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I was a patient girl. Every morning and every night I’d take care of my needs under the blanket, even though I only got experience for one of those two. I also desperately searched for a toy but decided a wooden stick just wouldn’t cut it. Even I had some places I wouldn’t go. I didn’t exactly have anything to polish it with and I wasn’t about to get splinters in my yahoo.

Conceal Skill has increased to level 2.

Unsurprisingly, after our little sexual romp in the spring, Damus was keeping his distance from me. He’d occasionally glance, blush, and look away, however, he never made any attempt to approach me. I suspected he was frightened of Darius. It turned out that they had brought Damus along as a sort of apprentice adventurer as some sort of favor to one of his relatives. He carried all their bags, did the cooking, the cleaning, and the grunt work, and they’d help him level to a second-tier job. It was a common thing in this world, apparently.

As it turned out, thirty levels was the point at which you changed tiers. An average male adult of about 18 would be between level 20-30 whereas a sheltered villager tended to be about ten levels lower. A skilled worker would gain a tier and spend the rest of their life approaching level 60. The masters of their crafts sat at around level 60. Most higher nobles reached over level 60, but only the best of the best reached a 90. Those in this country that exceeded 90 and reached the 4th tier could be counted on one hand. At over 100, someone would undoubtedly be called a hero of legend and there might be one every century.

The first girl finally woke up after another day of travel as it was nearing evening. Min demanded to be allowed to walk, and Darius held no complaint. She traveled right alongside the rest of us. Now that she was awake and moving, I thought that the escape would put the fire back into her. That didn’t seem to be the case. She still wore dead eyes and a face that was extremely expressionless. She didn’t talk, even when the men tried to get her to answer her story.

Ricardo became very cross, almost hitting her in the face. It was Marvis who had prevented this from happening. Marvis, I’m going to give you the ride of your life. Throughout the entire commotion, Min remained impassive. I had grabbed her and pulled her over to my chest. For a moment, her eyes flashed with something indescribable, but she gave no other signs of acknowledgment. After that, Min seemed to stick closely with me, rarely going more than a foot or two from my side. She didn’t say anything, nor did she touch me, but whenever I glanced to my side, she was there. This was unfortunately very frustrating because it meant it was impossible to get Marvis in seclusion. At least her dampening mood also kept Darius from flirting as much. Even he seemed to remember how traumatizing this situation was when he looked at her emotionless face.

The other girl, Shay, woke up shortly after that. She showed a little bit more emotion, but she wore a haunted look in her eyes like she was a second away from collapsing in horror. She tried to hide the look with a smile. She thanked all four men profusely, reminding me that I hadn’t done the same. It didn’t matter; I’d thank them all individually in my own special way. Well, I might just say the words to Ricardo. His behavior was still no better than my first impression.

Shay explained that she was the daughter of a merchant and they were transporting goods out of Marxville. Min was a traveler who had agreed to travel alongside them in exchange for protection. It was just them, her father, and three other male guards. A pack of fifteen goblins overtook them, killed her father and companions, and then took the pair of them.

“Thank you, thank you so much, you saved me. I’ll do anything to repay you!” She said almost pleadingly.

“How big of a merchant was your father?” Ricardo suddenly asked. “Did he have more assets in Marxville? Do you have any other relatives?”

Shay was dumbfounded for a bit but finally regained her composure. “Um… my mom, she passed away when I was little. My dad sunk everything into his merchant caravan. We might be able to recover some of it, I know where we were attacked…”

Ricardo made an annoyed noise through his teeth. “So nothing. And mercs aren’t going to get me shit either. What about you, girl.”

He glared at me next, but there was nothing in this world for me, so I merely shook my head. “No, sorry.”

“Damn it. Three useless twats. Here I thought there might be an award so…”

“Come on, we still might…” Darius tried to speak up but Ricardo slapped his hand.

“I guess we’ll just sell them to the slavers. That’ll make a decent profit.”

“Wait!” that was Damus protesting. “You can’t just…”

Ricardo backhanded Damus with barely a movement, not even bothering to look towards him. “Listen well, boy, I may have agreed to take you along, but you certainly don’t have a say. I don’t do this to be some fucking hero. I do this for the money. Now, here are three useless girls. They’re eating our food, wearing our clothes, using our supplies, and we aren’t getting a single thing back from them. Don’t act like you guys haven’t realized it. At this rate, this expedition will be at a loss. Even if we dumped the girls now and just took care of ourselves, we’ll still have lost money. Everything those damn goblins hoarded was trash. They didn’t bother to take a thing from that merchant caravan other than the girls, so we didn’t earn a damn thing on this raid.”

Damus was holding his face in shock while lying on the ground. Darius and Marvis had lowered their eyes, a guilty expression on their faces.

“We can be useful, we can be useful!” Shay begged tears in her eyes. “Whatever I have to do, I’ll make it up to you. I’ll pay you back, I swear!”

Ricardo eyed her up and down, and then a dark grin popped onto his face. He took two leisurely steps forward, reached around, and grabbed her, pulling her towards him. She let out a shriek, struggling to get out of his grip, and it was immediately clear that they both had different ideas on how he ought to be paid back.

“Very well. You can pay me back, but I collect high interest and you better start now. If you three girls show us enough appreciation, I might be able to waive some of your fees.”

Although Shay was trying to pull away from him, he grabbed onto her head painfully, trying to shove his tongue down her throat. Damus looked away, a look of shame on his face. Darius wasn’t looking either, but Marvis was, his hand clenched with barely controlled anger.

Before he could violate the crying Shay more, I reached forward and grabbed his arm. Holy crap, those things were hard and humongous. The second I contacted him, I released the Seduction skill. I didn’t need to touch to do it, but I wasn’t going to take any risks. I was also afraid that Seduction would show some kind of physical manifestation that the men could see, but it didn’t appear to be the case.

His eyes suddenly snapped over to mine. It was a look of curiosity as if he was playing with a puppy only to notice a cuter puppy on the other side of the room.

“I’m happy to show you my various uses,” I stated, trying to sound provocative. “Perhaps we can go someplace private and I can thank you thoroughly.”

Seduce Skill has increased to level 1.

So, Seduce was a skill and a special ability? Well, I guess Seduce is the act of trying to increase someone’s affection for you, while Seduction is a special skill that uses stamina to instantly increase someone’s affection for you. Was it something like that? I didn’t have time to dwell on it, though.

“No, give me your appreciation now, or I’ll take it from her,” he threatened menacingly.

He probably thought I’d choke up at that point. However, this guy was a certain kind of man. He liked to be in control. His rage was used to keep everyone else imbalanced. As long as they couldn’t guess his actions, he’d have them wrapped around his finger. He was a berserker in every respect. There was only one way to deal with a berserker like him. I had to make sure that he was absolutely convinced he was in charge, and that everything I did was reacting to him.

Even so, he probably thought I’d squirm and cry. He probably thought I’d say ‘thank you’ and then beg. He probably thought he’d strip and torture her while making me beg him to stop. Maybe he felt I would perform for him while resisting, only reluctantly performing sexual acts to protect her. Whatever he thought would happen, he probably didn’t expect me to drop to my knees, pull out his cock, and start sucking. I’m sorry, Marvis, I’ll have to break my promise.

There was a brief period of quiet when the only sound that could be heard was the sound of my slurping as his cock slowly sprang to life in my mouth. When I glanced to either side, I saw shocked expressions on all the people watching. The only exception was Min, who watched expressionlessly. Except there was a slight difference in her eyes. It was almost like fire burning in her eyes. Was she really that angry for my sake? Maybe I was just pretending.

Blowjob Skill has increased to level 1.

Oh, finally, a new skill. I felt a surge of excitement and happiness that was completely inappropriate for the current situation. I’m glad I had a cock in my mouth, or people would have realized I was smirking.

The moment of silence was followed by a cruel laugh from the man with his cock in my mouth. “Well, aren’t you a good little girl? I guess I’ll need to break you in then, huh?”

He grabbed the back of my head and thrust in. I panicked and barely got my teeth out of the way. His dick pushed past my tongue and struck deep into the back of my throat. I tried to cough, but he didn’t really let me. Instead, he started aggressively slamming his cock into the back of my throat, striking my gag reflex immediately.

For a moment, I grew scared. My face was slamming into his body, still covered with clothing, his dick the only thing sticking out. I had lost complete control of the situation, each thrust causing me to choke on his dick, the urge to throw up, and the feeling that I couldn’t breathe overwhelming me. My body felt horrible like I was being abused like I was a victim. My mind rebelled against the thought.

No, that’s not right. I volunteered for this. This is just one more cock. This was more experience, new skills, and another monster to seduce. Ricardo was my goblin lover replacement, and just like him, I’d make Ricardo mine. I realized that I didn’t need to breathe. That’s right, I can do this for half of an hour without needing to take a breath. My body finally started to calm down, and the feeling like I was suffocating went away. It was weird willing myself not to breathe, but the urge to take a breath didn’t jump back at me. Instead, I only felt pleasure. Perhaps not sexual pleasure, but the pleasure of a predator preparing to pounce on their unsuspecting prey. I slowly willed myself to regain control of the situation.

My hands wrapped around his hips, and I immediately got a grip of his ass. I immediately pushed my head forward, plunging his dick deep into the back of my throat, widening my teeth for his entry, bringing him down all the way to the balls until even those ended up in my mouth. I shook my head left and right, sucking and moaning, letting the vibrations in the back of my throat play on the head of his cock. He let out an involuntary moan. The grip on my hair tightened, but it also lost the force that was shoving his dick in.

I pulled my mouth and before he could even react, I plunged him back in deep. I continued to work his cock aggressively, gobbling it up without bothering to take a breath. It wasn’t exactly easy. I was continuously choking myself, and even if I didn’t have the urge to breathe, his head was blowing right over my gag reflex. My eyes were watery and I kept making very unpleasant vomiting noises. I gagged a lot, bile rising up and sputum dripping out, and even though it burned the back of my throat, I didn’t let up on his dick a bit. I fought for every drip.

Deepthroat Skill has increased to level 1.

Deepthroat and blowjob were different? I didn’t feel much of a difference when blowjob reached level 1, but when deepthroat did, I felt a reduction in my gag reflex. So there was no gag resistance, but at least I could reduce it with the Deepthroat skill. It felt a little easier keeping it in my mouth. I’ll take whatever advantage I could get.

Even though I was aggressive, the battle wasn’t won. He fought back aggressively. He’d try to get his hips moving again, going back to slamming his balls on my chin. He’d grab and pull my hair, painfully enough that pain resistance suddenly increased to level 2. He also tried to force my head down, but since every inch of his cock was down my throat, all it served to do was push my teeth up against his pelvis.

It really was a battle between the two of us. This was a fantasy world, and I was in a fight for my life. However, instead of swords and monsters, it was a battle of dominance over this man. I was so focused on the battle at hand, that I had basically forgotten we were doing this in the middle of a forest, surrounded by numerous other people.

Blowjob Skill has increased to level 2.

Position Unlocked: Kneeling Blowjob

However, in the end, the victor was clear. His legs were starting to buckle, his moans coming out loudly, and a moment later, hot liquid shot into my throat. I started swallowing it, trying to keep any from going down my trachea. To my benefit, I only ended up coughing up a little. Shortly after, he shoved my shoulders and I fell away, his softened cock leaving my mouth with a slurp.

He fell back, landing on his butt, and I merely leaned to my side, supporting myself. Although I had been in complete charge, it might not have appeared that way to everyone else. Marvis was looking at me with sympathy in his eyes while Shay had terror on her face. Although I won, it was still a hard battle and the state of my face probably helped sell the victim card.

Although the entire act probably didn’t take more than 5-10 minutes, it felt like an hour. Snot was running down my nose, my eyes were red and puffy, just like my cheeks. Tears were running down my face, my hair was all over the place, and there were cum and sputum dripping down my chin. To the outside world, it looked like I had been brutalized by Ricardo. Only he and I knew truly what went down between the pair of us.

He wasn’t angry, though. It’s probably hard to be angry at someone for sucking your cock too good. I looked him right in the eyes, wiping the evidence of our actions from my chin.

“Thank you, so much, for saving us,” I said flatly.

It left a chill in the backbone of everyone there. Finally, Ricardo stood up, putting his dick away.

“We-well, I’ll expect more appreciation later. I-I did save your life, after all.”

“Oh, you can count on it…” I couldn’t see how predatory my eyes looked, but the effect caused Ricardo to retreat for the moment.

Once he left, the other three men walked away, clearly wearing a mixture of guilt and discomfort on their faces. The two girls immediately started caring for me. Well, Min only picked up a towel and handed it to me, but Shay desperately fawned over me. To her, I took a blow that would have been hers otherwise. I saved her from sexual assault and allowed myself to be brutalized for her sake.

“It’s okay.” She tried to comfort me after seeing the frown on my face. “We’ll all be okay, I promise.”

She didn’t really understand. I didn’t even really understand it myself. To me, that was incredibly fun. I was frowning because he took off. That barely used any of my endurance. I was up for another round or three. However, it was clear that nothing else was going to happen that night. It looked like it’d just be me and my hand again. I enjoyed myself quite a lot, taking advantage of level 2 Conceal to its fullest.

Of course, I hadn’t been aware at the time of the effect it had on him. I didn’t see the obsession in his eyes, nor the feverish look he had adopted in lieu of our time together. If I had, I might not have been able to sleep so restfully that night.

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