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My mouth worked its way up and down his shaft, I enjoyed the warmth of his engorged member on my cherry-glossed lips. I liked to gloss it up before I went down. I had a few dozen different flavors of lip gloss, depending on the meal I wanted to receive. Bacon was probably the oddest of the bunch. I know they call it eating meat, but the addition of that particular flavor made it a little too real for me. On that note, I never really enjoyed the banana-flavored one either.

What is it with ladies wanting to pretend they had something in their mouth other than a dick? I’ll take my dick with a cherry on top, but I’m not going to turn around and pretend that it’s a banana. That thing in my mouth is a nice, hard dick, and if I play my cards right, it might be entering other areas too. I like that it’s a dick. I like that that dick is attached to a person. I also like it that when I flick my tongue just so…

“Mmmm… Ohhhh…” The guy gripped onto the back of my head and let out a pleased moan.

Yeah… I like that too. When you’re going down on a guy, you never have more control than at that moment. If girls want to say that all a guy thinks about is sex, then when you’re working his shaft that means all that guy is thinking about at that exact second is you. He’s not wondering what he’s going to do later. He’s not worried about his bills. The only thing he’s thinking about is how good you… rather I… am making him feel. That’s power, ladies.

My hands cupped his balls, and my mouth moved up and down his dick with a nice smacking sound.

Come on baby, cum for me.

A moment later, he did, and I swallowed it down, feeling the thick and creamy heat run down my throat. It’s not that I love the taste of cum or anything like that. I don’t hate the feeling, but I mostly just do it because it saves a lot of mess. I also like to swallow my cum too. What can I say, I swallow.

“Oh… you’re amazing!” He let out in a deep, staggered voice.

His body was bent, his chest leaned so far forward that he’d practically pressed his washboard stomach against my forehead. His legs were pushed out, and he was leaning back against the wall in a way that, if he wasn’t holding onto my hair, he’d have fallen back onto his butt.

I slowly pulled my mouth away from his dick, a strand of saliva and semen streamed between my lips and his manhood. I wiped it, and my mouth before I brushed it onto my shirt. I knew men, so now that he came, I was pretty sure he was going to try to get rid of me as quickly as possible. No waiting until he could recover and then sex, no offer of cunnilingus. Not even an impromptu finger fuck with some heavy making out. Of course, it’s not like he was going to be willing to give up a piece of ass like me until he’s had every piece, but in a boy’s mind, that comes later.

“C-can I get your number? Maybe we can meet up this weekend at my place.” His breath was finally recovering, and his dick was starting to fall back down, shrinking into its previously unimpressive state.

There you go. Notice that he didn’t ask me to meet someplace where we could hang out. No date, no dinner. He just wanted me to come over and fuck him. It was a classic Netflix and chill, minus the Netflix, and the chilling for that matter, just some hot, hardcore naked time.

What? You noticed he doesn’t have my phone number? Yeah, we haven’t even dated yet. I was also kneeling in a janitor’s closet, of all places. My classroom was just down the hallway. And this guy? I didn’t even know him.

Don’t get me wrong, I scoped him out ahead of time. At the end of class every day, he was always there, sitting on a bench in the hallways in front of our class. Unfortunately, our course let out at the same time as a lot of courses in this particular hall, so it was always quite busy. I never felt comfortable trying to pick up a cute guy with too many people around.

On the other hand, if I got up fifteen minutes before class ended, I could snatch him quickly and have my way with him. On that note, the class should be letting up any minute now. He was another notch on my belt, but was he booty call material? I gave him a little knowing smirk and a wink while I stood up.

“What would we be doing at your place?” I decided to tease him a bit. “Play video games?”

As I asked, I let a finger run down his chest. It was a classic “I’m interested” move. Of course, I’d have just been as interested in the video games. I enjoyed gaming as much as I enjoyed certain other things. However, you could tell when a guy was a gamer. There would always be that sudden flash of excitement when he realized the hot girl he was with shared his interests. Instead, this guy just gave a confused look. It was a shame, but he failed at boyfriend material. Still, I could have a little fun with him before we parted.

My hand moved down to his flaccid cock, and my fingers ran over the wet head. Even though my lips were very close to his, he didn’t pull away. That was a good sign. A man who’s willing to kiss you after you’ve gone down on him is at least worth a little of your time, in my experience. Hmm… maybe with a little coaxing I could get him hard again?

The door suddenly flew open, and I pulled away quickly, my hand leaving his cock. My hair was a mess, my lip gloss was probably horrific, but my clothing was in perfect order. The boy I was with, however, still had his dick sticking out, and as he struggled to get it back into his pants, it was clear to anyone what was going on in here.

I grimaced a bit. I imagined I might get in a little trouble for fornicating on campus, but it should be a light slap on the wrist. I immediately tried to prepare my apology alongside a look of repentance. However, the person who opened the door wasn’t faculty, but a girl. She vaguely looked familiar, and I thought she was also in the class I should be in right now.

“Jonathan!” She shouted loudly, and by the embarrassed look on his face, I immediately realized I was treading on another girl’s territory.

She began yelling at him and was making enough noise that the classes which just started letting out started to form a crowd. As for me? This wasn’t the first time I had been caught with a man who belonged to another. It wasn’t my responsibility to check and make sure each man was attached before I touched him. It’s not my responsibility to keep other people honest. Still, this business had nothing to do with me. Therefore, I did the mature thing. That is, I tried to blend into the crowds and slink away.

Likely, since we had class together, she’d confront me in two or three days. I’d tell her that he never told me and that I felt just as betrayed as she did (A lie, of course, I don’t really care), and then we’d never talk to each other again. In a lucky world, she’d be in such a state that she doesn’t even remember my face. As for the guy? If he approached me, I might slide him my number and meet him on the weekend, presuming he breaks it off with the girl. Even I’m not bad enough to want to be the other girl.

I was nearly out of sight too when the girl’s gaze suddenly jumped at me. “You…”

Her eyes turned dark, and she put on one of the ugliest faces I had ever seen. Not that she was particularly hot, to begin with. I mean, she had to have realized that the buff guy she was dating was way out of her league, right? Unless she was an absolute freak in bed, it was only a matter of time before he started messing around. This was college after all. They were probably high school sweethearts or something.

“I’m sorry, I’m just going to go.”

I needed to be smooth like a band-aid. Quick pain, then I’m out of your life. Except, it turned out she wasn’t that kind of girl. I feared the type of person she was the moment I saw her. She was a blamer. She’s the kind of woman that warps reality to be favorable to herself. I could see it in her eyes. I was pretty good at reading people. At that moment, she was thinking that her boyfriend wouldn’t possibly cheat on her. However, she caught him. That must have meant he was coerced. No, he was coerced. It was the woman. She did it. She forced him to do stuff with her. She used her wild ways to try to steal my boyfriend. She’s a monster. I must destroy her. Yeah… that’s exactly what those eyes said as they narrowed down like a vulture on the unsettled me.

I didn’t really want to make a scene. As my mom always said, I loved to start trouble, but I hated the consequences. I’m more the kind of person who would hide in a corner or run, then have to face people being angry at me.

“I’ll be going now.” I turned around swiftly and started heading to the stairway. It lead down to the first floor. There, I could slip out of this building and run back to my dorm room. Perhaps I could stay there for a few days, let these things cool down. Let the psycho girl looking at me cool down.

“You bitch!” There were footsteps running towards me.

I had barely managed to turn my body back when I saw her, barreling at me like a linebacker, a crazed look in her eye. Her hands slammed into my chest. I took a step back, missing the stairway and stumbling. The rest seemed to move in slow motion. I was falling back. There might have been one or two spectators with wide or worried looks.

As I fell back, my legs moved up and my head fell down. Meanwhile, the girl continued to stare at me with narrowed eyes. She didn’t wear a look of surprise at what she had done. She didn’t seem guilty or worried. Her eyes seemed almost dead, perhaps filled with menace, and determined to watch me fall the rest of the way.

I struck my head, and then the world went white.

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