Yurtdışı Yatırım

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My hand slapped against the bare rock, the cold already etching away the remaining heat my body possessed. I let out a gasp, desperately trying to take in a breath. It was difficult, and each breath brought pain to my body.

Damn them.

At least, those were the thoughts going through my brain. I stumbled forward. There was a wound on my leg, it kept me from walking forward properly. Blood also covered my skin, my tattered shirt, and the torn pants that used to make up the adventurer’s outfit I had borrowed. It looked worse than it was; I figured. Most of the blood wasn’t mine.

I groaned, stumbling to the ground, a sharp pain spiking through my leg. That wasn’t to say I wasn’t in particularly bad shape that was only a testament to how bad I was looking right now. I vaguely wondered if anyone who had been in the same situation as I would have survived this long. It seemed like everything in my life had just turned into a slog of sex and pain.

Pain Resistance has increased to level 4.

The words danced across my vision. As if on cue, the pain did subside a little. Using that little boost, I brought myself back up. I heard the howls from behind me. For a second, I shivered remembering the look on her face when her head was suddenly removed from her shoulders. It doesn’t matter. I wouldn’t feel pity right now, even if she didn’t deserve it. The guys, though… they all deserved it after what they did to me. My only regret was that I didn’t have the power to do it myself. After all, if I had done it myself, I wouldn’t be on the run right now.

I moved into a cave for cover. This cave could have had its own particular brand of monsters, but for the moment, I’d rather take on the monsters that might be, than the monsters outside. Besides, they had said something about the monsters being chased out.

A moment later, I slipped on something, and my body fell onto a soft, cotton-like surface. It felt almost too comforting for this harsh and deadly world. My comfort did not last long. When I glanced to my side, I saw a skull. I barely stopped myself from letting out a shout. I couldn’t let the monsters outside know that I was in here. Instead, I took a deep breath, trying to calm my nerves once again.

Panic Resistance has increased to level 1.

I ignored that one. I wasn’t panicking at all! I was calm. I slowly tried to get up; to move my way into a place of hiding. I couldn’t move. The calm burst like a bubble. So much for Level 1. I struggled, my vision dancing furiously around the room as I fought against my restraints. I was stuck against something. Rather, I was stuck to something. Although it was dark, the cotton-like substance I was lying on came crashing home. It wasn’t cotton; it was a web. The skull itself had web wrapped around it. Everything in this cave did.

I was stuck to some web attached to the floor, my arms were stuck to my sides. I tried to pull away, but given my current strength, I just couldn’t move. Why did I think a cave was a good idea? In this world, I was basically asking to be killed. This wasn’t how things should be, this wasn’t how my life was supposed to end.

Then I heard the noises. It was the sound of something moving slowly across the darkness of the cave. My eyes turned to focus on the object emerging from the darkness. First, I could see the eyes, dozens of them all plastered to the same face. Then the pincers came into view, red and menacing. Finally, the legs started to click forward, all 8 of them.

It was a spider. Not just a spider, a spider monster. It was easily twice my size, moving across its own webs smoothly as it approached me. The blood drained from my face, and the realization that I was going to die flashed across my mind. I stopped struggling. I could no longer move. All I could feel was fear.

Fear Resistance has increased to level 1.

That didn’t help much at all. This month could only be defined as a month of hell. First, I ended up in this world, confused and alone. Then the goblins, those bastard adventurers, and the fire wolves. Now I was going to be eaten by a spider. A tear ran down my cheek as the spider wrapped its legs around me, its entire body pressed up against mine.

That was odd, the spider seemed to be making itself cozy. A second later I could feel something hard forming near my leg. I shot a look down the body of the spider, to see a phallic-shaped black thing jutting out of its body. Using two of its many legs, it spread me open, baring my womanhood for penetration. It’s not like I had underwear on anymore, not after the events that preceded this.

I looked up in horror as the spider looked down at me with its beady eyes.

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me…

A moment later, a large, hard object was thrust into me and I let out a scream.

Wait! Wait! I know what you’re thinking. Spider rape? I thought this story was about the tale of a seductress? I wanted some sexy girl seducing a bunch of men and turning them into her sex slaves! I didn’t sign up for evil monsters penetrating helpless girls. What is this, Japan?

Well, what can I say? This is a monster-rape-woman world I was put into. I didn’t really have a choice in the matter. However, this is just the beginning of my story. Let’s just say, the path to becoming a sexual goddess involves pushing your way through a lot of nasty shit. Before I could turn sex into a weapon, I needed to experience it in all its nastiest flavors.

However, let’s move away from this mildly disturbing scene for a bit. I’d like to jump back to the true start of this adventure of mine. I think we’ll both find the scene a lot more enjoyable. Like all of my best stories, it starts with me on my knees and a nice, hard cock in my mouth.

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