Yurtdışı Yatırım

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Panic immediately started to set in. While I didn’t care about my own body, I couldn’t sit back and watch Min face this kind of treatment. I had the Mental Fortitude to shake this kind of thing off. For Min, this could very well ruin her.

“Hey!” I shouted, trying to get someone’s attention.

After the third time I shouted without hearing a single response, I turned to the wheel and tried to pull against my chains. The chains rattled, but showed no signs of giving. I needed a means of breaking the chains. For all of my skills, for all of my abilities, and just like this I’m stuck here? I can’t use any of my skills at all. The slaver told me I had to stay here.

I looked back under the cart, the spot Min had been was empty now. I couldn’t even see or hear their movements within the foliage. For all intent and purposes, Min might already be in a bad situation. I had to get to her. However, I was trapped, locked in this ridiculous position.

“Position…” My eyes lightened with fire.

I can never be in a position I don’t want to be. I’m a seductress. I may lack control, but I never lack choice.

I tugged on the chains once again until they were tight on my wrist, but then brought my hands to my crotch. As soon as my fingers slipped into my snatch, I felt the surge of stamina delivered by Sexual Saint. It looked like passive skills were still in effect even as the rest of my body was locked out. Now, to test the one ability I carry from Seductress that has no official skill.

“Position Shift!”

A moment later, I shifted my body from a simple Fingering position to Doggie. Although Doggie Style was a position typically involving two people, I found that it worked with solo as well. My body instantly switched to all fours. A moment later, two chains dropped to the ground. I let out a large sigh of relief.

I had been right. Chains could be considered part of a sexual position. However, if you picked a point in which chains weren’t included, simply shifting the position of your hands was sufficient to break from those chains. Of course, I couldn’t have used it before while under the eyes of the Slave trader and his guards.

I immediately pulled my skirt back down and moved up to a standing position. Then fell back down to my knees a second later, grabbing at my chest. Pain started the rack my body instantly. That was right, the guy had ordered me not to move from that spot. The slave collar was doing its job by forcing me to submit.

“No!” I shouted out load with a roar.

I couldn’t be restricted like this. I had to keep moving.

“Pos-Position Shift.”

I shifted myself into a standing position, and while the pain caused my knees to buckle, I grabbed onto the edge of the cart. As to how I was able to use position shift at the moment, even the slave collars pain couldn’t negate the Masochist skill. Half the pain was converted into pleasure. A normal slave likely would have been knocked out before they could even move a step. For me, my libido exploded with a mix of pain and pleasure.

“Keep moving, Aria… just keep moving.” I bit down on my lip enough to draw blood.

Using the cart, I shuffled myself to the side. The pain kept racking through my body, but it almost felt like my body was adapting to it. I could do this. I could make it to Min.

By the time I reached the other side of the cart, the pain and pleasure almost felt natural, like an expectation of movement. The gap between the cart and the tree was hard, sending me sprawling face first into the ground. I used a position shift to get myself back into the standing position with the tree as my new support.

Like this, I worked myself forward. As I started to worry about whether I would make it on time, I relieved that I didn’t have to move far past the initial thicket before I could hear the sound of voices.

“After killing our friends, you have so gall.” A voice was saying.

I fell against another tree, and at this point could see a group of men with Min only 100 yards away. Her clothing was still on at the moment. I would have let out a breath of relief, but her body was severally battered and bruise. They didn’t take her into the forest to rape her, they took her into the forest to beat her up!

Had I completely misread the situation? These guys had just lost guards they had been traveling with. Those guards that died by Min’s hand might have been close friends. Therefore, they were taking out their anger and frustration on Min. For the moment, that was just hitting and punching, but there is a point where their anger and frustration might eventually turn to something like rape. At least, I told myself that was a possibility. Either way, I had already decided that Min’s death was out of the question, and if they kept going, Min could end up dying.

“Stop!” I shouted out.

The men hovering around Min nearly jumped out of their socks. They all turned around, several drawing swords before they saw me there. I was hunched over, my shoulder pressed against a tree. My face was likely covered with leaves and dirt from the various pratfalls I took getting here. My face was also flushed red, my body sweaty, and breathing heavily as my body was racked with sexual pleasure and intense pain.

“How did you…”

The voice came a distance away from the other, but when I face emerged from behind a nearby tree, I nearly collapsed. It was the Kappu slave trader himself. I had made the assumption that these men were going behind his back, but he had been watching the abuse the whole time.

“Vessë!” Min cried out, her eyes opened wide with surprise as she tried to move forward.

However, her body stopped, having been chained to the tree with her hands strapped behind her back.

“You can’t break her. Not now.”

The kappu’s eyes narrowed. “Is that so? And why do you think you can-“

“The money!” You blurted out, wracking your brain and summoning your manipulation art to its fullest. “You damage her, you lose your money.”

“I already told you elf’s aren’t a great commodity-“

“She’s a virgin!” You shout.

The kappu stopped for a moment, his eyes looking at you thoughtfully. “A virgin?”

“She’s never known the touch of a man. She’s used toys before, but never a man’s penis, I swear it!”

The kappu’s eyes snapped to a nearby man. “Renold!”

“Ah, she seems to be telling the truth sir!”

He must have been someone with a high deception skill or some other truth-seeking ability. However, with my high ability of manipulation, there was no saying he would have been able to detect a lie. Although it wasn’t like a made one. Min’s hymen was still intact even after the goblins, and to many a female sexual partner doesn’t even count.

After a few more moments of quiet thought, the kappu nodded slowly. “Very well. Leave her face be. Don’t touch her pussy. Keep the damage to the kind of stuff that can’t be seen.”

My face went white as he made those lines. Worst, he still wore that condescending smile. His order wasn’t something made to get back at me. It was genuinely what he felt was the best solution at hand.”

“Sir, does that mean her ass and mouth are available?” One of the men suddenly asks.

“Well, you don’t want to get her pregnant.” Another guy said.

“You can’t make her pregnant by fucking her ass.” The first one said again.

“Hah? Tell that to my wife then? She sucked me off and now I’ve got three of the buggers at home.”

“Doesn’t that just mean your wife is cheating on you?”

The men were already laughing as the casually forced Min’s pants down. Horror flooded through my sense as I could do nothing but look on at their behavior. They were so casual about it, that I had to remind myself that in their eyes we weren’t even people. We were property. That’s what being a slave truly meant.

“Wait! Don’t! Just take me instead!” I shouted again.

Most of the men looked back, but I didn’t see lust or appetite in their eyes. They were closer to just amused. One of the guys already had his dick in his hands and was stroking it. They had chained Min so that she was forced to bend over. He was starting to grab at her ass to pull open the cheeks and bare her asshole.

“Take your frustration out on me! Asshole, Pussy, Mouth. Just take me in any and every hole. I’m not virgin. Nothing to ruin!”

The men seemed to laugh again.

“Sorry, lass, I’ve already told the men about your Seductress ability. Don’t take it personally, but the men consider you cursed. They don’t want to accidently be entrapped by you. That’s why I’ve kept your watch. The other men, they want to keep their distance.”

“They Fe-fear me…”

Several of the men turned back and frowned, not liking my comment which implied they were in some way cowards. The man at the forefront was lining up his dick with Min’s asshole. In just a few seconds, she’d be penetrated against her will. I denied myself the capacity to be raped, but that didn’t carry to my friend. Fear, anger, frustration all shot through me, yet I knew if I took a step from the tree, I would collapse to the ground.

“Let’s get you back-“ The kappu was actually trying to give me a sympathetic look as he tried to take me away from Min.

He wanted me to turn my back on Min. To let her be raped by a group of men while I went back to the cart and cried. What was a seductress for? All of these abilities, all of this power, and here I was useless. As a seductress, I should have been in control of every situation. However, that was the point, wasn’t it? I was never in control. I was always reacting. Seductress. It was a class about surrounding. It was about letting ago. It was about submitting to others. It was about finding will within chaos.

I felt like something had just fallen into place, but I shook it away. That sort of thinking didn’t help right now. The world was moving in slow motion. The kappu was moving towards me with a condescending smile on his face. The man was about to pop the head of his cock into Min’s ass. I couldn’t see her face, but despite her normally expressionless face, for some reason I imagined her as paniced, desperately praying for me to do something.

Something? The only thing I could do. The thing I always did. I surrendered.

“Pheromones!” The words came out firmly, followed by blinding pain.

However, it was a pain I was familiar with. I had made that pain my old friend. I had recognized that pain as my lover. Yes, it was the pain of choice. I was already on my knees, but it was too late for everyone else.

The man pulled back his dick, turning to look at me. His eyes were slightly glossed over. Although he wasn’t the only one. There were six men in front of me including the Kappa. Or perhaps I should say there are six demons in front of me, and every single one of them looked at me with eyes clouded in lust. They started to stumble towards me like zombies.

Even Min turned around, moving forward only to be blocked by the chains. She seemed completely unaware of her pants being down as she panted and stared at me with erotic eyes I rarely had the chance to see on her. Her pussy even glistened at arousal, so potent was my pheromones.

“O-order me to fuck you!” I demanded as the Kappa approached.

“Come F-fuck us…” He muttered under hard breaths.

The pain dissipated from the slave collar so abruptly that I nearly collapsed right there. From my knees, I looked up at the men surrounding me, six cocks aimed at me right at eye level. This was the kind of battle I had grown most accustomed to. This was the element I could handle. As a slave and a seductress, I obliged the Kappu’s orders.

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