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I returned to the camp with a confident stride. Three men were all staring at me as I approached. Giving them a nod, I moved to the campfire and sat down. I didn’t give any impression of what I had been doing with one of their party mates just a half-hour before. They also seemed to have their eyes locked on me, rather than their friend. This was good because while I wore a straight face, he had his head down and was blushing considerably. If they had noticed him slinking around behind them, they’d have immediately figured out something was up.

“Beautiful…” One of the guys muttered under his breath before catching himself and coughing. “Uh, what I mean is you cleaned up well!”

The man seemed to be flustered, his words seemed to echo in all three of their faces and they all turned their heads away awkwardly, realizing they had been staring at me. Thanks to my Mental Fortitude, I felt absolutely no shyness at their looks. I could have been sitting there naked and I’m not sure if their looks would have embarrassed me. I’d have to be careful of this sudden confidence I had; it could get me in trouble.

“Is that so…”

I gave a nondescript answer, trying to look embarrassed. In reality, I was wondering how much my Beautification skill was working. I’d only used it on the goblins, so I couldn’t say I really knew the effect it had on others. They all looked at me with bright eyes, filled with lust and desire. Stuck in the woods, surrounded by four strange men, all looking at me with lust. If it was the former me, I’d have been terrified. The current me only started to get excited once again.

As a result, I started watching the men in return. As they feasted on my body with their eyes, I measured them as well.

Name: Unknown

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Level: 22

Age: 27

Name: Unknown

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Level: 21

Age: 30

Examine Skill has increased to level 2.

Name: Ricardo

Race: Human

Class: Berserker

Sex: Male

Level: 28

Age: 36

The sudden rise in the level of Examine caught me off guard. Now, I could determine names at a glance? That almost seemed like cheating. Being able to determine class was also important. I wish I knew what other classes entailed. However, knowing that other people had classes was also important. Maybe Seductress wasn’t that unique in this world. For some reason, I didn’t think that was the case, though.

I glanced at the other two men with Examine again. With the exception of the boy I had already had, all three of these men were older, higher level, and considerably more muscular. The boy I had already fucked was named Damus. His class was apparently an adventurer. The 27-year old’s name was Darius. He had long, curly, blond hair which I kind of wanted to run my hands through. He was a warrior. The 30-year-old was named Marvis, and he was also a warrior. He was the big, hairy man I had already seen in all his glory. Ricardo was the one I hadn’t seen before. He was tall, with thick arms that only served to make Damus look even more pathetic in comparison. He had a very large ax strapped to his back and a nice well-kempt beard on his front. All three of them wore armor pieces except Damus.

“So, miss, if you don’t mind me asking, how did you and the other girls end up with the goblins,” Darius spoke first.

“Ah, yes…” I turned to look at the two girls I had spent the last month with.

Name: Min

Race: Elf

Sex: Female

Level: 10

Class: Archer

Age: 72

Name: Shay

Race: Human

Sex: Female

Level: 4

Class: Villager

Age: 22

Status: Pregnant

I fought the shock that shot through my heart. The girl I had laid with was an elf? Now that it was mentioned, I had never seen her ears, they were always covered by messy hair. On top of that, the cave was always dark and we typically kept our heads down. So, my first time with a woman wasn’t even a human? On top of that, 72? I slept with an old lady! Yet, her body looked as young and youthful as mine. I tried to remember everything I could about the fantasy genres.

There were two kinds of elves. The short, fairy-like kind who could use magic, and the tall warrior kind. Her small stature made me think she might be the first kind, but she was also an archer and a much higher level than myself or Shay. Still, she was less than the 19-year-old Damus. What had she been doing for 72 years? Or was it harder for elves to level? There were just too many questions.

I focused on worrying about Min because what I saw in Shay’s stats was a little unnerving. She was pregnant. That either meant she was going to pop our goblins, or that a poor pregnant woman had to go through that while protecting her growing fetus. Either thought was a little too horrifying for my mind to process now. Even if these were goblin babies, she should survive, right?

I realized that the men had been waiting for me to answer while I was pondering all these facts. Any story I made up using the girls’ identities would be destroyed the instant the two girls woke up. Therefore, I decided to speak the truth instead. Or at least, as close to the truth as I was willing to get.

“I… um… was walking through the forest and was captured by a party of them. These girls were already there. They had been there a lot longer than me. I don’t know how long.”

Darius nodded. “By the looks of it, you had just gotten there. Women don’t last much longer than a month or two in these camps.”

So, they assumed I had just made it there? I guess the fact I was already up and cleaned probably suggested to them that my experience couldn’t have been that bad. While it’s true my experience wasn’t bad per se, I think I was there for almost a month. However, the other girls looked to be about a month too. They were probably captured a few days before me. The one who died might have been caught before that.

Marvis spoke up, interrupting my thoughts. “Regrettably, we don’t have a healer in this party. We’ll have to get you back to town before your wounds can be healed. Mind healers are expensive, but…”

“But nothing… we’ve already saved their lives, I’m not going to give them our reward money,” Ricardo snapped.

Marvis blushed and lowered his head. “Still, that kind of experience is mind-breaking. If you need the money, it can come out of my share.”

At that moment, I decided I was going to fuck Marvis. Admittedly, Darius’s chiseled chin and long blond hair were much closer to my strike zone. Marvis was hairy, brutish, oversized, and smaller where it counts than the 19-year-old Damus. However, he also cared, so I decided that was worth a special thank you.

I continued to talk to the men as the sun rose. They made breakfast, which turned out to be some kind of roasted meat. I didn’t ask what. I ate whatever slop the goblins tossed at me for the last month, I was way beyond caring about what went down my throat. It certainly tasted leagues better than what I had eaten before, so it was a feast.

It turned out that I had been unconscious for the last 24 hours. The other girls were still awake when they rescued us, but passed out shortly after they made it outside. We had all been unconscious since then. I had the men help me carry the girls to the hot spring, then sent them on their way. I made sure both girls were thoroughly cleaned. No, I’m not particularly inclined towards women. This was just to get them cleaned up and smelling a little better when they woke. Cleaning out gobs of dried goblin jizz from a girl’s unwashed snatch was hardly what I considered fun.

With the exception of a few murmurs, both women remained unconscious. I did check and found Min to have pointy ears, which caused the fangirl in me to squeal a little bit. I wasn’t a LOTR nut like a few of my exes, but it was still exciting to see an actual elf. She had a very modest chest and very smooth skin. She didn’t have much hair on her body at all like she had been through a whole-body shave everywhere but her head and a small patch above her groin.

It made me even more self-conscious of my own hairiness when the two of us had been together, even though I had already used a knife that Damus had given me to shave the best I could.

Sorry, I gave you such a crappy experience.

It was a strange feeling for me. I guess you could call it my pride as a Seductress. However, I realized how ridiculous I was being and decided to give it no more thoughts. It turned out that Damus only had the one pair of extra clothing he had given to me. Now that I wore it, he didn’t even have a change of clothes. As a result, I put the other girls back into the oversized shirts and pants, which turned out to be Marvis’ clothing. Once again, Marvis’ behavior affirmed that I was going to be giving him a very good time in the near future.

Since the girls didn’t look like they were getting up anytime soon, Marvis ended up carrying one of them while Darius carried the other. Ricardo wanted to wake them up and force them to walk to the nearest town, but Marvis insisted that they needed to wake up once they had been rested. Despite Ricardo clearly being strong enough, he refused to carry anyone. Darius ended up reluctantly carrying Min, declaring that “elves were lighter”.

As we walked through the forest, I was finally able to start answering some of my questions. We were in the country of Nidia. It was a monarchy under King Hyburn. We were located in the Bironian forest and were currently traveling towards Marxville, which was a ten-day journey west through the forest. The technology of this world seemed to be somewhere around 12th-century earth, but with the inclusion of magic. Magic was rare, although a lot more present in nobility. Any peasantry that could use magic was snatched up by a nearby local lord to help them sustain their power.

Monsters existed, obviously, and the answer to that seemed to be some mumbo-jumbo about magic. There were also non-monster animals, the difference being the addition of magic. Not all monsters were aggressive, but typically, the more magic, the more aggressive a monster. This forest was considered a lower magic zone, so it had fairly weak monsters. The closer someone made it to the forest core, the stronger the monster would get. Goblins were usually from level 8-15. I wondered about the level of my goblin lover. Did his bigger size mean he was at a greater level?

It turned out that once monsters gained a certain level, they’d evolve into stronger monsters, restarting at level 1. As Darius explained it, humans do something similar. Once their class reaches a certain level, they can switch to a new, more powerful class. Adventurers were the base class for warriors, fighters, and the like. Therefore, Damus was actually quite a lot of levels below the others. It also explained how Min was only level 10. How much stronger was an archer class versus an adventurer class? What about me? What would I evolve into?

I asked Darius, who was giving me flirtatious looks while we talked, about the seductress class. Sorry, Darius, you’ll have to wait until after Marvis has his fill. He thought it was a form of flirting back and laughed. He’d never heard of Seductress, but he suggested it might be a third-tier class after prostitute. Of course, I was the first tier, so I knew this to be wrong.

It seemed like every evolution was called a tier. A 1st tier would be an adventurer, a villager, or something simple. A 2nd tier would be more specific. A 3rd tier was considered rare, for the high nobility, leaders, heroes, and devastating monsters.

“Is there a 4th tier?” I asked.

Darius laughed, reaching his hand out and touching my shoulder unnecessarily. “Only heroes and demon kings reach that level, sweetie.”

I didn’t stop Darius from touching me, even though it did bother me a little. I knew it was a common practice for guys like Darius, i.e. players. You keep giving a girl touches, seemingly innocuous. It’s conditioning. The more you touch, the more used to your touch the other party becomes. Then, when you move to inappropriate touching, the second party is less wary and more receptive to it. I’d need to get around to Marvis soon because if I didn’t satiate Darius soon, I might cause some trouble.

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