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Nova was cursing to himself as he appeared, shaking his head with annoyance as he put away his blade. That was, of course, until I took a step out from behind a tree. His eyes locked onto mine and he froze. I gave him a smile. It was Aria’s smile, the sultry, seductive smile that I had spent thirty levels perfecting.

I had expected myself to be afraid once I had come face to face with Nova. However, I realized that these were the thoughts of an old me. I simply wasn’t the same scared girl who took comfort in someone I thought was more knowledgeable and more capable than me. I had Min and I had my skills, and simply put, Nova wasn’t needed anymore.

“Hello, Nova. Had a rough day?”

“How? How are you here?” He snarled.

I moved up my hand, a small black collar in my grip. It looked charred now, the magic apparently destroying it in the process. It was Jenai’s slave collar, and Nova was her owner. That was the source of Reinhart’s summoning spell. He had basically written it up himself so all we had to do was place the stones in the right positions, but I was glad to see that in the end, it had worked exactly as advertised. I owed the man a debt the next time I met him.

“A little demon magic is all,” I said flippantly.

Of course, I didn’t know if it was demon magic at all. Reinhart had some kind of tie with the demons, but that was nothing important for right now.

“You… You!” Nova’s face had twisted, and suddenly he leaped at me.

I flinched as he ran towards me. Of course, I had expected something like this, but it was still terrifying to have a two hundred pound man of bulging muscle running at you with pure fury on his face. I was hoping to procrastinate a little more. I needed a little more time, but Nova wouldn’t give it to me. I shouldn’t have sent them away just so I could watch the rest of the match. That would potentially cost me.

I was down on the ground in an instant, and Nova was on top of me, his meaty hands wrapped around my throat. However, the pain of being choked was nothing, and it’s not like I had any need for breath. That kind of pain seemed so minuscule now. If anything, my skills gave a slightly erotic feel. Of course, Nova already knew this.

“You may not be able to breathe!” Nova shouted in my face, spit flying as he yelled. “But I’ll break your fucking neck. I’ll break your fucking neck and then fuck your corpse. I’ll fuck every hole in your body and fill it with my cum, you bitch!”

My eyes widened and then I broke into a smile. He glared down at me hatefully, but it only took him a moment before he realized that his hands weren’t tightening anymore. In fact, his entire body couldn’t move. He looked around wildly with a confused expression. I opened my mouth, even though my eyes were popped and my face was red, rasping out a pair of words that caused the shock in his eyes to grow into horror.

“Position shift!”

A second later, his dick was inside me, and I was riding him on top. He didn’t have his dick out before, but the position shift moved his dick where I wanted it to be. He was also soft, but a few Kegels and I coerced an erection out of him whether he wanted it or not.

Even though his hands had been around my neck, they no longer were, instead, they only reached up to about my breasts. They were still stuck in the position as if they were wrapped around my neck, so giving them something to do, I reached around his hands, pulling a tit into each hand to make it look like he was groping my chest instead.

“Ah, there we go, isn’t that better?”

“You… fucking bitch.”

“Mm… your dirty talk is what got you into this in the first place.” I tsk’d him.

“Dirty talk? What the fuck are you talking about, you crazy bitch!” He snapped.

As I bounced up and down on his cock, holding his hands to my breasts, I continued to talk. “Oh, but you talked about fucking all my holes. You couldn’t think you could say that to me without me getting confused, do you? I thought you were violating me sexually, but that would be crazy. After all, sex is my domain.”

“I was trying to kill you!” Nova growled.

“Ah… I’ve been fucked to death before, so you’ll have to excuse me for occasionally confusing the two.” I let out a laugh and tapped my head while making a silly look.

“You… this spell… you know, I’ll fucking kill you the second it wears off.”

I reached down and squeezed his nipples, “Uh, ah… well, my spells last as long as we’re fucking, and I must say, I can fuck a really… really… long time.”

He glared at me hatefully as I still rode his cock before he sniffed and turned away. “Just kill me then.”

“Nope… not yet, you see, you didn’t realize it yet, but this party is a threesome. We’re waiting for our special guest to arrive.”

“Spec-, you’re insane. You fucking crazy bitch.”

“Wrong again, Bandit King; I just couldn’t move forward without her. Look!”

I pointed up over the Bandit King’s face all while still riding up and down rhythmically without any sense of exhaustion. Nova looked up and saw a woman steadily walking towards the pair of us. She wore a long white robe that was covered with a hood and veil.

“I know you missed her,” I whispered, “but I supposed this party couldn’t end without all of us together again.”

“Who… who the hell are you?” Nova snapped with a squint in his eyes.

The woman pulled back her hood and let the veil fall. Nova turned white, his face grimacing at the sight before him. She wasn’t ugly. No, in fact, like me, she had almost every flaw removed. Her skin was dark olive but still seemed to glow with otherworldly transparency.

“Who is she, Nova?” I gave her a smile and then shouted down at him, “Who is she!”

“Jenai… it’s not possible. I killed you. You’re dead, you’re dead!”

“You’re right!” I whispered, stopping him in his tracks. “You killed her. But there was a problem, her life wasn’t in your hands. I had done a ceremony on her. It was my possession skill. I had thought I’d gain ownership over her, but it didn’t break your slave collar. But then again, it wasn’t her body I owned. It was her soul.”

I looked up at Jenai, and she looked back with adoring eyes and then spoke, “Mistress took on my burdens. She felt what I felt. She experienced what I experienced. And in the end, she saw what I saw.”

“While you were fucking her, that experience went to me!” I snapped. “While you shared her with other men, I grew stronger. I felt every torture, every pleasure… and when you killed her, her soul went to her true master, me! She’s bound here. Bound to me as my servant for the remainder of my life, maybe even beyond.”

“I am happy to serve this mistress for all time.”

“She’s… a wraith?” Nova stared up in disbelief.

“Wraith, ghost, avenging spirit. Who knows? However, now that she’s here, let’s finish this. I made her a promise that I’d let her cut your head off. And since Devon needs your head, I figured I can hit two birds with one stone. However, she’s still not great on the whole poltergeist thing, so it may take her a while.”

“You… BITCH!” Nova screamed. “You can’t do this! You can’t! I’m the Bandit King, I’m…”

“And I’m a seductress!” I snapped back. “I’ve outgrown you. Finish this Jenai, I’m almost done with him. I’m about to cum.”

I continued to ride his cock as it gave me an orgasm. Meanwhile, Jenai pulled out a knife from Nova’s belt and started cutting. He screamed and shouted and twisted his head. I moaned as I rode his cock, which stayed hard even though the cuts were growing deeper. The screams turned into gurgles, and finally, after about a minute or two, even those noises stopped. It was a while before he started to lose wood, and I had cum two more times by the time his head finally came off.

When I stood up and pulled out of him, I gave a laugh and Jenai looked up at me curiously before I spoke. “You’re right, Jenai. We are a lot alike. He also cums when he dies.”

I wiped his last load out of me. Fortunately, before I had left the city, we had managed to track down and get one of those baby prevention spells, so I didn’t really care, but the idea of having his seed swimming inside me was slightly less sensual than it was with Devon.

“Do you need to eat his heart?” I asked, casually.

“If I eat his heart, I will gain some of his abilities.”

I nodded and picked up his head. “Do what you need to do.”

As I turned away from the sound of teeth on flesh, I found a particularly long stick and jammed it into the ground. I stuck Nova’s head on the pike and then pulled out a piece of paper and wrote a note for Devon. It didn’t say much, but these were the last words I’d leave him, just to let him know I was alive.

By the time I was done, Min was walking up from behind a tree. I had sent him away just in case, but knowing Min, he had sat and watched the entire encounter in secret. It was the first time I had openly slept with a man in front of Min, and his eyes looked slightly accusatory.

“I am done with this thing,” Jenai said, moving up next to me. “I am running low on energy, You have had me in this world for too long these last few days, So, I must leave this world soon.”

I looked her over one more time and smiled sadly. She was such a beautiful and sexy girl. It was a shame that she only had this half-life to live now. Normally, she had to remain in another realm to rejuvenate her energy and it took energy to remain corporeal in this one. I asked what the other world was like, and she said that she wanted to explain it, but she couldn’t. There wasn’t any rule about it, it was just something indescribable.

“Ah, but, you can also stay in this world if you absorb power from us, um… being together…”

“Denied!” Min said sharply as he looked Nova’s body over.

Jenai chuckled. “You know, Min, we are both guilty of loving this woman too much. One day, I hope to be pleasured by the same dick that pleasures my good friend. I would like us all to share in each other.”

Min turned his head with a sniff, but there was a blush on his cheeks. Meanwhile, Jenai waved goodbye before her body disappeared like a shimmering, angelic light. Of course, I could always summon her again, but for the moment, Jenai no longer existed in this world. Min rose up and handed me a ring she had pulled from Nova. I looked at it blankly for a minute, but then my eyes widened.

“The treasury?”


“Enough money for two lifetimes,” I added, slipping the finger onto my hand after a quick examine.

The ownership went to no one after Nova died, but now that I had it on and slipped a little magic on it, it was now registered as Aria’s storage ring, with the entire wealth of a country in it.


I looked down at the ring, and then over at Nova’s head. “That is… this country owes me, I reckon. Let’s just get going…”

We turned away from the body of Nova, lying down next to his head on the spike, and started walking off into the forest.

“… And, Devon?” Min suddenly asked out of the blue.

“Ah, what about Devon?” I replied with a frown.

The note and Nova’s head should settle just about everything left between Devon and me.

“Aria… love?”

I nearly tripped over a branch at the sudden comment. A second later, I was shaking my head aggressively and trying to alleviate Min’s fears, although he didn’t look particularly upset to begin with.

“No! No, not at all.” Min gave me a doubtful look, so I sighed and continued, “Don’t get me wrong! It’s not like I don’t like Devon. He’s rich and powerful. He’s athletic and skilled. He has a good heart, and of course, he’s a very attractive man… not that Min isn’t hot either!”

As I spoke, Min had put on a stubborn look the longer I went, and so I ended up stopping what I was saying to try to reassure Min that he was the only person in my life, man or woman. We continued on in silence for a few more steps when Min finally turned back.

“Then, why?”

I grimaced at the question and scratched my cheek as I thought about the appropriate way to answer. My emotions were a difficult thing to describe, and I didn’t want Min to get the wrong idea here. I hadn’t even sorted them out myself until very recently. There was a point where if he had asked if I loved him, I might have had a more difficult time answering.

“Because…” I finally spoke up, “because he reminded me of myself.”

Min gave me another dubious and doubtful look, but after a second, a realization popped up on his face. “Before?”

“Before I came to this world?” I confirmed and then shrugged. “Before that even, from when I was a young girl. When Devon saved me from the pigmen, and when he showed me his determination and willingness to put his life on the line to save someone, I started to see him as some kind of White Knight, coming to my rescue.”

“Mm… Aria likes White Knights?” Min looked merely curious.

“No…” I shook my head and then looked down at the dress I was wearing. “It’s not like that at all. You see, I’m not a princess. I’ve been playing a princess for a while so I know it may look like I enjoy dresses and frilly things. I’m not saying I don’t on the occasion. Everyone likes to pretend once in a while. But despite all of these dresses you’ve made me, this just isn’t me.”

As I said this, I examined the dirtied, tattered remains of the princess dress Min had sewn for me. While Nova had been pinning me to the ground, he had ripped it in various places, and I’d likely need to change before the next town or I’d stick out.

“Min… Believe,” Min said simply.

I gave him an affectionate smile. He knew me better than anyone, so it was no surprise that he’d recognize by now that I wasn’t made of princess material.

“It goes back to my childhood. I never wanted to be the princess. I wanted to be the Knight! Adventure, that is why I played video games because I wanted a life of adventure. I wanted to be the one doing the saving. And thus, I wanted to see Devon as a hero.” Min’s face was blank as I spoke of video games, but that was expected, so I continued rather than explain it to her, “I saw Devon as the hero that I could never be. Until I found out about those damned sex parties. Suddenly, he wasn’t a hero anymore. It was my fault, not his. But I couldn’t stop myself from being so angry at him. Because, at the end of it all, he was flawed. He wasn’t a White Knight, he was just a man, like any other.”

“Just like the other nobles?”

I smiled. “I thought so at first, but I was mistaken. Devon is a good man but was a coward in his own way. He was trapped in that family, unable to move forward and do the actions that needed doing. He was scared, and for a while, I blamed him for it. If you had to ask, I do care about him, but in the end, we just come from two different worlds. I wonder what he’ll do now that I’ve set him free…”

Min cocked his head to the side in confusion with a very cute look, so I merely leaned over and put my arm around him, kissing him on the cheek as I did. We continued to walk, arm in arm for a bit before Min spoke up once again.

“Not too late…”

“Huh? For what?”

“To be… hero.” I gave a snort until Min looked at me with a serious face and continued, “Vessë… strong. Defeat Bandit King as tier 1. Saved girl from corrupt King. Saved another girl from torture. No normal person can do what Vessë did.”

I frowned at her words. She spoke the truth, but a lot of that was simply luck. I lucked out in various situations, surviving by the mere skin of my teeth. I even died, arguably, although I was still alive and well now. However, my cheat-like accumulation of skills saved me every step of the way. Although, I was starting to wonder if the hero from another world had similarly earned a special every level like I did.

“Do… you really think I can become a hero?” I asked cautiously.

Min gave one of his rare but absolutely gorgeous smiles, and my heart melted a little. For a moment, I considered taking him right there on the ground. We were in the middle of the forest, it wasn’t like someone was likely to jump out of the bushes at us.

“A hero… who fucks all her enemies?” My smile twisted a bit.

Min shrugged. “Nontraditional hero makes best hero.”

Nontraditional was certainly an understatement. An adventurer that saved the world by fucking everyone. That was certainly the first I’d ever heard of it. No one would be ready for someone like me.

“A hero… huh?” My smile grew as I walked off into the forest.

“Mm… Where now?” Min asked.

“Well, we’re likely wanted in this country, so if we need to leave. The farther, the better.”

After a few moments of thought, Min spoke up, “Demon continent?”

I shrugged. “Reinhart did give us the recommendation. But first things first.”

“First?” Min cocked his head again.

“We need to head to the guild.” I smiled. “We’re going to become adventurers.”

Become a hero? Why not? I now had a goal in this other world I found myself in. With my elf wife, the pair of us were only starting our journey.

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