiet, the cheering had died down, it merely came closer and closer.

“With this thrust, let us create a god!”

The pain only lasted a moment, and then everything went black.

Title Unlocked: Dragon Layer

Title Unlocked: God Killer

Congratulations, you have leveled to Seductress Lvl 30!

“Ah… she died…”

My eyes, they were no longer a part of my body anymore. I could see myself, lying there below. Without the pain, my mind grew lucid again, and I understood that I had died. I turned away from the scene. That wretched thing that was my body was gone now. There was no way to heal the damage that had been done. At best, I’d lose my legs. Likely, If I had somehow survived, I would have been wretchedly deformed. Far removed from the so-called champion of Qetesh Julian had pretended to make me.

The crowd was silent as Julian felt my pulse and shook his head. It seemed expected though. Tears fell down Sylvia’s eyes, and I couldn’t even understand what she was upset about. She had to have known things would get to this point. However, she was very stupid, so it was possible she thought a little rape and torture would be it. Still, she had watched me until I died.

Some people in the crowd looked sick. They were likely the first-timers and the weak. It didn’t matter, what happened, had already happened, and I couldn’t change it. I was dragged out the back by Julian, Gregory, and a couple of goons. My eyes followed my body, watching the procession that was my death. There was a somber mood in the air, but no sooner did my body leave the room than the orgy started again.

“She was so close… I had hoped…” Gregory said this.

Julian laughed, patting him on the back. “Ah well, there is always next year.”

“So, what do we do with her?” one of the men asked.

“Remove the mask, dump her in an ally, let the crows have a meal.” Julian nodded before turning around.

Gregory followed after Julian as they turned back to return to the party. It was at this point one of the guards had removed my mask. My face, despite the rest of my body, was still relatively untouched.

“Uh, wait, boss?”

Julian had already made it to the door before stopping and turning back, “Yes, what is it?”

“This one is still alive.”

“What! Impossible!” Julian immediately started rushing back with Gregory in tow.

As soon as he reached my body, he made a loud hiss. Gregory, stumbled for a second, looking like he was going to be sick before turning his head.

“Sister Cornelia… gods.”

Julian’s lips tightened as he stared down. “That bitch, Sylvia!”

“Sylvia, but why?”

Julian laughed. “Why do you think? To win her precious Richard. This is why I never fucking trust women.”

“Bu-bubut what are we going to do?” Gregory asked worriedly.

“Sylvia will pay. That much is obvious.” Julian sighed.

“I meant, Cornelia…”

“Well, there’s not much she can do, she’s dead after all.”

“That’s what I’m saying, boss, she’s breathing…” the guard broke in.

“Like I said that is im-“

The word caught in his mouth as my face suddenly twitched, and a moaning sound came from my lips. The shock on Julian’s face was only matched by my own. This didn’t make any sense. I was a ghost, watching my body. I was already dead. I didn’t feel any pain. So, why was I here, and who was moving my body if I wasn’t in it? If I wasn’t a ghost… then…

As the realization started to hit me, the pain started to return. My spirit felt like it was getting sucked back in. I was returned to the broken body I had once had. In the darkness, surrounded by pain, I could still hear their voices.

“We can’t let anyone know about this.”

“But she survived, Qetesh…” Gregory was protesting.

“There is no such thing as the avatar of Qetesh,” Julian snapped. “We brutalized the Princess of a foreign nation. If this gets out, the best we could hope for is war. We have no choice.”

“Wh-what are you doing!” One of the other two guys shouted.

There was a sound of someone’s shout being cut off, followed by a death rattle.

“You and I, Gregory, are the only ones that can know. I’ll return to the party. You, burn their bodies. Send her to the very hell she should have already visited.”

“B-but Qetesh…”

“Brother, listen to me… these things are mere superstitions, fairy tales made to excite the bored minds of nobles. We must handle what’s real. No one must know we killed the princess. Can you do this for me? Can you do this for your brother?”

“Y-yes… yes, brother, of course.”

“Good, burn the bodies, and we’ll handle the rest later.”

I could hear Julian’s footsteps walking away. My mind had grown blurry again after re-entering my body. One of my eyes managed to open, but the light was very difficult to take in, even though it was just a single torch in the night. I started to raise my hand, trying to reach out to Gregory. He wasn’t like his brother, so if I could just plead to him, he might be able to save me.

He slapped my hand away, and a moment later, I felt liquid being poured on me. It smelled viscous, and I realized that it was lamp fuel. No… if I just seduced him, I could take control. I needed to use my abilities to stop him. This was what I had to do. I had to survive.

“G… grrr… gg….” The words barely left my mouth.

The sound of breaking glass and the whoosh of flames found their way to my ears. Then, there was the endless burning. I would have screamed if there was any power left in my body to do so, but the flames kept coming, curling across my flesh, burning away everything of my body. I passed out long before the flames had finished burning me to ash.

If my mind had been lucid, I might have seen the text pop up in my vision amongst the darkness.

Due to the failure to select a skill, your point has been automatically allocated into the most suitable selection: Limit Break.

Due to the failure to select a skill, your point has been automatically allocated into the most suitable selection: Phoenix Rises.

Title Unlocked: The Reborn

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