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“Are you sure you can keep up?” Dirk asked suspiciously, “You look pretty flushed and tired.”

“No,” I tried to give him a reassuring smile as I looked over the saddle of the horse. “I’m doing fine. This is just how I rest.”

Of course, he couldn’t see anything behind the horse, but the words were enough to calm him and he shrugged and went back to removing stones from his boot. In the meantime, my horse was turned so that it blocked the view between me and the adventurers. My pants were tugged down, exposing my buttocks to the world behind me.

Fortunately, no one was behind me to see this indecent scene. Min was standing by the neck of the horse. In one hand, he had a brush which he was using to stroke the hair. In his other hand, he held to a large dildo, which he was using to slide into me from behind. While his right hand soothed the slightly distressed horse, his left hand thrust up in a rhythmic fashion, providing me intense sexual pleasure.

I used one of my hands to grip onto the saddle to keep me standing upright, and the second hand rubbed my clit from the front while he violated my canal from the back. I had already cum twice, and liquid was gushing down his hands and dirtying my underwear, but I wouldn’t be satisfied with just one or two orgasms. Both of us knew this by now, so Min continued to work on me with vigor.

Of course, my art of manipulation shone the greatest during these unfortunate periods of time. Although Dirk has been wary, he likely would never have guessed what was happening on the other side of the horse. None of the men could have guessed that I was getting plowed by a nine-inch object by my elf companion so casually. Then again, they didn’t know much about me to begin with.

While I couldn’t stop my face from turning flush, my features looked perfectly fine. You’d never suspect that I was being racked by orgasm after orgasm, and I even managed to control my body enough that my head didn’t look like it was bobbing up and down with each stroke. It was a simple trick that involved letting my hips remain slightly looser. In which case, as he thrust up, my butt bounced down and thus I road Min’s hand as much as Min plowed my pussy.

Min gave me a look that suggested that we needed to stop soon and seriously get a little rest. Well, my endurance during sex was leagues higher than it was outside of sex, and Min has spent months endurance training since he met me. The truth was, we could both go all day if I had wanted to. However, despite my horniness, it wasn’t like I had lost all reason. I tightened my legs around Min’s hand as he thrust one more time a bit deeper than he had been. I held the dildo inside me while my fingers whirled around my clit. My hand tightened until my fingers were white against the harness, and I waited until all the guy’s heads were turned until I let out just a little bit of the sexual pleasure I was actually feeling. With that last bit I released my legs and allowed Min to pull the dildo out.

I held my hand up against my clit as the aftershocks of orgasm racked my body for another minute before I finally raised my pants back up. I had ducked my face behind the horse’s saddle, thus allowing myself to take a few deep breaths and express the sexual lust I had been hiding and enjoy the end of my orgasm.

Meanwhile, Min smoothly took the dildo, cleaned it, and slid it back into the saddle bags, moving away like nothing had happened. Of course, Min hadn’t always been this proficient at public intercourse. The first few times he had blushed crazily and been extremely paranoid. Thanks to my continued lewdness, however, he had been forced to adapt accordingly. Deep down, I understood that in my old world, these actions would be closer to the acts of a Nymphomaniac rather than a normal girl, but that knowledge didn’t bring me to stop. I’ve stopped blaming it on my unique seductress class. Being a seductress may have kicked up my capacity to fuck, but the base stuff had to already be there.

Still, I hoped every day that my next class would take the edge off this insatiable horniness. It isn’t unprecedented. First class warriors that became Berserkers reported feeling more rage and anger during fighting. The class augmented their emotional states. So, the inverse might be true. Whatever my new class becomes, presuming it’s not whore monger, will likely be less associated with sex. Therefore, I should be better at controlling my sex drive.

“Alright, let’s get a move on again.”

I nearly made out a noise of protest, only just keeping my mouth shut. I only just managed to get my pants back up. They were completely wet from my own ministrations. I used freshen up so that I was cleaner, but that didn’t removed all the stuff that leaked down my legs. Min gave me a look between amused and sympathetic, which turned innocent when I returned a dark look. He knew this would happen when he went along with my shenanigans.

Therefore, I found myself walking uncomfortably for the next ten miles in soggy underwear. I had to use Freshen Up two more times along the way just so I didn’t smell like a sewer, and I was quite sore by the time we finally got to a point to stop for the night.

While we were prepared to have our own campfire, Tark insisted on keeping it as one to attract less notice. They made no attempts to put up any kind of covering from the elements, but Min had bought a small tent that was big enough that I could change in privacy. I didn’t think the guys would try to look, but they seemed a little disheartened that the opportunity couldn’t present itself.

By the I pulled off those soggy panties and put on something dry, the relief was unbelievable. Well, knowing that Min and I likely wouldn’t be able to do anything tonight anyway, I rubbed myself to orgasm again before wearing clean ones, but a fresh orgasm and dry panties is definitely the way to go.

We ate our own food which Min prepared at the campfire. The men seemed completely accepting of Min, and thus far hadn’t seemed to mention the fact he was an elf so far. For me, they still seemed to keep their distance. Dirk always met me with an open smile, but nothing more. Giff wanted nothing to do with me, and while Tark kept shooting me looks, he never moved to something more than just talking.

After the meal, Min whispered in my ear, “Must stay up, whole night.”

It only took me a moment to realize why. This was our first night outdoors with these relatively strange men. Even if they wanted some kind of rotating schedule, during one of their shifts if both of us were asleep they could just cut our throats or something else. That was a risk neither of us was willing to take.

“You’ll take half.” I declared back to him. “Go get some sleep. I’ll wake you around midnight. Alright?”

Min looked like he wanted to argue, but I put my foot down. Finally, I got him into the tent to lie down. Once he finally accepted that, I headed out to the fire to stay warm. Although there was no snow on the ground in these parts due to an abnormal heat wave a week or so ago, it was still an icy cold night where my breath could be clearly seen.

Two of the men wrapped themselves up in warm looking animal furs while I curled up as close to the fire as I could without burning myself. On the other end of the fire was Dirk, the one selected to stay up on this particular shift. Even he wasn’t crazy enough to go shirtless in the cold, so he wore animal skins. In fact, all of their animal skins looked a lot warmer than the clothing we had bought, most of which were cloaks from Nidia. This place could get a lot colder than Nidia ever did.

The pair of us sat in silence, no other sounds but the crackling of fire. Although, it didn’t take too long for this sound to be joined by snoring. Both men seemed to quickly fall asleep outdoors. For me, it took quite a while. I could be stuck an hour before I could finally get myself to fall to sleep.

“I have the watch, miss, you can head to bed if you’d like.” Dirk stated softly.

“Mm…” I responded noncommittally. “I think we’ll keep watch just in case. But you can head to sleep if you’d like.”

Dirk responded with a warm chuckle. “You got me there. I guess trust takes a little longer to build than a day.”

“I guess…” I responded back, shivering.

“Cold?” When I nodded he stood up and sat right next to me, draping the animal blanket over the both of us as he sat.

I might have called this too presumptuous in another time, but his muscular body seemed to have a high body temperature, and the warmth under that blanket was lovely. I wasted no time cuddling up to him and his warmth. He let out a surprised chuckle.

“Well, you’re not the shy type, I see.”

“Hey,” I laughed as I held his warm arm, “If you keep me warm you can do whatever you want with me?”

Dirk rose an eyebrow, “Is that so?”

As if to test the waters, his hand slid under the blanket and ended up landing on my inner thigh. His hand was warm compared to my thigh, so I didn’t complain at all. He seemed a little surprised at my lack of resistance. However, it really had nothing to do with trust or the like. I wanted warmth and he wanted to snuggle and fondle a woman. Neither of us would leave this situation feeling unhappy. Just because I said he could do what he wanted as a jest, it didn’t mean it wasn’t the truth. My opinion of him improved though as he didn’t press his luck, only choosing to leave his hand on my thigh.

“I have to say…” he spoke up after a bit, “You’re not the kind of girl I’d expect to see this far out in the wilderness. What’s so important that you’d risk your life to get it?”

“I’m just after something I want.”

“Something you want?”

I shrugged, not wanting to give him a clear answer. “When I want something, I take it.”

“Is that so?”

“Besides, it’s not that dangerous. I have Min…”

“Ah, right, that one. Is he your boyfriend?”

“My companion.”

“A companion, eh?” Dirk gave a wry smile, “How close is that one?”

“As close as they come.” I said frankly, but when Dirk started to look disappointed I added. “But we’re not exclusive.”

Dirk frowned. “Eh… exclusive, not familiar with that…”

“Well, let me put it in way you’ll easily understand.” I said, grabbing his wrist resting on my thigh, and then moving his warm hand up to my crotch.

Dirk’s eyes widened magnificently, and he gave a gulp. Even this giant strongman could blush and look embarrassed, it was quite cute.

“You really aren’t shy at all…” he said nervously.

“I told you… if I want it, I take it.” As I spoke I moved my hand into his pants and freed his member.

“Oh, it’s so big.” It wasn’t that big, but it didn’t take a seductress class to know that guys liked to hear it was.

In truth, Min’s phallic strapon was probably about twice as long and thick. Overall, this guy was about 4 inches with a circumference that didn’t impress. That didn’t matter for my requirements tonight. Tonight, I wanted a warm body and hard muscles, and those he delivered fantastically. As my hands kept his shaft hard, he finally brought his mouth to mine and our tongues tangled together.

He was an Adventurer who believed in hygiene, so his breath had a sweet, meaty taste and his body order was natural and manly. As his fingers slipped into my underwear and slid into me, I gave little gasping noises. This encouraged him, and he became increasingly more aggressive. Despite his friends being only a few feet away, all his previous nervousness seemed to melt the second he confirmed I was on board.

I spread my legs and let him dash two fingers in and out of me while my tongue roamed his mouth. Soon, he pulled away and started kissing my neck. I gave hard breathy noises directed at his ears. He was sucking on my neck hard in the kind of way that would leave hickies for weeks. However, my neck was cold and his tongue was hot and wet, and it felt good.

“Ah, ah, eh?” Just as his finger started to move fast enough to quicken my breath and I started rocking my hips, they stopped and he made a moaning sound into my shoulder.

Warm jizz shot over my hand as his cock constricted and released. A few seconds later, his body relaxed as he made gasping breaths. He pulled his fingers out of me without even asking if I wanted to be finished as well. I continued to hold his dick as he softened in my grip. Finally, he pulled away from me, taking the warmth I wanted from him.[Manipulation has increased to level 16.}

If Dirk had looked at my face even five seconds earlier he might have seen an upset and dissatisfied women, but in my attempts to look satiated, a art level up I hadn’t seen since I unlocked the arts appeared, and thus he saw an ecstatic smile on my face that had convinced him the experience was mutually enjoyable. I put on the mask immediately, pretending to be sexually satisfied.

“Thanks.” He said, his dick already having lost all vigor.

“Yeah…” I responded, pulling out my hand and wiping the jizz on a nearby log before tossing it into the fire.

I was colder now with wet bruises on my neck. Whoever said that it was better to be loved and lose it than to never be loved at all clearly had never dealt with premature ejaculation. Although he continued to let me cuddle against his warm body, the moment was anti-climactic, at least for my vagina.

“Vesse? Okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I growled, waking Min up two hours later.

I was going through the saddlebags until I found where Min stashed that particular toy. Once I found it, I shoved him out while he continued to wear a cute, confused look. At least the toy could keep up with me.

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