Yurtdışı Yatırım

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The castle was not difficult to enter. At least, heading through Reinhart’s hidden passage proved to be no problem. That was until I ran into a familiar spot. That spot was the dungeon area that held the nine monsters that had been my beguiled companions. The cages were open, and the monsters weren’t there. That wasn’t exactly the case.

There was a pile of charred remains, and the scent of smoke still permeated the air. Reinhart hadn’t mentioned doing anything about the monsters. Although, I supposed this was a better way to go than to slowly starve to death in these cages. I wasn’t sure what I would have done if I had seen them there, so I was glad that he had decided to tie up loose ends. That was, of course, until I tried to push up on the hatch leading into the tower, only to find out it was latched closed.

It would have been nice if Reinhart had informed me of this little detail. Well, he was distracted and busy trying to flee the castle. Part of that reason was likely caused by me. I wasn’t angrier about it because this gave me the ability to try out a new skill. I focused my mind accordingly, and then my sight appeared on the other side of the door. A moment later, the trapdoor was unlatched. I pushed open the door and moved up into Reinhart’s tower. There was someone standing there waiting for me.

“Thank you.” I gave them a smile before they dissipated like smoke.

I headed out of the tower. There was no particular reason I needed to sneak. At least, as a princess, I didn’t think there was a reason. Still, I hid in the bushes nearby a pair of guards and listened in on their conversation just in case. They were stationed where guards normally weren’t stationed. It was likely that the entire castle was on high alert after their robbery.

With my endurance expanded with The Reborn, I didn’t even need to finger myself as I struck both men with seduction. It was slightly different from normal because the men weren’t even aware I was there. Usually, when I did this, they’d be looking at me, and their appearance would change with excitement as they craved me more and more.

If anything, these men started to look more and more depressed, until they looked like they were about to cry. However, a quick examine showed that they were beguiled, so I took a step out from the bushes.

“Hello, boys,” I said, using the seduce skill as naturally as breathing.

“Mistress! You’re alive!” The two men shouted, and I immediately put my finger to my mouth to quiet them.

The two guards’ expressions turned ecstatic like their lives had suddenly found meaning, and they stared at me while nodding dumbly like a pair of expectant dogs. I moved up to the men, touching them as I walked up.

“Tell me, what do you mean by that?”

The men were so busy spilling over each other to talk that they showed no restraint. “That is, mistress, we were told earlier today you were killed.”

“Killed?” I asked.

“Yes!” The other spoke up. “Bandits broke into the castle last night. Robbed the treasury. According to what we were told, they had a magic user who struck you with a fireball. You were burned alive!”

“Ah, well, at least that was partially true.” I patted the two men on the cheeks as they nodded happily at me. “So, that’s the official story? Is there anything else?”

“No ma’am, nothing!”

I nodded. So, it seemed like Julian had spread a rumor that I had been killed in the robbery. Gregory burning me alive suddenly made more sense. However, my body went missing, so I wondered what they had done about that. I supposed one charred body looked like another.

The two guards stared dumbly at me. When I seduced them, they had fallen in love with me, however, they believed I was dead, which was why they had started to grow depressed. I might have enjoyed the two men for a bit although there was nothing particularly exciting about either of them. They were cleaner than adventurers, but a little less toned than I’d have liked. Either way, I was busy and had to get things done quickly.

“You, wait here and continue to guard your post. You’ve never seen me. You. Escort me into the castle.” I put up my hood as I said this. “Make sure no one sees me.”

The two men nodded excitedly, only too pleased to do as I commanded. I followed the younger-looking one into the castle, although in their beguiled state, the one who was left behind showed no animosity. He smiled on as I abandoned him to his post and entered into the castle.

The other one guided me skillfully through the hallways, and I was glad he did. There were many guards around, and I quickly realized that there would have been no way I could have breached this castle a mere day after it was attacked without my unique set of skills. Fortunately, no one asked after a woman being escorted by a guard, and I found myself in front of a door.

“Wait and guard here for me. I have another place to stop before the night is done,” I said, and the guard nodded.

I checked inside using my new ability, only to frown as the Stalker skill unexpectedly failed. That was not expected. A moment later, my view shifted inside, and I gave a breath of relief as she watched Devon sleeping there. It was unusual that my ability would fail like that. However, did it mean what I thought it meant? The door was locked, but a second later the lock quietly clicked open.

My mind was disturbed slightly as I quietly opened Devon’s door and slipped in. Seeing Devon sleeping there, my mind further started to bend. At first, I had considered Devon one of my loose ends. It was my plan to use him, but upon looking at him, my heart wasn’t so sure. Still, there was only one way to find out, so I slipped under the covers quietly. I moved softly and quietly, my hands had worked their way down his pants.

I played with his dick for a few minutes, and in his sleeping state, the sexual pleasure caused his dick to spring into action. Pulling back the covers, I swung my leg over him, lining his dick up and then sliding it into me. The feeling of my wet pussy meeting his hard cock caused his head to jerk and his eyes to open up. He might have raised up and attacked me, but I already used Sex Paralysis to lock him in place.

He looked up at me in sleepy shock while I lowered my hips, slowly letting his dick fill me up. I could feel it inside of me. It pushed on the walls of my vagina, which has been restored to all of its sexual lust. His dick suddenly struck some resistance, and I frowned as I pushed down against it. The dick ripped into me, and a sudden surge of pain and pleasure racked me. While Devon stared wide-eyed at me. I looked down at my pussy in wonder, rising up an inch to see a bit of blood on his cock.

“I felt it…” I said in wonder. “You’re not the one.”

“What is happening?” Devon finally spoke.

Apparently, sleep paralysis froze his body, but he could still move his head. If he had wanted to, he could have shouted for the guards at any second. That was not something I had known, but I’d have to keep it in mind for the future. Still, I gave him a smile.

“It’d appear like I just gave you my virginity, Devon.” I laughed.

Apparently, Rebirth had a few more side effects that I had not realized. I hadn’t had a chance to truly test out this body, so I was still figuring things out. My hymen must have been one of the things reborn. Min would not be happy if he knew he lost the chance to break me in. Well, my lovely little elf wife didn’t need to know everything. Suddenly, I found myself a bit happier that I didn’t waste it on the guards.

“Why do my dreams tease me so… I know you’re not a virgin…” Devon sighed.

“But can’t you see?” I rotated my hips, showing him my pussy, a little redder now that it was stained with the breaking of my own hymen. “Can’t you feel the tightness of my virgin pussy?”

“In a dream, perhaps…” Devon laughed. “But I could only wish I lost my virginity to a woman I cared for so much… but Cornelia is dead. You are dead, and my mind wishes to torture me so.”

As he said this, I pushed his cock back in and started rocking my hips, feeling Devon inside me. For whatever reason, he decided he was dreaming. Well, the brothers had faked my death, and he was now paralyzed after being asleep. I supposed it was easier to pretend this was a dream.

“Yes, when your brothers faked my death, I’m sure they told you many lies.”

“M-my brothers… faked? No, what?”

I grabbed his hand, intending to bring it to my breasts, but it resisted movement. Apparently, he was stiff in every way now that I had activated sleep paralysis. Well, either way, I leaned forward and gave him a kiss on the lips. Even though he was confused, his tongue still danced with my own, and as my hips rocked on his cock, he moaned pleasurably.

I pulled away from the kiss and gave him another smile. “For a while, I thought you were just as bad as the other nobles. A hypocrite.”

“That is… you have a right to think that.” Devon had a complicated look. “But I don’t know what else to do. I’m not the hero you thought I was. I’m just a man. Cornelia, I love you. Even if this is a dream-“

I put a finger over his mouth, stopping him. “Aria… my real name is Aria.”


“Mm, and this isn’t a dream either. What you’re feeling…” I squeezed tightly on his dick with my Kegels, my freshly broken virgin pussy tightening even more on his large, hard dick, “That is what is real.”

“Then, that means…?”

“Well, they tried to kill me, but I lived. I snuck back into the castle because I need your help.”

“Just my help, or are you planning to get revenge…” He stared darkly, although he was still panting as my ass bounced up and down on his cock, moving even faster now.

“What has been done, has already been done?” I shrugged. “I can’t change what happened in the past. What was done to me, and what I did… There are only a few loose ends I came for tonight. One of them is you.”

“Me? Why me?”

“Can it simply be because you’re the man who took my virginity?”

“Stop teasing…” He panted but wore a frown on his face.

“Then perhaps it is because you are a man. And sometimes, just being a man is enough. Ah, I’m cumming, you’ve made this body cum for the first time. How does that feel?”

“You feel amazing.” Devon sighed. “But whether it is real or not, I don’t want it to end. Stay with me. In fact, leave with me. We can leave this place, together.”

The pace of my pussy riding his cock slowed as I stared at him in wonder. For a brief moment, I was genuinely tempted by his offer. A prince asked me to run away with him. That was not something I could take lightly. Perhaps…

“No…” My words came out, and I started moving my hips again. “I can’t do that. However, if you’ve ever loved me, I need you to do something.”

I pulled out a pendant from my back pocket and placed it over his neck as I still rode him.

“What is this?”

“That is a teleport crystal. It will take you to the camp of the Bandit King, Nova, the man who robbed this nation and forced me to pretend to be the princess.”

“That is… it was Nova who was behind this? And you…” He shook his head in agitation, “With this crystal, we can finally destroy him for good!”

“There’s a catch,” I spoke up. “It’s only one way, and it will only teleport one person.”

“How can one person make a difference?”

“Ah, that one person would need to be able to summon an army by himself, don’t you think?”

Devon frowned for a moment and then nodded. “The illusions. That’s why you gave it to me…”

“A one-man army, 5-6 third-tiers should be able to handle it. You could become the hero I knew you’d always be, or at the very least, the prince I gave myself to.”

“You’re so convinced I’ll do this.”

“You might get some answers about me from him. I was going to force you to do it. I entered this room expecting to seduce you and force you to do my bidding. But now… I just want you to be safe.”

“You don’t call this seduction?” His eyes went up and down my body as I bounced up and down his cock.

“This is… a thank you. I wasn’t fair to you at all. If ever there was a guy I’d want to spend the rest of my life with, he’d be like you.”

“Then… ah, I’m cumming…”

“Yes, fill me up with your seed,” I purred.

I could feel the hot liquid squirt inside me. It was the first time I had cum inside me in this new body. Something about it felt right to me. Of course, a moment later, I had realized my mistake. I was in a new body that restored my virginity. I quickly checked my status and gave out a sigh, the status of infertile was now removed. I thought that might be the case. That meant that I could become pregnant as he came inside me. That was a worry I didn’t have before. I’d have to ask Min about the existence of morning-after pills or something. Suddenly, I had to worry about being a mother.

However, in some ways, the risk made it sexier, and as I felt my womb filled up with his seed, I felt a whole new sense of eroticism filled with potential. I had never even considered the thought of having children before, but now that I knew that I could, something about his seed made it feel hotter, sexier, and more penetrating. His little sperms were now swimming around inside me, trying to find the egg. I was actually not at that particular time of the month, so it was unlikely I’d get pregnant, but the possibilities turned me on nonetheless.

“Cor- Aria…” Devon corrected himself. “I swear to you on my life, I’ll find Nova, and I’ll kill him.”

I gave him a smile as I felt his warm seed inside me and his dick starting to soften as I placed my hand on my abdomen in thought. I leaned forward and kissed him again on the lips.

“That… just drive him into a corner, and I’ll end it.” He stared at me with a confused look. “This might be the last time we ever see each other. I’m sorry to fuck and leave, but my night has only just begun.”

“Wait, don’t go! Please, just stay with me, we can work out any-“

“Goodbye, my Knight, Rock a Bye.”

As he protested, it took two Rock a Bye’s before he went rigid and fell to sleep. I slid his dick out of me, dyed slightly pink by the mixed color of blood and semen. My first time with Devon… that’s what this had been. I understood that now. The other times, they weren’t real. The man at those parties, he wasn’t the real Devon.

I cleaned myself up and walked away from Devon once again. I didn’t cry this time. I had already accepted my fate. I was a seductress, and right now, I had work to do.

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